How to Make Free Energy Water Pump - Ram Pump

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How to make a hydraulic ram pump which requires no electricity and no motor.
Things used in my project
1. Buy Check Valve from amzn.to/2CYOGhP
2. Buy Valve from amzn.to/2UFwAvH
NOTE : This pump uses falling water to lift a lesser amount of water to a higher elevation than the source. So, being primarily used for lifting relatively small amount of water to a higher elevation. if you want to deliver 2 cubic meter of water to an elevated location, you need at least 6 cubic meters of water to operate the pump 4 cubic meters of which will be used to drive the pump and goes directly as waste.

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May 26, 2017

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Junkyard - Origin of Creativity
This Pump is a cyclic water pump powered by hydropower. It takes in water at one "hydraulic head" (pressure) and flow rate, and outputs water at a higher hydraulic head and lower flow rate. Applications: 1. Pumping drinking water from streams that have significant slop. 2. Lifting irrigation water from streams or raised irrigation channels. 3.Lifting drinking water from springs to settlements on higher ground.
05r 15 hours ago
hemanth kumar but it is free energy
minombre tengo dos
Puta mierda
smile ever
smile ever 2 months ago
Wow అద్భుతం wonderful
Vv3E 3 months ago
Hi, I just did build my first ram pump base on your video but it fail to work as yours. I did took photo and video, how should I pass to you, so you can help me to check what went wrong? Thanks. Can I get your email? Or anyone who successfully build own ram pump? Can teach me? Thanks
M.muthu jaya
M.muthu jaya 3 months ago
If we use this system in washing machine by supplying water in the pipe. Cause we don't have gravity tank .. so by using this system it's will create enough volume and pressure in the line....pls reply my comment. I need to fix this in my home
justin miller
justin miller Hour ago
People from India lie a lot too. Everyone lies. :7)
Edmark Bondoc
Edmark Bondoc 14 hours ago
Pemusnah Broker
Pemusnah Broker 18 hours ago
wasted water
lê minh hoàng
Có cách nào tiết chế lượng nước chảy ra đầu van ko?
yan morthybus
un belier
Ramesh Prabhu
I understand gravity for water to conw down but where does pressure coming from to push water up against gravity???
Ikbal Mechanical
I think its based on water hammer effect. Just look water hammer in the Google search. Its effect of pressure increase when high velocity water flow sudently stoped. U can see the effect when u close water tap.
Kjs Gill
Kjs Gill 2 days ago
Nice 👍🏽project !! Request you to list the names , and , sizes , respectively , of various items used in this project . Thankyou !
Astrid Layl
Astrid Layl 2 days ago
Subscribe my chanell..much suprise ..Wowww
Anil Tanwar
Anil Tanwar 2 days ago
Pani to vest ho rha na bhai
Aris Setyawan
Aris Setyawan 3 days ago
Peppa pig
Peppa pig 3 days ago
Certainly a clever invention
william nicholson
Its not free energy but uses the energy in the water and wastes lots of water.
amit singh
amit singh Day ago
what we can do is collect the wasted water at the bottom and reuse it
Giuseppe Mosca
Giuseppe Mosca 5 days ago
Alberto Cabral
Alberto Cabral 5 days ago
Hola á todos. Eso se llama bomba de Ariete que es el apellido del francés que la inventó.
Yoto Tobar
Yoto Tobar 5 days ago
Desperdicia más que lo que sube
صلاح عزيز
هذه العمليه تفسر سقي المزروعات في الجنائن المعلقه في بابل في عصر نبوخذ نصر وبدون مضخات كهربائيه
Roberto Silvi
Roberto Silvi 8 days ago
David Morales
David Morales 9 days ago
Tiras mucho Agua entonces cuál es el beneficio para mí no sirve talves en un arrollo pro paralo q hicistes no
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz 9 days ago
Akhil Antony
Akhil Antony 10 days ago
Aljar Lase
Aljar Lase 10 days ago
send video via wa pleace 085216624913
Marissa Poyos
Marissa Poyos 12 days ago
Good idea but more waste water supply are not used greater than received water to tank.
