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There’s one rule on Space Time: It’s never Aliens. But every rule has an exception and this rule is no exception because: It’s never aliens, until it is. So is it aliens yet? And on today’s Space Time we’re going to examine all the best case scenarios for life beyond Earth.

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Hosted by Matt O'Dowd
Written by Matt Caplan \u0026 Matt O'Dowd
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Published on


May 11, 2021




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Comments 0
Rhacman 8 hours ago
15:39 What apart from a black hole could you NOT destroy with a warp bubble? It sounds like you could rip through a planet or star and leave the doughnut hole you ripped out on your windshield till you stopped and fired your "annihilate everything in front of me" beam. If caution should be proportionate to potential harm, what type of caution is merited when the harm is the potential to destroy planets or even solar systems? Shouldn't the question be less of *if* we can develop warp technology, but do we even want it?
I Am an idiot but
I Am an idiot but 10 hours ago
They don’t need to be scanning for microbes they need to be excavating like we do on earth to find fossils
Félix Lessange
Félix Lessange 15 hours ago
What if we do find aliens ? What happens then ? Put aside considerations about the likelyhood of it. What would we actually do ?
VoodooD0g 20 hours ago
but how can a tiny moon generate so much dust that it actually dimms the light of a star that much?
guitar slingrr
You know its real when the skeptics start sounding like nutjobs. The tide is shifting
shawbros Day ago
When Giorgio says it's aliens, you can bet your ass it's aliens.
Psiberzerker Day ago
Occam's Teacup: The simplest explanation is Aliens. Because it rests in a saucer.
Psiberzerker Day ago
Comets accelerate from outgassing by Mass Transfer. They're not rockets, they're basically heavier when the sun pulls them in than they are on the way out. So, the Sun's gravity doesn't pull them as hard on the way out.
Psiberzerker Day ago
On Mars, we're the Aliens. That's basically the only exception: When Humans (Or let's say European colonists) are the Aliens. If we find microbes on Mars, the correct term is Natives. I suppose in the case of a rock being knocked off of Phobos, landing in Greenland, and then getting cracked open by Scientists thousands of years later. That rock was Their world, until Scientists cracked it open on our world, and put them in a Petri Dish. At that point, technically they would be "Aliens" in the petri dish.
00Billy 2 days ago
I tend to think if its found in our solar system... is it really Alien? Drake odds change if we expect alien labels on our doorstep? Theia impact could spray a crapload.. an early life form on earth ... no trace left here cause Theia was x 100000 a Chicxulub extinction event. anyway... All my Alien research is from people with tiger blood.
torchist 3 days ago
Ok I'm probably going to embarrass myself here - I had some thoughts on the Proxima Centauri signal. Suppose an alien technology could beam one-half of a set of entangled photons as the type of signal we received from Proxima Centauri. Their technology then stores the other half of the entangled photon pairs in some sort of storage loop (these aliens are pretty smart). When the original beam is detected by some sort of consciousness like ours the wave functions of the photon pairs collapse and the aliens detect this in their stored photons (that's probably the tricky bit). But if it worked it would mean that they would be able to detect consciousness without a round trip - so they are probably already on their way.
Nick Ames
Nick Ames 4 days ago
I doubt that any other Life Form "as good as us", let alone "better" is out there. "Millions of years ahead" probably only in Time passed by only! SO...Lets stop Killing Each Other, make our planet better and Avoid Destroying Ourselves OR Just Dying Off, which May Be In THE PLAN !!!
Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll 4 days ago
Consider the Fermi paradox? The likelihood of the least stable gaining annihilation technology ending species survival.
Phil 4 days ago
nah its always aliens
Christian 5 days ago
He’s just described a future WMD with the Warp Bubble dissipation energy release!
psxz1 5 days ago
gonna be a truly enlightening decade
Justin Kindler
Justin Kindler 5 days ago
Hello wonderful persons
John Martin
John Martin 5 days ago
Aliens? "Where is everybody??"
poopstain 7 days ago
I just pooped in a bag
Brinck 8 days ago
"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, is all the things you didn't think about." - youtube-comment that I read somewhere else at some point in spacetime
Shadowstorm 8 days ago
Well... a "certain someone" once said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs"
Addison Draper
Addison Draper 8 days ago
can you do future videos without the foreign accent? It doesn't help anything. thanks.
