How to Make Perfect Fried Chicken Every Time l ASMR Cooking

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Master chef John Zhang shares tips on how to make perfect Fried Chicken with the crispiest, most flavorful crunchy outside with moist and juicy meat on the inside.
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Chef John also shares his recipe of Korean fried chicken in a crispy coating that are tossed in a sweet, spicy and savory sauce. A unique meal or snack that's better than KFC!
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Here we have the best Chinese recipes, prepared by award-winning chefs to showcase authentic, traditional Chinese cooking.
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Dec 8, 2019




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Taste Show
Taste Show 4 months ago
Get the recipe NOW: www.tasteshow.com/product/chef-johns-crispy-fried-chicken_1287.html
Kaung Myat
Kaung Myat 2 months ago
dog is China.
Culinary program
Culinary program 3 months ago
I feel your food is very good, my channel also creates very delicious food clips, hope you through support and interact with me
Krishanu Das
Krishanu Das 2 days ago
Love you chef
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 2 days ago
the moment that crunch was heard, I wanted to melt in excitement
_RIPzUS_ 6 days ago
Must have ingredients corn starch and egg
Grace Salinas
Grace Salinas 6 days ago
Hi everyone that chicken looks sooooooo gooooood and you could have made veggies Fry's with that remaining coating mix I love veggies Fry's Thanks for sharing GOD BLESS
Tito Ajah
Tito Ajah 8 days ago
Easy for the master (when I see it).... But when i done it's very hard 😭😭😭
bangers n mash
bangers n mash 8 days ago
Down side to this channel is he dont tell u how long to cook things for
Thorsten Limmer
Thorsten Limmer 13 days ago
What would he do without corn starch? :-)
Nolwazi Mhlongo
Nolwazi Mhlongo 14 days ago
How hot is that Korean chilli paste 😨? Jeez!
Preethi 14 days ago
Was it maggi seasoning???????
Rosaire Daigle
Rosaire Daigle 14 days ago
Idk if this is just me, but it's not ASMR if you put high energy music in the background. Looking at you, slime asmr compilations.
Zobair Ahmed
Zobair Ahmed 15 days ago
Plz subscribe ruvid.net/video/video-eKpQxKB3KlM.html
Jordan Vas
Jordan Vas 15 days ago
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Satvika Mareedu
Satvika Mareedu 15 days ago
0:38 Maggi seasoning??
mirudhu bashini
mirudhu bashini 16 days ago
Kudos to the camera man
Bob Michon
Bob Michon 16 days ago
always like before watching the video !
BangBoy 17 days ago
Chef... Pls use right hand/fingers to mix/marinate...!
Salonie's Simple Kitchen
Love the video, love the recipe.
At second knife stroke, I seriously thought he's gonna cut his thumb
manas ranjan samal
manas ranjan samal 17 days ago
What we can use instead of wine Pls suggest
claude belgian
claude belgian 19 days ago
chef cook now eat next week.
Faris Ibrahim
Faris Ibrahim 19 days ago
Turmeric and salt. Viola~
Being Doctor
Being Doctor 19 days ago
Where are other spices??
Threll. 20 days ago
I did the 2:49 *Wow the slap from my mom is crispy*
Lynsha parth
Lynsha parth 21 day ago
Is it necessary to add corn starch and egg every time😂,, how u became chef..???? U know nothing
Lowlands 21 day ago
I love the camera work of this channel It's like an ASMR of cooking
Sachin Das
Sachin Das 22 days ago
Chef you mademe hungry
Izzone Said
Izzone Said 22 days ago
I would call this chef as corn starch chef...what a great hand and mind to cook what he like
Shafiya Raunaq
Shafiya Raunaq 24 days ago
The way he cooks is very satisfying 🙂
Génesis Peralta
Génesis Peralta 27 days ago
Por Dios!!! Todo se ve tan rico!!!
Ajit Jayaram
Ajit Jayaram 28 days ago
Great recipe! Must be yummy for sure.
