How to make a Minecraft Creeper NEVER EXPLODE again. (Tutorial) Minecraft - Part 35

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I make minecraft creeper regret what he's done
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Oct 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Ralph Godinez
Ralph Godinez 6 hours ago
Add a map of your world on java love your wold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>!
Tiny progaming
Tiny progaming 16 hours ago
to infinity and beyond ;( whaaaat you never played pewdiepie pixelings!!!!! 😂
F S 19 hours ago
He has keep inventory I think
Thayallan Mogan
Thayallan Mogan 21 hour ago
There are more holes.....
Binkus. 21 hour ago
ikea tower1 deserves a grave
superyoshtube !
To think pewdiepie was the one to kill Sven technically
Sctyrant Day ago
This is not kid friendly 😂
dark entity303
I live the voice of the betroot
Simon Almirante
Simon Almirante 2 days ago
This is the weirdest *hentai* I've ever watched
qetr i
qetr i 3 days ago
I don't know what I was expecting when I first decided to binge this series 2 or 3 days ago But it surely wasn't this ...not that I'm complaining though
Sub to me and I will sub Back
20:23 creative cheaters
Communist Yoshi
Communist Yoshi 3 days ago
2 creepers one boat style
Jazzmin Cascarro
Jazzmin Cascarro 3 days ago
i was holding my laughter, but then i lost in "where's creeper hole? what happened to this series?"
Andro Blade
Andro Blade 3 days ago
Im so sad that this series has to end, but im sadder cuz he never gave melons to joergen anymore
Normal_Guy .-.
Normal_Guy .-. 4 days ago
What would happened if water sheep didn't escaped?
Umer The Clumsy Tube
20:33 the promise was broken
Xynxeny小杰杰 4 days ago
Fei-*E* is lonely
xX_ TheEmeraldKnight _Xx
I love how the titles are so innocent, but the vid is just a swedish man losing his sanity cuz of a video game
Srijesh Rajasundaram
17:01 - *OBS*
Srijesh Rajasundaram
Have anyone noticed that last episode pewds level was 10 And this episode it is 70... Also he died in this episode, but suddenly he is level 67
Pelle Keuper
Pelle Keuper 5 days ago
2:35 this is episode 35 not 32.
randompathfinder _main
Creeper: this is why I exist. As you know, there was my mum and my dad. But then there was another. Pewdiepie. (I'm sure you know where this is going)
Esteban Guerrero
Esteban Guerrero 5 days ago
Is this straight out of his imagination? He's into some kinky shit then...b
Anne Lady
Anne Lady 6 days ago
Pewds: Ingvar please dont explode. Ingvar: **explodes behind his back**
Anne Lady
Anne Lady 6 days ago
Pewds: can you frick a creeper? Me: owo
liza mcgowan
liza mcgowan 6 days ago
hi i’m liza
Susana Franco
Susana Franco 6 days ago
Dam looks sick
Vikdraws 13
Vikdraws 13 6 days ago
If Felix's parents are watching his RUvid channel, after this video they'll be like "Felix, wtf?!
soggy lamp
soggy lamp 6 days ago
He brought the creepers here without consent so i guess that means-
soggy lamp
soggy lamp 6 days ago
He brought the creepers here without consent so i guess that means-
Lucas Robinson
Lucas Robinson 6 days ago
I miss council of water sheep
Bisector Gaming
Bisector Gaming 7 days ago
We represent the council of beetroot’s we kill and take his friends while telling him to do stupid stuff
Shishak Irungbam
Shishak Irungbam 7 days ago
Any one saw herobrine when he came to check the tnt explosion
Aunt GiGi
Aunt GiGi 7 days ago
When did this become a porn channel?
PR Shoty
PR Shoty 7 days ago
Lazarbeams intro: What’s up you bloody legends. Pewdiepie’s Intro what is up Gamers welcome back to gaming week
Beata Drobisz
Beata Drobisz 7 days ago
You literally turned into a middle aged man in his midlife crisis
Alex 8 days ago
Does everyone See Herobrine at 20:48 Watch closely at 0.25x
Luffy The Guide
Luffy The Guide 8 days ago
what happened to “ Let’s keep it family friendly “? btw who else is rewatching
A Potato In need
A Potato In need 8 days ago
Feigi works for the FBI. He is hiding his info with the council of beetroot. He knows stuff you don’t. Be carefull
David Prado
David Prado 8 days ago
What is this wholesome music at the end?
