How To Make Yourself FLOAT!

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Magic Levitate Tricks! In this episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows Magic Tricks to Make Yourself Float! Easy levitation magic tricks for kids, beginners, and all ages! Learn how to make yourself float in mid air! Levitate off the ground onto a chair and more! Family friendly fun magic trick tutorials with step by step instructions for each trick explanation! All secrets revealed! If you're new to the channel remember to hit that SUBSCRIBE button and welcome to the family! Until next time, remember that anything is possible as long as you stay positive, work hard, and Laugh@Life my friends! :)
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Magic Levitation Tricks Revealed in this Video:
Magic Balducci Levitation Revealed - 0:25
Floating Curtain Magic Levitation Trick - 1:43
Magic Mirror Float Illusion Explained - 3:33
Magic Puddle of Water Floating Illusion - 4:29
Float onto a Chair Magic Levitate Trick - 5:20
More Magic Tricks Here: bit.ly/2rfBmBS
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Jun 11, 2017




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EvanEraTV 2 years ago
NEW MAGIC! These are the best and easiest ways to make yourself float! I've always been fascinated by levitation magic so I hope you all like these cool floating illusions! Be sure to check out all the cool new stuff on www.HowToMagicShop.com Thanks for all the love and support #eraSQUAD! Love ya :) Laugh@Life my friends!
David Merlin
David Merlin Year ago
As a magician, exposure videos are bad for the art. But then again you are just destroying the art for money.
Anniee alvarado
YO U GUYS are assam
anna solovio
anna solovio Year ago
Victor Chan
Victor Chan Year ago
500th coment😁
Rosa Garcia
Rosa Garcia Year ago
Ninja 10 months ago
Love is Kind
Love is Kind 10 months ago
Love is Kind
Love is Kind 10 months ago
Sudhi's Study Group.
Sudhi's Study Group. 11 months ago
Jamal Jankson
Jamal Jankson 11 months ago
Eat a shit ton of beans and hold a fart for 6 hours than let it out
Mid East New York Railfan
K5HL Horn in background
Uriah Raymond
Uriah Raymond 11 months ago
can i have my prise thak yolu
Bob Bobbington
Bob Bobbington 11 months ago
this is fucking retarded
Ukelele Kaelyn
Ukelele Kaelyn 11 months ago
0:01 I could see his foot behind the mirror
Oisin 44
Oisin 44 11 months ago
Wannabe David Blaine
Why So bot
Why So bot 11 months ago
sali volando ...
gring gong
gring gong 11 months ago
Intro: ho ho ho hoe t mgic
captainfresh1976 11 months ago
It this IT do you want to float hahaha nice vid bro
Quincy Howard
Quincy Howard 11 months ago
5:26 I see that rubber band on ur shoe
Marc Mason
Marc Mason 11 months ago
Not all magick is fakery
Masum Billah
Masum Billah 11 months ago
Just wasted my 10 min
Lance Melton
Lance Melton 11 months ago
Very cool. Thanks man!
Seraaafie Man
Seraaafie Man 11 months ago
Bttbth ZMubybtsv
Bttbth ZMubybtsv 11 months ago
Cause you got them boot cut ass pants er body can float wit dem bitches on
Walt Gogo
Walt Gogo 11 months ago
Chubs the chubby Magician
Christian Marpuri
Christian Marpuri 11 months ago
I don’t know how I got here
Phil Swift
Phil Swift 11 months ago
just fart
Vibhor Batra
Vibhor Batra 11 months ago
Idk but trick 5 was pretty gay
Ok 11 months ago
I was looking for adobe after effects editing. Slightly disappointed. But not?
Dave Ramos
Dave Ramos 11 months ago
haha fuckin crazy man
G gragon Pang
G gragon Pang 11 months ago
I don't under stand
sisters vs brothers world
you lier it did not work becuse i was trying to to it and it did not work
korey golley
korey golley 11 months ago
Hi how to magic dork
Michael Robichaud
Michael Robichaud 11 months ago
My brother went in the girls bathroom in publick
Ron Winters
Ron Winters 11 months ago
Beyond cool. I sub for elementary kids, can't wait to do this! I'll be a legend. And? They'll be okay with me. Got to get good with the kids.
Lukas P
Lukas P 11 months ago
You're the worst wannabe magician I know.
Co 2112
Co 2112 11 months ago
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Hello 11 months ago
Why the heck did I search this?
Xchrey Xchrey
Xchrey Xchrey 11 months ago
David Zoroastrian
David Zoroastrian 11 months ago
Thank you Evan for your excellent & funny magic video! Good luck good boy!
Co 2112
Co 2112 11 months ago
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Co 2112 11 months ago
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Tamar Kirschner
Tamar Kirschner 11 months ago
myname is solomon
Kyle G Casstevens
Kyle G Casstevens 11 months ago
jasmine sasmin save
jasmine sasmin save 11 months ago
you are the main use my biggest fan
Nathan F
Nathan F 11 months ago
I like your float trick
Compilation King
Compilation King 11 months ago
Still doesn’t tell me how cris angel and them float across buildings
Jh Ha
Jh Ha 11 months ago
If a fat guy like you can lavitate like that, than I chould be able to fly like a bird!
Michael Devall
Michael Devall 11 months ago
These tricks are for 5 yr old kids
Michael Devall
Michael Devall 11 months ago
Shit tricks and you need a bigger puddle
Cloud 9
Cloud 9 11 months ago
Leanne Twamley
Leanne Twamley 11 months ago
I now the mirror trick
Warjono Jono
Warjono Jono 11 months ago
Good l.like l.from indonesia
Brodie Benjamin
Brodie Benjamin 11 months ago
Man dude laugh life fun you cool
Brodie Benjamin
Brodie Benjamin 11 months ago
Float duck
Rods Start
Rods Start 11 months ago
Try to Expose how david blaine held his breath for 17 minutes
Life with Jimmy
Loved it! Float is great!!!
Lokogaimg Jk
Lokogaimg Jk Year ago
How do we do float help me
BIzzLE Year ago
sorry but you look way too funny at 4th minute
Lokogaimg Jk
Lokogaimg Jk Year ago
And you can float
Lokogaimg Jk
Lokogaimg Jk Year ago
Wow you can do magic your good👍🏻😍 yay
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