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Feb 26, 2019

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Comments 788
Amanda Bomar
Amanda Bomar 20 hours ago
What other products did you use? I'm new to the curly hair method...my daughter is almost 11 and I'm at a loss. Please help!!! Thank you
Kelly Moore
Kelly Moore Day ago
Thanks for this video India! I have had so much frizz and I didn’t have a clue what to do about it. Buying the Aussie miracle oil and dry shampoo TODAY. Thanks girl! 🙏🏼
yes mom
Chastity Murphy
I love your videos but I wish you would follow the curly girl method especially because I feel our hairs are very similar but I can’t use those products 😭
2 days ago
Dear India, I have one big problem with my hair (same curl type as you). My hair gets suuuper tangled after 2 days, so I always have to wash my hair just because of the knots. I litterally tried eeeverything by now, if i put in more moisture or protein it gets terribly weighed down but doesn‘t knot as much. Hope you have a tip for me :( Kisses from Germany!
Michele Sleet
Michele Sleet 5 days ago
Thanks for wasting two minutes of my life talking about issues that nobody cares about and your sponsorship so you can make more money don’t know what you really have to say because I’m turning you off right now
IndiaBatson 4 days ago
Michele Sleet lol thanks for watching babe !
Dolly 3739
Dolly 3739 6 days ago
Close your eyes and tell me do you hear Tana Mongeau
K Lea Priestley
K Lea Priestley 6 days ago
Being your mom's age, I would love to see the video.
Autumn Kieffer
Autumn Kieffer 8 days ago
"I'm not trying to impress anyone" ohhh. Okay. I was confused. I wondered why anyone in their right mind would work out with a full face of makeup on.
Cherry 8 days ago
Katie Bunch
Katie Bunch 10 days ago
I have really difficult hair I had straight hair until puberty then got a curly mess but it's always been thick and underneath feels super dry...its confusing. I have 2b ish hair it will always be greasy too
Cindy Vanderbilt
Cindy Vanderbilt 11 days ago
That twist and pin trick is amazing! Thank you. If your mom hasn't posted a video I would love for her to make one. I just started embracing my curl at 43 years old.
Hope Bullard
Hope Bullard 13 days ago
So the top of my head is most curly, when I have layers, and when the longer part underneath gets too long, it looks straight/flat! And I HATE IT!!!. So I have like a mop top, and a mullet looking thing. What do I Do???
Cameron Freeman
Cameron Freeman 12 days ago
You have to wait and let your hair grow out to one length! I never recommend layers to people with curly hair. The other option is to cut your hair all to one length and restart your growth. You can try different products, but your hair will not look goo without a good haircut. Those are more permanent solution. A temporary solution is to pin curl the underside (longer sections that won’t curl) and make sure they have moisture. Apply a small amount of hairspray to the underside so the don’t fall.
Joann Oriol
Joann Oriol 15 days ago
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson 15 days ago
Why would you use the dry shampoo before you put water in your waves 🤔?
Southern Belle
Southern Belle 16 days ago
Theresa Antrim
Theresa Antrim 17 days ago
Too much work for something that's easy to do
Theresa Antrim
Theresa Antrim 17 days ago
The Aussie product always breaks my head out.. I end up with itchy scalp and sores from sratching....
•Marium Ibrahim•
i have a question, why is the middle and back of my hair extremely curly but the outer layer is wavy, straight
Jessica Kotlarek
Jessica Kotlarek 18 days ago
You are the first person I have ever subscribed to. I’m obsessed with your hair!!! I follow you methods and it really has changed me. Thank you.
Stephanie Diaz
Stephanie Diaz 20 days ago
HI I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! but its not curly its wavy!!! If that were the case then people with wavy hair should just say they have curly hair but wavy is in between straight and curly for a reason. Its not straight nor curly so its wavy!!! Please stop calling your hair curly
Mahnoor Jameel
Mahnoor Jameel 17 days ago
You do realise that wavy is a type of curly hair? The curls aren't just very defined or like legit ringlets. Her hair is probably 2c or 3a for sure dude
Kallee Nacole
Kallee Nacole 22 days ago
BLESS YOU!!! I’m going on my curly hair journey and this really helped!!
Chris McDonald
Chris McDonald 26 days ago
Can you buy Aussie products in Australia!
Betty Sprong
Betty Sprong 28 days ago
Yes have your Mom show us her new hair routine.
Golden Star
Golden Star 28 days ago
The top/front of my hair is 3b/3a, but the back of my hair is barely 2b. Any tips?
Can you speak more slush? idk nan molla
Golden Star me too i really don't know what to do with my hair anymore
Gabs Hello
Gabs Hello 29 days ago
I was browsing RUvid because I genuinely do not know what to do with my hair anymore. I absolutely love your hair and realized I can absolutely do that with what I have. I need to embrace it exactly like you do. Thank you!
Irreleadas msp
Irreleadas msp 29 days ago
You have more waves than curls
The Nail Polisher
Beginning the CGM next week. Th3ia video and your how to start has helped a lot. Very excited to go product shopping and get started. TFS girl.
Ehrman Month ago
This is so funny my hair is pretty much identical just a little bit shorter and I do exactly the same thing! My sister saw this video and couldn't believe someone else did all the identical weird things I do! Bahahahaha!
Cece Landau
Cece Landau Month ago
you are beautiful and your hair is amazing!
Scarlet Moonlight
My hair twin
Clarisa AntiAgingDermatology
The ingredients of Aussie products are really bad..
Blossom Saturnalia
Omg do a my mom and I swap hair routines video!
Elle Xx
Elle Xx Month ago
Your hair looks KILLER!!!
alright cool guy
video starts at 4:45
how do you sleep with wavy?curly hair without destroying it?
Fanciest Fluff
Fanciest Fluff 29 days ago
Put it into a loose high bun and cover with a satin hair scarf, it should keep them protected for the night 😊
Martin Pasternak
t.co/nQK4NppU4A?amp=1 fix curls now!
Who’s that girl ?
Why do the majority of there girls take so long getting to the point? 😬
Dusk Howl
Dusk Howl Month ago
I’d just like to say that I do not have curly hair and I genuinely enjoy these videos.
ScarletVoodoo Month ago
Step number 1: Have amazing hair. My hair is garbage no matter what. This gorgeous result is literally impossible for me.
Kerys Mcleish
Kerys Mcleish Month ago
My hair is the same length as yours and the same type lol subscribed
Evette Ocasio
Evette Ocasio Month ago
You’re manipulating your hair
Patti Hilton
Patti Hilton Month ago
So pretty!!!
Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner Month ago
Thank u
sarah Month ago
I actually think the pineapple thing is ADORABLE and I’d wear my hair like that just because it’s cute!
Jayda Louise Music
are her eyes real because oh my g o d they're beautiful
Ирина Шульга
I want to wash you after sport instead of seeing how you put a lot of products on your hair. I think much easier
Melisa Ramdhansingh
Melisa Ramdhansingh 2 months ago
Girl with all the stuff you went through to get the curls back I would have just hopped in the shower and did my curly hair routine lol... I swear if my hair gets wet after 2 days of being styled straight or curly it causes the whole thing to have a bad smell with our with out dry shampoo...
Cindy Murray
Cindy Murray 2 months ago
Wow thank you so much for giving your time to help us with our hair. I haven’t read the Curly Girl Method book yet but should I never dry brush my hair? My hair gets tangled a lot. And before I get in shower to wash my hair, I’ll dry brush it to get all tangled out. It seems easier to get tangled out when hair is dry than wet. Thoughts?
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