How to Make The Swamp || Crocodile Diorama || Resin Art

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Sep 20, 2019




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Sou Sarkar
Sou Sarkar 8 hours ago
*Watch in 2X speed* Thanks me Later 😊
matrorion Day ago
Why did you paint brown if u were to cover with artificial moss
Judy Robertson
Judy Robertson 2 days ago
That is really beautiful. I used to swim in places like that. I could see those two little eyes peeking out of the water. Never once did it occur to me he might eat me?!
Malabika kulkarni
This is fantastic I want list of all tools and all supplies with links .
Malabika kulkarni
Where do I get that green lawn stuff please
Malabika kulkarni
Please include the link to buy supplies like the flat wood sticks , white glue styrofoam steel wool etc please include link in description box . where to get ? All the tools that are needed to make and the amazon links . Will be grateful. Thanks
I have a question, for the waves or water ripples what kind of glue did you use?
Claudia Baldwin
Claudia Baldwin 4 days ago
Why are all the comments talking about the girl and crocodile
Bet ty
Bet ty 5 days ago
If I may ask, where did you buy the fake artistic grass?
Tania Akter Nishi
How can i get resin?
Grey Oblivian
Grey Oblivian 5 days ago
you should definitely find a way to send this to Betty White
EnigmaDrath 7 days ago
Better pray she's not wearing crocodile-skin shoes ....
tifoso4ever 7 days ago
NOPE... NO.... NOT GOOD... But... OK... Awlays respect ..... ;-)
Hasle 7 days ago
I am so appreciated from your content and this channel is really helpful for others :D
WhoopOff 8 days ago
Ngl I was waiting for eggs because of How to basic. Then I raised this isnt that channel and stayed anyway because it's a great video
pepe yolo
pepe yolo 8 days ago
Yo viendo esta wea a las 3am
SpiderLily726 9 days ago
I thought you were gonna make the crocodile... instead you got a toy.....
Thomas1980 9 days ago
TV감성팔이 9 days ago
Good work 👏 👍
মুকুলের ফান ষ্টোর
আপনার ভিডিও গুলো দেখলামভালো লেগেছ। তো বন্ধু আমার 💆👱ইউটিউব,চ্যালেনটি ঘুড়ে আশার দাওযাত রইল,এবং,সাবসক্রাইবকরে বেল বাজিযে এসো বন্ধু হয়ে যাই। কিছু বন্দু আছে সাবসক্রাইব করে, পড়ে ওঠে নেয়।আমি,তাদেরকে বলবো ঐ রকম মন মানসিকতা থাকলে সাবসক্রাইব করবেন না🚸আল্লা-হাফেজ💟🚻
Abraham Ricardo
Abraham Ricardo 11 days ago
Min tulips
Min tulips 12 days ago
Poor old Sheila.
Lauren Turrell
Lauren Turrell 12 days ago
cool showed to my husband he said should add fishes
Robin Adil
Robin Adil 14 days ago
Genius!!! Superbly Done and it looks so real! Thanks for sharing!
Marcin Żukowski
Marcin Żukowski 14 days ago
Nice pet she has.
Jack Woods
Jack Woods 15 days ago
It's actually a gator but lovely.
Sadia Afrin
Sadia Afrin 15 days ago
Probably Srilanka where crocodile don't attack on human at all.
Priyanka Kumari
Priyanka Kumari 16 days ago
Amazing art......so beautiful......just like.....it made by god
The great Gold gamer
plot twist: *the croc is her HUSBAND*
Random Nonsense
Random Nonsense 15 days ago
ShowGames TV
ShowGames TV 16 days ago
But you need eggs for that
Bandan Gurung
Bandan Gurung 17 days ago
wow beautiful......video
Jo Red
Jo Red 17 days ago
gato712 17 days ago
Jack 17 days ago
she's just a floridian girl with a pet alligator
nelson martinez
nelson martinez 18 days ago
Brunna Rosa
Brunna Rosa 18 days ago
eu adore ver essas escultura
Jason Ritchie
Jason Ritchie 18 days ago
I put a crock in the swamp every morning when o drop a duce 💩
Gustavo head Carvalho
Muito bonito
doel89 19 days ago
i keep thinking theres a need for a snapping turtle along the shore
Dana Roze
Dana Roze 19 days ago
Mehraj Unnisa
Mehraj Unnisa 19 days ago
Very nice very beautiful
Billy Karras
Billy Karras 19 days ago
Ok everyone says its a croc when its a gator gators have u shaped snout and crocs and v shaped snouts
Namrata Vishwakarma
But the funny part is that the title says "crocodile"😝😂
Ironic Tonic
Ironic Tonic 20 days ago
When you're holding back the urge to fix the ripple effect
Cup O Warriors
Cup O Warriors 20 days ago
Everyone in the comment section is spouting memes, While I'm just here, because this is beautiful and amazing. I love watching this unfold.
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez 20 days ago
amazing very realistic diorama! but the doll at the end takes away the naturalistic ... they should remove it or repaint it
Mau Pacheco
Mau Pacheco 20 days ago
I need one so you're great 😎
Led Gio
Led Gio 20 days ago
Santiago Safdie
Santiago Safdie 21 day ago
love that paceful music..
Viel Vladimir Valdez
i thought this was real for a second until i read the title.
kuroi91tenshi 22 days ago
lake placid :D
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 22 days ago
1:21 prank your friend that is a black coffe
yurdp 22 days ago
That effect with the rippling water on the surface looks amazing!
Alfredo Borras
Alfredo Borras 22 days ago
Ets suuuper coool What do you thinc? 👇👇👇
Wolffurry Gamer
Wolffurry Gamer 23 days ago
2020 ?
A.M. Ramesh
A.M. Ramesh 23 days ago
I am very much interested to learn resin art., I am in india...Can you please guide me
TheBushdoctor68 23 days ago
How to Make The Swamp: Step 1: Other than the masking tape you got at home, buy everything else shown in this video. Step 2: Give up because you have no idea what you're doing.
The Lucid Dolphin
The Lucid Dolphin 23 days ago
I would've put a fat dude with a shotgun Instead of the girl
Bstewotter 24 days ago
Australia in a nutshell.
Breanna Raub
Breanna Raub 24 days ago
I'm getting some lake placid vibes here 😀
elke mayse
elke mayse 24 days ago
i did Pretty good on the Diorama, tho i Struggled with the Items And Resources to make it
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