How to Make Free Energy Water Pump - Ram Pump

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How to make a hydraulic ram pump which requires no electricity and no motor.
NOTE : This pump uses falling water to lift a lesser amount of water to a higher elevation than the source. So, being primarily used for lifting relatively small amount of water to a higher elevation. if you want to deliver 2 cubic meter of water to an elevated location, you need at least 6 cubic meters of water to operate the pump 4 cubic meters of which will be used to drive the pump and goes directly as waste.

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26 май 2017

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Junkyard - Origin of Creativity
This Pump is a cyclic water pump powered by hydropower. It takes in water at one "hydraulic head" (pressure) and flow rate, and outputs water at a higher hydraulic head and lower flow rate. Applications: 1. Pumping drinking water from streams that have significant slop. 2. Lifting irrigation water from streams or raised irrigation channels. 3.Lifting drinking water from springs to settlements on higher ground.
Grazyna Gren
Grazyna Gren 17 дней назад
Junkyard - Origin of Creativityi
Bima Wirawan
Bima Wirawan 24 дня назад
Pompaair Tanpa listrik
James Richardson
James Richardson Месяц назад
Can this be used to pump water from under ground well into a holding tank.
iyan aldy
iyan aldy 2 месяца назад
Min tolong kasih tau nama alat dan bahan yang d perlukan donk
Advgdgjj Asfgj
Advgdgjj Asfgj 2 месяца назад
Junkyard - Origin of Creativity
Neverland Technology
Neverland Technology День назад
What is the brass one called
Plioliang 10
Plioliang 10 День назад
paralon per2 ap pe4
Otonieldeoliveirasouza Tony
Otonieldeoliveirasouza Tony 2 дня назад
Ficou uma merda joga agua maus fora do que leva pra caixa.
الفاروق الفاروق
الفاروق الفاروق 2 дня назад
هذا فلم..هندي..الماء يصل الى مستواه...الاواني المستطرقه
Viet Cong
Viet Cong 3 дня назад
this is very efficient. imagine getting power (electric generator) from the flowrate of the water and use the electric pump using the same water source.. i guess the efficiency would not as good as this one. i hope someone will do the experiment
The Le the
The Le the 3 дня назад
Lượng nước mất đi quá lớn
forest survival
forest survival 7 дней назад
very simple job ... for ingredients easily found ... thanks
durai rajaraman
durai rajaraman 8 дней назад
Shall any one explains the working principle of this system with diagrams.
MD WAQUAR UDDIN 8 дней назад
It's a hydraulics ram pump I did it in my college project
Pridiction Dream11
Pridiction Dream11 8 дней назад
Pls share dimensions..
Très Facile !
Très Facile ! 11 дней назад
merci Junkyard
Reginaldo Silva
Reginaldo Silva 12 дней назад
Traduzido bomba carneiro muito bom gostei
Дед Пихто
Дед Пихто 14 дней назад
Название этого устройства "гидро-таран". И Диз. Что не указан источник. И если можно было, поставил бы ещё, Диз. За неправильное название ролика. Какой же этот насос бесплатный?!
Gorb Locke
Gorb Locke 15 дней назад
What kind of sorcery is this?
Raul Hernandez
Raul Hernandez 18 дней назад
Es más lo q tira q lo q bombea jajaja como sacan chingaderas
ChrisGZ 18 дней назад
Eres un idiota desechando el agua
abdulaziz z
abdulaziz z 19 дней назад
غير مفهوم اابد من الشرح ⁉
Danny Villanueva
Danny Villanueva 19 дней назад
Eso no es energía libre 😒, usa energía cinética y tiene poca eficiencia, aunque es muy útil en algunos lugares
Ramdas Pawar
Ramdas Pawar 19 дней назад
Size kitni hai
Almamy Timera
Almamy Timera 21 день назад
Moi j'aime ça
ฟิล์ม ฟิล์ม
ฟิล์ม ฟิล์ม 21 день назад
More information construction in www.bombadearietehidraulico.com/
Maurinei Costa
Maurinei Costa 23 дня назад
e esse disperdicio de agua??????
Thomas Kitzinger
Thomas Kitzinger 23 дня назад
1772 von John Withehorst erfunden und patentiert. Not new.
Alberto Sanchez G.
Alberto Sanchez G. 24 дня назад
Pero tira mucha agua no?
Luciano Fonseca
Luciano Fonseca 24 дня назад
Fake... nao funciona nem a pau
Juan Montes
Juan Montes 24 дня назад
Que desperdicio de agua
cachoera br
cachoera br 25 дней назад
Dmitriy S
Dmitriy S 25 дней назад
Девяносто процентов воды сливается, за счёт этого остальные десять процентов, подаются на высоту несколько метров.
Tuấn Đinh
Tuấn Đinh 26 дней назад
Chịu,, chả hiểu được tí nào
shaikhfaizan shaikh
shaikhfaizan shaikh 28 дней назад
Water waste
Daro Darowski
Daro Darowski 28 дней назад
Powietrzna pompa ciepla
antonio Silva
antonio Silva 28 дней назад
Olá amigo o nome dessa vauvola?
محمد محمد
محمد محمد 29 дней назад
Uprawa Pieczarek
Uprawa Pieczarek 29 дней назад
Tak. Perpetum mobile dla idiotów...
i kom
i kom 29 дней назад
The wording explain will be good
Machine Geek
Machine Geek 29 дней назад
Energy can not be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another. Stop calling shit free energy, it's not free if it's taken from somewhere. You did a really poor job of showing how this device is supposed to work. At best what you are doing is turning water flow into a hydraulic conversion which is used to pump water in another place. It's useful but not free.
IrfanYunus yunus
IrfanYunus yunus Месяц назад
Its like hydroneumatic pump
hayrullah usta
hayrullah usta Месяц назад
Takip edin türkce anlatim sıze yapılısını anlatımını yapım
Svkathiresan Svkathiresan
Svkathiresan Svkathiresan Месяц назад
I can not understand how to suck the water starting.
Prabhu Mohan
Prabhu Mohan Месяц назад
Can we use it for borewell? Water is at 40 feet deep...
Cào Cào Vlogs
Cào Cào Vlogs Месяц назад
Your video is very good quality. Great sound and picture. Thank you for sharing your experience, techniques, tips and especially your very compelling video. I wish you health and success offline. and soon create many great videos. I support you.
Juan Olivier
Juan Olivier Месяц назад
What percentage of the water is pumped to a higher location?
Bhogichand Месяц назад
Explain how it works. Is the pressure enough to rise the water level to that much height?
Sheetal Room
Sheetal Room Месяц назад
mohmmad salim Ahmedbhai
mohmmad salim Ahmedbhai Месяц назад
50℅ पानी तो वेस्ट जा रहाहै
Adil Gali
Adil Gali Месяц назад
Чтобы поднять 5 л воды надо разлить 20... умно ничего не скажешь.. и рядом стоять и доливать в баклашку
Mr Jamz
Mr Jamz Месяц назад
Pravoslavniy Rus
Pravoslavniy Rus Месяц назад
А если замкнуть систему, то будет ли она вращать генератор??? Бляааа, это же вечный двигатель!!!
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