How to Post on Facebook Marketplace to Sell Stuff: STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS

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Wondering how to sell something on Facebook Marketplace? In this video, I show you exactly how to post on Facebook Marketplace from start to finish so you can start making money selling items online.
As an example, I show you how I list an air mattress that we got from Canadian Tire and I go into detail on how I title, get pictures, do the description, etc.
Selling on Facebook Marketplace can be a great source of extra cash, especially if you have stuff lying around that you’re not even using. I’ve sold items on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, Amazon (check out some of our other videos below!) and release videos on this channel every Monday sharing my experience with these platforms (and making money online in general!).
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Thanks for watching this Facebook Marketplace tutorial on how to post on facebook marketplace!
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- Jewel
.Dare To Be Dream Driven.

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Comments 61
The Saturday Morning Experience
Great video! I have learned so much from your videos I started making my own! Just dropped a video about selling on Facebook! Subbed with notifications on! 🙂
The Saturday Morning Experience
Essetino Artists Not very well to be honest, they have mostly ground to a halt, but since I don’t rely on it as my primary source of income it is not a big deal. We will be okay. How are sales for you?
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 days ago
Awesome! Thanks for stopping by! How are sales going with Facebook Marketplace during this time of people being in isolation?
Master Armedforces
Master Armedforces 12 days ago
Can I list in a distant city while accepting paypal payment and ship the item to them?
Johansen Yoyanovich
I don't have the Marketplace logo on the left side with the other three.
addict_ car69
addict_ car69 Month ago
Your video is the best video about FB
Dylan Hilton
Dylan Hilton Month ago
Hi i was wondering is there anyway to change the thing that says "Message seller" to a shop now button that takes them to the item on my website?
Great information. Thank you.
Esther K
Esther K Month ago
Hi Jewel. Please respond to my email! Thanks.
Essetino Artists
Hi Esther, I responded to your email. Thanks
SWEET Days Month ago
How about if I used my pages on facebook how to post on marketplace?
Ahmad Royal
Ahmad Royal Month ago
How can put item for FREE in to show also in price ? Thank you
keith norris
keith norris Month ago
I love you and RUvid and PLEASE take this Constructively. I am finding more and more RUvid channels who are trying to make more of a production on their posts than necessary. Typically all the viewer wants is for them to get right to the point about what they went to your post for in the first place. What you've sold and where etc. is of little or no interest to the viewer (at least for me.) In addition, viewers will click off and you won't get the credits, likes and subscribes that I'm sure you are hoping for. If you do want to make suggestions about other things (Craigslist etc) give them a link in your "show more." That being said, I am in the process of launching my own channel and have been doing a LOT of research even paid for some training. This is one of many things I have learned from some of the successful RUvid channels. I promise you, I am not trying to be mean spirited. You have a "very nice and gentle" way about you, so I wanted to take the time to comment, otherwise I would have clicked off. I truly hope I did NOT hurt your feelings. AND, thank you for the information you have posted. Kindest regards, -Keith P.S.: I gave you a thumbs up :-)
Essetino Artists
Definitely no offended, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciate the feedback.
vijayan Gopah
vijayan Gopah Month ago
Can sell it in other countries if I'm doing dropshipping
vijayan Gopah
vijayan Gopah Month ago
@Essetino Artists I have listed the products locally, but no one buying because of long shipping time.
Essetino Artists
I'm not sure because I haven't tried doing it in other countries. I've only been selling locally on Facebook Marketplace.
Mr Freeze
Mr Freeze 2 months ago
When you post something for sale, do your friends get notified that you are selling? I don't want them to be spammed with everything I'm selling. Someone please help!
Essetino Artists
Your friends will only see what you are posting if you post outside the Facebook Marketplace (like for example in other selling groups on Facebook). Also if your friends are shopping on Facebook Marketplace, they may see your items if they happen to click on it. I'll be creating a video on this explaining it in more detail. Cheers!
We Are Many
We Are Many 2 months ago
Do you actually have to have a facebook account to sell stuff or can you just post stuff for sale on FB Market place without a personal profile account?
Essetino Artists
You do need an actual Facebook account to sell on Marketplace
minn mone
minn mone 2 months ago
OVER TALKING, every body hated that kinds of video clips.
أربح أونلاين Profit Online
Arroux Webstore
Arroux Webstore 2 months ago
can i get access to marketplace to my New Facebook id.
fishi fritz
fishi fritz 2 months ago
Nice video! Thanks! I also list many items for sale on craigslist in California. I have been doing it for many years. Lately I have been having trouble with my ads being flagged down. No rhyme or reason for it. Seems worse if I post more than 8 or so adds per day. Any Suggestions?
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 2 months ago
Feel free to join our Facebook group it's for creative entrepreneurs: facebook.com/groups/essetinoartists - we love helping people find and work on their passions.
