How to make 100% free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings | home invention.

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Title : how to make free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings
Hi friends this project is based on inertia when the bearing is rotated by a small motor the inertia of bearing help to rotate it few seconds more after disconnecting the battery hens it will rotate the dynamo and dynamo will produce electricity that electricity can be used to rotate the small motor .
this cannot produce high power because it is already using a power to run a small motor...
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Oct 2, 2017

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Comments 5 967
convict 242
convict 242 4 months ago
I build it and it works fine. I dont know why so many negative comments
Blince.Leris Diasma
Roberto Loberto
Roberto Loberto 12 days ago
In the second motor there is one battery, (hidden inside) easy.
wahid boss
wahid boss 15 days ago
laws of physics says no
Volker Piasta
Volker Piasta 19 days ago
@convict 242 troll.
convict 242
convict 242 19 days ago
@Volker Piasta Sry but i dont have time to explain everything to you. Just watch the video again. thx bye
장영진 4 hours ago
omkar tare
omkar tare Day ago
Aise project mujhe bhejte raho pliz
shams ahmed
shams ahmed Day ago
music is too much. can't focus on video
山田太郎 Day ago
Karan Goyal
Karan Goyal Day ago
See this type of can you make it ruvid.net/video/video-OzOhM4HsIeg.html
chris9627 Day ago
that's not free energy ever heard of conservation of energy
my heart pakistan
nibbaadvice 2 days ago
Efficiency can't be more than 100 percent you fucking morons
Tom Corbett
Tom Corbett 2 days ago
If Be Creative had said "lets have some fun with electricity and energy exchanges", rather than "100% free energy" then that would have been fine. But there are kids out here who may think there is something in this. Physics is fun enough without having to make it look stupid.
MarcoAntonio Raygoza
I did it, hook up with a 250w Solar Panel , *No Wind or No Sun, No Problem*
Michael Zirkenbach
Wo werden die Verluste ausgeglichen? Reibung, Widerstand... und, und? Also alles Quatsch!
The Shand channel
Expert Vids
Expert Vids 4 days ago
Thanks for sharing this video... I am interesting
cruzan mongoose
cruzan mongoose 5 days ago
I wonder how many suckers tried to build this bs energy device.? You tube is cracking down on some creators for free speech, why are they not going after these fake energy videos Just imagine how many thousands of hours are wasted of people actually trying to replicate these bs energy machines.. pathetic!!!
Mateusz Górski
Mateusz Górski 5 days ago
Buhahahaha fake
Gona Ashokraj
Gona Ashokraj 6 days ago
Fight The People
Fight The People 7 days ago
Dam music!! Explain hands...
Traxable 8 days ago
that can not work, because of the law of thermodynamic
Skinnys Cool Videos
FreeDom Dz
FreeDom Dz 8 days ago
16 million views For Fake tut!! ooooh yah!! olllyyyyyyyyy !!!!
Senfa 9 days ago
It’s not self powering tho Eventually it going to run out of oil for gears and break A dude in the basement not going to solve are energy problems
Mishiko D
Mishiko D 10 days ago
Индус хватит народ дурить !
Shimon John
Shimon John 10 days ago
Brother the circuit have many confusion so give a circuit graph or a drawing of connections....
elektro1923 11 days ago
ni para hacer fakes sirves. claramente se ve que el motor pequeño esta impulsando la polea grande. ya que se ve la presion de la banda al hacer fuerza .
Ed Berger
Ed Berger 15 days ago
Fake! It would eventually stop...
wahid boss
wahid boss 15 days ago
laws of physics says no
jonathan ramos
jonathan ramos 15 days ago
He did well to produce but he demonstrate not clearly by introducing the materials he used and its function.
Mohan raj
Mohan raj 16 days ago
Certainly fake..it is impossible to convert 100% i/p to o/p without loss of energy..
Shadoa 815
Shadoa 815 17 days ago
Cool experiment and a fun video to watch. Nothing about it is free though, power in always equals power out. Once this is loaded too heavily it would come to grinding halt and is why developing electricity requires a massive amount of force on the input side.
Janakram Painkra
Janakram Painkra 18 days ago
Koi aaj hi mere ko things ke names bata do na please its very Argent
Canal Batata Palha
Canal Batata Palha 18 days ago
It's really not for us, and it really does stay the other way. It's sarcastic and you're retarded and you do not understand.
