How to Read and Write Hiragana Alphabet | Learn Japanese for Beginners

書道家 東宮たくみ
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How to Read and Write Hiragana Alphabet | Learn Japanese for Beginners

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May 20, 2019




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Comments 80
J Miuna
J Miuna 9 months ago
Such a good hand writing or maybe it’s just the pen
Borky Forky
Borky Forky 4 days ago
I am XD
Cass_ Kookie
Cass_ Kookie 15 days ago
Yeah i was thinking about that too😂
DETERMINATION . 26 days ago
J Miuna
J Miuna Month ago
@good set oh I couldn't agree more
J Miuna
J Miuna Month ago
@Araceli Pastoriza Fernandez oh I see thx for sharing
Kurt Drexler
Kurt Drexler 28 minutes ago
I forgot what this is 1:22 maybe it's a greater than?
Ondřej Ganyo
Ondřej Ganyo Hour ago
Why am i watching this i already know hiragana for like 7 months
Sodbileg Badamdorj
Sodbileg Badamdorj 5 hours ago
This is the perfect vid for us
Nacho 14 hours ago
¿Qué bolígrafo/marcador usas?
vanessa martis
vanessa martis 15 hours ago
My unsteady hands said... NEVEER
michelle ruiz
when you realize that japanese character is a drawing lesson
KumKum Khaitan
Beautiful what u say japnes
Ghena AK
Ghena AK Day ago
just_ may
just_ may Day ago
i hope i can understand Japanese well before travel to japan when im turning into 28🙁wish me luck thank you✨
Rama R
Rama R Day ago
The first alphabet あ Looks very much like this Tamil alphabet க to me 😂
Alba Carr
Alba Carr Day ago
I'm not learning this because of anime, but because of Babymetal 😗
coco nut nut
coco nut nut Day ago
*Duolingo has left the chat*
This video is super easy to learn because I’m learning Japanese 😄
Naruto, Ninjago, and The Flash are the best
Why am I the only one that thinks the song playing in the background sounds exactly like Naruto’s Samidare
Lyn Mordeno
Lyn Mordeno 2 days ago
Watching this for me to apply a job in Japan and ofc anime
Wow thanks now I know! ✔️✔️❤️❤️
Gita Natalie
Gita Natalie 2 days ago
Are you using a paper with the grid size of 10mm (1.0cm) ?
Yves Caparas
Yves Caparas 2 days ago
Me at 2:43 *remembers i know number 5* Also me: japanis
Yves Caparas
Yves Caparas 2 days ago
Im only doing this for Anime
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s 2 days ago
He takuso. ”KI”and”SU”gadame dane.
frannymak 2 days ago
Is there a difference in pronunciation of "O" and "Wo"
Ondřej Ganyo
Ondřej Ganyo Hour ago
を is used as a particle for exapmle りんごを食べます(i eat apple)so you Will never see it in a beggining of the sentence. お is not a particle so you Will see it in the beggining of the sentence or a Word for example:おやすみなさい (good night).
frannymak 2 days ago
Is there a reason for the Katakana "Ri" amongst the Hiragana? I hope I don't sound like a smart ass asking. Genuinely curious if there are rules or exceptions.
hamzah eilish
hamzah eilish 3 days ago
mohit raj
mohit raj 3 days ago
Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😍😍😍
SAYURi CRIS M 3 days ago
Muito bom. Very good from Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Mock Nugget
Mock Nugget 3 days ago
I just started doing these, I am curious does japanese letters not work like the english alphabet like A-Z. After watching this theres no B,C,D etc.
Tio Tetsuya
Tio Tetsuya 3 days ago
ue alfaveto estranho num tem B,c...
Red Gorden
Red Gorden 3 days ago
Whos b ect
stekarpi 3 days ago
pode falar, depois do "a" vc achou q era "e", né?
Make Awesome Goods
I love the japanese alpahabet
Đạt Trần
Đạt Trần 3 days ago
T khóc mất. Xem xong cũng chả còn gì trong đầu
Tonka G
Tonka G 3 days ago
Damn why is my favourite languange so complicated >:3
AnimeLover_99 4 days ago
I want to learn japanese because i'm interested to learn something new
yuki_the alian
yuki_the alian 4 days ago
How do you no this staff you Japanese people I'm not Japanese
Savannah Atkinson
This is much easier
Olga Play
Olga Play 5 days ago
macarohan 5 days ago
ki looks like a face :D
Edna Isip
Edna Isip 5 days ago
Sir your pen is soo statisfying
jojo gabayan
jojo gabayan 5 days ago
a i u e o
كثير بضحك علي 💔😅
N U N A 5 days ago
Thankyou so much sir♥
i've been able to recognize あ う え い and お and i'm so proud
CREEPY Stories
CREEPY Stories 6 days ago
i love your hiragana
IZ MIZCHA 6 days ago
1:53 lowkey looks like a face
Arnaud F
Arnaud F 6 days ago
ベルギーからご挨拶垂オ上げます、私は日本語を勉強します。ありがとうございます。 \(^-^)/.
Sansei no Youtube
Katsuki 7 days ago
む is the hardest, well at least to me
