How to make 100% free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings | home invention.

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Title : how to make free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings
Hi friends this project is based on inertia when the bearing is rotated by a small motor the inertia of bearing help to rotate it few seconds more after disconnecting the battery hens it will rotate the dynamo and dynamo will produce electricity that electricity can be used to rotate the small motor .
this cannot produce high power because it is already using a power to run a small motor...
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2 окт 2017




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convict 242
convict 242 Месяц назад
I build it and it works fine. I dont know why so many negative comments
ayodhya Patel
ayodhya Patel 5 дней назад
cecil swazey
cecil swazey 10 дней назад
makes perfect sense to open minded ppl.... the bearing extrapolate the inertia generated by spinning the shaft, changing the drive speed ratio on the generator making it produce more output voltage than the draw of the motor.... my question is if not regulated, what keeps the excess voltage from climbing continually with increasing motor speed ?
Frankie Johnson
Frankie Johnson 10 дней назад
+Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings youre absolutley right. All things were made by him. No man can come to the father lest he be drawn. Many are called but few are chosen.
Live From The Gutter
Live From The Gutter 14 часов назад
This is illegal in America. Odd, I wonder why ?
Lyndon Wixom
Lyndon Wixom 20 часов назад
"The cake is a lie"
Abel День назад
You have to be pretty stupid to not figure this out.... If you built it then you can see the battery he used which has a charge enough to turn a few small motors if need be. Keep in mind this video is about using no batteries on a generator....
Leandro 2 дня назад
In the video I saw a battery, so the generator needs a little help from an energy source.
Harold Hart
Harold Hart 2 дня назад
A. B.
A. B. 2 дня назад
fake as hell thanks youtube for suggesting this turd!!!!
Rayan Agarm
Rayan Agarm 3 дня назад
Hell noise get used to it
George Knowles
George Knowles 4 дня назад
The flywheel (the bearings) is just an energy battery using its inertia. That's what the description calls it. It would run longer without connectting the generator back to the motor.
gamer guy
gamer guy 5 дней назад
You are a scumbag for posting these bullshit fake ass videos.
hoang toàn
hoang toàn 5 дней назад
Não lon
jason jennings
jason jennings 5 дней назад
A taser gun runs off a 9 volt battery yet produces 1 million volts. Must be free energy too hahaha.
maçakız 6 дней назад
*Ŕédúćé Ӳőúŕ Ṕőẃéŕ Bíĺĺ. śíḿṕĺé áńd éfféćtívé Ẃáӳ Tő Ĺőẃéŕ Ӳőúŕ Ṕőẃéŕ Bíĺĺ. **bit.ly/2C0qCeE?-SSXfnm3Bm13QSE*
Baterkar 6 дней назад
jai maa electronic group
jai maa electronic group 7 дней назад
Philipp JUTZI
Philipp JUTZI 7 дней назад
j c
j c 8 дней назад
we were told my a nm senator that soon electricity will cost nothing to produce, i think were far from that.
Mountain biker
Mountain biker 9 дней назад
50% free electricity The electricity goes for one motor
Jimmy King
Jimmy King 11 дней назад
About 70% inefficient. Loses 70% of energy from battery to motors. It only recycles ~30%. Nothing is free. Don't believe these videos they are all lies.
Abdelrazig Mahmoud
Abdelrazig Mahmoud 12 дней назад
جاري التجربه
VIEWSASA 15 дней назад
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover benefits of solar energy for homeowners try Magonsi Solar System Expert (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it.
Scalier 15 дней назад
energy can not be created nor destroyed dickhead.
Clive Piper
Clive Piper 16 дней назад
If it uses a battery then it isn't free power.
Billy File
Billy File 16 дней назад
More gay music... I would of sure liked to hear what the parts do. What makes them up. How they all operate, and stuff like that. Instead all we get is bubble gum music.
rastaquere 16 дней назад
yeah right! you get nothing for free in the universe - the efficiency of this system cannot be above 70% - next time try without the battery genius!
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 19 дней назад
They hating because they ain’t smart enough. But at least they reviled their true identity don’t gotta wonder now.
markobarrows 19 дней назад
The sad thing is there are people who are so fucking stupid they will actually waste their time and money to build this not realizing the only one who gets free energy is the dude that posted this.
Hemp Billy
Hemp Billy 19 дней назад
Most all these free energy videos are fake. Sure you can produce enough out of all this to charge your battery in about a month. But I'm about to upload something that will show real self sustaining generator. Subscribe 🔔 so you'll see it upload 👍
Mahendra Kumar
Mahendra Kumar 20 дней назад
Black and White
Isaac M. Aburto
Isaac M. Aburto 21 день назад
I wonder why it always looks like it’s someone from a “developing country” doing this kinda of stuff
Charles 99
Charles 99 21 день назад
Fake not free energy
NinoM4ster 22 дня назад
I always wonder if these people are really serious...
rvs51266 22 дня назад
I did not think, but I built it ... extraordinary, it works!
forest man
forest man 22 дня назад
Coolys are the creation of the prince of lies. The Internet is polluted with lies.
