How to Make a Burrito Dangerous

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From the makers of Exploding Kittens comes a card game that's also a game of dodgeball.
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Comments 80
Nikolo Medina
Nikolo Medina 9 hours ago
DiD I hEaR aDobO???
Gacha_IN Day ago
I was eating burritos while watching this 👌
Poodle Dayz
Poodle Dayz Day ago
Ohh so that’s why police say every thing is a gun
Random toys Productions
It’s a gun
dais mayo
dais mayo Day ago
Branchy Saucer36
I love exploding kittens pls it’s so stupid
Stephen Bailey
i got the game
Rc madness
Rc madness 2 days ago
I finally get to throw my favorite food at my best friend
Hamster Haven
Hamster Haven 2 days ago
Dang it I thought it was gonna be about a gun cover that looks like a burrito
can I get 1M subs with no vids - aka egg doggo
I have this game, I like throwing the burrito at my sister, it dose not hurt when you get hit
Oska MacFarlane
Oska MacFarlane 2 days ago
Oscar Alejo
Oscar Alejo 3 days ago
Oh yeah its a website
Oscar Alejo
Oscar Alejo 3 days ago
Wait a minute why Vat19.com blue?
Oscar Alejo
Oscar Alejo 3 days ago
Dean’s Awesome Gaming
I have that game I was just playing it yesterday
Barky sharky is like a grown up shark pup
RBLX AlphaShark101
I want a burrito now
Brian Zimmer
Brian Zimmer 4 days ago
Props to the editors on this one.
Bullet Bill
Bullet Bill 4 days ago
7:04 no doubt saving private ryan reference (except second guy)
cassandra LOL
cassandra LOL 4 days ago
That's one hella moustace ya got thr Danny.
Mnxe 4 days ago
I'm honoured to have had this uploaded on my birthday. 😂 This is hilarious, I love the re-enactments. I needed this laugh, thank you Vat19. 😂
Kristen Connolly
Kristen Connolly 5 days ago
I thought they were hiding weapons in a burrito not throwing them P.S guns shoot not get thrown
WeebOfLIfe ANIME 6 days ago
This is just the beginning of “World Burrito War”
ODD SAUCE 6 days ago
I want a burrito
alice sebastian
alice sebastian 6 days ago
Vat19 m
Killian Flynn
Killian Flynn 6 days ago
Vat 19 can you make a giant lava lamp
mike Lennon
mike Lennon 6 days ago
them:playing and hitting each other, me chokes my dog
ck ln
ck ln 7 days ago
1800s: *eats burrito* 2020: killer burritos
Pamela Chace
Pamela Chace 7 days ago
Did he say you are bad at reactant
Jake Rozewicz
Jake Rozewicz 7 days ago
gym teachers: 1:11 kid who got sent to the ICU from dodge ball: 'm kay
AJ Flaskas
AJ Flaskas 7 days ago
Ya the town isn’t big enough for the 2 of u cause u 2 are toooooo THICKKKK 8:17
Mr Cookie
Mr Cookie 7 days ago
It’s only Jon dying the most
Ismael Angel
Ismael Angel 8 days ago
I got click baited
Silver and Brass
Silver and Brass 8 days ago
O yea yea
Boss AF
Boss AF 9 days ago
When Joey was a cowboy he sounded like Arthur Morgan from RDR2
Hey It’s Amero
Hey It’s Amero 9 days ago
Wow clickbait vat 19 :(
Aurora McGuire
Aurora McGuire 9 days ago
I have exploding kittens but i lost the game
the great potato chip
A burrito is already dangerous for a toilet why more?
Ngoc Tran
Ngoc Tran 9 days ago
No need to do anything because it’s going to get you direrea
Soggy Pancake
Soggy Pancake 9 days ago
Jon's wig fell off because of a burito. ouch
Shitface Productions
U r the best
Keith Bergstrom
Keith Bergstrom 9 days ago
This is funny
JOKING HAZARD! 10 days ago
5:30 HEH
Mia Isabella García Santiago
3, 2, 1 burrito
Nathan Boulet
Nathan Boulet 10 days ago
Pdk films needs to see this
Alex Qin
Alex Qin 11 days ago
What did i just witness
Benjamin Lauter
Benjamin Lauter 11 days ago
They should do throw throw brick
Suicidal Poptart
Suicidal Poptart 11 days ago
i accidently unsubbed im sorry
Jack Tickle
Jack Tickle 11 days ago
you dont need to know my name
Great, now I'm craving for a burrito
Sarah Mathieu
Sarah Mathieu 12 days ago
That was... Awesome
Gabriel Conesa
Gabriel Conesa 12 days ago
game look dumb as hell tbh
FenixAnd AlexYT
FenixAnd AlexYT 13 days ago
Press f to pay respects to all those burritos that died during this video XD
Orange & Carrot
Orange & Carrot 13 days ago
The 703 dislikes Are concerned parents
Jannah Ubaldo
Jannah Ubaldo 14 days ago
Ok this is just epic
Turbo Fighter
Turbo Fighter 15 days ago
Vat 19 fails to disappoint me
Skippy Doo
Skippy Doo 15 days ago
The stabbing scene is from saving private Ryan
Xander Panda
Xander Panda 15 days ago
And we can all agree that Jon is not a good Burrito thrower
ChrisPlaysEverydays 9
b u r r i t o g u n c h a I n s a w
FuriousPiggy97 YT
FuriousPiggy97 YT 15 days ago
5:31 Hee.
Fire Baller
Fire Baller 16 days ago
I’m amazed by all of the scenes they made just to explain the game
TyeDyedChicken 16 days ago
nobody: school kids: its just a burrito
Thach Phan
Thach Phan 16 days ago
Tylerex Vids
Tylerex Vids 16 days ago
Just put poison in it!! (Minds blown)😱
Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez 16 days ago
:1930 The Day the Burrito was Born: "We announce the food that will rule The World In 2020: War World 3 the Burritos
ErikTheSilly 16 days ago
This is what people are going to be using in war.
Riley Bacon
Riley Bacon 17 days ago
So is this video just an add?
Fuzzy Fiend
Fuzzy Fiend 17 days ago
I wanna work here
Mega Red Alex
Mega Red Alex 17 days ago
In WW3 the weapons are burritos
Tristyn Thomas
Tristyn Thomas 18 days ago
7:58 Jim hopper vs The most rooting tooting cowboy ever
Alexandre Angeli
Alexandre Angeli 18 days ago
I'm impressed with the acting skills. It should happen every week
Cloak Nate
Cloak Nate 18 days ago
Make a movie
octo chrome
octo chrome 18 days ago
Do this again
alt And F4
alt And F4 19 days ago
There were friendships that we’re lost in the making of this video
Daniel Jajuan De Los Angeles
Yo what the FAQ
lICityHunterIl _
lICityHunterIl _ 19 days ago
This was highly entertaining lol
B Holt
B Holt 19 days ago
I have that game it is fun
Tonya Loomis
Tonya Loomis 19 days ago
Feel the spice
kinga sad
kinga sad 20 days ago
Can u make giant cola and Mentos!!!!!!!??!!!!¡!
Ritu Malaviya
Ritu Malaviya 20 days ago
In the first scene kara showed girl power
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