How to Read and Write Hiragana Alphabet | Learn Japanese for Beginners

書道家 東宮たくみ
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How to Read and Write Hiragana Alphabet | Learn Japanese for Beginners

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May 20, 2019




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Comments 1 014
J Miyuna
J Miyuna 3 months ago
Such a good hand writing or maybe it’s just the pen
Adrian Lizancos
Adrian Lizancos 6 days ago
hey, what pen is that
AttackTitan04 9 days ago
J Miyuna Amazing control over the pen
apple p.m.
apple p.m. 9 days ago
Indeed a very Nice handwriting! I also uploaded how to write hiragana in my youtube channel. You may check out how i wrote mine!
Mara Rose Asmoday
He has said in other posts, that he used a Pilot G3 gel
Tamako lol
Tamako lol Month ago
@Chiyeol장미열 which one do you have XD I'm hella wanting to get one
ShadowEcto 3 hours ago
I love it that you point out the important details. You show it so well that I don't even have to be able to understand what you are saying. Thank you!
Keisha Aneira
Keisha Aneira 8 hours ago
Satisfying sekalee rek
Mây Thanh
Mây Thanh 9 hours ago
Nice handwriting!
HatersˇLove¯Us 15 hours ago
What pen do u use? That is good quality shit
Minh Trần Đức
Minh Trần Đức 18 hours ago
What is the name of your pen?
The Grand Weasel
Kyo Deg
Kyo Deg Day ago
Muchas gracias por los vídeos, son de gran ayuda.
Hurrem V. G
Hurrem V. G Day ago
Gracias.arigato. Encontré lo que buscaba. Yo no sé nada de letras japonesas. Soy Mexicana. Me gusta el japonés pero no había encontrado algo así para aprender, de verdad gracias manito, así decimos en mi pueblo
Nabila Diana Zain
Thank you, this video is very helpful and very useful (≧▽≦)
Dora Elvira Montoya Gutierrez
Gracias por tu enseñanza, Aprenderé saludos desde Perú
Alessio M
Alessio M 2 days ago
Why do ki, sa and other letters have a missing part?
John Billu
John Billu 2 days ago
1000 comment!! also this video helps a lot!! ありがとうございます
thicc thighs from anime girls
im learning japanese so that in the future if i go to japan, i wouldn't mind people talking without subtitles 😭
Call Me O t a k u C o o k i e!
literally didn't memorized this and didn't memorize a preamble I need to present on Monday heh- (I wrote the letters at my notebook😂)
Virpi Serita
Virpi Serita 3 days ago
すぎ 4 days ago
Wolfy cat
Wolfy cat 4 days ago
Thanks for this cause my parents and I are moving to Japan so I really like this
Bella Nguyen
Bella Nguyen 4 days ago
Learning Japanese just because can't understand what did Japanese write or say on internet
Xuyen Phu
Xuyen Phu 4 days ago
Na ni
from 0 to Ux
from 0 to Ux 5 days ago
Give us link for that pen !
Rose Yoshikawa
Rose Yoshikawa 5 days ago
I know how to write the Japanese alphabet but in simplified version... this is pretty different 😅
Nilanthi Kuruwita
日本 が すきです。
5 days ago
Meu a sempre foi errado
Quốc Thái
Quốc Thái 6 days ago
Kiri Rodway
Kiri Rodway 8 days ago
This is *beautiful*
LifeHackTrip 8 days ago
В коментах вообще русскоговорящие есть?))
isnan Screamo
isnan Screamo 8 days ago
Arigato gozaimasu
thu duong
thu duong 8 days ago
Where did you buy the pen?
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin 8 days ago
4:35 it's fu not hu
Mystic Wolf
Mystic Wolf 9 days ago
I really wanna know.... What kind of marker or a pen is that??
개약 9 days ago
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 9 days ago
Hu is Fu.. but that's okay!
apple p.m.
apple p.m. 9 days ago
