How to Remove Polygel Nails at Home

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In this video I'm showing how to remove polygel nails at home.
Makartt Green Polygel review video: ruvid.net/video/video-rmwO_rK8iEk.html
Nail Room update video: ruvid.net/video/video--LEz7AaBEOA.html
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How to Remove Polygel, Acrylic, and Dip Powder Nails: bit.ly/32P8T3P

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Aug 9, 2020




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Check out the Nail Room update vlog: ruvid.net/video/video--LEz7AaBEOA.html
charlene WL0318
charlene WL0318 23 days ago
Please please please do a cat eye polygel review !!!! Here’s a link www.amazon.com/Saviland-Poly-Nail-Gel-Kit/dp/B08D5XR1MY!
Crissy Sims
Crissy Sims 25 days ago
@Angelyn Khim Versoza crazy person with internet is the must be the price ✌
Angelyn Khim Versoza
@Crissy Sims what is po. respect for elder
Angelyn Khim Versoza
@Crissy Sims i have nothing to say at wahat the price
Crissy Sims
Crissy Sims 28 days ago
I am not po. .what is po?
Elixir Polish
Elixir Polish 2 days ago
@longhairprettynails what product /color did you use for your left hand? Love that color Btw how do you do so much polygel videos and not damage your nails soaking each time at 45 mins? My nails dried and started breaking from just gel polish switching every week
Anne Marie Lynch
Anne Marie Lynch 7 days ago
Hey Evie, (hope I spelled your name right) ☺️! Licensed nail tech here. To make removal faster for any medium, after you wrap your nails in the acetone & foil, put your hand in a large ziploc bag. Then submerge your bagged hand into a bowl of very warm (maybe hot) bowl of water. The heat will help the acetone work faster. Love your videos! Keep up the great work, and remember to take it easy while you’re growing a special little person. 🥰
layla pom
layla pom 19 days ago
I love your vid
kareen stars
kareen stars 21 day ago
Cute face
pink butterfly
pink butterfly 21 day ago
TFS 👘💄👠💅
operachef1 22 days ago
When the pandemic started and I decided to do my own nails more often, I discovered and fell in love with polygel. I used the Gershian. My first set, a babyboomer, lasted 5 weeks with no lifting and looked gorgeous. I couldn't wait to try my next set- until that is, I went to take off the old set. I damaged at least 5 of my nails by filing a little too close to my nail plate and actually into my nail plate in a few nails. Combined with having to soak off the rest, my poor nails were a mess. I'm in the process of growing out the weakened and damaged nails (halfway there!). I am so terrified of doing this again, and even using my efile for more than removing the top layer of gel and using a round cuticle bit to clean around the cuticles, that I've given away the majority of my polygel sets and am only using gel full coverage tips or regular gel polish which I've been successful at soaking off and gently scraping in under 15 minutes. I so love polygel though and saved just a few favorite colors and the clear in hopes that I will be more experienced in years to come and brave another try!! I love your channel by the way. You're fabulous- with a great voice and laugh and you make everything look so easy, so thank you :)
Sue Ellen McGoey
Sue Ellen McGoey 22 days ago
I did not want to deal with poly removal. So on myself I applied gel tips with only UV base coat( beetles) then applied gel polish and top coat. Amazed how strong they are. Long and one week later no breaks or missing nails! I may never go back!
Ananya Sule
Ananya Sule 25 days ago
Wow🤯🤯I cant believe how alike u and ur daughter look
hydrated water
hydrated water 26 days ago
I don't have an e file, I did my own poly gel nails at a friends (they weren't the best lol but they ain't ugly) and I can tell they'll take ages to get off with a hand file
MomoThePoet 28 days ago
That red looks SO good on you!!!! And of course your nails are fire as always 💗
Mia Torres
Mia Torres 28 days ago
No intro 😭💔
Samantha K
Samantha K 28 days ago
U should try wet steam towels with the aluminum foils It helps taking poly gels off faster and with less damage 1. Wet a folded towel with water and place it in a microwaveable bag and microwave it for a minute and 30 seconds 2.wrap your fingernails with acetone soaked cotton pads and foil 3. Puff the hot towel to make some of the heat dissipate 4. place your hand in middle of the fold of the towel 5. Leave it for 15 mins 6. Scrape away poly gel
Samantha K
Samantha K 28 days ago
This method wont work if you havent removed the top coat though with a file or an e file
Hello Hart
Hello Hart 28 days ago
Anyone know who the tips of my poly gel nails break so easiliy?? It would be just the tips.
