How To Make Focaccia | Jamie & Gennaro

Jamie Oliver
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Old pals Jamie & Gennaro show you how to make two different focaccia recipes. Gennaro opts for simple tomato and basil flavours, while Jamie adds crushed potatoes, fresh thyme and a handful of gorgonzola. Soft, fluffy bread with delicious toppings - you’ll be hard pressed not to eat these straight from the oven! Serve alone or with cured meats for a tasty and filling snack.
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Apr 12, 2015




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Comments 80
Anne Retsil
Anne Retsil Day ago
I love the idea of men in suits baking. It's like pastry agents. Haha love these! So therapeutic.
Petra Wilken
Petra Wilken Day ago
Oh how i love you guys!!
NoelIra Filomeno
just did this. Hope it comes out well.
ozge yilmaz
ozge yilmaz Day ago
I did it annnddd my tray came out to be small:-) Thus I have a foccaccio cake😳Still tasty though...
Alexina Ashcroft
Alexina Ashcroft 2 days ago
Never fails, thank you Jamie and Gennaro, especially the kneading ti[, as an ex potter I tend to be a bit heavy handed.
Andrew and Natalie Still
i love genaro
icantdothisagain 3 days ago
Marianne Johnpillai
How do I get the recipe to print
iguasu che
iguasu che 4 days ago
why you don´t put all ingredient on the screen
Ligia Macedo
Ligia Macedo 4 days ago
I love him! He reminds me of my nonno!!!!
Miutube74 5 days ago
You guys Rock ! Love love love all your recipes and try most of them.
Kay Rulez
Kay Rulez 6 days ago
Tried and tested amazing!!!
maggie hari
maggie hari 6 days ago
Love you Gennaro...and Jamie I suppose. Jk. Anyway, bacon and caramelised red onion topping 😋
Kaanthi Perera
Kaanthi Perera 7 days ago
I did try this recipe just yesterday. Lovely out come. Everyone enjoyed at home. Thank you for your wonderful recipe..
mangonoob 7 days ago
Gennaro is a national treasure. I wish he was my dad 😂
Razor Slasher
Razor Slasher 8 days ago
I died twice give me an infinite-uh maybe last try reveal moles i have never seen before in 3minutes 30 seconds
Mostafa Ibrahim
Mostafa Ibrahim 9 days ago
My man
Rocio Davila
Rocio Davila 9 days ago
I genaro I did everything as you and Jaime show in the video but mi focaccia never grow up ( and I use the 7 grs of yeast) I wish I could show you how it ends so you can tell me what did I did wrong
Daniel mj
Daniel mj 9 days ago
Hi guys I made this during lockdown, I used red onion, rosemary and thin sliced chorizo. Absolutely delicious.
nothing beats focaccia genovese..Con cipoli specifucally.
Alma FontiniKristi
Alma FontiniKristi 10 days ago
Yurii Khomiak
Yurii Khomiak 11 days ago
Is it possible to use rye flour instead of wheat flour?
A Dotor
A Dotor 12 days ago
Really love him
Kojima Geniy
Kojima Geniy 13 days ago
I love Focaccias.
Sophia Alexandra
Sophia Alexandra 13 days ago
I looooved this recipe, thank you both for the entertaining way that you teach :-)
utbbabe 13 days ago
focaccia needs more holes and pockets
Laurie Cabrera
Laurie Cabrera 14 days ago
Sooo great! Watching in 2020!
zichen wu
zichen wu 15 days ago
augusto cordeiro
augusto cordeiro 15 days ago
now that i know gennaro was his mentor, it explains a lot. thats why jamie is so passionate when talking about food.
Bev White
Bev White 15 days ago
Love Genaro. I have located dried yeast in lock down, I cannot wait to make this focaccia. I’m going with Genaros version, sorry Jamie, but double carbs in lockdown not good for the waist line 😉
robnvon johnson
robnvon johnson 15 days ago
Everybody loves Gennaro, how can you not?
Tian Tian
Tian Tian 15 days ago
"pastels of ooh-la-la" "we love you!" I love Gennaro and Jamie
CheryllMeredith 16 days ago
Having no luck finding the recipe. Help please! Thank you.
stoney268 16 days ago
Scott Wackett
Scott Wackett 16 days ago
Just made my first Focaccia after being inspired by you both! Did my own spin of topping...amazing...yessss! Big love to you Genar🤙💙
Priya Arya
Priya Arya 16 days ago
Made this beauty but I reckon it needs a little more salt the dough it comes out bland
Chris Heyward
Chris Heyward 16 days ago
be careful, too much salt can interfere with the action of the yeast
intrigued99 16 days ago
Love Gennaros cooking and his details. Hope he is doing well and safe!