Катя Романюк
Kosacek CZ
Kosacek CZ 22 days ago
Kosacek CZ
Kosacek CZ 7 days ago
@spudster117 sorry, but if you want to keep the universe apart, then you shall know that there is no thing in the world that has efficiency above 100%, even most of things such as generators ect. have max. 50-60% energy convertion, because our physical enviroment isnt quite supporting this. It may be perpetual motion, but it still has efficiency at max. 30%. Please, start studying at least electronics and then come back. Thanks.
spudster117 21 day ago
perpetual motion machines have been around for nearly 1000 years. google bhaskara's wheel.
Charles Mynhier
Charles Mynhier 22 days ago
No big deal, I can take ( 9 Volts DC and turn it into 30,000 Volts DC ! ! - - this is reality, you can bet your life on it, but this is not free energy, because Power is Volts times Amps, (Watts), what you gain in Volts, you loose in Amperage :-( - - Same thing can be done with DC Motors. - which is what this Dude did. _ _ _ Don,t be a "Sucker" :-)
jimin Frank
jimin Frank 4 days ago
Yes. And the energy keeping on the generator running is the battery energy input and stored in the two bearings when it is started. Good shot for cheating.
Charles Mynhier
Charles Mynhier 22 days ago
OK, I clicked on this Video, I sincerely think this is a "Fake Sham" but I will watch until I am convinced :-) First off, the first thing I saw was "Bearings" ! ! ! It does not look good at this point :-( . How to lie to my friends, without lying ! - If you can buy this, continue. :-) _ _ OK, then I see the "wobble of the Pulleys ! - This kind of workmanship will not be successful in real life ! :-( And then the screen goes "black" ! ! ! _ If you want to continue wasting time, then continue watching.
Neal Ramsey
Neal Ramsey 22 days ago
Lol...where's the power coming from a hidden battery? There's one there somewhere because that's impossible as if we didn't know already
Kassie Dreaneai
Kassie Dreaneai 23 days ago
A 6 minute 53 seconds video that goes to black screen for the rest of the 10 minutes total. Mind numbingly all over the place; not a word spoken of explanation; but trust me; I am making free electricity.... you believe me...... don't you?
dedy suwenda
dedy suwenda 23 days ago
The black cable series with battry. Fake bro
ar medi
ar medi 23 days ago
Gokil abis bro yang paling gokil motor trel dari pasir
Ken Behrendt
Ken Behrendt 24 days ago
You will find a design that works here: ​ruvid.net/video/video-b5q_hbikVYA.html​
Phillip Susi
Phillip Susi 24 days ago
Sorry dude, there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine. It always takes more energy to turn a dynamo than you get out of it.
Phillip Susi
Phillip Susi 20 days ago
@spudster117 Don't be that dimwit who says airplane vapor trails are a gov't conspiracy to spray us with mind control chemicals. Or the triangles are magic. Perpetual motion machines have never, and will never work. Physics has laws, and they can not be broken. If there were a magical perpetual motion machine that had actually been working for 1000 years, then why aren't you and everyone else using it to power their home? Oh, right.. a giant conspiracy... that has apparently failed because you know about the magic... so now that you know about it, why are you still not using it to power your home or propel your car?
spudster117 21 day ago
perpetual motion machines been out a while brew. about 1000 years or so. Google Bhaskara's wheel. Don't be that guy who said planes would never fly.
BellyTheFirst 25 days ago
Adding a black screen after 7 minutes cause he doesn't have enough content to make an actual video
RadioSnivins 22 days ago
He ran outta power.
Larry Ruga
Larry Ruga 25 days ago
my only comment is,tha you always make short the line via your finger.its not a good practice.
Merida66 26 days ago
Haaaaaahaaaa! Und dann noch diese beknackte Musik!