YG Nation
YG Nation 28 days ago
Can u do plastic rap nails
Nadine R
Nadine R 28 days ago
Would you recommend this same technique for the Kiara sky gelly tips?
dirk bro
dirk bro 29 days ago
I love your videos! Always look forward to them. Bless!
Marissa Lorraine
Marissa Lorraine 29 days ago
Okay it’s nice to know I’m not just an idiot. I started doing polygel a few months ago and tried soaking off twice and was so pissed because after 20 min they were basically unaffected! I didn’t even wait for 45 min lol! It sounds like it’s just a beast product ... difficult to remove. Now I know. Next time I do a set... I’ll just be patient and wait 45+ ugh!
Meyah Charlemagne
Meyah Charlemagne 29 days ago
Do your daughter's nail video please
life of quaa
life of quaa 29 days ago
ill love for her to be my mommy to get my nails done 😍😍
Magdalena Sosa 7
Magdalena Sosa 7 29 days ago
Hi, longhairprettynails! I love your channel and I'm a faithful subscriber. I was wondering if you could try this kit out for me in one of your videos because I want to buy it but I don't know the quality of it. Here is the link:www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MMQ3K8P/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_6?smid=A30PIJJ5R1IZLR&psc=1. I hope you see this and consider reviewing this! :D
Lexi Johnson
Lexi Johnson 29 days ago
Does it have to be soak off polygel to come off with acetone. I’ve heard you can’t unless it’s soak off polygel
Erica Parchell
Erica Parchell Month ago
Aly Wil
Aly Wil Month ago
Wow look at your subscriber count! Congratulations!!
gstevens866 Month ago
This is so much work. I dont have patience to do this. I got the powder acrylics two weeks ago for the first time and freaked out at how long it took to take them off. Going to put acrylic on fake nails and see if that will be faster to take off.
Cozy Panda
Cozy Panda Month ago
Can you pleaseeee test out pollygel nails without a uv led lap or light cause when I got mine it was broken so please do one🤦😁
Laila Daley
Laila Daley Month ago
Do you do other peoples nails cause i was think about get my sisters done
Noelynn J
Noelynn J Month ago
Maddie Playz
Maddie Playz Month ago
@LongHairPrettyNails Hey girl Makartt has flat dual forms now girl in their new jelly and glitter kit they be looking goooood🥳🥳
Fatinha Month ago
you should try out the candy coats candy stix gel pens !!!!!
Kylah Davis
Kylah Davis Month ago
In your next video can you please do BLM nails It will really mean a lot
Sophie Vanderbilt
Nice video and your room is looking great! I've used a couple different removal methods for my polygels and I wind up using the electric nail steamer the most (you can get them on Amazon or AliExpress). I do the same steps as you with cutting them down and filing, but instead of wrapping them, I just pour the acetone into the steamer and stick my fingers in the slots. It works so much faster!
Jasmine Ostrander
I enjoy EVERY video you make. I learn one thing every time.
Hi mam I have seen many people trying out making acrylic with chalk pls do it pls pls plsssssss
Bobbi Garcia
Bobbi Garcia Month ago
Omg my nails are so fragile and thin right now I cant even wash my hair without hurting myself and I'm literally squirming with agony watching her scrape her nail 🥴
Madeline Arias
Madeline Arias Month ago
you should try the nail polish from orosa beauty
Menna M
Menna M Month ago
Fashion & lifestyle
Thank you for sharing!,Hope everybody here becomes successful on RUvid :)
JL C Month ago
Man I just messed up my natural nails bad by trying to move too fast while soaking off tips. Wish I would have watched this first, I think it was just about on the day you posted it, ironically. Now I just put on some polish and trying to leave em alone for a minute.
JL C Month ago
Oh she got a blowout and press 😍 That hair looks like nobody could tell you nothing that day 😂
Venus N
Venus N Month ago
What if you want to do a fill and keep your nail length? Do you cut the nails, soak it off and put on fresh tips every time?
Johilyne Bruno
Johilyne Bruno Month ago
Hey @longhairprettynails i recently got a morovan polygel kit. Could you do a review on it so i can know what im getting myself into?