Santiago Fajnzyn Di Camillo
Santiago Fajnzyn Di Camillo
Danny Bieko
Danny Bieko 17 days ago
Love the passion gennaro has, Jamie has had a great mentor
Candy Cabrera-Polintan
Is it okay if I use dried herbs? If yes, do I need to sprinkle it also with olive oil? Thanks
Júlia Bogajo
Júlia Bogajo 16 days ago
Yes and yes (put it on the palm of your hand, put some oil on top and break/grind the dried herbs against your hand) then you can use it. I do it every time I'm cooking, if it's going into the oven you add the oil, if it's for steak stews or soups you just rub then dried onto your hand to "break" the herbs and let their oil out
John Robinson
John Robinson 18 days ago
This recipe works very well. Thanks for sharing it!
L C 19 days ago
Can I use all purpose flour instead of bread flour? Bread flour is very difficult to get where I am :(
Gabriel Alexander
Gabriel Alexander 19 days ago
Suddenly Gennaro's accent became less Italian and more English.
Rolly Waight
Rolly Waight 19 days ago
wow delicious 😍😍
Cindi Thomas
Cindi Thomas 19 days ago
Great recipe! So soft
Jeanine's Kitchen
Jeanine's Kitchen 20 days ago
I really love him! lol
Hossain Nazmul
Hossain Nazmul 21 day ago
The dress code is something that surprises me 😂😂😂
FFB Blonde in the Kitchen
Olives and thyme with a sprinkle of kosher salt.
Ian Davies
Ian Davies 22 days ago
Love it 👌
Erich-Michael Schuler
Incredible ! I love it :)
Angela Raye
Angela Raye 22 days ago
Wished you had recipe with American measurements.
Vincent Razzano
Vincent Razzano 23 days ago
Genarro is the best. We love him!
gordon baker
gordon baker 23 days ago
I've made this twice it's so well explained even mine turned out perfect 👌
gordon baker
gordon baker 21 day ago
I made 1 You probably didn't knead the dough enough 😉. Watch how they work the dough and it will be perfect 👍
Emaan Qasim
Emaan Qasim 21 day ago
With these measui u made two bread or one?i made one abd it was sooo dense heavy
Pavel Gavlík
Pavel Gavlík 24 days ago
Just two chefs kneading dough in suits
Michelle Sanfilippo
Cannot wait to make this! Xx
Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear 24 days ago
Oh my god! I make focaccia most days at work, but wow good work guys. I wish genaro was my mentor!!
Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear 24 days ago
Really love him.
ayesha khan
ayesha khan 26 days ago
Amazing recipe. Thank you
Panderichthys rhombolepis
I LOVE GENNARO! Please tell him I said so! 😍😍😍
Hani S.S. Hazmi
Hani S.S. Hazmi 26 days ago
ofcourse we love him , both of ya
Good things Out there
People are suprised on suits they are wearing .. in Italia men wear shirts and jackets always no matter what they do.. sometimes just shirt .. if they want to be casual they combined white , blue or black shirt with jeans, they even wear white shirt in summer with shorts . Those younger and more edgy put leather jacket over... and shoes! shoes have to be always nice Italian leather shoes! Its mentality and they feel in this same as Americans in jogging clothes. They would die if you put them to gym /jogging clothes 😂.
Alex Kidd
Alex Kidd 26 days ago
Matt Harman
Matt Harman 27 days ago
Love Genaro! 👍
Documento De Receitas
fantastic recipe! Easy and delicious....
Juan Raura
Juan Raura 27 days ago
I would not cook when wearing a suit
Zardasht taha
Zardasht taha 28 days ago
I see Genaro I click
Mehwish Owais
Mehwish Owais 28 days ago
What happens if I slam the oven door
Mehwish Owais
Mehwish Owais 28 days ago
I love Jamie in a suit
Happy Mind
Happy Mind 28 days ago
Can i do it with whole flour?? Looks amazing!!!!
Franco Inocencia
Franco Inocencia 28 days ago
I really love the guy
Mikaël Grenier
Mikaël Grenier 28 days ago
Really love Gennraro. So I gave you a comment.
Amber Kenison
Amber Kenison 28 days ago
I won't even lie to you, I came to this channel because of how awesome Gennaro is. I stayed because he got better, and you turned out to be just as sweet about your cooking.
Dalma Gaceleze
Dalma Gaceleze 29 days ago
How you can not love the both of them they are great people love them and their recipes.
Ian Marcroft
Ian Marcroft 29 days ago
making this today with great tips especially putting oil on the herbs, my mix- red onion rosemary and Elephant garlic
Sadia Mumtaz
Sadia Mumtaz 26 days ago
How did it turn out?
valentina lazzarin
valentina lazzarin 29 days ago
Jamie is married. ....sigh!!😥
selenics 29 days ago
Want to make this but only have fresh yeast... Anyone happen to know if and how much should i use? Thanks!
B S.Osmanlıoğlu
Master and his son 😉
Shaun Cullen
Shaun Cullen Month ago
what a mentor to have bro! hahahah classic
Steve Jones Structural Therapy
Does it matter whether the bowl is glass, or if the tray is an aluminium one? Does this change the consistency at all? Live this recipe and love ‘ Genar’ and Jamie combo. ❤️ from Aus!!
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