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Age: 24
School: Graduated from University with a business degree
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Height: 5'5
fav show of all time: sexin the city
fav color: YELLOW
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Feb 26, 2019




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Comments 849
tiffany wolfe
tiffany wolfe 11 hours ago
Hey India! Thank you so much for this video! I love your positive attitude! I have fine, curly/ wavy hair, and sensitive skin. Refreshing 2nd day, and finding curly products that don't cause an allergic reaction is a struggle for me. :( (Some products had my eyes swell, hives on my face, etc. Defeated, I return the other items to the store, and I always come back to Aussie. Aussie has minimal ingredients, don't cause a reaction, and within my budget! Woohoo! *\^^/* ) I sweat A LOT doing martial arts 5~6 days a week. And yes! I get rained on too! :) Whew..between training, working full time, taking care of a home/overall adulting, I don't have a lot of time to re-wash/ style my hair. So, I do appreciate you adding in all those real-life variables! Going to give this a try, with the dry shampoo, and see how it goes. Keeping my fingers crossed! ^^/
jailergrrl 22 hours ago
No matter what I do, my 2nd and 3rd day hair (curly, 3a/3b with some 2c, fine and slightly coarse) is frizzy 95% of the time. :( I've never chemically straightened my hair, and it's not colored....BUT I've been round brushing it "straight" for years, and only started going natural almost 2 months ago. Is that why? Is it still getting used to being in it's natural state?
GrkHt1 10 days ago
she worked out and stayed in the work out outfit, but did her hair and makeup?
Addie Loree
Addie Loree 15 days ago
unless it’s been like 3-4 days then i use dry shampoo and water
Addie Loree
Addie Loree 15 days ago
i just use water and it works for me
Kathleen Kavanagh
Kathleen Kavanagh 17 days ago
Yes would love to see Mom! Great tips! Thank you! Kathy
Tay Lah
Tay Lah 20 days ago
Someone please give me cgm approved alternatives/dupes of these products
Tammie Cagle
Tammie Cagle 22 days ago
Yessssss I need to see your mom's hair routine. I feel like I have your hair but older 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Mary Goodwin
Mary Goodwin 23 days ago
R you doing a hair demo or a run down on you
peppa pig
peppa pig 23 days ago
thank youuu ! i've been using these tips & always thought my hair was super curly as a child but turned wavy as i got older , i recently found out how curly & bouncy it actually is 😭💙.
DELANEY STUART 24 days ago
Your hair looks like some parts of my hair but other parts are straight sooo I am both yay........
Melissa Hargiss
Melissa Hargiss 25 days ago
She never claims these are CGMA. silicones are ok of they are water saluable and if you clarify every week or 2 it's fine. Not all of us are CGM.
Guruge Guruge
Guruge Guruge 26 days ago
You are so cute
Isla Hermiston
Isla Hermiston 26 days ago
my hair is curly now thanks to you literally looked so boring before thank you so much
AiShahid's World
AiShahid's World 27 days ago
Do makeup routine also.. I love ur eyeshadow
amina ibrahim
amina ibrahim Month ago
Yes pls lets your mom do it
Areesh Month ago
just take a shower and it will be fresh
Sara Fritz
Sara Fritz Month ago
Yes to mom hair video! 😊 ps- I have hair exactly like yours AND I have a 24 year old daughter named India 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️ WILD!!
Cynthia Sellers
Cynthia Sellers Month ago
Yea. Let's see mama's hair😍
Isabella Ronessia
i hate that the bottom half of my hair is type 1,2a "waves" and the upper half is 2c,3a type of curls :( and the difference is very obvious .....
Shelley Month ago
Please talk your mom into showing us her hair routine, you both are beautiful inside and out.
donna irons
donna irons Month ago
My hair would be really thick if I put it allllll !!!!!!! On one side of my head
Dailycraxii Pinky
Instead if you wash your hair would have been easier 😉
cave_crystal Month ago
Tip: get a spray bottle from a DIY/gardening store they're so much cheaper. I got mine for 75 pence (UK).
Sheri Burrell
Sheri Burrell Month ago
My grandmother used to pin curl her entire head..and mine when I was little...miss her
Sheri Burrell
Sheri Burrell Month ago
How is your hair cut to maximize your curls ...they are beautiful!!!
sweet as candy
sweet as candy Month ago
Roslyn Monahan
Roslyn Monahan 2 months ago
Would love to see your mums hair
Sara Eid
Sara Eid 2 months ago
Omg...you talk all the time😂😂😂😂
TrashCanBees 2 months ago
This was insanely helpful, I've been a wash my hair every day type of girl my whole life (and didn't even start using products for wavy hair until like a year ago oof) and I haven't had a clue what you're supposed to do on days you don't wash I feel a lot better about trying to transition over to washing less frequently now
bon 2 months ago
I'm confused, Have you washed your hair, or is that sweat!????
sarah p
sarah p 2 months ago
Your hair is so amazing! Even after only using the dry shampoo I would’ve been like „ yep, looking goood to gooo“
Robin Lage
Robin Lage 2 months ago
Cant use Aussie products any longer now that they put avocado in their products. 😔 i have used Aussie for years but avocado and coconut oil do not react well on my curls.
Sailor Mau
Sailor Mau 2 months ago
I think it’s really dishonest to your subscribers who follow you trusting that you will promote CG friendly products to push products that aren’t just because you’re getting a sponsorship. I bought these products only to get home and realize they were full of silicones. I’m really tempted to unsubscribe.
