How To Properly Wash Your Hands

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Today I show you how to properly wash your hands. 90% of people don't wash their hands correctly - resulting in germs and viruses spreading like wildfire. Follow the step by step instructions to learn the correct hand washing procedure and you'll ensure that you kill 100% of all germs on your hands. Help put an end to the spread of coronavirus and other nasty viruses! Watch the video then pass it on to a loved one. Be wise. Be safe. Wash your hands regularly.
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Mar 29, 2020




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Comments 80
HowToBasic 2 months ago
If you don't know how to wash your hands correctly you may be doing more harm than good. *Please consider sharing this video with a loved one to help combat the spread of the virus*
KillerGameplaysYT 18 hours ago
I wash my hands with eggs
Verzen Gamer
Verzen Gamer 22 hours ago
April Chan
April Chan Day ago
I know how to
Creeper charlie
Poteryalas Day ago
Eddy Darwisy
Eddy Darwisy 9 hours ago
2:37 HowToBasic: Makes an omelet. Me:Wut is he- Also HowToBasic: Used omelet as towel
Eddy Darwisy
Eddy Darwisy 9 hours ago
HowToBasic: Keeps getting his hands and feet dirty. Also HowToBasic: Uses eggs as soap.
Skyler Fox
Skyler Fox 10 hours ago
Icy Crystallization
Icy Crystallization 10 hours ago
Matthew Aguilar
Matthew Aguilar 10 hours ago
When he is good when he look down he feet is covered in dirt 😂😂😂
0:00 Me:"this is the first video.....that....how to basic didnt throw egg" After 1:47 Also me:"OMG i THOUGHT HE DIDNT THROW THE EGG IN THIS VIDEO" *scream of mad in home*
RAJASHREE BARIK 11 hours ago
Aki Chan
Aki Chan 13 hours ago
So.. I like It P 3 P
Ivan Viana
Ivan Viana 13 hours ago
2:22 The Cure for the Coronavirus
Jeena Gohainborah
Jeena Gohainborah 14 hours ago
Timothy Coulby
Timothy Coulby 14 hours ago
How to properly wash your hands: You will need: Egg
Nezdragon 15 hours ago
After trying to clean my glasses, having JUST CLEANED THEM FIVE MINUTES AGO, this video feels apropos.
Dereena Omanakuttan
Dereena Omanakuttan 16 hours ago
Me halfway thro the video: thank God.. no eggs this time.. Howtobasic: Hold my ..
Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed 16 hours ago
Waste time or learned something ! 🙄🙄
RaviBruh YT
RaviBruh YT 18 hours ago
Parents: looks at thumbnail* ooo perfect for children Video:
Wait, what Am I doing here anyways?
The dislikes are from people who didn’t like how you have to wash your hands
Ali The Weirdo
Ali The Weirdo 20 hours ago
forgot the sink oh no
Mr Quim
Mr Quim 21 hour ago
Cutting his hands would have solved everything from the beggining
Corlu 15
Corlu 15 21 hour ago
Corlu 15
Corlu 15 21 hour ago
God Tampere
God Tampere 21 hour ago
siegfred alojipan
siegfred alojipan 21 hour ago
Wash your money
Tiffany ozim
Tiffany ozim 22 hours ago
Ty that helped me a lot 😂👌
XxseesSomeDucksxX 22 hours ago
The dislikes are people who thought this would work and it didn’t
Olivier Mazurek
Olivier Mazurek 23 hours ago
Please make another video without rageing I'm mad at you
Raihan Abu
Raihan Abu 23 hours ago
Imagine an OCD watching this......
The cool boy from Loviisa
Legends say Hes fast A.S. fu*ck at cleaning hes kichen
Braideinraewong Roblox game
I want to actually know how to properly wash your hands and I do not know what this was and I watched it...............🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
ïmmæ łįł frįęñdłÿ šłįmę
Thank you for the tutorial. Can you do a how to clean your home after a messy video tutorial?
