How To Make an ASMR Video

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Today I show you how to make an ASMR video. This ASMR tutorial will show you all the equipment required to make an ASMR video. Not only is this a tutorial - It's also an ASMR food video! It will relax you and put you to sleep. Simply put in your headphones, sit back and enjoy the ASMR eating sounds.
What is ASMR?
A feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound. Acronym stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.
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Dec 4, 2019




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HowToBasic Month ago
This video is best enjoyed with headphones. Plug them in - sit back - and enjoy the relaxing ASMR sounds. Want to support the channel? Consider buying a shirt - shirtz.cool/egg All shirts purchased come with a FREE egg plushie!
all beez
all beez 3 days ago
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Amri Ahmad
Amri Ahmad 3 days ago
all beez
all beez 5 days ago
Relaxing waves before Taal eruption ruvid.net/video/video-aujYTMp5XWk.html
GetReadyToDie -_-
Adam Gardiner
When u saw the life like ears on the mic. Did anyone else think, like just for a second, of sticking their willy in there? No? Just me...ok I'll see myself out.
Adam Gardiner
I'm 0.47 seconds in and I truly don't know whether to leave my headphones on or play it safe and listen thru speakers. I'm shit'n bricks lads.
ItzGabby _
ItzGabby _ Day ago
I'd hate to have to clean THAT mess smh.
Nervilson Day ago
WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN??? It's so fun.
iReal Mouse
iReal Mouse Day ago
Me: Seeing that howtobasic posted another video Also me: Ah shit, here we go again!
Benjamin Nagy
J'étais tellement sur qu'il casserait l'enceinte ASMR à la fin de la vidéo
Explosão Noob
Que NoIJo
Explosão Noob
Вера Саргаева
Русские ,наверняка они не понимают нас.Давайте понаставим кучу лайков а они будут думать что тут написано что то умное.(я гений)
Domiii HD
Domiii HD Day ago
could it be that local hunger would be over if this man stopped making videos
[Rutile Twins]
ASMR in a nutshell: *_Diabetes_*
Manuel de los Pinos Nieto
The worst thing is that is kinda satisfying
CJ Day ago
Nightmare *Experienced*
Molina Dew-Brunis
what a waste of food
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 2 days ago
Just imagine he gets a maid. Maids: *Ah sh*t here we go again*
0 videos 2000 subs?
This is really the best asmr I've ever heared
Руслан Абдуалиев
La cnoix
La cnoix 2 days ago
I was so 😌
Seaside 2 days ago
omg i almost had sex with my tablet
Seaside 2 days ago
all dislikes are from people who make actual asmr videos
meemer h
meemer h 2 days ago
why does the eating sound so intense
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 2 days ago
This is relaxing.
omar zniber
omar zniber 2 days ago
This ASMR microphone looks like ears. But I think it's working with the camera.
Baybora Videos
Baybora Videos 2 days ago
African boys are hate you :D
random dude
random dude 2 days ago
Imagine the smell
leslie tolentino
leslie tolentino 2 days ago
Honestly me as a child in the kitchen
minimarmeto 2 days ago
The ASMR power XD
Taifu Storm
Taifu Storm 2 days ago
This actually gave me tingles wtf
Anies Sani
Anies Sani 2 days ago
Kitty Queen
Kitty Queen 2 days ago
AAAAHHHH HE DID MY SUGGESTION THANK YOU- This is exactly what I expected and more omg this reminded me of the videos I watched of yours that first got me into your channel!! I love it so much and the comments omg
MCR ExO 3 days ago
9:00 who was watching this while eating chicken raise your hand *raises hand*(╥﹏╥)
opt300 3 days ago
Me trying to get a bug out of my ear
Mama Turtle
Mama Turtle 3 days ago
Look Mom I made you brunch!
Foxy Girl Animations
Meme King2102
Meme King2102 3 days ago
2:19 God it’s like someone is giving a slime a blowjob
Xerneas 23
Xerneas 23 3 days ago
• Jolee •
• Jolee • 3 days ago
I wish he’d scream in the microphone lmao
jojoII 3 days ago
Seaside 2 days ago
say jk now
Laco Mezei
Laco Mezei 3 days ago
Karlell Renee
Karlell Renee 3 days ago
5:47 that's not slime
amer mohamed
amer mohamed 3 days ago
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 3 days ago
The only ASMR thanks to which I really relaxed
ImAngryMan 3 days ago
where to get the asmr microphone?
Andrei Andrei
Andrei Andrei 3 days ago
Gaming Randomness
Me: *sees title* me:oh no this is gonna be weird
สมภพ บุญธาราม
สมภพ บุญธาราม
How2 to ASMR FUCK THE SHIT :) :( >:(
Gustiany Indrawaty
🎩 😊 👕👍Great! 👖
Alice Rai
Alice Rai 3 days ago
Ok ok I got it how the asmr work Why making such a mess
Snake The Pink Ninja Bunny From Animal Crossing
Carmen in asmr. Like she's eating, farting, sounds and more
TheFakeJoel 732
TheFakeJoel 732 3 days ago
Wow Okay
Wow Okay 4 days ago
he.. he ate the bell pepper... like an apple....... i don't think i'll ever recover from that
O SR.MR.CANELLA 4 days ago
I'm relaxed, thank you very much
Tyler Mcflyer
Tyler Mcflyer 4 days ago
Ew that’s not even satisfying. That’s just weird and wrong
OverDose 4 days ago
He probably has to buy a new house every video.
OverDose 4 days ago
Looks like it feels good tho ngl
Dbzguy96 4 days ago
Howtobasic: *chews in my ear* Tingles going down my spine: I'm about to end this man's whole career
GamingBeatsPlays 4 days ago
4:45 fingering???? LOL
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