How to Read Dataset in Google Colab from Google Drive

Krish Naik
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When you do Deep Learning in Google Colab, you need a training data. There are two ways to upload it into the Colab: download your dataset to the Google Drive and then import it into your notebook, or just upload the data directly from your local machine. Colab has Code snippets for this tasks
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Jul 14, 2019




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Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta 13 hours ago
hlo, i am trying to read the Fake News classifier dataset in Google Collab but i am getting this error : ParserError: Error tokenizing data. C error: EOF inside string starting at row 19244. please help
Ashutosh Garg
Ashutosh Garg 3 days ago
In jupyter notebooks we have shift+tab for viewing the docstring of a method, what is it's counterpart in google colab?
Oliva 11 days ago
Oliva 11 days ago
likhitha bommineni
likhitha bommineni 13 days ago
solved most irritating problem in simple way
TOT 20 days ago
thanks man
Alessio Attanasio
Alessio Attanasio 28 days ago
Hi sir, i have a question. The partition mounted on colab is refered to cloud folder of gdrive or on physical on my PC? I'll try to be more clear, i've already upload my dataset to gdrive, and i've mounted it in colab, but during training session when the code accesses to varius file i see that read speed is slow like my internet connection that uploads at 150 Kbs
venkat aduri
venkat aduri 28 days ago
Thanks Krish, very useful while dealing with google colab.
Frederick Cunningham
Kyaw Kyaw Lin
Kyaw Kyaw Lin Month ago
Thank you for your sharing ! I have one question. How to run python command line argument in Google Colab
shriprad gaydole
Really Thanks , It was really helpfull
Thank you krish..can you please provide the next video.
Ertan Uysal
Ertan Uysal Month ago
hello,firstly thanks for good explanation.i tried your steps however it takes long time(similary,it is likely to equal my own computer speed) how can faster training part ? what was the problem?
Vidhi Pankaj Jadav
Hi Krish, thanks for uploading these wonderful videos. It is really amazing to follow along and learn. I am looking for the next video after this as I want to do something similar with my dataset. Kindly give me the link. Thank you!
عبد الله معاد
Really helpful video. thanks a lot
liza Das
liza Das 2 months ago
Respected sir i am unable to upload my dataset as itz too big in google colab, itz coming like bad zip file. So i have converted it to 7z, i don't know how to unzip 7z file in google colab. Please help. I could open small dataset but after augmentation my image dataset is large.
Dudekula Usen
Dudekula Usen 2 months ago
i need how to add vgg19 and cnn weights
Vraj Bhatt
Vraj Bhatt 3 months ago
i want to import dataset and apply affinity propaation on it
Scott Phillpott
Scott Phillpott 3 months ago
Very nice. I would have liked to see this a month ago when I began my project. :-( You would have sped up my development immensely.
Anton Banta
Anton Banta 3 months ago
You have no idea how much you just helped me, thank you for the great video
Barun Bodhak
Barun Bodhak 2 months ago
PATH = "content/drive/My Drive/Colab Notebooks/Fast.ai ML/" This is not working
Barun Bodhak
Barun Bodhak 2 months ago
not sure why am I still unable to set variable to my path.
Aimen Naseer
Aimen Naseer 4 months ago
OpenCV(4.1.2) /io/opencv/modules/imgproc/src/resize.cpp:3720: error: (-215:Assertion failed) !ssize.empty() in function 'resize' resize error can u please solve this?
nadia suchi
nadia suchi 4 months ago
hello, can you give the local machine code ?
Vincenzo Torcasio
Vincenzo Torcasio 4 months ago
you are very bad at english, but thank you anyway
عبد الله معاد
Ethics before education
Krish Naik
Krish Naik 4 months ago
Thank u :)
Nikhil Bokade
Nikhil Bokade 4 months ago
what about data files more than 15 gb how to import them to colab is it possible??
liza Das
liza Das 2 months ago
I am also facing same problem
Ashish Gusain
Ashish Gusain 4 months ago
you can increase the storage in google drive by paying for it
Toản Trần Hậu Văn
share code with me .tranhauvantoan@gmail.com
AT ATA021 6 months ago
this vedio in which playlist ? i would like to watch the next vedio
Tufail Waris
Tufail Waris 6 months ago
There is a major issue. I am running U-NET deep learning model in Colab and after 1.5 hours it says runtime disconnected. Is there any solution for this? Please help, I am really stuck with this.
Tufail Waris
Tufail Waris 6 months ago
I have one question. Does closing my browser after running the code will stop the training of my model?
Esraa Mohamed
Esraa Mohamed 5 months ago
yes ..you have to save your work, this may help you ruvid.net/video/video-HxtBIwfy0kM.html
Tufail Waris
Tufail Waris 6 months ago
Hi Krish, Are you preparing for UPSC? I can see few UPSC papers in your google drive... 😉😉😉 At 4:57
Zeeshan Ul Haq
Zeeshan Ul Haq 6 months ago
Really helpful video.
Praneeth Aluru
Praneeth Aluru 6 months ago
Hello Sir, I'm running SVM in Google Colab for Amazon Fine Food Reviews dataset and sqlite3 which I've stored in my drive. Everything upto reading csv files is correct. Coming to querying via SQL, I'm getting---" DatabaseError: Execution failed on sql ' SELECT * FROM Reviews WHERE Score != 3 LIMIT 100000 ': no such table: Reviews ". CAn you help me out?
Fordance100 3 months ago
You need to have sql database running before you can query it. Not sure you can run database under colab. But, you can do similar operation in pandas if your data is not too big.
girish 7 months ago
you have solved one of the irritating problem of mine thank you!!!!!!
Vibe 8 months ago
very helpful.
Raju Pericherla
Raju Pericherla 8 months ago
Useful content . doing great job . Thank you Krish Naik
Navaneetha G
Navaneetha G 8 months ago
zainab riaz
zainab riaz 8 months ago
It's quite helpful... Thanks alot... I'm also working on data sets.... Waiting for your next tutorial related to this
Gowtham raj
Gowtham raj 10 months ago
Thanks bro to uploading like this video
Parakh Srivastava
Parakh Srivastava 10 months ago
Great video, will try google colab for 8M records data! GridsearchCv is taking taking time with svm... Any method to run it fast???? Btw, Thank you very much for such videos, All the very best buddy!
Vinod Kinoni
Vinod Kinoni 10 months ago
plz make vdo next thanks
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