How To Make Perfect Risotto 4 ways | Gennaro Contaldo

Jamie Oliver
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This unique interactive video shows you how to make 4 easy risotto recipes from scratch. The wonderful Gennaro teaches you how to make Risotto Bianco - the base of all great risottos - and then turns them into three more wonderful dishes.

If you cannot use the on-screen links here they are again:

Risotto Bianco | ruvid.net/video/video-VOBihHeZuXE.html#t=21s
Mushroom Risotto | ruvid.net/video/video-VOBihHeZuXE.html#t=4m16s
Pumpkin Risotto | ruvid.net/video/video-VOBihHeZuXE.html#t=7m22s
Asparagus Risotto | ruvid.net/video/video-VOBihHeZuXE.html#t=9m55s

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We shot this on location in Italy at the beautiful Aquellero Risotto Rice Estate:
Their hospitality was incredible and produce divine.
Find the recipe here: goo.gl/6Qo2NQ

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Stock | ruvid.net/video/video-cTR-_If_AiI.html
Strawberry Risotto | goo.gl/62zVzh
More Food Tube videos | goo.gl/1MQT8R
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Nov 3, 2013




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Comments 80
Michel 4 days ago
[...]Let me show how to make a basic risotto which is risotto in bianco. The word bianGo [...]
behelit79 7 days ago
Risotto cooks in ten minutes? What stregoneria is this?
Suk-Mike-Hok Month ago
Hi Gennaro! I have a question for cooking this risotto: Why do you use butter ánd olive oil to sweat the unions in the beginning?
Sam Czarina Baron Sung-Marquess
Risotto rice is short grain rice?
suzanne rekseom
suzanne rekseom Month ago
What an amazing man. Definitely going to use this recipe tonight.
ablurida Month ago
Tried the last one today. Don't add mint!!! Big mistake!!!! Other than that yummy
Staneagle 79
Staneagle 79 Month ago
A celebrity chef is probably the coolest relative to have
Marie Suleimani
Marie Suleimani Month ago
Thanks a lot chef , i made Risotto Bianco , but i've replaced wine by white vinegar because i'm Muslim . Thanks again it's delicious .👌
Rafalz J
Rafalz J Month ago
I love watching him cooking as much as my mom loves watching me ACTUALLY cooking
Lucas Month ago
im come to this video again, to re-learn from the master
Vinicius Bigatao
Vinicius Bigatao 2 months ago
Cooking with happiness, the way it should be, beauttifull
redpebbles 2 months ago
You can clearly hear the dude is just a regular englishman with a fake italian accent. Kinda takes away the charm for me...I like my chefs authentic.
DAA 2 months ago
He is a legend. His cooking and his character what makes him interesting to watch.
Annemarie May
Annemarie May 2 months ago
Keep stirring... Why you stop stirring, add more broth, keep stirring..... I can still remember hearing my mother ordering me as a kid in the kitchen, helping her make this dish I loved. You like risotto, you gotta work to make... You stir, more stir, add more broth, stir... You father crazy. I tell him we flood back field of our 3 crops European rotation and we canna grow real Italian Arboriculture rice.... But he no wanna do. Because he no from my family provide, so no likes Risotto. Just Snob Romano types, eat fussy pasta. QUICK, eat you risotto before him come home and we hide the Arboriculture so he no see we eat risotto. Crazy man. No like risotto, no eat snails, no eat frog legs, just boring Italian food from his place... Say food from the 'orthodox have no taste. No hot chilli... I no like hotta chilli... You like? How canna Southern people eat hot chilli? Nearly kill you, burn so hot. In hot weather in South. Risotto branch very simple and white... Easy. Just keep stirring the pan... Put in some fresh artichoke hearts from the garden I plant. Is ready now, nice white beautiful artichoke. Good for liver and health... Keep stirring... Not too much broth, ma no too dry...."I normally never got along too well with mum, but when she made risotto, our mother daughter relationship suddenly improved, though her husband and wife one with my father deteriorated and he would look at me and moan 'I thought my daughter was a princess of refined tastes, not some risotto eating peasant, like her mother... ". He' d recover from his fatherly disappointment with risotto loving daughter, no doubt, I figured, as I hoped I to fresh delicious, creamy tasty risottobowl and asked for more. Then my whining entitled young brother, designated