Alondra Libra
Alondra Libra Month ago
Hey Can I please know what cuticle oil you use?☺️
Miguel Vargas
Miguel Vargas Month ago
Can you do a video of customizing your on acrylic powder with pastels please thank you 💕
Tiffany Lee
Tiffany Lee Month ago
Melina Rodriguez
Girl I do the same thing except for the filing with the dril. I just file a little with a regular file and only do acrylic but it is still a pain
jessica rosinsky
nataliechvz Month ago
I don’t know if you’ve done a video on this, but I wonder if you could do one one how to take care of the natural nail and cuticles when constantly changing nails.... I just got the Kiara gel tips and I’ve done my nails several times. My natural nail is now becoming thin because I believe I’m filing too much. It would be great to hear what you do take care of the nail/cuticles, proper removal of gel nails, and how to promote nail growth. I would greatly appreciate it coming from you since you’re constantly changing your nails. Thank you!
RoseGold Month ago
There’s a quicker way you can remove the poly gel. I saw a video of a lady using a ziplock bag and a bowl of rice. She heated up the dry rice in the microwave for about a minute and then she poured the acetone in the zip lock and put a dryer sheet in with it. Then she put her nails in the ziplock bag and placed em in the bowl of rice. Came off in about 5 mins. I think you should do a video trying it out.
Alaijah Jordan
Alaijah Jordan Month ago
Hey evie can I get a shoutout
Sukhii kaur
Sukhii kaur Month ago
I've been watching ur vids for a few yrs now and I luv em all. Ur nails are so lush. But according to the intro I dont see any hair vids lol only a few but not as much as advertised. Not.being a party pooper just wondered
Vic Gonzza
Vic Gonzza Month ago
Why don’t u try soaking ur nails using a bowl like the one from Amazon i don’t know how to put links lol but it’s like a nail soak off bowl
Vic Gonzza
Vic Gonzza Month ago
Evie why don’t u soak them in a bowl?
Lorene Browne
Lorene Browne Month ago
U should do the plastic wrap nails soon, love ur vids tho🥰
Dami Nunn
Dami Nunn Month ago
Have u tried the sandwich bag with acetone and a bowl of hot water!? Itsss so much faster. At least for dip powder it is. Maybe worth a try! 🤷🏽‍♀️
kay Month ago
Sorry I’m watching this video just now but is it crazy that she uploads this video the day after me and my mom tried to take off her gel toe nails
Olivia Eubanks
Olivia Eubanks Month ago
why evie so preety
Melissa Brewer
Melissa Brewer Month ago
omg video idea!!!!!!! you need to do an ASMR nail video i promise you everyone will love it!!!!! P.S. i love you
Paige Beam
Paige Beam Month ago
Can you try out the gelish polygel and let us know how you feel about the quality and if it’s worth the price?
Marley Pells
Marley Pells Month ago
Can you do a review on coscelia
dynasty nunez
dynasty nunez Month ago
I’m sorta kinda late buuuut I LOVE WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS❤️💅🏼
Marcus Jackson
Marcus Jackson Month ago
so i was watching slime and then i heard your intro so i went where the sound was coming from and snatched the electronic and said my youtuber and started watching you and im still up at 2:23 am watching you girl. FYI im a girl i just put a random name
Sha moo
Sha moo Month ago
Your sooo beautiful 😍🥺
Ciera Reynolds
Ciera Reynolds Month ago
im new to your channel so seeing the face to the voice was soooo shocking 😂.
