How to Prank JELLY as a Mob! - Minecraft

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How to Prank JELLY as a Mob! - Minecraft with BriannaPlayz 👊
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Mar 2, 2020




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Comments 80
BriannaPlayz 2 months ago
Subscribe and tell me which mob scares you the most!! 😱
yoshi awesome
yoshi awesome 2 days ago
Ender Dragon
Toxic boy
Toxic boy 2 days ago
My favorite mob is a wolf 🐺
shayne ateke
shayne ateke 2 days ago
i have been watching your videos for over 24 ours i love your videos bri from shayne ateke in nigeria i am a big fan a horror movie named candyman scares me the most even the name and help me be on your server
Prince Ajani
Prince Ajani 4 days ago
Dumbo_ Slimez you THiNK she is the best she is the best
Prince Ajani
Prince Ajani 4 days ago
BriannaPlayz mob are scary
Melma Antonio
Melma Antonio 3 hours ago
Here is another way to subscribe! If your watching and your device is horizontal. Swipe up and you can see others videos! Click on them and it puts you directly in another video. But what about subscribing? Again. Swipe up and look above the videos. There should be a subscribe button. Click it. And your subscribed! Not only that. You can Also turn on Notifications!
donna puppy
donna puppy 8 hours ago
donna puppy
donna puppy 8 hours ago
I love you videos
WebDesign 4Trade
WebDesign 4Trade 9 hours ago
I hate you bri I’m dislikeing you
WebDesign 4Trade
WebDesign 4Trade 9 hours ago
I like jelly🤧🤧
BenRiona Grixti
BenRiona Grixti 22 hours ago
Why are you prancing my favourite youtuber
How about prank his friends,Slogoman,Crainer,and Kwebblekop
Frances Ponce
I loved when you turned into a bat
Juana Sanchez
Juana Sanchez 2 days ago
Juana Sanchez
Juana Sanchez 2 days ago
I love your videos Brianna
Toxic boy
Toxic boy 2 days ago
Uhh... Maybe you should do a video that you give Jelly gifts 😄😁 seens you pranked him
Arthur MacIntosh
Arthur MacIntosh 2 days ago
I love ender men °
Andrelevy1 2 days ago
Don't watch Rihanna's video watch mine please Hi Oh I forgot to tell you that I have 4 shirts things box and or and or dotcoms stores okay Bye
shayne ateke
shayne ateke 2 days ago
Bob Yuck
Bob Yuck 2 days ago
Maxine do you know proper English
Vernon Richmond
Vernon Richmond 3 days ago
Brianna a zombie pigman jockey is rare
Elaine Fava
Elaine Fava 3 days ago
I would look in his bedroom
Björn Falberg
Björn Falberg 3 days ago
Hi Brianna playz
Björn Falberg
Björn Falberg 3 days ago
🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 Briannas cat
Chelsey LittleAdventures
I like the 1 one
Chelsey LittleAdventures
Jelly is my good video player
Rachel Quimby
Rachel Quimby 4 days ago
Donnell Leacock
Donnell Leacock 4 days ago
Creeper scares me the most
Heather Gibson
Heather Gibson 4 days ago
Plz can I have a shout out🌈🌈🌈
Raveena Jagdeep
Raveena Jagdeep 4 days ago
OMG 😱 I am your biggest fan!
