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How to make small oil candles

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TONY BAZINI 3 years ago
Thanks the GOD you don't have 10 or 15 bottles ...for demonstration 1 bottle is enough
Ms Daisy
Ms Daisy Month ago
We're trying to understanding you...
Regulator 222
Regulator 222 2 months ago
Lol ..
Adam First
Adam First 4 months ago
Summer Song 12321 your foul mouth, speaks VOLUMES about your inbred status.. stay away from your sister,, if you dont want more little bastard snagletooth hillbillies like yourself... ......btw, did you have anything to say.. or was it just your medications running out?
Jerome Paul
Jerome Paul 4 months ago
😂 lol
Torquelimiter 5 months ago
Thanks Tony, take as much time as you need buddy. I noticed this on youtube someone shows someone something and they complain how one did it. Some folks wake up complaining and go to sleep complaining. ......can not win....thanks again Tony
missutubejunkie ***
missutubejunkie *** 10 hours ago
Great project! 👍 I was just waiting for one of those light plastic bottles to blow over on that fuel soaked wooden board! 🔥🙈🔥
Алексей Захаров
PAPA Texas
PAPA Texas 9 days ago
FAITH THOREN 10 days ago
Sharon Rachel West
Sharon Rachel West 13 days ago
My wick just burns out. Not sure what doing wrong. It is oily.
Donald Smith
Donald Smith 15 days ago
You can get some of the sent for candles and put just a little in the oil to make them smell good. I think it comes in 1 or 2 oz bottles and that will do a lot of oil.
dadams19111 17 days ago
Very good, you have taught this old man a lot!!
lopezdelgadoa 23 days ago
Por favor, en español, cual es el combustible que uso?
Critopher Jafet Elias Farfan
2:09 jaja jaja, parece que dijo huachicol
Ana Acosta Ruffiner
I love it! Thank you so much!
Ms Daisy
Ms Daisy Month ago
I tried this. It didnt work. It just burnt down the wick is all. Thats why newer inventions had to be made. Neccessity is the mother of invention...
Writerdust Month ago
Try this for your dull scissors: ruvid.net/video/video-jlqq7UqFkjk.html How to Sharpen Scissors with Aluminum Foil- HomeArtTv by Juan Gonzalo Angel
kikochef Month ago
Hola me he suscrito a tu canal porque me gusta mucho el Tutorial. Si te gusta la cocina sana y fácil sencilla visitame te sorprenderá.
William Volkmann
yea I wouldnt give a sharp pair to you either //whats the wick matl//
William Volkmann
@William Bryant thanx // ever try a biggrg one with hoodie string for wick
William Bryant
William Bryant Month ago
100% cotton yarn
Andres Morais
Andres Morais Month ago
Trish Vincent
Trish Vincent Month ago
Thank you for showing us these awesome fuel homemade candle, I personally love them!!!! I have glass bottle that I am using!!
Automatic Month ago
How can u use the whole wik 😭😂😂😂
andy wingfield
andy wingfield Month ago
I just tried it kept going out every 30 seconds used cooking oil
Andrés Muller
Andrés Muller 2 months ago
que clase de aceite es
Haranarayan Sarma
Haranarayan Sarma 2 months ago
Very bad
Silvia Cabrera
Silvia Cabrera 2 months ago
No entiendo inglés. Quisiera saber si lo q puso en las botellas es bencina o alcohol.
Silvia Cabrera
Silvia Cabrera 2 months ago
@Gregorio Garcia Moreno muchísimas gracias!!!
Gregorio Garcia Moreno
En la botella que dispensó el "combustible" decía Aceite para Lámpara.
Janto Johanes
Janto Johanes 2 months ago
Di kampung Kula arana lampu sompor broo. Nenekku bisa bikin tau...
dewey dodo
dewey dodo 2 months ago
I'd be scared these would tip over easily . A piece of scrap wood drilled with holes to set them into might be an idea .
dev bachu
dev bachu 2 months ago
What's the fuel keep??roscene
ra777 2 months ago
Im going to make a few of these and store them for the next bad storm ! Thank you for sharing this !
Deyvi Marquez
Deyvi Marquez 2 months ago
mmm hello first of all greetings ,,, I have a question to ask the truth I do not know much English and I did not understand very well the part that you apply that liquid, what is it? Is it water, alcohol or oil? please if you can answer me ,,,? I loved your video (LIKE)
JIUJITSU2000 2 months ago
Thank you so much the fuel that I used in this was a paraffin based lamp oil
Hey Jitsu was wondering if I could use the oil candles in my candle lantern I made or they would turn into a bomb because of the heat. Don’t won’t to drop a link but if you could check my channel think I might be able to boil water if it don’t go ka-boom.
Agustín de la Huerta
Awesome, fantastic. Thank you, great video.
Sonia Montes
Sonia Montes 2 months ago
rdyma32 2 months ago
How long does one of the last before you have to refill?
Rosa Santos
Rosa Santos 2 months ago
Thank you very much. God bless
JIUJITSU2000 2 months ago
Thank you!