Sailor Mau
Sailor Mau 2 months ago
I think it would be good to to also disclose which products aren’t CG friendly, because people are going to automatically assume you are only suggesting CG products. Unless someone watches every single one of your videos and knows when you made that transition. It seems I’m not the only one who made this mistake from the comments here and it would help to maintain trust with your subscribers. :)
IndiaBatson 2 months ago
Sailor Mau Sorry to heat you feel this way. I have been recommending non CG products for over a year now. You might not be up to date with my channel. I always say if something is CG approved in my videos however so it’s clear, I didn’t say it in this video Bc it’s not. I’m always honest so please don’t accuse me of pushing products I don’t genuinely enjoy. I hope you can return it. Nothing but love to you
T Mox
T Mox 2 months ago
Your curls look like mine - cherub curls. Mine can straighten if I scratch my head wrong.
Beatriz Sales
Beatriz Sales 2 months ago
Coloca legendas em português Brasil 🇧🇷
Faith 2 months ago
44 years old here. I would love to see your mom’s hair routine.Hair becomes different when we age. We’ll keep praying she will. 💕 Thanks for the videos. Hooked on Aussie now.
Delilah Foster
Delilah Foster 2 months ago
I never leave comments....but omg i just tried this on my hair that i washed last Thursday and i wish i took a before and after picture ! It’s looks complete different and so amazing. Thank you so much for your tips you definitely just got a new fan !
IndiaBatson 2 months ago
Delilah Foster I really appreciate this comment XOXO
Amanda Bomar
Amanda Bomar 3 months ago
What other products did you use? I'm new to the curly hair method...my daughter is almost 11 and I'm at a loss. Please help!!! Thank you
MerelyKelly Moore
MerelyKelly Moore 3 months ago
Thanks for this video India! I have had so much frizz and I didn’t have a clue what to do about it. Buying the Aussie miracle oil and dry shampoo TODAY. Thanks girl! 🙏🏼
thatsitablelo 3 months ago
yes mom
Chastity Murphy
Chastity Murphy 3 months ago
I love your videos but I wish you would follow the curly girl method especially because I feel our hairs are very similar but I can’t use those products 😭
Marissa Maisch
Marissa Maisch 3 months ago
Dear India, I have one big problem with my hair (same curl type as you). My hair gets suuuper tangled after 2 days, so I always have to wash my hair just because of the knots. I litterally tried eeeverything by now, if i put in more moisture or protein it gets terribly weighed down but doesn‘t knot as much. Hope you have a tip for me :( Kisses from Germany!
Michele Sleet
Michele Sleet 3 months ago
Thanks for wasting two minutes of my life talking about issues that nobody cares about and your sponsorship so you can make more money don’t know what you really have to say because I’m turning you off right now
IndiaBatson 3 months ago
Michele Sleet lol thanks for watching babe !
Dolly 3739
Dolly 3739 3 months ago
Close your eyes and tell me do you hear Tana Mongeau
K Lea Priestley
K Lea Priestley 3 months ago
Being your mom's age, I would love to see the video.
Autumn Kieffer
Autumn Kieffer 3 months ago
"I'm not trying to impress anyone" ohhh. Okay. I was confused. I wondered why anyone in their right mind would work out with a full face of makeup on.
Višnja Pavlović
Višnja Pavlović 3 months ago
Katie Bunch
Katie Bunch 3 months ago
I have really difficult hair I had straight hair until puberty then got a curly mess but it's always been thick and underneath feels super dry...its confusing. I have 2b ish hair it will always be greasy too
Cindy Vanderbilt
Cindy Vanderbilt 3 months ago
That twist and pin trick is amazing! Thank you. If your mom hasn't posted a video I would love for her to make one. I just started embracing my curl at 43 years old.
Hope Bullard
Hope Bullard 3 months ago
So the top of my head is most curly, when I have layers, and when the longer part underneath gets too long, it looks straight/flat! And I HATE IT!!!. So I have like a mop top, and a mullet looking thing. What do I Do???
Cameron Freeman
Cameron Freeman 3 months ago
You have to wait and let your hair grow out to one length! I never recommend layers to people with curly hair. The other option is to cut your hair all to one length and restart your growth. You can try different products, but your hair will not look goo without a good haircut. Those are more permanent solution. A temporary solution is to pin curl the underside (longer sections that won’t curl) and make sure they have moisture. Apply a small amount of hairspray to the underside so the don’t fall.
Joann Oriol
Joann Oriol 3 months ago
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson 3 months ago
Why would you use the dry shampoo before you put water in your waves 🤔?
Southern Belle
Southern Belle 3 months ago
T Antrim
T Antrim 3 months ago
Too much work for something that's easy to do
T Antrim
T Antrim 3 months ago
The Aussie product always breaks my head out.. I end up with itchy scalp and sores from sratching....
•Marium Ibrahim•
i have a question, why is the middle and back of my hair extremely curly but the outer layer is wavy, straight
Sophia Blank
Sophia Blank Month ago
Mine too! Sometimes the best bet is just to do half up half down styles
Jessica Kotlarek
Jessica Kotlarek 3 months ago
You are the first person I have ever subscribed to. I’m obsessed with your hair!!! I follow you methods and it really has changed me. Thank you.
Stephanie Diaz
Stephanie Diaz 3 months ago
HI I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! but its not curly its wavy!!! If that were the case then people with wavy hair should just say they have curly hair but wavy is in between straight and curly for a reason. Its not straight nor curly so its wavy!!! Please stop calling your hair curly
Stephanie Diaz r/gatekeeping
Mahnoor Jameel
Mahnoor Jameel 3 months ago
You do realise that wavy is a type of curly hair? The curls aren't just very defined or like legit ringlets. Her hair is probably 2c or 3a for sure dude
Kallee Nacole
Kallee Nacole 3 months ago
BLESS YOU!!! I’m going on my curly hair journey and this really helped!!
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