HOW TO MAKE CHIA PUDDING ‣‣ 6 Amazing Chia Pudding Recipes

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Today I'm going to show you how to make chia pudding with 6 different variations. These healthy chia pudding recipes are easy, delicious and also great for vegan meal prep!
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Disclaimer: I partnered with iHerb on today's video. I was compensated to create the recipes, but as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting me and the companies that make this channel possible!

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Jun 14, 2019




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Comments 80
isa famillia
isa famillia Day ago
Tu parles trop on s en fou de ta vie...on veut du concret
Liz 2 days ago
Omg, everything looks so delicious
Sumeetha Jangra
Sumeetha Jangra 2 days ago
Can we eat this pudding in ketogenic diet ? I loved what u made
Nina K
Nina K Day ago
Except the banana bread one and for the others just take stevia or other keto friendly sweeteners instead of maple syrup or sugar. In fact I do it without sweeteners as the spices and berries etc give it enough flavour for me.
Ezza Ongsan
Ezza Ongsan 3 days ago
warm worm
warm worm 5 days ago
iherb but make it annoying
G n
G n 6 days ago
wait where can i get these ingredients???
Shreya Gaur
Shreya Gaur 6 days ago
I basically skipped the whole video and everytime it stopped... She said iherb. Maybe this video should be renamed as iherb video 🤔🤔
Evieteresa 7 days ago
Instructions unclear. Ended up buying herbs.
Kristin Heimburg
Kristin Heimburg 9 days ago
Wow, thats wayyyyy too much chia that you’re adding.
Hannah 9 days ago
Mine won’t activate and I waited 15 mins
_ariana ilie_
_ariana ilie_ 9 days ago
When you're Romanian and you re grandparents make all sorts of jams and syrups😂
Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle 11 days ago
How long can you keep them refrigerated before eating??
Messy Bun Fitness
Messy Bun Fitness 12 days ago
I ended up making the dark chocolate chia pudding, but I added in a dollop of creamy peanut butter and sprinkled some cacao nibs and slivered almonds on top. It tastes just like a peanut butter cup! It was so good I made my own recipe video LOL. Thanks for the inspo!
Livanna Romero
Livanna Romero 12 days ago
I just want to know how much you put of everything . I know the base recipe but how much of the spices, powders, maple syrups etc.
Ashwath Rao
Ashwath Rao 13 days ago
The recipe looks so yummy.. Btw I was wondering can I get those cute jars on Iherb as well????
Diamond Sketch
Diamond Sketch 14 days ago
The coconut one was sooo delicious
jessica aceste
jessica aceste 14 days ago
But the ingredients?
Chloe Delgado
Chloe Delgado 15 days ago
Jesus stoptalking about iherb
Eni Soenardi
Eni Soenardi 18 days ago
Enny Indonesia, thank you 👍
Johanne Boucher
Johanne Boucher 18 days ago
First time eating Chia !!! Really LUV THIS very yummy Thanks 🌈🇨🇦🌈
Messy Bun Fitness
Messy Bun Fitness 18 days ago
Love these recipes - great job! I am all over these, especially the strawberry cheesecake one! I'm definetely go to recreate the dark chocolate one and I think uplevel it with some peanut butter since I'm such a fan of that combo. I"ll report back on this! :)
Michelle Mawili
Michelle Mawili 19 days ago
it should be entitled "how to iHerb"
Sean Shatty
Sean Shatty 19 days ago
Chia seeds actually is high carb...
AllthingsCheri Allen
I see chia pudding in my future. Chocolate definitely as I have most of the ingredients. Coconut too! Thanks!
Nyome Coverdale
Nyome Coverdale 20 days ago
Starts at 1:29
Millica Thomas
Millica Thomas 21 day ago
I bet the whole person is also from iHerb
Lucia L
Lucia L 20 days ago
Millica Thomas Lmao 🤣
Chris St James
Chris St James 23 days ago
As you say, Amazing but could I Grind the Chis Seeds to make them a little more subtle or maybe work faster to Gel-up so we won't have to wait as long? I was thinking about Banana Puree Pudding to replace the Instant Jell-O brand and still use some Non-Dairy Almond Milk. Thank you so much.
Aysen Gezbeli
Aysen Gezbeli 24 days ago
mix chia and liquid, add whatever you want. making it do not take 10 minutes like this video
Dannie Marie
Dannie Marie 25 days ago
So I heard you might be able to find it on iherb?
Rameesha Khalid
Rameesha Khalid 25 days ago
mix dry ingredients before adding liquid...
Cantus Animus
Cantus Animus 26 days ago
She said it 16 times...
Sanaraoof 26 days ago
Just because she says iherb so many times, I don't want to visit Iherb. Jeez girl
artsyvideo 27 days ago
Great recipes. I tried using Rice to make Chia pudding in an Instant Pot because of a shortage of chia in my house during my quarantine. Here's what happened: ruvid.net/video/video-IES7CNXCXbw.html
Anastasia Ovchinnikova
So you don't have to wash chia seeds before ? I mean you can just use them right after opening the packaging?
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 26 days ago
Ec 27 days ago
Yeah my mom made it in my world no no no no
A. Barysaitė
A. Barysaitė 27 days ago
Kaurecious Kitchen
Kaurecious Kitchen 27 days ago
Join me for Easy Cooking #kaureciouskitchen
soroxanne 28 days ago
Love your recipe, but just a piece of advice, don’t push it so hard every minute, we get it, everything is from Iherb. We’ll like you more without the annoyance. Now I’m just annoyed. Get it?
amna AW
amna AW 29 days ago
Sandra Carli