Ryben Flynn
Ryben Flynn 22 дня назад
No such thing as "free energy". This is just another version of the debunked "perpetual motion".
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 22 дня назад
He had to use some juice from the battery to get it going so that it would conduct enough electricity to work by itself and keep in mind he could charge that battery with it after using it to get it started
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 22 дня назад
So its like a 3 way switch in a way
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 22 дня назад
The axle allows bearings to spin, when the bearings spin that makes the gears spin also. So when the gears spin, it is turning the generator conducting electricity. When that electricity goes to those wires to that motor, that motor is helping the gears spin making the bearing spin faster so that the weight of the bearings don't stop spinning. So that you can conduct more electricity. When he hooks it up to the fan, that is called a pigtail, so the power can travel in more than one circuit.
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 22 дня назад
Because they are people trying to hold you by the balls not wanting you to be dependent.
DrInduction 23 дня назад
Bearing powered....
Ty No
Ty No 25 дней назад
Redundant comment: THIS IS NOT FREE ENERGY!!! Just wanted to get that out of my system, whew!
Kenny Johnson
Kenny Johnson 25 дней назад
Free energy without a battery, then uses a battery to get the setup going... LOL
İshak Kantar
İshak Kantar 25 дней назад
aoe roflstomp
aoe roflstomp 26 дней назад
this is actually a good idea. what if u put that in a car right and then get that fly wheeling going at some astronomical speed like maybe 10k rpm per second and I bet u could drive for miles/ so a gas station would be some kinda drill that gets it spinning again lol. also that fly wheel being in your car like that it would give ur car a hole new lvl of physics when ur controlling the car. interesting si fi concept idea
Jesse Jesttes
Jesse Jesttes 26 дней назад
Because it doesn't do any thing for you it just spins attach it to something make it do something For you
Michael Timmerman
Michael Timmerman 26 дней назад
With out getting into the mechanics of why this is not free energy the split screen??? Why split the screen or even use that if your not trying to hide anything?? You sure did not use it for special effects right??😂🤣
I Energy Supply
I Energy Supply 29 дней назад
That's flywheel energy storage, but fun to watch!
Al Diecast
Al Diecast 29 дней назад
He make money with this video, or maybe he sell 2V 0.012A / H = some year maybe 3011 he start to make profit? after all rubber bands
Просто Красавчик
Просто Красавчик Месяц назад
Ну это супер круто !!!!!
Craig Surbrook
Craig Surbrook Месяц назад
100% Free food forever! Better than the everlasting gobstopper! Next video shows how you run a tube from your butthole to your mouth, allowing you to eat the last 24hrs of food over and over again, forever! No more food bills! No more agriculture required, or farming! Saves the earth from global warming!
Jego Anasco
Jego Anasco Месяц назад
Not fake smart business hideit
Time Speed
Time Speed Месяц назад
Alarm Super Fake !
Guapo_xxl Месяц назад
Without battery but you needed the battery help to kickstart it tho so I’m not hearing it
Megablocher Месяц назад
Solche Scheissvideos sollten unter Strafe gestellt werden . Was haben diese Weichbirnen davon dass sie so einen Schwachsinn zusammenbasteln? und dieser verschissene Sound dazu...
mixture Master
mixture Master Месяц назад
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta Месяц назад
ultravoxa Месяц назад
Good video for to show how people don't think. It is good energy for to views point up. Easily money what earning up flywheel energy. :) Accelerating flywheel from first by battery, after goes flywheel kinetic energy. Can be turn for next couple minutes for to show measurement. Easily?
john merlino
john merlino Месяц назад
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers Месяц назад
DANGER! This device has to be carefully tuned so it doesn't overproduce free energy. 1 to 10W is ok, 100W needs care. Anything more than that can be dangerous. You don't want several kilowatts floating about, they get hot and start fires. Go up into the gigawatt region and everything explodes. So please can we have a formula for the amount of free energy generated, and a method of limiting or controlling it? Unless, of course it is a scam, in which case that knock on your door is the Pakistan Police.
Francesco Месяц назад
Nice one! Hahahaha;)
Love Eriksson
Love Eriksson Месяц назад
I know that magnetic-fusion-power works, but this is just two ordinary electric motors? They can not create electric power. Does the "big wheel" create a magnetic fusion?
O que é Deus e o que chamado Deus ?
中原欧介 Месяц назад
4:23~右のモーターの中に、何かが見える・・・。After 4:23 something is in right motor. Is it a battery? うp主は、これに気づくかな、という気持ちで動画を作っているような気がします。
Gallifal's gaming
Gallifal's gaming Месяц назад
but hes using a battery kind of cocks the title up
Ducati M
Ducati M Месяц назад
This is just stupid Clickbait material to get attention from viewers. There’s a motor behind the large bearings that he’s not showing in the video that will make the pulleys turn.