Rodolfo perez burgoin
Que no que el youtube es publico.
Oshin 29 days ago
Someone show this to quan xd
Melikşah Month ago
Hi Chef John I am muslim. And ı dont want use Red wine what can ı use instead of Red wine. Thanks.
Richard James
Richard James Month ago
This guys is the best ....I cook almost all of his recipes n it's so great n eat to make so tasty...keep making them 🙏🌶
Alaska Shofiqul
Alaska Shofiqul Month ago
Sam sanjoy
Sam sanjoy Month ago
Why he use his left hand🤮
Congratulations for 2 million advance
ds 123 sample
ds 123 sample Month ago
Ahahahah Xi jinping is cooking.
🤢🤮🤮🤮 no sugar only salt
Peachy Blush
Peachy Blush Month ago
Khane k nam pr kuch b add krdo. Orange juice, ketchup, honey. Mtlb kuch b?? 😒😒
Healthy Treat Bd
Chicken fry recipe very tasty recipe full watched
Melky Johan
Melky Johan Month ago
Garena Free Fire Vietnam
0:46 1 pha xử lí đập trứng đi vào lòng đất
Gajendra singh
Gajendra singh Month ago
i am a vegetarian still i am watching....😘😀🤣😢
Michele Ricciuto
Debjyoti the youtuber
I eat this day everyday because my brother sells along with barbeque chicken wings, malai tikka and 4 more
Sanju Rahman
Sanju Rahman Month ago
orrange turned out my new favourite color after subsribing this channel
Shikher Kanodia
Shikher Kanodia 2 months ago
Your father made that chicken or your mother??
Dave D'Video Maker
Dave D'Video Maker 2 months ago
For me, no need for a sauce.
Dave D'Video Maker
Dave D'Video Maker 2 months ago
Maggi? Use Knorr.
Elizabeth Cody
Elizabeth Cody 2 months ago
What is the 5 spice powder?
Arjun Iyer
Arjun Iyer 2 months ago
what is the background music for the second recipe in the video??
Ramala Anusha
Ramala Anusha 2 months ago
Please do one video about Indian varities/food
creative explores
creative explores 2 months ago
This recipes are far better than KFC 💜💜
athenalyshia brousseau
This is making me hungry
Sarunya Reese
Sarunya Reese 2 months ago
I loved your cooking 😍😍 you're the best of all
Ben Fitial
Ben Fitial 2 months ago
His a Master Art and Chef..🤔hmmm, no wonder that he loves to beautify things to attract people and he loves to cook. 👍😉 ,..That why his a MASTER CHEF!!😃
UNIQUE Foods 2 months ago
It is an amazing recipe Chef. 😯❤️💜😋
Princess Amagbo
Princess Amagbo 2 months ago
This guy wife is very lucky, he can cook like this? Wow!!!
Dynamic Entry
Dynamic Entry 2 months ago
If I was a chicken, my dream after I am dead, would be to be cooked by Chef John.
Ivan Day ago
Parish magnificent
Parish magnificent 13 days ago
or cinerator?
Rakib Hossen
Rakib Hossen 13 days ago
IndieSoul6772 13 days ago
Damn men...