Cecília Joaquim
Cecília Joaquim 2 months ago
What liquid is that one,please?I do not understand
JIUJITSU2000 2 months ago
@Cecília Joaquim you're welcome my pick it up at Walmart in the candle section it's in a clear plastic container
Cecília Joaquim
Cecília Joaquim 2 months ago
@JIUJITSU2000 ,ok.Thanks!
JIUJITSU2000 2 months ago
It's paraffin lamp oil
Kc Stafford
Kc Stafford 2 months ago
99 bottles of dum assatty
xiotati 2 months ago
What kind of fuel do you use?
MsBettye Teaches
MsBettye Teaches 2 months ago
fold a very thin wire and use as a threader or use a needle threader
theLight vlogs
theLight vlogs 2 months ago
How long do they stay on??
cshula1 2 months ago
I guess some people are so miserable in life it makes them a little happier to try to hurt other people. just ugly.
Bell Issa
Bell Issa 2 months ago
👍 Thank you for sharing. Muy buena idea. 🕯️🕯️🕯️
Harold Fraction
Harold Fraction 2 months ago
George Maldonado
George Maldonado 3 months ago
Gregory Clark
Gregory Clark 3 months ago
I did this with baby oil and cotton string it worked great!
Andrea Muñoz
Andrea Muñoz 3 months ago
Como se llama el líquido que le echo a las botellas
Rebecca Gutierrez
Rebecca Gutierrez 3 months ago
El le metió liquido de combustible.
Betty Gamboa
Betty Gamboa 3 months ago
Hola x fa podria decirme que liquido pone en la botella, bendiciones desde Ecuador.
Duane Traviz
Duane Traviz 3 months ago
ese liquido es aceite especial para lampara,yo use aceite comestible y funciono
gustavo adolfo palima
what liquid is the one supplied inside the bottles ?¿
gustavo adolfo palima
que liquido es el suministrado adentro de la botellas
mario schutrumpf
mario schutrumpf 3 months ago
Aceite del.q sea...o grasa derretida o parafina
gustavo adolfo palima
Hello, good afternoon, could you tell me what liquid you supply to small bottles?
gustavo adolfo palima
hola muy buenas tardes podrías decirme que liquido es el que suministras a las botellas pequeñas
Duane Traviz
Duane Traviz 3 months ago
puedes usar aceite comestible.
King's Way
King's Way 3 months ago
I think its amazing 5 Million people viewed this...wow!!
Евгений Галкин-Вильгельм
Ну ты и долгий. А идея- хорошая!
kunjidee 3 months ago
These would come in handy as emergency heat......put 2 or 3 under a iron frying pan and let it heat up to radiate heat.
jacob robinson
jacob robinson 3 months ago
About how long does the fuel last in one of these size bottles if you left it to keep burning???
NanaR504 3 months ago
You do not mention the type of fuel!
Salim Kumar
Salim Kumar 3 months ago
Thanks for you
Dominique Danielle
Dominique Danielle 4 months ago
This was so amazing! Could you use glass bottles too?
Norma Pircer
Norma Pircer 4 months ago
Hi, thank you very much for this great project. Iit's a great idea, simple to make, and affordable . Have a great weekend. God bless you!!! 🤝💫🌹💫
DogeMeat 4 months ago
Way cool, thanks for especially going into the explanation at the end. Really helpful.
Kent Lawson
Kent Lawson 4 months ago
Always interesting!
MYSONGZZ1 4 months ago
Great video and practical !!
JIUJITSU2000 4 months ago
Thank you!
Panchona Chimichingada
Se llaman cachimbas Las usamos en lugares sin electridad. Pero se apagan con el aire y lugares pocos ventilados amaneces con la naríz tisnada Muy romántico en las chozas! XD!!!
Katherin Zambrano
Katherin Zambrano 3 months ago
En colombia las llenamos con petroleo sirven mucho pero no debemos inhalar el humilló que sueltan es malo para los pulmones
RP Omvig
RP Omvig 4 months ago
I did something like this with a glass air freshener for a receptacle and used heavy gauge copper wire to make a spiral decorative base to hold it upright in. Used the metal cap from a Christmas ornament and cotton wick. Thanks for the video. Cool idea. Maybe use a glass bottle from Tabasco or something if the plastic scares you/viewers?
vivianna hinks
vivianna hinks 4 months ago
Thanks dude!
amybestbiz 4 months ago
Enjoyed your voice!
JIUJITSU2000 4 months ago
Thank you! ;-)
Candied Ginger
Candied Ginger 4 months ago
I imagine that one could repurpose glass salt and pepper shakers similarly, I think I would use foil to cover the cap and hold the wick material. Thanks for the video.