Nice handwriting! I also uploaded how to write hiragana in my youtube channel. You may check out how i wrote mine!
Etsuyo chan ハッピー
私はたくさん学んだ! I’m actually half japanese so still learning Thank you!
MOMO Almutawah
MOMO Almutawah 10 days ago
أحرفكم كثيرةٌ وصعبةٌ!😢
Gaming World
Gaming World 10 days ago
witashiwa ahsan desu
Huong Dao
Huong Dao 10 days ago
Chữ đẹp quá
Luutoo 11 days ago
"みす" I that how you type "mizu" as in water?
Vanessa Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez 11 days ago
Luutoo you’re not wrong but since there’s a kanji for みず “mizu” They normally put 水 instead
izuna kazumii
izuna kazumii 11 days ago
Pengen punya pulpennya :''
Donatsu Chan
Donatsu Chan 12 days ago
Rehan AfriankaTM
Rehan AfriankaTM 12 days ago
Kike Perez
Kike Perez 13 days ago
Yo no los entiendos :v
Jaden Dunlood
Jaden Dunlood 14 days ago
きんだ こおl ひw てゅs けyぼあrd おf みね をrk To translate (it is kinda cool how my keyboard works)
Linh Phạm
Linh Phạm 14 days ago
Ai cho mik hs bút này mua ở đâu
KawaiiCUTIE 14 days ago
This is more harder than Writing Hangul(Korean Alphabet) A in hangul is just as simple as ㅏ/아
Rovi Chanel
Rovi Chanel 14 days ago
Hu bukanya di baca fu?
Ramya Borigi
Ramya Borigi 14 days ago
How to write shrika
Emmanuel Tailor
Emmanuel Tailor 14 days ago
Nessa pagam tá Boa.
Espantapájaros 15 days ago
Re... ro... Me: Rero rero rero rero rero... :v
Pareegak 15 days ago
Thank you so much for making this!
MILANA EXO-L 15 days ago
So beautiful😍😭❤️
Miyuru Dananjaya
Miyuru Dananjaya 16 days ago
I'm a sri lankan..I like to japan so my dream will be gone to your amazing sweet and beautiful country..❤❤it is my dream and I wish..😄..I think about this vedio is very successful..so I wish your good luck..😍
Nico Uchiha.
Nico Uchiha. 16 days ago
El "hu" Estaba bien, pero es "FU", no " hu", el "hu" no existe en el alfabeto hiragana japonés, yo lo se porque estudio japonés con una anciana japonesa de verdad que nos enseña a mi y a mis compañeros de la clase de japonés, y el "を" Se pronuncia "wo" , no "o", aunque algunas veses, si que se pronuncia como "o", denada, ahora... Que llevan esos ricos likes papu. どういたしまして キモチいい
Drug Ranković
Drug Ranković 16 days ago
Beautiful but also a complex language. By the way, what kind of pen are you using?
Habibul Kareem
Habibul Kareem 16 days ago
nice handwriting 👍🏻
Plop Plop
Plop Plop 16 days ago
Simran Shikalgar
Simran Shikalgar 17 days ago
Though I know the script that Beautiful Handwriting drag me here. That handwriting is just amazing! Now I'll be working on my handwriting too.
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza 17 days ago
that handwriting is confusing because some of the way that you draw your characters is different from when I am on Duolingo so either your handwriting is how you actually ride it or Duolingo is the actual way to write the charactersbecause some of your characters look nowhere near as close to the ones how they show it on Duolingo so you're confusing me with the characters. 🙂
Shanika Freeman
Shanika Freeman 9 days ago
Carlos Mendoza his handwriting is correct. On computers they tend to be different. For instance the English “ a “ is different from what most English speakers write their a’s. Computers tend to use a different font than how it’s actually written. I guess technically it isn’t wrong to write the English a like that but in Japanese the writing and stroke order are important.
Lu An Ran
Lu An Ran 17 days ago
Tbh Chinese is very hard to write for me
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