Nolan Oviatt
Nolan Oviatt 4 days ago
The mob that scares me the mast is zombie pigman
1etongirl 5 days ago
Megan iris Ng
Megan iris Ng 5 days ago
My least favorite mob is the creper
Justin Chambers
Justin Chambers 5 days ago
I love chuckles
KaleahsEverything Vlog
Sian Burnett
Sian Burnett 5 days ago
You’re merch is boring no wonder he didn’t buy you’re merch
Elizabeth Hunziker
no no jelly
Sarah Abeling
Sarah Abeling 5 days ago
Really I think you should do more pranks on jelly
Aaradhana Shan
Aaradhana Shan 5 days ago
Vicky Newbold
Vicky Newbold 5 days ago
I'd use the wand in front of the door
Sofia Chavez
Sofia Chavez 6 days ago
I love you videos so
Sofia Chavez
Sofia Chavez 6 days ago
Sofiathe unicorn
Sriya Veerapaneni
My worst favorite mob is a skeleton
DariaShmit 6 days ago
Jay Baker
Jay Baker 6 days ago
his bed
Apostolos Hatzis
Apostolos Hatzis 6 days ago
those creepy things are guardians
Torinado 6 days ago
My is endearmen
marilou maputi
marilou maputi 6 days ago
Nice work Bri!!
Nicole Gibson
Nicole Gibson 7 days ago
He has his own mercury
Blue Zircon
Blue Zircon 7 days ago
I only like Preston sorry lol
Dr. Hank Jones
Dr. Hank Jones 7 days ago
Santa I am toward even your husband cannot do this never mess with Joey he will kill you and steal all your Minecraft diamonds for his revenge never mess with the Wii or I’ll kill
Carmen McHone
Carmen McHone 7 days ago
I love y’all
:Shadow Alex:
:Shadow Alex: 7 days ago
Please play piggy with Preston Brianna and Nik
Dovie Ravenclaw
Dovie Ravenclaw 8 days ago
I don't think a dolphin is a mob lol
Toipah Nila
Toipah Nila 8 days ago
Jelle en biena 🖤😁
Jing Xiang
Jing Xiang 8 days ago
I hate when you do that to jelly
Lukasz Zygowski
Lukasz Zygowski 8 days ago
Jelly nos that is you because he sees the name tag
Kayleen Paz
Kayleen Paz 9 days ago
Do you know why would you stand just over there and jelly can see her you’re just Breanna Breanna how the heck Brianna look use not supposed to do that well I don’t like your videos Brianna if Preston pranks you or jelly you should pay back them you should pay that then OK but in the same video
Green Lacey
Green Lacey 9 days ago
No ty
Reyrey Goose
Reyrey Goose 9 days ago
Rayan Cela
Rayan Cela 9 days ago
And he has ×17 subs more than you
Rayan Cela
Rayan Cela 9 days ago
I like jelly more than you
William Dean
William Dean 10 days ago
lilly lolo
lilly lolo 10 days ago
Eulindi Gersbach
Eulindi Gersbach 10 days ago
So funny
Jessica miller
Jessica miller 10 days ago
I love jelly,s videos no prank idiot
Ivy Pisani
Ivy Pisani 10 days ago
Brianna go
Rachel Astrella
Rachel Astrella 11 days ago
you are a noob
Amine Darhbach
Amine Darhbach 11 days ago
Jelly is my favorite youterber
Kira T
Kira T 11 days ago
Kimi Fehling
Kimi Fehling 11 days ago
I love your videos brianna
Giannie Encarnacion
How do you get the time
Tomos and cerys eipc gemeing youtub channel
tomos likes brianna
Kwame Boateng
Kwame Boateng 12 days ago
Hi bri
Amber Vaska
Amber Vaska 12 days ago
How dare you
Holly Parker
Holly Parker 12 days ago
Slime room
Vanessa Dabu
Vanessa Dabu 13 days ago
When my brother plays Minecraft he is bad at fighting mobs and me and cousin are good at fighting
Ferolynn Emnace
Ferolynn Emnace 8 days ago
Do you need to pay to download minecraft??
Lourdes Sarmiento
Lourdes Sarmiento 13 days ago
You are mean to jelly
Jojo Tran
Jojo Tran 13 days ago
Ender man
Emma and blaize Burchfiel
Preston is better than you
Amazing Adriana
Amazing Adriana 13 days ago
I love it
Amazing Adriana
Amazing Adriana 13 days ago
Why would you do that to a poor guy
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt 14 days ago
They are called magma cubes
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