Mathias Fait Des Films
Mathias Fait Des Films Месяц назад
I guess the small engine starts the rotation, and the small magnets create an imbalance, which keeps the rotation going due to the centrifugal force. The momentum created accelerates the rotation, which in turns create more energy out through the bigger engine. I would say it works.
russ117044 Месяц назад
Clickbait. Bullshit. No sub. Blocked adds. Fuck you.
Wesley Thompson
Wesley Thompson Месяц назад
free energy is a myth open your eyes and look it does not work you should unplug the battery and then see how well it works. you are just scamming people by saying you can get free energy. You just want money you greedy Pearson.
Matt Carrell
Matt Carrell Месяц назад
This isn't that clever. There is an obvious set of two black wires going off the bottom of the image where a battery is inserted in series to keep the process powered. Earlier in the video toward the center of the bottom of the screen there was a distortion effect that looked like the author was testing a split screen effect with copies of the same image not perfectly aligned to try to hide something. Obvious Fake.
Pharro Guess
Pharro Guess Месяц назад
What's up Houdini
Tharun Kumar
Tharun Kumar Месяц назад
If it happens then law of conservation of energy is what ? Man of you get 100 % free energy .... first change the title any way good one nice video
Aluddin molla
Aluddin molla Месяц назад
পাগলের পলায়ন
donjohnswaggert Месяц назад
Adding capacitors will make this perhaps useful This technology could be developed but its not hyper profitable and instead is destructive to the "powers" that be.
Vulsella Месяц назад
Says without battery. Uses battery in video. Smdh
Josh Hayl
Josh Hayl Месяц назад
At 4:19 the music became obnoxious and caustic, then, at 6:52 the screen goes black until the end of the video with only the music playing..... ridiculous.
panduiwan Panduiwan
panduiwan Panduiwan Месяц назад
Right Turner
Right Turner Месяц назад
Just another version of a perpetual motion device. The patent office would shoot this down immediately upon submission.
Quốc Hoàng Nguyễn
Quốc Hoàng Nguyễn Месяц назад
Well, how can you prove Lenz's Law wrong? I think this generator is a lie.
Aaron Estrada
Aaron Estrada Месяц назад
You're showing the materials but naming them would help.
Как все это работает ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-hr1j3fhQOB8.html
tiger fighter greece
tiger fighter greece Месяц назад
Look the voltometer after one month if the volts go down the system is fault
steve masina
steve masina Месяц назад
The whole thing is powered by a cell. Very unsmart indeed
bernardo Месяц назад
Um dia uma pessoa vai criar um metodo de energia alto sustentavel
M Serdar Coskun
M Serdar Coskun Месяц назад
Well done 👍But the screen gets totally black at 06:52. ???the video goes on and can hear the music playing.?But dont no nothing after that minute..???
Pedo phile Muhammad
Pedo phile Muhammad Месяц назад
Secret to an unlimited electrical power. . . .. I'm certain government will want to ban this video ...
chrisinvale Месяц назад
Why do you have around three minutes of nothing except music playing at the end of youre vid?
Руслан Ы
Руслан Ы Месяц назад
эта энергия не вечна, и в ближайшее время двигатель остановится. Это элементарные законы физики
T. F.
T. F. Месяц назад
Could you find any crappier 'music'? Commentary on what you are doing, how, and why, would have been nice, but wouldn't have made it any more believable. So, you apparently believe you have found perpetual motion, eh? Hahaha Keep dreaming.
steve masina
steve masina Месяц назад
Needs to provide some mathematical modelling to substantiate his claim; unless its a miracle
lucysluckyday Месяц назад
So if this is fake like everyone claims, why has YT blacked out the last third of the video from 6:54 until the end 10:03?
Pilip 984 TRIGLAV
Pilip 984 TRIGLAV Месяц назад
Wow amazing 👍👍
dj osearth
dj osearth Месяц назад
From 6:53 - 10:03 black video to stretch iut into a 10 minute video?. YOUFuX0R
Atlanna Elkins
Atlanna Elkins Месяц назад
i am trying to build a generator for a van home. would this method work, in your opinion? i thought it may be plausible.
Gobblarr Месяц назад
without battery, uses a battery. So much hate because perpetual energy is scientifically proven impossible long before the likes of "big business/power companies) If you dont have a background in physics just dont bother commenting because I already know your a fucking twit.
nnadine Burebista
nnadine Burebista Месяц назад
Alejandro Suaste
Alejandro Suaste Месяц назад
I was thinking how to post a comment because there are a lot of them so I need to write in english o лучше писать по русски, pero finalmente decidí que ustedes son los expertos y me vale mdrs!!!!
Dan Becker
Dan Becker Месяц назад
Cut the music .. Please .
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta Месяц назад
What is the size of ball bearings
Anton Croes
Anton Croes Месяц назад
from 6:52 power went off
Akki Boss
Akki Boss Месяц назад
why is always the drive engine smaller than the other engine ??
Shahnawaz Khan
Shahnawaz Khan Месяц назад
Can i use normal motor from toys or its a special motor for power Generation.
Jonny Chooch
Jonny Chooch Месяц назад
confirmed had soup
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