Timothy Sayers
Timothy Sayers 8 days ago
If Sigourney Weaver tapes a pulse rifle to a flamethrower it's Aliens
Dougie Fuoco
Dougie Fuoco 8 days ago
no matter how many things you find that could be aliens you will always come up with a natural phenomena that could explain it. you will never accept the evidence even if it slaps you in the face
Dougie Fuoco
Dougie Fuoco 8 days ago
now i get why you and anton are just as arrogant as eachother and also pronounce words wrong you should get right. Kuiper rhymes with hyper by the way. and also both don't know that a singularity is just the point where mathmatics break down and not a physical object. are you really a dr?
Dougie Fuoco
Dougie Fuoco 8 days ago
its obvious and i would know this even if i didn't go to school with someone with the last name
Dougie Fuoco
Dougie Fuoco 8 days ago
its arrogant to assume that alien life has to be the last logical conclusion
Dougie Fuoco
Dougie Fuoco 8 days ago
who ever decided the burden of proof was on the discoverer? why can't everyone look for proof of a discovery? thats pretty greedy... we will never believe evidence of alien life cause scientists are so skeptical. the thing is there is life in space and we know there is cause its us and the probability of us being the only one is astronomically low
Good Times
Good Times 8 days ago
IDK, I watch ancient aliens and they are pretty sure it is ALWAYS aliens :D
Past Present Future
Curt Willis
Curt Willis 9 days ago
SMBC: It's very simple. Anything that can't be explained immediately and completely by science is definitely aliens.
Jg235 10 days ago
It’s never aliens, perhaps on Mars there is some microbial life but advanced life like on earth we’ll only know about when they fake it to forward some political agenda.
Randy Randerson
Randy Randerson 10 days ago
If you look at a 3d rendering of Oumuamua as it passes through the solar system, it does a perfect docking run by Earth. hmmmm
Larry Lam
Larry Lam 11 days ago
“ I do not have sex with that woman”. Can you believe his announcement on biological discovered on Martian rock
Lars Soholt
Lars Soholt 11 days ago
I do believe we have seen possible evidence of alien life in our distant past. I would suggest that the ancient gods were very possibly the remnants of a race that left its home world because its sun somehow destabilized. The fleet COULD be an echo of the fleet that would have landed over 10,000 possibly 100 million years ago. Why not look for it as a possibility? It could still be any number of things we don't know that could cause this kind of signal. Why not look at the odd escalation in the history of instances (WOW, 2019?) that you shared. I would strongly suggest that the observer plays an active role finding that this "cat" ain't dead. I believe that as people become aware of the concept of aliens in a more cohesive manner, it will happen. My suggestion for this is that because time is somehow intricately linked with space and our observations make it happen as is most cohesively viewed. There are many things science can't quite explain in the same way that Einstein's theory of relativity helps us accomplish a lot even though Einstein's theory can't be fully understood by our current understanding of science. I think we need to find a way to understand these blind spots. Comment if you follow what might seem like a line of garbage on the surface. I dare you to look deeper and moderate Occam's razor. Everything is detrimental in excess.
Gertrude Elisa
Gertrude Elisa 12 days ago
The festive pentagon fortunately suspect because texture simultaneously guarantee on a cowardly recorder. available, quick railway
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 10 days ago
Gorbachev sings tractors. Turnip. Buttocks.
