How To Make A Disney Maleficent Princess Cake! - Nerdy Nummies

Rosanna Pansino
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What's your favorite Disney movie???
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This #Disney #Princess #Cake was so much fun to make! What other videos would you like to see?

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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 3 183
Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino Month ago
I hope you enjoy today's Nerdy Nummies! What's the last Disney movie you watched? What's the last Nerdy Nummies episode you watched? 😊💕
Kim Vara
Kim Vara Day ago
Rosanna Pansino ummmm I think the last dinsey movie I watched was descendants 3
Ghostly Gacha
Ghostly Gacha 5 days ago
The last Disney movie I watched was lion king, and the last video that I watched was actually your lion king cake!
Zara Sajid
Zara Sajid 6 days ago
Aladdin Live Action
Alliyah Allaaya
Alliyah Allaaya 10 days ago
I love it very so much!
Ashleigh Funkhouser
The last one I seen was Beauty and the beast
FlowerGiraffe 21 minute ago
you should make bee cookies or something XD OOO what about a bee hive cake with bee cookies!!
sniperammow 25 minutes ago
dam girl i love your attitude!!!!
Graciela Gonzalez
Graciela Gonzalez 6 hours ago
I love your hair lot and you look beautiful
bruna warner
bruna warner Day ago
Hey can you make a lol surprise winter disco dollie
_{Gacha Sea}_
Her voice is so soothing
triggered bish
triggered bish 2 days ago
Damn she hasn't changed at all.😂❤
Youngblud fan UwU owo
I just watched the new one, AND er Mah gAwD its so guddd
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 2 days ago
Can we get more nerdy nummies? I miss them :0
Shaleidde Estrada
You are beautiful
Shun _theperson
Shun _theperson 2 days ago
One of these days, she’s gotta partner up with some doll customizer like Dollastic, or Hextian, and just use their dolls. It would look so good
Luna Moon
Luna Moon 2 days ago
Make a Mulan princess cake
Dorline Camille
Dorline Camille 3 days ago
Make a big unicorn pizza 🍕🍕😄
Alexis lopez
Alexis lopez 3 days ago
make a hades cake from decendentes 3
Dining Heartboy
Dining Heartboy 3 days ago
Next cookbook..."How To Cook Pop-Culture" (a cookbook with recipes that have a theme for all kinds of pop-culture, including movies, TV shows, video-games, cartoons, etc.)
Mary Ahumada
Mary Ahumada 4 days ago
I got the New Cook book for my b-day
Christine Wolmarans
Sorry my sister posted that I actually ♥️you
Christine Wolmarans
I didn't know maleficent existed in reality in making herself
HappyHavashires 3 days ago
Is that hate I smell?
Arelimar Colón Rodríguez
I get really mad at my siblins because I bake the ake and my sister decorates it making it look bad then they said I learned to bake from Nailed It
NnGEnergy18 5 days ago
You should be the one to actually make Safiya Nygaard’s wedding cake
MrsReese 5 days ago
Is the background not real?
Brenda Barrios
Brenda Barrios 5 days ago
Ro did you use marshmallow fondant for this recipe?
Ava Hood
Ava Hood 5 days ago
Omg I am being Malficant for Halloween
Potato Vlogs
Potato Vlogs 6 days ago
Ros hair looks so pretty and her dress
Brooklyn Jones
Brooklyn Jones 6 days ago
I love Maleficent🖤
Princess Dice
Princess Dice 6 days ago
Can you try to make a Bert and Ernie cake?
Angelie Sanchez
Angelie Sanchez 6 days ago
Dear rosanna you said that the measurements and supplies are in the description down below but where is it? If anyone knows please comment
Weston 415 Kelly
Weston 415 Kelly 6 days ago
You should call nerdy nummies nerdy mummies desiring October
Essa saju
Essa saju 6 days ago
Pls make descendants 3 themed cake.
Perez Bros Appliances
I'm so happy for your channel cause you reached me that in love to bake this my favorite channel so my you pls make a youtuber cake for your fan that sub cause I love you and your dog so nice and cute channel
Perez Bros Appliances
But 9f I dont I was lazy but I think I will
Perez Bros Appliances
Hey who ever comment I will make a youtube video on sunday
Angeline Roda
Angeline Roda 6 days ago
To make a descendants 3 theme cake pls
Creative Challeges
Make a descendants cake!! (princess cake)
65rtyu YT
65rtyu YT 7 days ago
Your hair is always so gorgeous
SUM CHEE YIP 7 days ago
Make a swan cake!
SUM CHEE YIP 7 days ago
Maybe you can make a Christmas cake about a winder romantic wedding cake☺️👰🏻
Nisreen Khurshid
Nisreen Khurshid 7 days ago
ilove it
Lily Rodems
Lily Rodems 8 days ago
that cake looks sooooooooooooo amazing
Grace Cynthia
Grace Cynthia 8 days ago
Please give a link to that dress 😍😍😍
Meagan Lingenhoel
No wings :(
Marga C.
Marga C. 8 days ago
who eats the cakes that she makes?
Isabelle Furgal
Isabelle Furgal 8 days ago
That looks so cool Love it
Abigail PLAYZ
Abigail PLAYZ 9 days ago
Make a bts cake please ik its November but pleasee make a bts cake
Sherry Sink
Sherry Sink 9 days ago
That cake looks so cool! Great job, Ro!
Gacha Unicorn Cat UwU
Maybe something Wreck It Ralph themed? Idk
Sherry Sink
Sherry Sink 9 days ago
I love the Halloween touch you added to the opening Nerdy Nummies credits! Fun. :)
Bloxburg Butterfly’s
i wonder how none of her hair gets in the cake 😂 she’s a legend
Weird Dancin dope Lovers
Malice the mistres of evil I cried my eyes out
Josephine Rourke
Josephine Rourke 9 days ago
I'm going to see the new Maleficent movie this weekend, so excited!
Donna Felton
Donna Felton 9 days ago
Donna Felton
Donna Felton 9 days ago
Ro your hair and makeup is so pretty
Diana Ramirez
Diana Ramirez 9 days ago
You didn’t put the recipe below.... this is why I stopped subscribing to you a while ago. Your channel is too different now. I used to be an og. Oh well
Sherita Matthews
Sherita Matthews 10 days ago
I have an idea for gummies or cookies. My favorite videogame from my childhood is Spyro the dragon. When I would play with my cousin in the room we made up flavors for the gems in the game. Another game idea is to make amaterasu cookies from okami.
Karategirl Heasman
Karategirl Heasman 10 days ago
I recently just watched the new Maleficent movie 🎥
Canela G
Canela G 10 days ago
pls do an Arora cake 🍰
Crybaby XoXo
Crybaby XoXo 10 days ago
Addams Family cupcakes or cookies?
Himanshi Arora
Himanshi Arora 10 days ago
Instead of buying a plastic doll that is not so good in taste (haha) lol, I would like to make the body too myself and also do her rustic make-up too.
Blades Beauty
Blades Beauty 10 days ago
You should try and tackle Gummy Blood Beads from Code Vein 👀
Aminah Hussain
Aminah Hussain 10 days ago
Ro ur hair and dress is on FLEEK❤️❤️
bora berisha
bora berisha 10 days ago
Ro,can you please make a beehive cake?
Mackenzi Causey
Mackenzi Causey 11 days ago
I love your mixer. I love you and your video please never stop making videos
Jane Jordan
Jane Jordan 11 days ago
Can you do a lydia or bettlejuice cake
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