Zeak The Pokémon Freak
14:01 *Jazz music stops*
The Spy
The Spy 9 days ago
Im still shocked that technically Sven died
Harley L
Harley L 9 days ago
2:37 Episode 32?
Meme_ Lord
Meme_ Lord 9 days ago
First Part : ah yes, Pewdiepie is playing Minecraft again 35th Part : WhAt Am i wAtcHinG RiGHt NoW?!?!?!?
Natan Vagner
Natan Vagner 10 days ago
It is impossible that beetroot blew up Pewdiepie's pets, FELIX DID ALL THIS. HE. BLEW. UP. HIS. OWN. PETS. FOR THE STORY. HE. IS THE VILLAIN OF HIS OWN SERIES.!!!!
Ronnie Parrish
Ronnie Parrish 10 days ago
this is the best video on the internet
Tow Nader
Tow Nader 10 days ago
anybody notice he had keep inventory on at 9:21
Thomas OBrien
Thomas OBrien 10 days ago
Who blow up when it blew up someone died
la creadora
la creadora 10 days ago
Este capítulo se hizo turbio 😓 XD
Panagiotis fragos
Panagiotis fragos 11 days ago
sive is banging it with council 's language FLOOR GANG OUH
Gaming hd
Gaming hd 12 days ago
Look at 20:30 his at creative mode its cheating!
Cathy Fu
Cathy Fu 12 days ago
meh meh meh (Please Stand Back) NNEEVVEERR WWOORRKKSS!!
NotBryan 12 days ago
9:21 the moment he toggled /gamerule keepinv
Supa Flex
Supa Flex 12 days ago
This is just what
mimo x
mimo x 13 days ago
this quickly turned into 50 shades of creeper
Shahad Gamer
Shahad Gamer 13 days ago
When anybody dies always he was a father to him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Matt Triglia
Matt Triglia 14 days ago
This is possibly the weirdest episode of a Minecraft let’s play I’ve ever watched. It went from fricking creepers and consulting the council of beetroot to reminiscing memories from earlier on in the series like what???
Joaquin Riquelme
Joaquin Riquelme 14 days ago
Imagine how much that "Machine" would hurt! ----------3
Itsmenishay Itsmenishay
The council of beetroot is mainly one of the villans in this sires
xxxLforloserxxx losersarewelcome
Like= you would frick a anime creeper girl
Andre Wells
Andre Wells 16 days ago
make a dog army felix'
Carlos Ponce
Carlos Ponce 16 days ago
Bro because of this I listened to the blip blop remix for 5 hours and playing minecraft
Pelon G
Pelon G 16 days ago
why do you like 🇯🇵 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
I don't know videos
What am I whatching
Krizchel Antaran
Krizchel Antaran 17 days ago
Why did you
Siddharth kr.
Siddharth kr. 17 days ago
He he fish GO BLUB BLUB 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
Foxy Philippines
Foxy Philippines 17 days ago
2 pets blew up
Noelia Gutierrez
Noelia Gutierrez 17 days ago
I can't believe how many creatures are getting fricked, it's rated R now
Random DataByte
Random DataByte 17 days ago
I have never been so disturbed
AR Is God
AR Is God 17 days ago
This is even better than 50 shades of grey 😂😂😂
dharma yanti
dharma yanti 17 days ago
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ahhhhhh😭😢😭😢😭😢
KAULIANPOWER 18 days ago
Now, that Ikea tower don't go to the space we can rest in peace
Cora Sears
Cora Sears 18 days ago
10:16 wtf is this series
lasty 2
lasty 2 18 days ago
Crreaper is 10 yo
Gerson Duarte de Amorim
That became a goshdarn nobuela
Always and Forever Stitch
Dose your wife know about this creeper (lol)
Tatenda Chakanyuka
Tatenda Chakanyuka 19 days ago
ok i just happend to watch this on my bday and a got a creeper light soo akward
Vinnie T
Vinnie T 19 days ago
Ingvar number 10000000000000000 is ready for testing
Diane Stephens
Diane Stephens 19 days ago
Umm why do i enjoy pdp oofing a creeper
GabeGaming 19 days ago
i thought they all got blown up
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