Raja Basumatary
Raja Basumatary 15 days ago
You're a lame person
Jigmeth Dorji
Jigmeth Dorji 2 months ago
It looks so delicious that i can even get the smell of the fried chicken through ma phone
jenn baking
jenn baking 3 months ago
wow mouth watering ♥️♥️♥️
Big Poluca
Big Poluca 3 months ago
Yoooo that's straight legit fried chicken
Maithily priya Priya
Second one I should try but with out adding white wine and Korean chiilipaste 😋👍
Maithily priya Priya
Second one I should try but with out adding white wine and Korean chiilipaste 😋👍
Yoshi 3 months ago
All right another good ol fashioned ass mister video
Saijai Cheunarom
Saijai Cheunarom 3 months ago
😁 Lekker love you bat not see you face no ploblem en Infinity Afdrukken 💶 die kookles not dangerus for publiek you can Fredom doen
Saijai Cheunarom
Saijai Cheunarom 3 months ago
You are Right kookles preve 🌐 security © worldweide 🌐 € 3000 euro 💶 per maand Slaries for Food home en studie you can every thing to good doen Fredom for ever RUvid 📱
chaina cheng
chaina cheng 3 months ago
Thank cheff john its ,lots cook its super hmmmmm yummy i hope if i"am to eat a lots i"am chubby no i"am sexy too
tony peralta
tony peralta 3 months ago
Excelente calidad de video e ingenió saludos amigos la cocina nos une desde Oaxaca....
uaneh content
uaneh content 3 months ago
Azemoo Nyan
Azemoo Nyan 3 months ago
Whats the name of the music? Tnx
LFC6 3 months ago
Quality channel this, glad i found. Thanks
Keith Dias
Keith Dias 3 months ago
I have a variant of this recipe on my channel as well it’s perfect for the tough times we’re dealing with. I use less ingredients and less oil but the outcome is almost similar in taste visit my channel if you would like to watch it ruvid.net/video/video-EyXjKgNF7i4.html
TheWhiteFoxTruth 3 months ago
This music is also super relaxing. Shame theirs no link to it. Great ASMR vid!
Mu Saravanan Siva
Mu Saravanan Siva 3 months ago
The last recipe... power
john doe
john doe 3 months ago
Can you do a chicken in garlic sauce?
Jev Lin
Jev Lin 3 months ago
The real chef John
m1k3ziLLa silentnoise
Nothing goes wrong the last one
AACHI KITCHEN 3 months ago
Love the music when cut the fry chicken
Jun Joshias Momin
Jun Joshias Momin 3 months ago
Indian Chinese
Hwa Sugeng
Hwa Sugeng 3 months ago
Aku suka cara masaknya chef.Tq ya
Steven Suat
Steven Suat 3 months ago
uu nice.............does anybody know the name of that wooden tong/cliperr ?
Anas Khalil
Anas Khalil 3 months ago
Second music name please?
Adriii Argente
Adriii Argente 4 months ago
Hayss bat ganto pinapanuod ko sa madaling araw
Bahadel Yamamoto
Bahadel Yamamoto 4 months ago
What can we use instead of the wine ? Good job chefii 👌🏽
SHUIAB SYED 4 months ago
Chef I see your passion,love honesty grace And kind heartednesss in your cooking style is unique and I salute the videograper to present you so interestingly and beautiful videography in class loved it you all team nailed it good luck to you all😚🤗👍
Grace and Marvellous wonders
Your lucky I can not eat this channel!!
Steeven Hmart
Steeven Hmart 4 months ago
Mr John is a king in kitchen too good
Vegeta and Slaine
Vegeta and Slaine 4 months ago
Soundtrack is just like your dish Amazing
Brian Gacheru
Brian Gacheru 4 months ago
Always admire your cooking. Great work master chef.
Ghai Dalisay
Ghai Dalisay 4 months ago
Very simple it easy to follow i like it.
dannyyong75 4 months ago
The 1 tbsp of ingredients sure dun look like 1 tbsp. 😂
Naomi-Rafa Tennis Champs
I know its delicious but somebody will kill me if I do this recipe..wil kick me out of the house Waaaaaaa..poor me ..
Prasanna Kumari
Prasanna Kumari 4 months ago
Wow super sir.. delicious..chicken fries. Tq u..😄😍😍
Little Chef food secrets
Im watching this video 7th tim
Little Chef food secrets
Beautiful food
Siew Ling Chang
Siew Ling Chang 4 months ago
Thank u so much chef
Momshie Bunny
Momshie Bunny 4 months ago
I love your videos. They’re short, straight to the point, and informative. Keep the videos coming! 😁✌🍗🍗🍗
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