Killer Koyote1
Killer Koyote1 26 days ago
That's Fake the Generator pruduces AC the Motor only Run on DC so it couldn't Work.
cooper thompson
cooper thompson 26 days ago
Nadim P
Nadim P 26 days ago
3 StarsAndTheSun
3 StarsAndTheSun 26 days ago
people always have something negative to say, just continue of what you doing, as long as you know its right
Chinmay Srivastava
Chinmay Srivastava 26 days ago
Abe tu to physics ke laws hi tood raha hai waaaaaa 🤓😂😂
Ramrav Tekale
Ramrav Tekale 26 days ago
आशिष व्हिडिओ बनवा
nikitos com
nikitos com 27 days ago
это полная хуйня дизлайк
Ovidiu Gabriel
Ovidiu Gabriel 29 days ago
just stop the f---ng song
Harrys Iliakis
Harrys Iliakis Month ago
Movement or energy cannot be created without a source.Im only damn 10 and can understand this shit is fake
Harrys Iliakis
Harrys Iliakis Month ago
to not 10 but yeah
Martin Stu
Martin Stu Month ago
why is it always some brown muslim/indian guy lying to people on youtube? why are you doing this?
Wood Spirit
Wood Spirit Month ago
Well for instance the laws of phisics
Barry Lynne
Barry Lynne Month ago
Ok, now you built it, What is it good for?, what will it power?
Loli4lyf Month ago
You know what? Fuck this. Stop giving people fake information such as "free energy"
Cody Minter
Cody Minter Month ago
All of these intelligent people in the comments do any of you know how to create time travel or store time
Volker Piasta
Volker Piasta Month ago
crap, this is no free energy. It is the inertia of the heavy bearings that make it run for a while after starting it with the battery. Friction and any consumed energy like the ventilator take out energy and will slow down and eventually stop the spin. What a lot of idiots exists who believe this crap.
Ali Karami
Ali Karami Month ago
wow😯 ایول داداش 😅
Ihave one
Ihave one Month ago
Let's just ask a question..... with invention of free energy device,,,,,, why don't we know his name.... should be all over and he would be the richest person in the world.... people use your noggins for more then just washing hair...... is it really more lucrative to post videos on youtube then producing and selling the device that everybody and their grand mother would want to buy?????
Butch H
Butch H Month ago
Smooth Trunkfish
U can see where he splits the screen
Zohaib rauf
Zohaib rauf Month ago
Fake there is no free energy yet.
daniel jonhson
daniel jonhson Month ago
Wouldn't it be easier to use a capacitor instead of a battery?
Robert Thorne
Robert Thorne 20 days ago
The capacitor would have to be too large, sufficient to hold enough charge to get the small motor / bearing / bigger generator up to speed.
davetileguy Month ago
millennial democrats think this is real.
stargate905 Month ago
davetileguy AOC approved hahaha
Nat Lee
Nat Lee Month ago
Energy doesn’t magically appear people. There’s no such thing as free lunch. This is BS
Polski Obywatel
Polski Obywatel 13 days ago
Free energy topic? No no no, let's talk about totally different. Like I said, there's no free energy. Convering it won't help you anymore.
J Lister
J Lister 13 days ago
Lol polski I could have guessed you'd have done that just with having a name like that hahaaa seen plenty of the polskis doing it my town lmao
Polski Obywatel
Polski Obywatel 13 days ago
Free energy exists only if you take it from your neighbour.
J Lister
J Lister Month ago
One of them people who always like to be different eyy. Shut up
Nat Lee
Nat Lee Month ago
@J Lister Actually I like being wrong because it's an opportunity to learn. I'm offended by people making up BS like "free energy" that makes fun out of people like you who believe it
Farhan Tanvir Likhon
Well done...................valllll.....o........
michael michael
michael michael Month ago
mick mccrory
mick mccrory Month ago
Dear Sirs, We are interested in purchasing the exclusive patent rights to your "Free Energy" machine. Our Engineers have been working without success to develop this sort of technology. So far, all we have come up with are light water nuclear reactors of 1000MW capacity. Please forward any specifications on total power output when scaled up to an industrial size. Thank You. Engineering Dept. General Electric Corp.
Timmy Sabar
Timmy Sabar Month ago
black wire connected with Battery. simple
Nathan Estate 365
Why no one implementing this great idea in electric vehicles? Cant it resolve the challenge on recharging of battery ?At-least can it help to reduce the recharging timing ? Tesla , pls have a look into this !!!!!!
Conn_rr Month ago
Nathan Estate 365 it requires energy from regular electrics for this thing to work so there’d be no energy change efficient enough for a car as the energy from the batter just goes into this machine and repeats that
Gods World
Gods World Month ago
Ok 👌, now figure out ALTERNATING current 👈🏼 we know about DC👈🏼 you get 1/2 an Einstein on this one.
king homemade
king homemade Month ago
Just reverse the motor and it will generate current duhhh do other guys have try it...... Its working tsk. Try so that you will know dont just base on educ.