Sergey D
Sergey D 13 days ago
Бесплатный насос без электричества. Это устройство называется гидротаран и поднимет оно вветх максимум 10% от ёмкости в бочке
love Zub
love Zub 14 days ago
Not a good idea cz other tap left water at ground so it's waste the water too much
Zahra Seeff
Zahra Seeff 15 days ago
يعني هل تصلح للبر محفور او بدل مظخة مياه الكهرب
stanley David
stanley David 16 days ago
Does it worked on Wells sir?
kuro Gaming
kuro Gaming 18 days ago
Jancok judulnya indo tapi deskripsi nya Inggris
Anshor Falahi
Anshor Falahi 13 days ago
Itu di translate oleh RUvid nya......
каждый имеет права на жить
Где можно купить
سلام سلام
سلام سلام 25 days ago
اريد تعليق عربي ماكو اريد نعرف السالفةِ صدك جذب؟؟
Trần Văn Hưng
Trần Văn Hưng 27 days ago
Nhưng nước ở van số 1 ko thu hồi lại dc
prasanta jana
prasanta jana 27 days ago
After connection , how to start it? It is awesome. Thanks
kafkuba Month ago
The source (black tank) should have hose at bottom.. It works on potential energy...not suction. This set up is not how intended.
Rubens J. Pinto
Rubens J. Pinto Month ago
Hola, buenas tarde: Qual o nome da valvulas? são iguais? da jacto d'agua? Gracias
David Kirkpatrick
Thats conduit fittings not for water
Namaste Month ago
Give us Background music link.
Jakub Doležálek
Umm and the pipe when u don't have those IT 's not free
Alan Hinostroza
Alan Hinostroza Month ago
diameter of pipes ???
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez Month ago
Bro, why check valve looking down? I do the bomb and don't do the water hammer. Any solution?
GB Est
GB Est Month ago
This tutorial is reaaly helpful, even idiots would understand this. Thanks fo the work.
ahmed ID
ahmed ID Month ago
Not work
Prasanth Prakash
It's can use in well
Ani Tool
Ani Tool 2 months ago
hey this guys are doing very differently ruvid.net/video/video-K9ZhkDJMjk8.html ruvid.net/video/video-7R0OCCm8thc.html
garfield leones
garfield leones 2 months ago
why cant we pump water without waste any of it?
Hoa Nguyen
Hoa Nguyen 2 months ago
Nước thừa thì bỏ đi Hà ban
தாித்திரDesam மக்குன்னி மக்கள்
ஒரு தெலுங்கன் கூறுகின்றான் தமிழை காக்க போகின்றானாம் ? ஆடு நனைகின்றதே என்று ஓநாய் அழுததாம் !
Cazkey LastName
Cazkey LastName 2 months ago
I wonder if you could make a closed loop system with a gravity powered micro hydro generator between tank B while it feeds back to tank A?
Nies Aggreini
Nies Aggreini 2 months ago
U can undersize pipe in put water after the knop..
Jonjon jon
Jonjon jon 2 months ago
100% FAkE
santhosh kumar Rai
santhosh kumar Rai 2 months ago
Is it a sin to listen to the actual sound of the surroundings? Why evey video has the bgm. Discouraging.
fuad hasim
fuad hasim 2 months ago
Hector Cortez
Hector Cortez 2 months ago
Waooo exelente
Abhijith jithu
Abhijith jithu 2 months ago
Is there any specification in the length of the pipe pieces used
Marjan Spasovski
Marjan Spasovski 2 months ago
Or shoud i make bigger pump. Thanks everyone. Need help please
Marjan Spasovski
Marjan Spasovski 2 months ago
Great video
Marjan Spasovski
Marjan Spasovski 2 months ago
Will this MODEL raze water in hose long 100 meters diference in hight 4 meters. I have river Flow. Or shoud make bigger. Need help please. Thanks everyone
Isa Kose
Isa Kose Month ago
It should. Look for 'ram pump' videos.