family Prince would come in and see me eating my second bowl of risotto and cry 'Where' s mine? She ate it all! It's not fair. Just because she is older than me... " In between mouthfuls I gobbled down before he could stick his spoon in and grab some risotto I'd mumble '... And smarter and faster and, besides, I' m dad's Princess and you are just a boring dumb Prince..." Mim would intervene. "Shut your mouth eating at table. Don't put your spoon in others'plate. Share. Nobody is so important.... Kings and prince's and princesses all fed the poor peasants. And you, smart Princess can go make more risotto for your brother, the Prince of this house... ". That passed me off no end. I had eaten all mine. He was too late. And didn't merit any risotto, for being so slow and dumb. So why should I spend ages stirring the risotto again, just for him? Then dad would appear, get wind of what was really going on concerning risotto, source of all family disharmony in his house and decree there would never be any risotto consumed under his family roof ever again. A fearful quiet would suddenly prevail as we all feigned paternal respect expected. But, fortunately, we were all in on the plot to hide the precious packet of rare arboriculture rice mum had managed to buy out in the vast, remote Australian wilderness, from a travelling imported small goods traveller van. It was safely hidden from angry father who had banned that rice and we could make risotto again, once he sent off down the pub with his Australian mates. I soon discovered that food can be a great regulator of family relationships. Not just in my own highly emotionally volatile immigrant family in youth, but also in the Australian ones, when I was invited to dine on food immigrant kids would kill for ie boiled country style Austin mutton with 3 veggies, that always included potato. If there were Brussels spry outs served as one of the 3 veg, Austin style, father's would often shout 'You' very been married for years now. You should know I hate Brussels sprouts! Next time there's Brussels sprouts on my plate, I'outta here and you're on your own. Forget serving desert. You get your just desserts. I'll be serving divorce papers on you, ungrateful, bitch. You might take some advice from the Johnny Cash song and learn to understand your man... " I still had not mastered English language well, yet. But that is how I learned the meanings of desert and how to distinguish this from dessert. And why Brussels Sprouts are called that and how come so many Australians hate them. I asked my parents who said it's because they come from some uncivilised, barbarian part of Europe and Australians had never heard of them, but we don't are to worry about it because we are civilised, not Australians and don't eat crop like Brussels sprouts, kale, and such Eastern European type 'krauti' swine food we grow to feed the farm pigs on. I then married an Australian guy who said 'I am an easy going tolerant sort of guy. But, if you ever serve me Brussels sprouts, it' s the end of our marriage... " (I kept that idea in reserve. Could come in handy if I needed to find a quick, easy, mutually agreed upon escape from marital slavery... Easier than pie. Just serve up some Brussels sprouts). I don't love these sorry outs, though I don't have a pathological aversion to them, as many Australian men do and I know they are packed with cancer fighting health benefits. So, I asked my ex husband why he was so down on the humble sprouts, since he himself was a humble working class underdog. I learned that in poor families and even in private religious boarding schools, like he sometimes attended and in poor workers 'bed, meals and cut lunch provided' Melbourne boarding houses, 'cut lunch' typically involved 'Brussels sprout sandwiches" on stale white bread, the left overs from the previous evening meal they served, which also involved Brussels Sprouts. Can you imagine eating a Brussels Sprouts sandwich? I made one and tried it. It was disgusting. Now I understand why men hate these sprouts in Australia and I am con iterate enough to not serve them I to them, despite their many health benefits. I did serve some up once, disgusted in some other food to a male I liked, who had made his 'no sprouts' rule clear to me. But he detected them, finely chopped u and invisible in his food. I thought it was just their colour and shape they hate, but it seems to be also their taste.