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 2 months ago
The Facebook Marketplace algorithm is really sensitive and I don't list more than 5 items per day. Sometimes you'll get a bunch of messages and then it's dead for a couple of days...
ata ameer
ata ameer 3 months ago
Hi. how can i make ad without price? just i put ( give me your offer ) if i can choose?
alex green
alex green 3 months ago
just do the posting, we don't need the backstory...
alex green
alex green 3 months ago
@Essetino Artists maybe I will.. lol
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 3 months ago
There’s a button that allows you to skip ahead, you should use it.
FXHEROS 3 months ago
Is their a limit to how many post you can do on facebook to avoid spamming? I used to do 50 per day for like 3-4 weeks until they restricted my account. Others say only post 4 per day max 3 days per week other say 3 per week max?
Frank Mac Donald
Frank Mac Donald 3 months ago
Just want to say thank you. There really isn't anything better than looking for a specific, detailed video on how to do something and find one that walks you through everything.
andy klompenburg
andy klompenburg 3 months ago
can you post your item without it posting to your friends fb page....I just discovered MP and love it because there is some trust involved as opposed to CL and others. Have you run into any scams on FB MP...thanks
Friends of the world
Essetino Artists part hit different Thank u.
Flavour Junction
Flavour Junction 3 months ago
Can you tell me how to make a marketplace group?
HockeyHaven76 4 months ago
Can you post a looking for something to buy?
Mr.Monkey 4 months ago
I have a problem, it says I'm using a Facebook I'd: XXXXXXXX AND ITS UNABLE TO PUBLISH and I need to choose another publication to promote :/ do you know anything about it?
Darwin Anunciacion
Darwin Anunciacion 4 months ago
Hi! Can we add a link in the product we are selling on Marketplace
My Frugal Raggy Life
OMG - cut all the unnecessary chat ! get to the point !! do we really need to know about your storage unit or £20 voucher !!
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
There’s a button that allows you to skip ahead, why don’t you use it instead of complaining...
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes 4 months ago
will my friends see what i post on the market place?
Cheeze Face
Cheeze Face Month ago
Nikki Did you find out if your friends on fb see your sales? Thankyou in advance
Nikki 3 months ago
Essetino Artists Did you post a video yet answering this question? I really need to know ASAP please
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
I will be making a video answering your question, stay tuned :)
Eduardo Penaran
Eduardo Penaran 4 months ago
Great info
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Thanks for the support!
Christine von Pander
Thanks for the great, simple instruction Jewel! Also, great to meet you in person last night. I look forward to next week when Auret is speaking.
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Hi Christine! It was great meeting you as well, see you on Tuesday 😀
Gulistan Marketing
Gulistan Marketing 4 months ago
i cannot change thr currency to pkr(pakistani rupees) can someone pleaase gide me
jobert george
jobert george 5 months ago
Thank you so much.
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
No problem :)
Adrian Daniels
Adrian Daniels 5 months ago
...so.. marketplace isn't where it is in your video on my page..
LARRYE111 4 months ago
SugarKane Sugaring Spa, LLC Sugaring Spa
She talks alot. Why do we need to know how she got the air mattress get to the point already
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
There’s a button that allows you to skip ahead, why don’t you use it instead of complaining...
Eduardo Penaran
Eduardo Penaran 4 months ago
why even bother commenting something negative? if you don't like the video click off of it
Rasqache Media
Rasqache Media 5 months ago
I already got this far. What about actually selling an item? What are those steps?
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Has anyone contacted you to purchase? You arrange a place and time to meet to sell the item.
Gruetzenbach Hans
Gruetzenbach Hans 5 months ago
great video. My pics will not load on FBMP. any suggestions.
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Are they large files? Try uploading them one at a time.
Jacki Force
Jacki Force 6 months ago
Great video! Thank you so much.
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
You are very welcome, thanks for watching.
Begaak Softs
Begaak Softs 6 months ago
automate your marketplace with this software ruvid.net/video/video-nXp58W33Gik.html
Sudi Khosravi
Sudi Khosravi 6 months ago
Hi. How Can I go back to check on my postings the items ?
Sudi Khosravi
Sudi Khosravi 6 months ago
Wonderful tutorial videos👏👏👏👏👌🏼👌🏼♥️ 💐💐💐💐understandable the direction that is so important. You’re Speaking was so Clearly to learn. I learn from you today how to work with this marketplace on face book. Thanks 🙏🏼
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Thank you so much, appreciate :)
Yasmin Almoktar
Yasmin Almoktar 6 months ago
I need a mobile version
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
I will be creating a mobile tutorial on Facebook Marketplace
Blaz Ratej
Blaz Ratej 6 months ago
how to edit post? i want to correct a price and ad some words but than i can not save it..
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Here's how to edit your listing: ruvid.net/video/video-Lb5jPPIwVqs.html
David Betts
David Betts 6 months ago
Great video. Very simple , easy to follow instructions. Thanks!
