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HowToBasic Month ago
Liked the taste of this hair lasagna? I knew you would! Want to thank me? Consider buying a shirt - shirtz.cool/egg All funds go directly towards funding the HowToBasic project. (All shirts purchased come with a FREE egg plushie)
be ngoc Le
be ngoc Le 5 days ago
Happy new year how to basic
Duong Huong
Duong Huong 10 days ago
Im from Viet Nam
GALINHO PLAYS 13 days ago
amazing lasagna! I'll probably do another one
Vicki Salcido
Vicki Salcido 22 days ago
Not me that sounds yucky!
みじゅだこ Month ago
Gwladys Ebah
Gwladys Ebah Day ago
Australia is a weird fucking planet
We don’t spill the tea; We throw the cup
It’s kinda funny how this is a real recipe minus the hair
MemeZy GT
MemeZy GT Day ago
2:12 where that dude get that Ankor shirt. It is my country beer (ANKOR BEER)XD
Enes Malik Uzuner
omg I remember it
Nejra 2 days ago
Gonna tell my kids this was gordon ramsay
ethan wester
ethan wester 2 days ago
It genuinely looked so good till it didn’t
BigMarioFamily 3 days ago
I thought I was hair cake?
richety cricket
richety cricket 3 days ago
why i season my hair and not my butter
Awsomfinity 3 days ago
Can we just talk about how he saw a guy casually eating, points and yells at him, then proceeds to slap him in the face and cut off his hair while he has a worried expression?. Dammit HTB I left for a while but it is good to be back.
Ed_004 3 days ago
Is he using idubbbz Hair again???
Josephi Krakouski
I feel bad for his hair
kbj kchk
kbj kchk 5 days ago
pandelpiso 5 days ago
garfield says that he doesnt require lasagna anymore
Tomáš xd
Tomáš xd 5 days ago
Please no my favorite food noo
Jaci Hancorne
Jaci Hancorne 5 days ago
Timmy : ]
Timmy : ] 5 days ago
When it starts out normal and your just waiting for 50lbs of food to be thrown around
Lyrix Calx
Lyrix Calx 5 days ago
But why?
Synx Shadow
Synx Shadow 5 days ago
I wonder how long it took the guy to get all of the hair out of his mouth
potato chan
potato chan 5 days ago
How much hair do you want on it? How to basic:yees
Bloody 6 days ago
*Hair Cake Flashbacks Intensifies*
YouTube_ SAfroMan
He would actually make a good chef... Without the eggs
The Arcane Pony
The Arcane Pony 7 days ago
I no longer love lazania
youraverageeveryday MINECRAFTER
U just shaved off Hitler's hair
Zackthegoat01 7 days ago
What parta strays u from
ainanajwa 2006
ainanajwa 2006 7 days ago
So disgusting
JustViperz 8 days ago
That guy actually hates his life.
JustViperz 8 days ago
Saw this coming a mile away.
Daniel.z 8 days ago
Who's that hair from? Ok I shoud see the whole video before write a comment.
Currently Offline
that was jeffabel wasn’t it
The New Minecrafter
I tought he was making a real lasagna until he added the sheets...
Bogdan Hacker
Bogdan Hacker 9 days ago
Я один русский??
MLGPROS 333 9 days ago
If only Papa Franku were here to see this....
MLGPROS 333 4 days ago
Oh ok but is he gonna come back tho or if maybe he might post a recap video or something?
itwasn'tme emt'nsawit
Joji still keeps in touch with his friends. Pretty sure he also watches these when he has free time. Though, I'm pretty sure he won't watch his to basic, he probably watches Max's podcast
Liquor PH
Liquor PH 10 days ago
I wonder who is uploading his videos
Romp 12
Romp 12 10 days ago
Ah yes hair lasagna, I recall he made a cake with hair as well.
Minecraft Gamer91 Oh
Never seen a hair lasagne before
aferyz09 10 days ago
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 10 days ago
How to torture garfield
Zooid_Ghoul 78
Zooid_Ghoul 78 11 days ago
He wasn’t lying when he said hAiR LasAgNa
Leonardo Di Paolo
Leonardo Di Paolo 11 days ago
I’m italian and this ragù is sh1t
DraGon 11 days ago
Squishy Boi
Squishy Boi 11 days ago
So it's a spinoff of the cake series?
Samirol Gaming
Samirol Gaming 12 days ago
Next video: How to make bitch lasagna.
Alvin Hewahunjaa
Alvin Hewahunjaa 12 days ago
golbok, itu berkah dari tuhan anjinh
Brenda Samile
Brenda Samile 12 days ago
Sou Brasileira ;-;
laurel michael
laurel michael 12 days ago
Imagine adults searching for real tutorials, and then finding this video
Diamond Hoe
Diamond Hoe 12 days ago
Omg you are suck so sO bAd u SuCk
Endfireシ 14 days ago
Ma sto video quanto fanno scassare/this videos are so comic 😂
Justin Münch
Justin Münch 14 days ago
I bet he's actually a great cook
NITEFOX 14 days ago
How to basic in a nutshell They had us in the first half
Molly Ann Lloyd
Molly Ann Lloyd 14 days ago
Rodion Vladimirov
Rodion Vladimirov 15 days ago
Сука кто я?
Cl0ud _FX
Cl0ud _FX 15 days ago
*Some Karen mom looking for recipe to bake her children and finds a htb videos not knowing and it seems normal at first then she sees this...*
Иосиф Сталин
Thank you for a good lasagna recipe. I ll cook it one time but without hair ;)
The Felipes
The Felipes 16 days ago
I don't like this Its not messy enough
gamers lounge
gamers lounge 16 days ago
Hmm most probably I eat this everyday at home. So reletable
Kevin Steward
Kevin Steward 16 days ago
Of course one eats frozen peas with knife and fork.
ItzIonparticle 16 days ago
This is his only video where it didn't include spamming eggs
Spec EXE
Spec EXE 17 days ago
i remember hair cake
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