Zuzana Šplhová
Zuzana Šplhová 3 months ago
Couple of years ago, people in my country (me including) thought that risotto is separately cooked rice, any rice, mixed with separately cooked vegetables. I am so glad we have evolved :D
Ivan Hrskanović
Ivan Hrskanović 3 months ago
Made the asparagus version today. What a scary dish to cook, but so tasty. Mint really brings a uncharacteristic flavour, that complements the final olive oil drizzle.
Emmanuel Setiawan
Emmanuel Setiawan 3 months ago
I love the way he cook. So cheerful.😁 But, the thing I love so much is the car behind. 😄
Vicky Martini
Vicky Martini 3 months ago
Thank you so much for showing us a real italian Cusine!! WE LOVE YOU!!!
stacey herard
stacey herard 3 months ago
I love how enthusiastic he is about the food🙂
Noora Kayed
Noora Kayed 3 months ago
Every now and then I come here to watch this video again and it makes me happy 💕💕 also I learned how to make risotto because of it 😁💗
CH2517Joan 3 months ago
So glorious, tasty looking risottos! I've tried to cook my first risotto and this was such a great help.
Mark 3 months ago
I didn't know he had sense of humor until 9:16 - 9:20 .
Gio Garcia
Gio Garcia 3 months ago
Gennaroooo we love you!
killer queen
killer queen 3 months ago
Instructions unclear, vomited razor blades instead Yes this is stolen
theonlymad 4 months ago
Genaro is awsome.
Alan Wang #36
Alan Wang #36 4 months ago
God I love this guy.
Daniel 4 months ago
I'm clicking on the mushrooms and the video keeps pausing. Oyh technology.
potato 4eva
potato 4eva 4 months ago
My minor alcoholism really enjoyed seeing Gennaro's 1/4 glass of wine.
Herbaciany Baron
Herbaciany Baron 5 months ago
- Little bit of a parmasean. *covers the whole plate with it*
Angele Ling
Angele Ling 5 months ago
OMG.He is so funny,really having fun for watching him cooking resotto.
Night See
Night See 5 months ago
Mae te amo que manera de cocinar
Club Soda
Club Soda 5 months ago
Basic risotto is excellent and really easy to make. Just stir like every minute or so and make sure the bottom is not getting sticky or burned. Use a wooden spoon. Takes about 20 minutes usually. Keep adding stock as time progresses. You want your risotto a little on the runny side but not too runny. A little patience and a watchful eye is key. Butter and Parmesan is important too
Wen Qian Yap
Wen Qian Yap 6 months ago
Instructions unclear, need more RAZOR BLADES. But I can already feel the METAL inside my body. **Tries to make a reference but failed miserably**
Isi R
Isi R 6 months ago
This guy is great!
Amen Hush
Amen Hush 6 months ago
For an Indian this is hospital food
Lenka JF
Lenka JF 6 months ago
I loved his enthusiasm for the rain
Darron Smith
Darron Smith 6 months ago
Simple beautiful, passionate and perfect! I want to cook this today with mushrooms! Love his enthusiasm!
Kristina Noall
Kristina Noall 7 months ago
I kind of love how his accent has some Cockney in it here and there...
drdiscostu 7 months ago
I'd love to add scallops to that asparagus one
OGNA 7 months ago
I love his excitement during cooking and I love this video but why does he have an British, Portuguese and Italian accent all at the same time?
Sarah N
Sarah N 8 months ago
Love this guy! And I love risotto! 😁😍
Ruwini Fonseka
Ruwini Fonseka 8 months ago
oh lovely 👌
Joel Knoll
Joel Knoll 8 months ago
How much, exactly, is "1/4 of a glass of wine"? And how much rice did he use? 100 g?
Wesna Simicevic
Wesna Simicevic 8 months ago
Wesna Simicevic
Wesna Simicevic 8 months ago
Bravooo 💞💞💞
Hans Grueber
Hans Grueber 9 months ago
Grate-a your-a parmessana into de wind-O!!!