James Padgett
James Padgett Month ago
Where have u been i miss u😕
Chocolate dust
Chocolate dust Month ago
There was this person I saw on tiktok making acrylic powder out of chalk if u see this comment could u try making acrylic powder out of chalk
Life with Saphya
Ms.evie can you do Kobe nails bc his birthday is on the 23rd and i think all of the viewers will love to see that 💛💜
Kriistiee. Month ago
Hi please can somebody answer this for me. Im a beginner at nail art and just got a manicure (shellac type) then covered it with gel polish from a uv lamp kit I purchased online. Is this video tutorial for the same thing? My kit came with remover wipes but I'm not confident it will work. Thankyou
chxngbinnie Month ago
How does she make EVERTHING flawless
Jessica Rendon
Jessica Rendon Month ago
can you please do a full set with sally’s products
Olivia Eubanks
Olivia Eubanks Month ago
u so pretty
Paawanee Kacker
Paawanee Kacker Month ago
Heyy love your videos and content but can you please do a tutorial on how to do nails without any acrylic or dip powder normal gel nails please I really like how u make your videos 💟💟💟if possible please make a Video on how to do normal gel nails and without poly gel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bonnie Ruizlara
Bonnie Ruizlara Month ago
Every time I’m first I’m not up there like last time I was first but it seemed like u don’t put us up there no more now I have to do it agian when u post a video
Girls Squad
Girls Squad Month ago
Can you make a video about how thick you need to do the poly gel bc I’m really struggling with it ❤️love you btw❤️
Margie Reichard
Margie Reichard Month ago
Hey Girlie love your videos just wanted to drop by and ask you if you have seen yet where APRES Gel X nail has XL in the length on their tips long is enough for me but I know you like them much longer. Just in case you haven't had a chance to check them out it's official saw them this weekend when I ordered the colored tips for myself. Check it out you will be EXCITED!!!
ragi Month ago
and Evie can you please try a peeloff basecoat under all your polygel/gel nails, bc i wana see if it makes it easy to takeoff but also stays on long. Simply Nailogical tried Dip powder nails, and used a peeloff basecoat, and it was extremely hard for her to get it to peel off, so it probably wouldnt easily get off with polygel. she had to loosen it up byy soaking her hands in water and using LOTS of cuticle oil... maybe it would be a polygel life hacl?? please try im so curious!
ragi Month ago
aww! you were so happy in the vlog clip hubby brought you the LongHairPrettyNails sign! girl you rock! im so proud of u!
Mariah Month ago
Review SXC New zodiac poly gel kit please
KE Month ago
Video Idea: I seen a TikTok video where a girl mixed sidewalk chalk and clear acrylic and that’s how she made color acrylics. She shaved the chalk down with her e file into powder. Will you try it?
Jessie Elìs
Jessie Elìs Month ago
Pls try GH dip kit from amazon
Anastasia C
Anastasia C Month ago
Can you do Instagram followers pick my nails
Congratulations on the new house!!! Exciting!
Life as Kitty
Life as Kitty Month ago
Bby wats been going in yuhh haven’t been posting in ion like that
mzhotniz86 Month ago
So do you not like the steamer anymore?
xli.lxo Month ago
i spent almost 3 hours trying to take the polygel off my nails yesterday with nail clips so i’m gonna have to try it with foil next!
Alaija Stevens
Alaija Stevens Month ago
Hi mom If u see this
Nails by Amelia
Nails by Amelia Month ago
Have you tried the topcoat trick? ❤️❤️❤️
mimismom8 Month ago
Have you ever tried putting a hot towel on top of the foil? I know that helps with gel polish and dip powder... wonder if it helps with polygel too?
roxette2 Month ago
Hi Evie,hope you and bubba and family are well?,i'm loving the new studio and it's so nice to see you facefront on camera now.xx
Mia Perkins
Mia Perkins Month ago
evie if u see this ily ok so u should mix all your polygels and then make a set with what it makes
Maryam Sarout
Maryam Sarout Month ago
I need a kit from you from your kits do these cost
Dianne Lamadrid
Dianne Lamadrid Month ago
Hi 😊 I'm a fan from Philippines. I'm always watching lots of your videos! Hoping soon I have a polygel nail set. Want to start a new job like that. I think its pretty cool. 😍 keep on uploading videos please. Wanna learn more.
Paula Wendelken
Paula Wendelken Month ago
Thanks so much all the information! I went down a rabbit hole of learning about polygel and watched a ton of your videos. You have a really nice voice and way of talking. Your videos are so easy to watch!
Husna Mulla
Husna Mulla Month ago
Kelsie E Ferdinand
Hi longhairprettynails did you do a video on ursugar gel polish?
Melissa Simeon
Melissa Simeon Month ago
Hi, im wondering if you or anyone else could suggest nail forms for nails that start off small and get wider near the top. Id really appreciate it
Meko _.2x
Meko _.2x Month ago
Plz plz plz plzzzzzzz can you show us how to clean a buffer ? I am not sure if I was writing the word correctly or not, but I hope it is
The Knowles Fam
The Knowles Fam Month ago
Are you going to reopen longhairprettynails.com?
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