How To Make a Hair Lasagna

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Today I show you how to make a traditional Lasagna. This is an authentic Lasagna recipe that has been perfected over many generations. You'll absolutely love the delicious taste. It's incredibly easy to make - anyone can do it! Enjoy.
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Nov 30, 2019




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Comments 100
HowToBasic 9 months ago
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NiceUser123 3 days ago
Where were your eggs?
Manichan World
Manichan World 21 day ago
You mean its goes to buying eggs and house cleaners
jack6odon 21 day ago
Wow, didn't know you were Australian HowToBasic! I'm in Brisbane, cook me dinner? Got a great egg hookup, got 60 from the farm two weeks ago
StratisRava Month ago
The hair tasted very weird
Elsa Tesfay
Elsa Tesfay 9 hours ago
How To Make a Hair Lasagna
Jonh smith
Jonh smith 13 hours ago
2:08 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 21 hour ago
The hair lasagna looked great
Gabe The Ghazt
Gabe The Ghazt 2 days ago
I am about to watch this and by the title and the creator name I’m scared
Rhetox 2 days ago
RIP that hair of that man
junu creative
junu creative 3 days ago
1 like = 1 rip for his hair
FIRE BOLT 4 days ago
Now I got to know why this guy doesn't have hair on his head
thomas chen
thomas chen 4 days ago
If Gordon James Ramsay see it.........
Dude you forgot to through the eggs
Noah Suarez
Noah Suarez 6 days ago
This video is so wrong....lmao
sylvia. hhaa
sylvia. hhaa 7 days ago
Agnieszka Kardasz
Crimson Fox
Crimson Fox 7 days ago
Imagine you become his friend🙂
Beta 7 days ago
A correct way to make lasagna Do everything but without the hair
StopDaMemes 9 days ago
New guy: “Yey I get to see HowToBasic” People: “What did it cost you” New guy: “my hair”
Nicolas Labra
Nicolas Labra 8 days ago
thats no new guy my friend, that one there is the legend jeffabel, back from the dead
virrey chris
virrey chris 10 days ago
Thanks I hate it....
naruto isthebest
naruto isthebest 10 days ago
what is that no a food you facking
sunil negi
sunil negi 11 days ago
This show is like happy tree friends first starts innocently and perfectly and then destruction everywhere
Fuzail Khan
Fuzail Khan 11 days ago
Eating hair-cringe🤢🤢🤮🤮
jocking3 11 days ago
Can you use pubes for decoration at the end?
Rachel Foster
Rachel Foster 12 days ago
Is it me or is there no egg in the video?
Francesca Di Angelo
I feel a bit sorry for the lasagna...
TIEN ARON Tien 13 days ago
Queen Edia
Queen Edia 13 days ago
I hate this channel
SilverSpoon01 13 days ago
OMG he actually F***IN ATE IT!
DerpyZchen4 14 days ago
Customer: Theres some hair in my food! Gordon Ramsey: wtf?
WAJAI CHANNEL 14 days ago
PewDiePie singing *"Bitch Lasagna"*
PrrRRota 17 days ago
Was no have a song more porn?
Khinar Larasati
Khinar Larasati 17 days ago
Who want's to eat hair lasagna:no one absolutely no one
Sofia Toro Olivares
hello? mmmm jajajajajaja 🤣
Faire Play
Faire Play 18 days ago
The way he says "Oh Yeah"... Is he the devil? The plot thickens~
Elfi Suy
Elfi Suy 19 days ago
WWE Edwin
WWE Edwin 20 days ago
I think how to basic is a good chef
Miss Nemárii
Miss Nemárii 21 day ago
Those poor bald kids who could eat the hair.
EVE 22 days ago
Z5tt4 22 days ago
If you eat your own hair that's cannibalism?
pix- gamerguy
pix- gamerguy 22 days ago
You dont need hair just no hair dont be mad
Tomasz Brewka
Tomasz Brewka 22 days ago
The Dislikes Are From The People That Wanted A Legit Recipe Wait What
Fin Games
Fin Games 22 days ago
That’s pretty good if you don’t add the hair
Haroon Azizi
Haroon Azizi 23 days ago
The fact they would sacrifice all that hair and eating it for subs or something is extreme!
dio brando uchiha thotslayer
You can actually use HTB but you know just remove the other parts
spect3rrr _
spect3rrr _ 24 days ago
Instructions unclear, dog is now hairless
great,i am waiting now for vomit and human lasagna
Vegeta 25 days ago
Ingredients- ..., Hair! *WRECKAGE CONFIRMED*
Νίκος Δουλούμης
It looks tasty but could you make a vegan recipe?