Nathan Bekele
Btw is he always naked or
Lasse Boerboom
Dude the towel is dirty
Tyrant Qiu
Tyrant Qiu Day ago
This is just the embodiment of OCD
Yu Yu
Yu Yu Day ago
Autumn Leafy
Autumn Leafy Day ago
Everyone : *can't buy any soap bc it's sold out* HowToBasic : *spending all soap to wash his hands and foot*
Raj Kumar Jha
How did he clean that shit...
NoobplaysYT Day ago
Only this man can ruin a simple easy handwash🤣🤣
This guy must have owned a chicken farm
Fork boy1234
Fork boy1234 Day ago
Allen tutorial if you got more crazy
Kate M.
Kate M. Day ago
I’m horrified that Unus Annus has gifted me with the ungodly knowledge that their feet are now certainly on wikifeet
Blue Alpha
Blue Alpha Day ago
Just when you think he’s done, he still got like what? 20 more things up his sleeve and I quadrillion more eggs
Purvi Prasad
Purvi Prasad Day ago
The only thing that worries me is. WHERE DID HE GET ALL THE DIRT FROM???
Thatpretty good
I was thinking that this will be a REAL vid but it just ye
N.J.P Day ago
How to basic made a pretty shitty omlette
rgbgod Day ago
Waste of food
PanDorA Day ago
He's not technically wrong tho.
- VinTheWinner -
No no no no no no no no... *how to waste all the eggs known to exist in history*
Fireclips Day ago
Shopkeeper: how many eggs this time- Howtobasic: *SOAP................. AND EGGS*
Lastday2019 Gulugulu
George Floyd
Tùng 906
Tùng 906 Day ago
Thank it's work :D
Sheila Lanticse
Ani Manalo
Ani Manalo Day ago
Steve Minecraft
*Use The Omelet to Clean ur Bathroom*
Mann Day ago
decent into insanity
100 subscribers with no videos plzz
Bruh change the towel
How to wash your hands, apply soap Lather for 30 sec Wash for 30 sec Dry for 30 sec Put dirt on Apply mor soup Lather for 60 sec Wash for 60 sec Dry for 60 sec Put more dirt on. Apply more fu- **gets demonetised**
Big Gamer
Big Gamer Day ago
How to basic: How to wash hands Also how to basic: the omelet is key for cleanliness~
Queen Mary Tudor of England
Boi, that's way too far
Blazer The Gamer
He cleaned his hands and also showed us how to make an omlete
Tayba Nadeem
Tayba Nadeem Day ago
I think your second name is eggs 😉
• Ra1nSoap •
This is how i feel when theres something more dirty in my hand
Aomsoonz Day ago
*RIP* egg benefits
Sanjay Khandekar
Just dont dry them, let them dry by air, your hands will not get dirty any more
The Weird Comment
I am just wondering how will he clean that afterwards
Just replace the God damn towel
Zaya and Mya M
Just Jillian
Just Jillian Day ago
That moment when you finally think he is trying to spread awareness of the corona
Stardog Crusaders
8.4k dislikes from all the doctors
{• кιм •}
Rip Towel
Jonathan Segura
Why don’t you just take a bath or dry with other towel
AàyáN Day ago
Why R U Wasting Resources?
Andres Gamer
Andres Gamer Day ago
Sonic The Best Gamer
When You Washed Your Hand But Thanos Had To Revert It
james Jr.
james Jr. Day ago
Omgthx for teaching me this :OOOO now i will be immune by the virus
Toppy Official
Finally... something normal Oh god
tofuu12316 Day ago
More accurate title how to make your bathroom so dirty it will take years to clean
Cherry Girlz
Cherry Girlz Day ago
Plot twist : he is washing his hands after burying someone he killed with eggs.....
kao neki nikola
I'm pretty sure he has a chicken farm for eggs
lol bro
lol bro Day ago
Who is gonna clean that
lol bro
lol bro Day ago
Bruh thx
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