SUDIP DUTTA 2 months ago
What is Inlet pipe Diameter and length and source height in this setup?? And also What is the outlet pipe diameter ??
adam hamlin
adam hamlin 2 months ago
This isn't bad click bait though. Farmers actually use this as a free alternative to pump water from rivers to higher fields, as opposed to diesel pumps!!
Rex McStiller
Rex McStiller 3 months ago
Free energie? Bullshit. It use the energy of the flowing water.
ade ajja
ade ajja 3 months ago
kalo jerigen nya dibawah/ langsung kolam bisa gas ??
seewai Leong
seewai Leong 3 months ago
Fake, no free energy
Roberto Gblu87
Roberto Gblu87 3 months ago
Desperdicia demasiada agua
Isabella Young
Isabella Young 3 months ago
Thanks for simplifying your video some dum dums don't know how to show their work
Eien Css
Eien Css 3 months ago
Jajajaj super fake, además de desperdiciar el agua.
Kerry 3 months ago
Does anyone know if it will pump 400' in elevation?
jardel santos
jardel santos 3 months ago
Pra que tanta pressão😩😂😂😂
luqman rashid
luqman rashid 3 months ago
one problem though. how do you recover the water loss from the check valve? if not, its still a waste of water because we can't use all the water. i hope someone can solve the problem on the wastage.
Junkyard - Origin of Creativity
watch my latest video on dual RAM Pump where amount to waste water is reduced as compare to water out.
Flyboy lifestyle
Flyboy lifestyle 3 months ago
How can this be done with no waste? Can it not have a valve of some kindto recirulate waste bk to source!
Junkyard - Origin of Creativity
Check out my Latest video on dual RAM Pump where amount to waste water is reduced as compare to water out.
Salah005 Salah005
Salah005 Salah005 3 months ago
مفهمت شي
Percalina 3 months ago
Exactamente subirá la cantidad de agua relacionada entre la altura de la bomba y el depósito donante y la altura de la bomba y el depósito receptor. Y la energía inicial es la energía potencian del agua en el depósito que previamente se ha puesto a diferente altura que la bomba. Nada de energía libre.
Pankaj Baindara
Pankaj Baindara 3 months ago
Chutiya kaatta h maderjaat 😤😤😤
Edgar Villegas
Edgar Villegas 3 months ago
Cómo se llaman las dos prisas de cobre que hacen la función de empujar el agua
Junkyard - Origin of Creativity
esta válvula de retención dos se utiliza para generar efecto de martilleo.
Kiên Võ
Kiên Võ 3 months ago
Cho mjh hỏi là mua cái van đo o đâu vây
Junkyard - Origin of Creativity
van này được gọi là van kiểm tra đồng thau
RYAN ESCOTE 3 months ago
can these pump works on deep well?
Chris B
Chris B Month ago
Beryl Augusta
Beryl Augusta 3 months ago
How high can this take?
Riski Taslim
Riski Taslim 3 months ago
Yogesh Patil
Yogesh Patil 3 months ago
Abe Ali bag se aya hai qya chu
evets1709 3 months ago
Am I correct in thinking that your source water must still be higher that your pump?Not a ctiticism, just a genuine question. THen, a follow up would be, is there a way to somehow "prime" the system to form a suction so that it can de=raw water from a point lower than the pump and then use it to pump water to a higher tank. I am thinking of a situation where water is need say 100m higher than a dam. Can it be pumped in stages say through 4 of 5 levels. Time is not a worry, as I realise it would be slow. My main question still comes back to the source water needing to be higher than the pump. Thanks. And reading these comments --- Jarrod GFY Instead of belittling ppl try helping, you may even like it
Junkyard - Origin of Creativity
see my latest video which is on free energy water pump...