Kiss Daniel
Kiss Daniel 9 months ago
Make sure to not to get too close... It will make you puke razors.
Juliya Delani
Juliya Delani 9 months ago
Tooooo much butter 😬🤮
Alyonso Gobuchi
Alyonso Gobuchi 10 months ago
Why do i hear boss and metallica themes?
SmajdalfFrogi12 10 months ago
Coocked the rissotto in bianco... I have never eaten anything that good in my life ! Well done Genaro. With you as a teacher cooking is even more fun.
Tish Morton
Tish Morton 10 months ago
Didn’t like it!
N Alfa
N Alfa 10 months ago
youtube you really are pissing me off with all the bloody ads
Melvin 11 months ago
Awesome guy
Dyamanti22 11 months ago
Love this man...always enthousiastic
Waradanoo Gunthiya
Waradanoo Gunthiya 11 months ago
Fangtastico !!!!!!!!
Kristine Yesa
Kristine Yesa 11 months ago
I love this guy
Joshua Walters
Joshua Walters 11 months ago
Could you guys fix the links so they start at the right times?
JOHNNYwxw Year ago
Best entertainer ever!
Lilo Year ago
i loooove this guy 😅👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 i love it how you can actually feel his passion through the screen
Dj Louie
Dj Louie Year ago
Shivani Sharma
Can I prepare with veg stock and do u have any substitute for Wine
Pery X
Pery X Year ago
I'm watching this in 2019...and made me hungry! I love Gennaro!
ya a
ya a Year ago
Hol’ up... this ain’t cute purple haired Italian boy fighting sleep deprived edgy teenager.
Giorno Giovanna
How to make perfect risotto In 4 ways Metal Stand Edge Pose dramatically
zarith4fiddy 10 months ago
Im puking razor blades
DefyTony 10 months ago
You forgot to add the big titties.
Nathan The Hedgehog
Nathan The Hedgehog 10 months ago
Don't forgot the Ghoul's eye colour palette
Tomas Wityk
Tomas Wityk Year ago
Hmmm that sounds bizarre...are you talking about Sardegna risotto?...
Leean Shu
Leean Shu Year ago
I followed his instructions. Now I'm Italian.
Wilfred Reniva, Jr.
Thank u for sharing Grandpa 💋
Rulos Year ago
Gennaro is such an fun and kind human been. You gotta love him
Freaky Fred
Freaky Fred Year ago
That butter looks AMAZING !!!!!
Panasuave Year ago
gennaro ti amo!!!
Nupur Garg
Nupur Garg Year ago
Is there any alternative to white wine in risotto Bianco?
Yourworstnightmare Ever
Nupur Garg Japanese sake,maybe?
Michaella Dones
I actually clicked the buttons
Aarata Year ago
I can see the enthusiasm, but he's stirring everywhere, which is wrong. Always to the right, always stir only to the right!!!
pgadrmer1 Year ago
Anyone know what copper pans he was using or what copper pans he uses at his home??
Jana Bahawi
Jana Bahawi Year ago
what can i use instead of the wine ?
Can Kuyumcu
Can Kuyumcu Year ago
i clicked... nothing happened
Jack Stevens
Jack Stevens Year ago
if the links don't work here are the time stamps Risotto Bianco 0:24 Mushroom Risotto 4:20 Pumpkin Risotto 7:30 Asparagus Risotto 10:00 i love this man
Stela Khati
Stela Khati Year ago
When eva i watch his video i feel so cheer up.... He is so full of life... Nd m 20 lying on bed for the whole day...watching videos... Eating nd sleeping nd i thought I was cool😧😧😧
Alex Zeqa
Alex Zeqa Year ago
actually he added very little broth the original white rissoto doesnt have selery and when served it should not be as dense as this it should flow flat to the plate not be gravity-proof
7burnitdown Year ago
he almost got the pointing right
Jebron Lames
Jebron Lames Year ago
*Heyloooooooh fuuud tuube* *I gunna maka* *Fahntastich* *Oh my my* I love this man! ❤️
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