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Thank you, appreciate it :)
Akoben Renaissance
Akoben Renaissance 6 months ago
Do you use bots or software at all?
Akoben Renaissance
Akoben Renaissance 4 months ago
@Essetino Artists How are you manually posting effectively in volume then?
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
John O'Donovan
John O'Donovan 6 months ago
Can anyone tell me why I am seeing a listing price per day for used auto parts, $3 per day? So is selling on FBMP free or just for certain items?
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Yes, selling on Facebook Marketplace is free and you can also pay to boost your listings.
Neal Han
Neal Han 6 months ago
very clear and detailed, you're the best!
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Thank you, appreciate it
Gloria Perconti
Gloria Perconti 6 months ago
The best video on RUvid! Thank you! ❤️
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Thank you so much appreciate it!
Ron Fontenot
Ron Fontenot 6 months ago
Thank you!!
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Happy to help!
imajwru 12
imajwru 12 6 months ago
How would I create an ISO within FB Marketplace.....not "recommendations" but an ISO ? Thanks
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
What's an ISO?
Paulette Reid
Paulette Reid 7 months ago
Hi- great info, thank you! Can you mail the product to the buyer and have them pay for postage, how would you do this if you want to sell to outside your city area? Does Craig List charge a listing fee?
Mayowa Somorin
Mayowa Somorin Month ago
You can use PayPal invoice so that you and your buyer can be protected, search for how to create PayPal invoice here on RUvid to learn more, good luck.
Debbie Defelice
Debbie Defelice 7 months ago
How do you add messager to you item for sale?
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
It will just happen automatically when someone responds.
Kathy Roark
Kathy Roark 7 months ago
can you post a short video on market place?
Lakeisha J
Lakeisha J Month ago
Right smh
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
No I don't think you can. Only pictures. That would be cool if we could!
Angelica Xavier
Angelica Xavier 7 months ago
Some sellers are able to put the price as "Message seller for price" how do I do that?
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
I'll have to figure this out and then I'll create a tutorial on this.
Damian Hand
Damian Hand 8 months ago
How is the money transferred?
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
They either give you the money when you meet them or interact e-transfer.
BWP. Bobs World Podcast Podcast
Very interested in u selling on craigslist that’s awesome
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Thank you, yes I've been selling on Craigslist for a long time now.
Rose yene
Rose yene 9 months ago
Hey if im located in different country and i want to advertise on us marketplace how i can do that?
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Before listing, in the marketplace dashboard, change your city/country to where you'd like to sell.
Fuzzy Randomness
Fuzzy Randomness 9 months ago
Best of luck
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 4 months ago
Thank you!
liedyMc 10 months ago
Great information, Thank you ... I thought you had not been putting out any videos this is the first notification I got since the last time I commented .. Hope you checked out my Condo videos, hope you love your new place 👍🍁
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 10 months ago
liedyMc That’s so awesome. I was just in North Vancouver and now in Vancouver.
liedyMc 10 months ago
Agreed !! If I did not have the passion I would be gone, I have had enough jobs.We are in BC used to be in North Vancouver .. now in Pitt Meadows . I do a video every Sunday at 3:00 pm ..that way I'm not competing with the bigger channels..you two have a big channel certainly on your way that is so awesome to see . Thanks for the tips Jewel I really appreciate it, and your support ..😘 I'm thrilled you subscribed to my channel.
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 10 months ago
@liedyMc Yes, creating a channel on passion is very important... You won't last long if it turns into a job. Just subscribed to your channel by the way :) Where in Canada are you from? And try out releasing content on a schedule, meaning same day and time of the week.
liedyMc 10 months ago
@Essetino Artists Yes I clicked the Bell. My whole YT story is kind of weird, I hired someone to set up my channel as I thought I was not able to do it ..she was a lovely person but did not deliver ..I took over its a great learning experience kind of like eating an Elephant one little bit at a time ..everyone had to start where I'm today ( I think) I'm trying to find what my viewer like without losing my own voice, then it would become a job instead of my passion. That's awesome you have a view, our last two places had views sunsets and water.
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 10 months ago
That's strange, did you click the bell icon when you subscribed? And I did go and check out some of your videos, including the condo ones :) How's your RUvid channel going? We're lovin' the new place here especially the sunset views.
Mag Ma
Mag Ma 10 months ago
Is this free to.post? Can you bump the ad for better visibility, and is there a fee for that?
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 10 months ago
Yes, it's free to post and you can renew the listing I believe 4 times.
david sonnenschein
david sonnenschein 10 months ago
I really like FB Marketplace except that it has far more tire kickers than other sites and that it flags every other designer brand as possibly fake to be reviewed. Think I'm going to use FBM for everyday items going forward and stick to Kijiji for designer brands.
Essetino Artists
Essetino Artists 10 months ago
Yes, I did notice that although you get much more traffic, there are a lot more people who aren't serious. But overall I have been enjoying using it.
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