Sandra Carli 29 days ago
Chia seeds should be ground in order for its nutrients to be absorbed by the body. In addition to that it is better to let it sit 6-8 hours so that it has positive effects on the stomach (according to Ayurveda medicine).
Kelly Roberts
Kelly Roberts 29 days ago
Well ladies you are all very very mean to this young lady in this video. Every single question you have asked except for the spoon have been answered over and over in this video. Why don’t you just watch it again. She said that that IHerb Was sponsoring her. I don’t feel she said it too many times. She was not annoying at all I think she did a fantastic job she was very clear about everything. If you don’t like 3 tablespoons full then make 2 tablespoons . Gosh you ladies just have nothing else to do but complain. If you don’t like the video turn it off I mean how hard is it to do that. I think she did a great job. I guess being mean must be fun for you.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 26 days ago
.....I don't think it's only ladies.....but I guess I agree
ajshehjsnj Month ago
is the table from iherb too?
Poypoy Azur
Poypoy Azur Month ago
All ingredients here can be found on Iherb...
Jasmine Chin
Jasmine Chin Month ago
can you soak the chia seeds in regular milk or does it have to be in coconut or almond milk?
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 26 days ago
Any milk will do. I use original.
Mauricette Diaz - Nutrition & Body Transformation
These look so good! I love chia puddings! Chia has so many great nutrition benefits! Thanks for sharing 🙏
Maria Barragan
Maria Barragan Month ago
Thank you for the chia pudding tip banana bread flavor sounds delicious also strawberry cheesecake pudding recipe. I forgot to do my overnight oatmeal yesterday have to try those for sure!! Looks like is Quick and easy!
Anusha Khachane
Anusha Khachane Month ago
Jacvin !!!
Jacvin !!! Month ago
Cut the maple syrup which ruins the healthy chia use honey or stevia
Anushika Kumar
Anushika Kumar Month ago
are they good for dieting?
Minecraft grace
Minecraft grace Month ago
Miguel Gonzalez Gonzalez
Calm down people, did you all actually made the recipe instead of being just criticizing? We all get that she has an sponsor for te video. What's wrong with that?
Julia Raaymakers
I love chia pudding. It's healthful and very filling. I've only made basic ones tho, so these will be interesting to try.
Redneck Permaculture
How do you blend coconut milk before you use it, since the fat is on the top when you open the can? Do you just use fat free?
MsEcstreet Month ago
Finally! A basic chia pudding recipe that's easy to make! Also, I can experiment with different flavors/ingredients to make it Keto-friendly! Thank you for this great demo video!! Can't wait to try (& eat) it!!! :)
Tes Month ago
After quickly consuming one diet coke: Me - I Burp She - ... IHERB
Karen Ruiz Garcia
I'd like to clarify that not all chia seeds brands take 10 to 15 minutes to absorb. I tried at home and it would be more likely one day to another to have them ready to eat!
souljagirl2505 Month ago
I think I'm gonna make your strawberry cheesecake today, looks so delicious!
Cristina N
Cristina N Month ago
Where can I find these ingredients?
Julia Raaymakers
Believe it or not, but in a grocery store.
LA LA Month ago
Can you find iherb on iherb?
Gewargis Month ago
She said it 16 times for anyone who lost count
Im Soph
Im Soph Month ago
What liquid
Alexa Play ASMR
Alexa Play ASMR Month ago
I just made chia pudding yesterday 😋 thanks !
Caitlin Cameron
Caitlin Cameron Month ago
Please! Do not eat chia pudding without chilling it! She was eating it totally wrong!
okay Month ago
I really like chia seed pudding, so I’m about to put chia on my shopping list so I can eat yummy food and not feel fat 🙃
Anri Qarhanyan
Anri Qarhanyan Month ago
Wow iherb must've payed you a lot
Tessa Mae
Tessa Mae Month ago
Tessa Mae
Tessa Mae Month ago
it's I HERB !!!! with the LOUD " H "!!!!!
Tessa Mae
Tessa Mae Month ago
iherb = 340 grs CHIASEEDS 6.99, belgium 350 gms = 2.25 euro
Kristina Kalbass
Some sort of liquid
DB Month ago
omggg if she says herb one more time....
Tina Belcher
Tina Belcher Month ago
I’m late. But I made a London fog chia pudding I just steeped early grey in unsweet vanilla almond milk and I used my monk fruit sweetener it was delicious
Scott Velasquez
Scott Velasquez Month ago
costco has black Chia seeds at $7.39 for 48oz/3 lbs
Havi Bella
Havi Bella Month ago
T awnya
T awnya Month ago
I’m going to try strawberry cheese cakes:)
Khan and Ibn Hassan.
Sarah Month ago
somebody should count the number of times she said iHerb.
artou Month ago
Can you keep this in the fridge for some hours?
just a little lullaby
Yes this is what i did
Sarah Lizarde
Sarah Lizarde Month ago
Making it right now! Does anyone know how to properly store it, or how long it lasts in the fridge?
Yoli Obando
Yoli Obando Month ago
5 days in the fridge without fruits.
Vegan Gluten Free
These looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing a variety of flavors.
Julia Vaoita Maeva Mareko
Thank you for sharing your recipe ideas! Will try them all out this weekend.
Kristen Broome
Kristen Broome Month ago
Iherb is great, I use it to get chia seeds (and more!) here in S. Korea so often!
Ale Satenkari
Ale Satenkari Month ago
The picture of the video triggers my tripophobia lmao
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