JIUJITSU2000 4 months ago
For sure! Thanks
outdoorski 4 months ago
What's the burn time on those little lamps. I think it'd be perfect for snow camping
KaityBee 4 months ago
Just cotton yarn? also what a couple fuels you would suggest :)
Asllan Bici
Asllan Bici 4 months ago
Vegetables oil
Kelly Diggs
Kelly Diggs 5 months ago
Hey There. I am just killing some time and looking for little nuggets of information to use later on. Yes, I am plundering your older video tutorials. I hadn't thought about making micro candles but this is good information to have. Excellent Video As Always. 👍👍😎🇺🇸
Jo-Anna Bushman
Jo-Anna Bushman 5 months ago
How long they last ?
john skwira
john skwira 5 months ago
tried this in a uco candle lantern works just need to find the right wick material
Janet Crane
Janet Crane 5 months ago
Just watched this today. Grabbed an old empty vanilla bottle that I was going to throw out and am going to make one. Thanks so much!
What's Good
What's Good 5 months ago
Outstanding shipmate!
Ana Maria Fajardo Nava
fabuloso. lindo me encanto
Mr Madazza
Mr Madazza 5 months ago
How to make a petrol bomb
Den Smith
Den Smith 5 months ago
I would save the lids by not putting holes in them, that way you can put the lid back on a take it with you without the oil spilling out, use a small piece of foil cut to shape so that it just covers the first thread on the bottle so the lid still fits add a hole for the wic instead, then after use blow out flame, put on lid, travel.
Spiritual Arili
Spiritual Arili 5 months ago
idky but you pealing the seals out is soothing to me hahaha
Spiritual Arili
Spiritual Arili 3 months ago
@Pixie lite lmao!!!
Pixie lite
Pixie lite 3 months ago
Hahaha. I know!? A little OCD going on there? No worries, me too!
Jaime Castellanos
Jaime Castellanos 5 months ago
I did find something useful here. I didn't know these are plastic bottles. Would glass bottles work better?
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 5 months ago
pretty cool DIY ..
Skyblock Veteran
Skyblock Veteran 5 months ago
looks like molotov's cocktail
Master Longdong
Master Longdong 5 months ago
OK...why didn't I think of this? It's intuitive and obvious....bottle+wick+oil=light (except, I would have used glass bottles without even considering plastic....IF I HAD EVEN BEGAN TO THINK ABOUT THIS...which I didn't) EVERYBODY should have the basic skills and intelligence to create things like this without having to stumble on a RUvid video. There are so many simple things in this world that I never thought of, but should have. I feel so stupid sometimes.
Paul Condie
Paul Condie 5 months ago
Molotov cocktail? Lol just playin, good candle for a cabin, nice!
Rose Boyadjian
Rose Boyadjian 5 months ago
Thank you for sharing! I’m gone try this👍
muster seeds
muster seeds 5 months ago
nice ideal tips...thank
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brill thankyou
John Brookbank
John Brookbank 5 months ago
Have had to use oil lamps in past as a kid , but had a bad scare when my son decided to make a oil lamp in school Jr High and then didn't wait for me to get home from work, he went to my shop and grabbed white gas instead of oil lamp fuel , when I came home smelled the fuel burring , I found lamp it was lit in his bedroom, now talk about get out side without any moving fuel around in a hurry= about half scared to it blow out flame, so I pinched it out with fingers =he used a flat wick for normal lamp on top ouch !!!! The son and I had a long talk about correct fuel to use !!!! so happy he didn't learn the hard way !
X-Man 6 months ago
great idea. 2 things: 1. use smaller funnel to avoid over filling 2. glue a disc of plastic or maybe old coaster to the bottom of the bottle to make them more tip resistant.
stu poulsen
stu poulsen 6 months ago
How Pathetic!
Richard Ensey
Richard Ensey 6 months ago
Use a one ounce food injector to fill your bottles...Thats how I fill up my hip flask...never spill a drop!
paul t
paul t 6 months ago
I like the video, but I'd use glass bottles, just to be safe
mw10259 6 months ago
Norma Pircer
Norma Pircer 6 months ago
Thank you very much, that was a great lesson. Simple, cheap and effective. Love it. Merry christmas to you. God bless!!!
PentiumMMX133MHz 6 months ago
Thank u for the Molotov how to
samuel garcia
samuel garcia 6 months ago
Can you use canola oil?
Lia 2 months ago
Try it & let us know! I use canola oil & olive oil in half an orange peel to burn the natural "wick" that runs thru the middle of an orange, so I don't see why it wouldn't work with cotton yarn. The oil is a bit smokey when it burns, though
Payce Yeomans
Payce Yeomans 6 months ago
I recently just found this guys channel, I thoroughly enjoy his videos.
Teri Leef
Teri Leef 6 months ago
Can you use olive oil?
Kari Lynn
Kari Lynn 6 months ago
good one------I would imagine glass bottle would of course work, too.?
Rebecca Silveous
Rebecca Silveous 6 months ago
Well just to be on safeties side, I would use glass bottles rather than plastic!
not fooled
not fooled 6 months ago
or you could buy one at the dollar store
Andrew Avalos
Andrew Avalos 6 months ago
So happy i came across your channel!! Im currently serving in the Navy as a DC! Hooyah!!
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