How to Play as a Doctor in Minecraft!

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How to Play as a Doctor in Minecraft! with BriannaPlayz 👊
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Mar 16, 2020




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BriannaPlayz 2 months ago
Subscribe and tell me what I should learn to play as next!
Zea Albs
Zea Albs 2 days ago
Hi brianna
Piper Mahoney
Piper Mahoney 3 days ago
Brianna you sould be a vet
Robin Johnson
Robin Johnson 6 days ago
I love your voice
Robin Johnson
Robin Johnson 6 days ago
RexTadBTW 6 days ago
Learn to tape mouth
nicole manota
nicole manota 2 hours ago
98 kidney stones
Seth Jacobsen
Seth Jacobsen 13 hours ago
a police officer
Nitin Khetarpal
Nitin Khetarpal 13 hours ago
Isacookieworld 19 hours ago
Isacookieworld 19 hours ago
Isacookieworld 19 hours ago
Johnathan Hoover
You look sexy baby
Tiffany Belanger
Hi there 🤣
John sportlogan
John sportlogan 2 days ago
Evelyn Ray
Evelyn Ray 2 days ago
Go right
Evelyn Ray
Evelyn Ray 2 days ago
I am exided for your merch!!!!!!!!!
Kjersten Denney
Kjersten Denney 3 days ago
you are the best you are soooooo good at minecraft and cool
Minecraft adventures
Minecraft adventures
Minecraft adventures
Minecraft adventures
What is the name of the place?
Minecraft adventures
noella natalino
noella natalino 3 days ago
noella natalino
noella natalino 3 days ago
Renee Fiedler
Renee Fiedler 4 days ago
Seth Plays Minecraft and Roblox and more games
Hi brianna you are a good wife
Tony Stone
Tony Stone 5 days ago
a a moose ok bre
SHAHKAR Ansari 6 days ago
You are swimming in the urine of Ms Celine ewww
SHAHKAR Ansari 6 days ago
See i have ajoke for jack and Jill jack and jill went up to fetch some water jack fell down and broke his crown and jill came tumbling after
Rawan Ahmad
Rawan Ahmad 6 days ago
Rawan Ahmad
Rawan Ahmad 6 days ago
Rawan Ahmad
Rawan Ahmad 6 days ago
Maz no
Sriya Veerapaneni
Oh and also I am 8 years old and my name is Sriya
Sriya Veerapaneni
Hi Brianna I am a huge fan and I try to subscribe to every video I watch and give it a like 2
Kaimi Lucker
Kaimi Lucker 6 days ago
YConnie Sharp
YConnie Sharp 6 days ago
I have a cosen named Kendall
Derek Drinkwater
Derek Drinkwater 6 days ago
Tara Stever
Tara Stever 6 days ago
Me too
Valori Mazaba
Valori Mazaba 7 days ago
You you had a great day today I have been
Adam Aloof Ahmed
Adam Aloof Ahmed 7 days ago
Kutayba Yousif
Kutayba Yousif 7 days ago
Samantha Gray
Samantha Gray 7 days ago
You should learn to play as a S.W.A.T. member next (I'm actually a 12 year old boy on my moms laptop)
brandy horton
brandy horton 7 days ago
alicia yang
alicia yang 8 days ago
Hfs has ghost 👻
monique abdesselem
Bri I am giving you 1000000000000000"0000000000000 v but
Patrick Gardner
Patrick Gardner 9 days ago
Sneak into a zillionaire Server
Jaylee Farnsworth
Whats this called
Daddy Reynolds
Daddy Reynolds 10 days ago
I love tes videos 💖
Kristina Douglas
Kristina Douglas 10 days ago
You should play as a patient
Josh T
Josh T 10 days ago
Emma Medcalf
Emma Medcalf 10 days ago
Emma Medcalf
Emma Medcalf 10 days ago
I love you 😍
Aunty Mary's
Aunty Mary's 11 days ago
Julian Tibbetts
Julian Tibbetts 11 days ago
So disgusting
Xoe Atanga
Xoe Atanga 12 days ago
Jack and Jill is all I’ll I see I bill so I will go till I will try to rhyme silly ok silly
kides evans
kides evans 12 days ago
you are so cool
Sophia Okhina
Sophia Okhina 12 days ago
Hi chacklise
I love chocolate cakes with blueberry cream I'm planning on being a doctor when I grow up and I'm learning a lot from you and I actually understand a lot but I'm hardly a teenager I'm 8yrs old I started watching when I was 6 and became your biggest fan as soon as I started watching If you are reading this comment I wish you all the best of luck and to stay well during quarantine/covid-19/Corona Virus 👍🏻🙏🏼🤗
Gaming with Eli
Gaming with Eli 13 days ago
I wish I can see you in Minecraft
crazy old babies
crazy old babies 13 days ago
I think she has 100000000
Kat Eyres
Kat Eyres 14 days ago
Doctor 👩‍⚕️ has always been bystanders
Gunner Srednicki
Gunner Srednicki 14 days ago
18:08 I like that flavor to
George Bull
George Bull 15 days ago
Oooh this video was satisfying
Karolina Kolatorowicz
My frend has coronafayrest
Karolina Kolatorowicz
Prestan and briana
Jolly Mathew
Jolly Mathew 16 days ago
Brianna you are the best ❤️
Kelsey Akers
Kelsey Akers 16 days ago
How do you zoom in on your face.
rosha farzint
rosha farzint 16 days ago
Matthew Drake
Matthew Drake 16 days ago
Be A nurse in Minecraft
Miodrag Plantak
Miodrag Plantak 16 days ago
Tara Smith
Tara Smith 16 days ago
brianna my dad has broken 11 bones he is so silly ps your such a good singer i love you
Michael Gudorf
Michael Gudorf 16 days ago
I love doing demolition every where in my xbox one Minecraft world! So demolition expert!
Georg PlayStation and iPad and MINECRAFT
You are so god i Som a doktor
Annalise Harrington
Are you Brinna
Chanel Phelps
Chanel Phelps 17 days ago
Can you kill your boyfriend do you days do you sale P is for PS4 controller
Erwin Pardillo
Erwin Pardillo 17 days ago
Kool skils😮😮😮
michelle the good
michelle the good 17 days ago
be me and l have like and l have subscribed
Charlotte Oberholster
Charlotte Oberholster
Ok you can do it😂😂😂
Hanson Poon
Hanson Poon 17 days ago
maybe u should be a poo and then prank preston yes
you are so good
Victnam Girl name ngoc
I thought it was nicole?!?!
EJ P 18 days ago
Be a p.e
hey apple
hey apple 18 days ago
Ryan Helal
Ryan Helal 18 days ago
Hahahahahahah cicfost. X)
rhianna hewitt
rhianna hewitt 18 days ago
This year my dad had no felling in his leg but he is ok now:(
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