Engrid Krasniqi
Engrid Krasniqi Month ago
Lol I think he got 4 volt for free 😬😂😂
Frederik MHz
Frederik MHz Month ago
i just tap it out from the ionosphere, our planet is one big generator.
Dr.khatra A
Dr.khatra A Month ago
remember law of energy : energy can neither be created nor be destroyed it can only get changed from one form to another. nothing is 100% effecient . so free energy is not possible at all.
Zach B
Zach B Month ago
kermode707 quantum mechanics neither help nor damage this law. Please don’t be absurd, or you truely might turn into a flat earther.
kermode707 Month ago
Tell that to Tesla,oh that's right ,he's dead and so is your comment while physics and Quantum physics laws are changing.even the Navy took a patent on LE N R, ( low energy nuclear reaction)Cold fusion,Which is a term made up by the Media,too undermine the experiment done in 89.in Berkeley . Please keep your mind open to change,while otherwise you too may turn into a flat Earther🤔😆🖖🏽👍🏽
Abhishek Maurya
Abhishek Maurya Month ago
Walter arquiñego
DalaiLama Del
DalaiLama Del Month ago
If you stick a wire in your ass and a socket at the other end you can create vast amounts of energy ... It's called ass energy and I have the blueprints for it ..for $100 you can have them too.
Lol Br
Lol Br Month ago
Harley Me
Harley Me Month ago
ahh I see the fail... he's using an 18650 lipo which is 3.7 volts.. and his meter says he's getting 2.6 back.. good job buddy.. you've created a normal working uh.. energy wasting device. lol yeah free energy isnt possible nice try though.
Larry Zoch
Larry Zoch Month ago
ok, how big will u have to make 1 to power your home????? lets get some real helpful info.
Zach B
Zach B Month ago
It’s fake
Harley Me
Harley Me Month ago
at the 2.5 volts he's getting... dunno.. our power is 110 volt..
World Gamer
World Gamer Month ago
So you are saying that a youtuber with 400 something thowsand subscribers did what decades of brilliant minds and giant research programs couldnt do. You broke the first law of thermodynamics you idiot. You cant create energy from nothing, especially if your a non-qualifyed researcher, or in this case, youtuber
Mhai Yang
Mhai Yang Month ago
Energy cannot be created. Energy can only be transform from one form to another. The energy put into a system will always exceed the energy we get out of the system. The amount of energy we put into produce our electricity far exceed the electrical energy we get out of our systems. There is no self running system in this universe. Don’t be fool by this video.
ADM technique
ADM technique Month ago
100% fuck enaergy
sarah spatz
sarah spatz Month ago
Fake as shit cake
Mundo das invenções
Legal muito bom " já inscrito quando der Rtb tmj sucesso
donvee2000 Month ago
I saw the same thing someone did with big motors and a car alternator...he got alot of juice
donvee2000 Month ago
@Volker Piasta - another genius spouting what he's been told rather than doing his own research. I could explain the engineering concepts to you, but since we are on RUvid... ruvid.net/video/video-Fv53K9MnDuM.html
Volker Piasta
Volker Piasta Month ago
nonsense. you don't get more juice out than you put in.
Adrien Bastarache
another mute video,not watching this .
Eddie RUKidding
Eddie RUKidding 2 months ago
its just an attempt at another Perpetual motion device, eventually the losses would overcome the inertia and it would stop
Van Young
Van Young 2 months ago
Could you give us detiled manufacture drawing?Especially the motor types(motor models).
Sheraz Jamil
Sheraz Jamil 2 months ago
My foot
Allen Bell
Allen Bell 2 months ago
All I get is a black screen
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo 2 months ago
Protect this man at all costs
M Ms
M Ms 2 months ago
Thumbs down - The video said “without battery” what the hell you call the green battery jump starting your transistor radio cut out?? Also annoying music. There should no music and you need to get off your ass and behind the camera explaining step by step.
saf wan
saf wan 2 months ago
Who's know the size of bearings?
Jake Joris
Jake Joris 2 months ago
i see 2 wires going down lol. Fail F.A.F (fake as f**k)
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