Noob 574
Noob 574 26 days ago
3:02 dont use drugs kids
Samiul Samad Mohammad
Hair is not delicious
Thông Huỳnh
Thông Huỳnh 28 days ago
W-WTF !!!!😱😱😱...
doritos man
doritos man 28 days ago
3:01 guy: that was delicous also guy: PUUUUUUUU
Night mare
Night mare 29 days ago
3:01 Me spitting water and going to attack someone
Beans Pees
Beans Pees Month ago
For lasagna you’d ideally want to put a little sauce in the pan before your first noodles to protect to the bottom noodles from burning
Star Light
Star Light Month ago
Is there anyone else here who just found this channel and said what the absolute fuck
dung tao van
dung tao van Month ago
Egg egg and egg
promise Month ago
Did he really shave off his hair for this-
promise Month ago
Did he really shave off his hair for this-
david ou
david ou Month ago
Which is better: Hair Cake or Hair Lasagna?
kiriloka stickmin
If you don't add HAIR you have an original lasagna
iamnotoncrack Month ago
Rip the gang RUvid took down the hair lasagna from idubbz/filthy frank/ maxmofoe
MILANCHE Month ago
Who is with me that the guy at the end was actually HowToBasic?
Pixel Month ago
Instructions unclear. Accidentally summoned cthulhu
LimleyLimez Month ago
Pru Lambey
Pru Lambey Month ago
I'd still eat it tho
Toopy Doll
Toopy Doll Month ago
ooooooh yeah
Mystic gamer
Mystic gamer Month ago
I am sure that he can’t eat his own creations
Smasheyyy Month ago
Brings back memories
Jolly Production
Woah woah woah... WTF IS THIS SONG IS
Teodor Andrei Voiculescu
I really like the fact that this could be a good recipie without the hair🤣
Ariel E Y.
Ariel E Y. Month ago
2:06 Jeff?
Nouval Hadad
Nouval Hadad Month ago
I like that lasagna but without hair
Zac Month ago
Now I can find a great way to use the extra bags of hair in my drawer!
Manjul Tewari
Manjul Tewari Month ago
The fact that he wanted his air So disgusting
Cana Tarot
Cana Tarot Month ago
No eggs?
vin cent
vin cent Month ago
Munderdie Month ago
what this strange flaccid mush you made?it doesn't seem like the real Italian lasagna at all
bunny the bunny
bunny the bunny Month ago
These videos just gets weirder and weirder
Abhilipsha Mishra BG
Angry Man Vs Howtobasic
SiwakornProArm Month ago
Yes, it is delecious. But the hair isn't
Brady Walters
Brady Walters Month ago
I’m going to vomit
Brawl Dash
Brawl Dash Month ago
I followed the recipe but without hair and It was actually good
Giga_ Ball2k6
Giga_ Ball2k6 Month ago
Without the hair this is some acctuall bomb ass lasagna
RubyCat 4
RubyCat 4 Month ago
3:01 Well that was a sudden change of opinion.
Just a Fork
Just a Fork Month ago
When I first saw this I thought to my self.... OH NO NOT AGAIN
Keerthesh V
Keerthesh V Month ago
WTF He Ate It wak
RADXYBRO Month ago
1:54 wait so its a goat hair
Nedal Machfej
Nedal Machfej Month ago
I love how you use all coles products
DarCon 21
DarCon 21 Month ago
But why?
John Dough
John Dough Month ago
Michael Soto
Michael Soto Month ago
*Jon, where's my lasagna?*
Gaming MV
Gaming MV Month ago
Iam vomiting in hair lasagna
ShxdowYT Month ago
Imagine barber shops always make this when they’re hungry
Grampix Month ago
Nobody: Me when I have no idea what i can make for lunch:
YaYa PaReWa
YaYa PaReWa Month ago
Hei waiter, there's a hair in my lasagna
blue sphere
blue sphere Month ago
I was wondeing where the hair was until..
Phong Do
Phong Do 2 months ago
The future lasagna? Or the best lasagna? Future lasagna=Like Best lasagna=Comment
ShowGames TV
ShowGames TV 2 months ago
I save this comment for 2028
Mine Build17
Mine Build17 2 months ago
He's gonna use hair, won't he? Edit: fucking called it
Grk Wiu Agario
Grk Wiu Agario 2 months ago
Give a moment of silence for him because he buys this stuff to mess it up
وسيم gams
وسيم gams 2 months ago
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