How to LIVE inside a BEE in Minecraft 1.15 Update

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Living inside a Bee in Minecraft 1.15! This update adds buzzy bees in minecraft that you can learn how to live inside!
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Today we're living inside a bee in minecraft!
#Minecraft #Bee #Update
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Jan 16, 2020




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Comments 1 574
iEmnerz 10 hours ago
No one: Absolutely no one: LogDotZip: HAVE YOU WANTED TO LIVE IN A BEE?!
Laura Jimenez
Laura Jimenez 12 hours ago
Zombiessssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!
Shouta Aizawa
Shouta Aizawa 13 hours ago
Tyler: who is Yonce and why does she have a ring??? Me: B E E Y O N C E
ItsLightStrike PvP
So this doesn’t work in vanilla?
Jordan Spencer
THE wither storm
malie alley
malie alley Day ago
him: SHE WANTS TO BE A BEE me: i get it
MythicalWyvren YT
Live inside a FOX and do some sneaky stuff and help foxes
Loretta Lisa
Loretta Lisa Day ago
TRA LA LA LA LA WA WA WA WA WA OOHHHHHHH YAAAAAAA It’s me from the frucher why did I do diz
Sally McIntosh
Sally McIntosh 2 days ago
Your so amazing!
Alex Ashmore
Alex Ashmore 2 days ago
Try and live in a ender men
Nugget The best
Nugget The best 2 days ago
This video is filled with bee puns
MrFearGamers Dragoned
Bee is disaster and fun
Bena Playz
Bena Playz 2 days ago
Yonce’s ring more like Bee-yonce’s ring
Caitlin Tyrer
Caitlin Tyrer 3 days ago
I think u should go in a panda
Roxy Owsley
Roxy Owsley 3 days ago
I like your voice ☺️
Maurine Stenwick
Maurine Stenwick 3 days ago
Merel .D
Merel .D 3 days ago
You should go into a parrot!!
BTS Lover
BTS Lover 3 days ago
You should live in a lig next
The Gaming Potatoez ! ! !
You've been doing bee puns the whole video #PUNS #BEES
Leanne Evans
Leanne Evans 3 days ago
Ryan King Samonte
Go live inside in a phantom!!
Fella Fatisha
Fella Fatisha 4 days ago
Hmmmm can u live inside a enter man?
Fella Fatisha
Fella Fatisha 4 days ago
I mean ender
Are S
Are S 4 days ago
Logdotzip: “We are in the bee” Also Logdotzip: “We need to _bee_ carful”
Student Nicholas Whitters
Bee yonsay
Erin Nelson Thomson
A witch
Nicole Linden
Nicole Linden 4 days ago
Try to live in a wolf
Sun and moon
Sun and moon 5 days ago
Why is my name there
MC Teachers
MC Teachers 5 days ago
how about a zombee? ha ha.
Jimjim Bergsten
Jimjim Bergsten 6 days ago
14:54 i don't like what the Vindicators are doing
Robot831 6 days ago
Goes inside the bee Me: can u go through a bee in a bee?
Nuklez 14
Nuklez 14 6 days ago
Go in a Wolf!!
Gamer99 6 days ago
I don’t like the bee update
snj byler
snj byler 7 days ago
Do a wolf next
Marco Erwee
Marco Erwee 7 days ago
What about you live in a creeper. Awesome video dude!
Gabriel Granby
Gabriel Granby 7 days ago
a guardian live in a guardian
mattygbuckets 7 days ago
Richard Bullick
Richard Bullick 7 days ago
Live inside a wither skeleton
Zach Frazier
Zach Frazier 7 days ago
Yelena Wallace
Yelena Wallace 7 days ago
UgaIndia Modugula
Me tries it: Doesn't work
Rico 2018
Rico 2018 8 days ago
Rico 2018
Rico 2018 8 days ago
Ha ha funny 😒
Jennifer Williams
Do a wolf next
Logdotzip: **saying a MILLION bee Jokes** Me: ;-; Dude calm down with the bee jokes xD Also me: UwU I LOVE BEES! ( Love the video btw :3)
Robot831 6 days ago
Sinthekillerkitty me: BEE calmer then that
Alisha Beckstrom
Alisha Beckstrom 9 days ago
hey this didnt work for me
Ella Jameson
Ella Jameson 9 days ago
Lunden Martin
Lunden Martin 9 days ago
Jayden Nunez
Jayden Nunez 9 days ago
It doesn’t exist for us
Dwsa Qwer
Dwsa Qwer 9 days ago
I live inside my own world of make"BEE"live
Ioan Trusca
Ioan Trusca 9 days ago
Oml soooooo many bee jokes like bee cool
Alexis Chapman
Alexis Chapman 10 days ago
What about a wolf maybe I love wolfs it would be nice to live in one or be one
roblox pixl gamer
roblox pixl gamer 10 days ago
its hard to complete that part in 0:37
phoenix fire
phoenix fire 10 days ago
How about an iron Golem
G Lewis
G Lewis 10 days ago
Does anyone know the name of the datapack that he used for his others?
Damion Michaud
Damion Michaud 10 days ago
Try going in a dog
Joyce Amanze
Joyce Amanze 10 days ago
I love you😍🥰😘
Builder Dog
Builder Dog 10 days ago
live in a Hoglin
Ruth Bennett
Ruth Bennett 10 days ago
I don't know if you did this morning, but how about you do a iron golem?
I think all of the Bees were Villagers Because their Wings are not Moving..
Evie Haines
Evie Haines 11 days ago
I can't do it
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