Liano Songheart
Liano Songheart 7 days ago
Dumping doulingo for something more accurate
ARZACHEL 7 days ago
Hanako’s Bitch
Hanako’s Bitch 7 days ago
Doja cat be like why don’t you 2:18 2:28
Hanako’s Bitch
Hanako’s Bitch 7 days ago
Doja cat be like why don’t you 2:18 2:28
Hanako’s Bitch
Hanako’s Bitch 7 days ago
Doja cat be like why don’t you 2:18 2:28
Fri Shew
Fri Shew 7 days ago
Vào đọc comment toàn tiếng anh hết hồn
みみぃ。 7 days ago
Hello!I’m Japanese.I'm glad to study Japanese.Good luck everyone.Japanese people also support! こんにちは!日本人です。こんなに日本語を学ぼうとしている人がいるとは。。。なんか嬉しいですね笑皆さん頑張ってください!日本人も応援してまーす! ⏬⏬⏬今、私も英語の勉強をしています。上に書いたこと翻訳しました!あってますかね?
Briseida Moreno
Briseida Moreno 8 days ago
Doing this because I have an art project that involves different languages and I didn't want to get it wrong or something. Already have russian down.
volt wagon
volt wagon 8 days ago
excuse me, can you please provide a pdf for the grid you use to writing hiragana?
Jayar Cartina
Jayar Cartina 8 days ago
I rather learn japanese.....than....✌😄😄
Keith Haldeman
Keith Haldeman 8 days ago
ok i’m fairly new to Hiragana, but when i started leaning it, the app i used not only showed me the normal version, but the version with tenten and maru. if anyone is more experienced, could you explain why he didn’t add them please, thank you 😊.
Keith Haldeman
Keith Haldeman 3 days ago
Arnaud F that make sense, thank you 😊
Arnaud F
Arnaud F 6 days ago
Because the symbols remain the same, just add " or ° to change the pronunciation. さ (sa) becomes ざ (za) た (ta) becomes だ (da) ........ (Same thing with Katakana)
Mutated__Donkey 8 days ago
Me: I want to learn Japanese! Kanji: 「の」
Masha Meleshkina
Masha Meleshkina 8 days ago
Japanese culture is sooo cool
patricia castillo
Está mal el enunciado... no es un alfabeto, error!!!!... es el silabario. Nada de alfabeto. Silabarios.
asya 8 days ago
yeah we did most basic one. let's contiune with kanji. -learns with tears
Mechafinch Personal
Thanks, now I have a page full of crappy hirigana, this has been extremely helpful
Thy Thy
Thy Thy 9 days ago
Ailen Vargas
Ailen Vargas 9 days ago
Arigato!!! ^w^
chenguang Li
chenguang Li 9 days ago
They generally say sentence system of japanese similar to turkish sentence system im gonna try my change to learn it
minchild. :3
minchild. :3 9 days ago
The pen is smooth. I like it.
sesamesnaps 9 days ago
i don't know anything about Japanese so, some questions:: if you learn this, do you also have to learn kanji too? what is the differences/uses of the two?
sesamesnaps 6 days ago
@Arnaud F oh wow thank you so much for showing me!! it makes it easier to know how to study if I want to learn more now :)
Arnaud F
Arnaud F 6 days ago
@sesamesnaps Yeah for exemple: 英語を勉強します、アメリカに行きたいから。 (I'm studying English because I want to go to the U.S.) In this sentence all 3 alphabets are used.
sesamesnaps 6 days ago
@Arnaud F your English is fine!! thank you so much for replying, you explained it perfectly for me to understand!! just an extra question, does that mean the alphabets are used altogether in one sentence?
Arnaud F
Arnaud F 6 days ago
In Japanese there are 3 alphabets: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and they also use our alphabet. Hiragana: They are used for grammar or words for which there is no kanji. Katakana: Foreign words, many words come from foreign languages. Kanji: They come from China, they're not easy to learn but they make reading easier when you master them. Yes, you have to learn at least the first two alphabets, kanji is a lifelong learning process since there are thousands of them. I hope it's readable English is not my native language.
sesamesnaps 9 days ago
is he pressing the pen really hard onto the paper 😂I can feel the intensity
ythrico kurozaki
ythrico kurozaki 9 days ago
Wahou il n’y a aucun rapport en les lettres et le son, la langue est beaucoup plus facile à apprendre lol
Its fake The pen is paid actor
Daisy's beauty
Daisy's beauty 10 days ago
I thought that he was teaching it for Hindi speaker Who else thought like that??
Joebern Geronimo
Joebern Geronimo 10 days ago
Napageetha Gunasekhar
Can somebody tell me what pen he is using
May 10 days ago
Why am I here I'm Japanese
lavanya sampath
lavanya sampath 10 days ago
RJ SHEMANTO 11 days ago
😵😵🥴hard language
abiiurry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
this is a example that duolingo doesn't teach you everything
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