How to make 100% free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings | home invention.

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Title : how to make free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings
Hi friends this project is based on inertia when the bearing is rotated by a small motor the inertia of bearing help to rotate it few seconds more after disconnecting the battery hens it will rotate the dynamo and dynamo will produce electricity that electricity can be used to rotate the small motor .
this cannot produce high power because it is already using a power to run a small motor...
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2 окт 2017

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drfix2020 7 часов назад
Never subscribe to 100% fake video Channel!! Unless you have valuable time to waste!!
bertbox69 10 часов назад
You can tell its an Asian vid, the gratuitous crap music, the lack of vocal guide unless a fake digital voice. Before you go PC on me, I've seen plenty of my Asian partners vids she watches!!
Laney Xiong
Laney Xiong 10 часов назад
Bitch you scam should go to hell. It's is a very simple bitch if there is true we won't need gas for a car and paid electricity bill. You ass o are the threat to the new generation if you don't have education don't act like you are be cause you look very stupid.
UnKnown HandSome
UnKnown HandSome 16 часов назад
Bro where will i get this barings
Ederson Augusto
Ederson Augusto День назад
Coisa do Brasil
Rafa Rafis
Rafa Rafis День назад
Ha ha ha ha. Yesssss. We got the free solution to all human needing. But may be you will need to take a second reading (or first!) on thermodynamic laws...
Jayhere День назад
Why does the music have to be so gay? The only people that like that type of music is ravers. It's highly likely that 99.9% of them don't even know the correct names of any of the components in the video. They understand that eating Tide Pods and wearing glow in the dark clothing under ultraviolet light is cool. So why are you trying to appeal to their logic? They don't use any.
Cristóbal Torregrosa
Cristóbal Torregrosa День назад
How to find 100% stupid people.
Stan Lee
Stan Lee День назад
My buddy Iron Man be like" Whaaaaaaaaaaa......t???? "
Stefan S.
Stefan S. 2 дня назад
OMG, I love bullshit! Waste your time and money. Get solar panel for 2 bucks, in 22 years it pays back. After this time the energy is for you "free" . . .
Jeremy Glendenning
Jeremy Glendenning 2 дня назад
Cornelius Meltmann
Cornelius Meltmann 3 дня назад
Did you see that heavy flywheel? It keeps enough energy for the few seconds of the video
Heinz LETZTE. 11 часов назад
There is another battery in the big motor.
only originally video kings off kareli
Motor mein battery Kaise Dala bhai Ye To Bata De
Joe Simon
Joe Simon 5 дней назад
what rubish
Happy kid Счастливый малыш
Канал в ЧС...
Surfer Culture
Surfer Culture 6 дней назад
What a pile of shite
Seyit Mutlu
Seyit Mutlu 6 дней назад
My arse
Griffin Grisly
Griffin Grisly 6 дней назад
I wish to get more information about that formula.... giltgibberish2@gmail.com u can get me bro
cuming-soda 6 дней назад
If I were u I would labele the items that I showed here
Très Facile !
Très Facile ! 6 дней назад
passtheparcel2007 8 дней назад
Its not free energy. You had to generate energy first to use it! To have free energy u would need a sustainable source, that would not run out. Something on this planet, that has not been released to the general public. The military, however use it!
J-Jacques 8 дней назад
Fake ☻
TheMasterRocket 8 дней назад
Perpetual motion machine?! I don't see how that would in any way...
FAKE .... But at least you you've thought out of the box to make some mola on your 16,000,000 views!!!!!
numan khan
numan khan 9 дней назад
Fern Marques
Fern Marques 9 дней назад
This is a perpetual motion machine of the first kind. It violates the First Law of Thermodynamics, and it won't run for long. This has been tried so many times, exactly the same thing, that all the "inventors" think they figured it out. The best one I know is the Ferris wheel with 6 kg weights all around. But when the 6 kg weights get to the top, 6 upside-down is 9, so they are heavier and force the wheel to rotate. All this system needs is an initial push. :)
Newton Mutai
Newton Mutai 9 дней назад
This guy is good....4:05 look at his finger...There is nothing like free power generation
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer 10 дней назад
I see two black wires running out of the picture at the bottom...?????
ssla embedded
ssla embedded 10 дней назад
Hello! The video is very nice...Can you subscribed to my channel, I already subscribed to your channel. My channel is "ssla embedded" Best regards!.
Роман Богатов
Роман Богатов 11 дней назад
Батарейка в большом моторчике!
shantizy p
shantizy p 11 дней назад
The rest of the vid is blacked out.. Wtf
Chase Borges
Chase Borges 12 дней назад
Poor editing @4:13. The photoshop is so blatantly obvious
gerbilkill 12 дней назад
it does work we built something similar out of walk mans in the 90's. (school project , like 8th grade maybe) ive also seen an ohm inducter that would generate like 3 volts of electricity just from people being near it. in the 90s out of a record players needle hooked to various transistors and a Walkman motor.. its not rocket science guys.. schematics, are readily available all over google.
Michael Placker
Michael Placker 12 дней назад
Well to prov it make the gen and see if it works or not
Bart Simps
Bart Simps 12 дней назад
to je nic
Дмитрий Максимов
Дмитрий Максимов 13 дней назад
сделал полую хрень и еще ведь видео снял, людей отвлекать, займись делом, что то полезное делай!
Russ Raetzman
Russ Raetzman 13 дней назад
Obviously fake. There is no such thing as perpetual motion.
MiK-FORYOU Khan 14 дней назад
He is right
Rick Aldous
Rick Aldous 14 дней назад
Scam + shit annoying sound track !
Megablocher 14 дней назад
Ganz Klar.. diese Versifften Kugellager , der Schräge Gummibandantrieb, der ganze Klutter läuft Verlustfrei!!!!! Mann was für Vollidioten glauben denn so einen Scheiss?
Mike Whitaker
Mike Whitaker 14 дней назад
Now if you could just magnify that * 10000 you might be able to run some of the crap in your house
Syed Raza Muhammad
Syed Raza Muhammad 14 дней назад
Yar koi esy free generator ka system tayar karo jo buhat he sasti ho owr ziyada power ful ho
Gábor Visnyei
Gábor Visnyei 14 дней назад
ward leonard motor controll system... youtube . com / watch?v=s9J43VVB9mE
Omar Xenon
Omar Xenon 15 дней назад
100% fake
Jim Woodward
Jim Woodward 16 дней назад
The only thing this generates is clicks, views and gullibility.
gary s
gary s 16 дней назад
Voltage doesnt make power, current does..
Minh son miền nam
Minh son miền nam 16 дней назад
Đây mới là chuẩn 👍
Anton Croes
Anton Croes 16 дней назад
at 6:52 the power went out till the end why did't you use the energy to give light
DrQuadrivium 16 дней назад
In my household we follow the laws of Conservation of Energy. .
Atte Markula
Atte Markula 16 дней назад
Why is it tearing space in the middle of video, this must be too powerful tech. Don't leave it on or you my cause global warming.
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