Tendo idéias
Tendo idéias 3 months ago
O problema é que perde mais agua do que se aproveita
irwan setiawan
irwan setiawan 3 months ago
Apa Cuma Gw Orang Indonesia Yg Comment Disini..?? Ini Maksud'a Apa Sh..?? PeLajaran Sambung Menyambung Pipa..??
muhammad hatta
muhammad hatta 2 months ago
@Sugeng Fajar wah... mantap tu. Air bor, air sumur apa air sungai tu yg udh pernah di coba?
Sugeng Fajar
Sugeng Fajar 2 months ago
@muhammad hattaak prnh nyoba bikin kok bos. Air dri bawah bs naik ke atas tanpa pompa listrik. Tpi air yg nyampe atas cma kecil.
muhammad hatta
muhammad hatta 2 months ago
@Sugeng Fajar itu sumber air lebih tinggi dari pompa pendorong air. Klau sumber air lebih rendah dari pompa nya kira2 apa bisa mendorong air juga? Klau bisa adacan mesin pompa gak laku lagi ya...
Sugeng Fajar
Sugeng Fajar 3 months ago
Itu mksd nya ngalir'in air dari bawah ke tandon air di atas tanpa pake mesin pompa bro. Air bisa naik sendiri tanpa bantuan listrik.
betix rowo chanel
betix rowo chanel 3 months ago
Coba lewat air sumur bukan dari tempat yg lebih tinggi dari pompa ny
muhammad shakir
muhammad shakir 3 months ago
Woooow its good now its working.
Mas pra q serve issooo?
Hajijavid Javid
Hajijavid Javid 4 months ago
Lal cheen
मंजु देवी टांडिया टांडिया
सब बकवास है तेरा ये माडल मोदी को भेजना बहुत शाबाशी देगा
Francisco Xavier
Francisco Xavier 4 months ago
Simplesmente genial. 👏👏👏👏👏
Joanna Acevedo Skipworth
Nice hands!
Meet Patel
Meet Patel 4 months ago
I made it ...but its not working help pls
Chris B
Chris B Month ago
You may need to prime the system first, by letting the water from the smaller container right through. before allowing it to the valve / hose going up to build pressure (keep in mind, this water is elevated and thus has some pressure. Wells will not) The brass valves are check/1way valves (note the opposing directions) and once they are in play the pressure builds up in the 'bladder' the pop bottle. This won't work without using check valves, But think of it like this, he is using strong flow to build up pressure (compressing air in bottle) to generate less water at lower pressure, but enough to get it up to that height. Check out this vid too : ruvid.net/video/video-bzaInlFVq0s.html
Bollybood news Everyday
Mader chod
Venkata Kishore Mygapula
It is not working and where did you use Teflon
gregorio casas
gregorio casas 4 months ago
Venkata Kishore Mygapula
Where did you use Teflon tape in this project
Venkata Kishore Mygapula
Plz send reply because I have science ware
Venkata Kishore Mygapula
Plz send reply before 27 feb
Venkata Kishore Mygapula
Send reply
Juan camilo Dominguez Viveros
I have a question the water outlet can be more inches and the entrance can be stuck on the key of a tank of 200litres square the key has it on the bottom I say that by putting it at the same level of the tank I would like to know if it goes to the top of the tank
Juan camilo Dominguez Viveros
I have a question the water outlet can be more inches and the entrance can be stuck on the key of a tank of 200litres square the key has it on the bottom I say that by putting it at the same level of the tank I would like to know if it goes to the top of the tank
Zafran Khan
Zafran Khan 4 months ago
Wast of water
salm bama
salm bama 4 months ago
good idea we live in poor country...some times no fuel...no electricity... how can we use it with 2 inch pipes or more. can we stop waste water on land .. plse answer. to whats 00967711685102
kamel bendjeda
kamel bendjeda 4 months ago
U loose lot of water.
Sulistyo Eko
Sulistyo Eko 4 months ago
Klep pipa dimodifikasi ato asli dari pabrik om?
Sulistyo Eko
Sulistyo Eko 4 months ago
Maksud saya katup tabo ori gag dimodifikasi!!!ap ad sedikit modifikasi pd katupny.mnt pencerahanny om
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