RC Toymemories
RC Toymemories 12 days ago
So, after having listened to Avi Loeb, and having listened to this video, I'd like to recap both. This video states: "Why not aliens if there is no accepted natural explanation? Well, because the answer is simple. Because there are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamed of in your philosophy". That's a poetic line. But it's not even close to being an "answer". Then it continues: "And lo and behold, since the publication of our video, a far more reasonable explanation has been proposed. I'm actually going to direct you to Anton Petrov's excellent channel for a really clear, in-depth analysis. But in short, Oumuamua is very well explained as a shard of a extra-solar ice world similar to Pluto. Ejected into interstellar space by an impact. And this also explains the acceleration due to outgassing of Nitrogen ice." Here is Professor Avi Loeb of Harvard University, on March 23 2021, in an interview - ruvid.net/video/video-8fEHDQuLqgA.html "Even this week there were two papers published, trying to explain it from a natural origin. I should say that all of the suggestions on the table, there are four of them that associate Oumuamua with a natural origin, all four of them contemplate something that we have never seen before. So the latest one, just to give you an example, talks about a nitrogen iceberg. And we can talk about it later, why that is very unlikely. There was another one that said maybe it's a hydrogen iceberg. And then because hydrogen is transparent, when it evaporates we can't see the cometary tail. The problem with that is hydrogen can be evaporated very quickly, and so, such an iceberg will not survive the journey. There was another suggestion maybe it's a cloud of dust particles. Very loosely bound, sort of like a dust bunny that we find at home, except the size of a football field. And the problem with that is, as it gets close to the Sun it would be heated by hundreds of degrees and it wouldn't maintain it's integrity - it's material strength is not high enough. There was another suggestion, maybe it's a fragment or piece of another object that was broken when it passed close to a star. The problem with that is such events are very rare, but also usually you get a piece that is cigar shaped rather than pancake shaped, the way Oumuamua looked. And so, all of these proposals have major flaws. And given the fact all of them contemplate something that we have never seen before, it makes sense in my opinion to consider an artificial origin." Later he adds... "At the moment, I should say that all the natural origin interpretations look less likely to me, compared to the artificial origin. Take for example, the most recent suggestion. That it's made of nitrogen, pure nitrogen. The problem with that is nitrogen is produced together with carbon in the interiors of stars. You never get just pure nitrogen, you get a mix of nitrogen and carbon in almost every object that we see. And carbon could not have existed, could not have evaporated from Oumuamua based on the observations by the Spitzer space telescope. There are very tight limits on all carbon-based molecules, and you couldn't have evaporation of nitrogen without carbon. The other thing is, we've never seen a nitrogen iceberg. We've looked at numerous... you know, about a billion objects bigger than the size of Manhattan Island in the so-called Oort Cloud of the solar system. And all the objects we have seen from there appear to be rocks, the kind of object that we expect - the building blocks of the planets that we see. None of them was pure nitrogen. So, to argue that the first object, which should be by the way most common, was made of nitrogen, to me is very strange. Because it's a rare oddity, just something we've never seen before. Why would the first (extrasolar) object look like nothing we've seen before in the solar system, if all stars resemble the solar system?"
Aki Greus
Aki Greus 12 days ago
Hey mon, what's your opinion on the unknown bacteria discovered first on the ISS. Since ISS is in space and the life was first detected there, even if carried to there from earth, is it not by definition, alien life?
Robin Hodson
Robin Hodson 13 days ago
You could apply the same "always rule out aliens" argument to things we know match alien life, eg Houston: Houston may at first glance appear to exhibit charismatics of life, but this is easily explained by natural processes. All other "city" structures on that planet are similar, and do not occur on neighbouring bodies, so this is likely to be a localised natural phenomena. During attempts at communication, there was no response to our heat rays, and no artifacts or biological processes were found upon closer examination. Long-distance observations of the detail of the structures showed delicate regular mineral structures, probably crystalline. Unfortunately these all melted when we approached, so a detailed study is not possible. Early reports of the "cities" glowing on the night side of the planet were not corroborated during later scans.
Rodrigo Hernández Mota
Please talk to Lex about this.
SunnySoCal Gal
SunnySoCal Gal 13 days ago
They are NOT aliens, .. people, they are Gen.6.Nephelem fallen angels (Satans fallen).. it’s Biblical..read ur bible, don’t be caught off guard.. Jesus warned us about all these things
theawesometurtle 13 days ago
While the quote from Sherlock Holmes is an excellent one, there can still be more than one potential truth that could be possible. I think the line from Case Closed is better that "One truth prevails"
Sergio Jardon
Sergio Jardon 13 days ago
hello sr. will you state your opinion about this: ruvid.net/video/video-rO_M0hLlJ-Q.html ruvid.net/video/video-ZA-h3dIeD_A.html ruvid.net/video/video-ZBtMbBPzqHY.html I mean they are USA pilots,thanks!!!
stitchem7 14 days ago
The evidence of extraterrestrial life is zipping around inside a Tic-Tac space-time displacement craft, just waiting to be discovered.
Bob Backward
Bob Backward 14 days ago
It's not aliens, it's little Nero's sir, I have your pizza. They just got me this shweet new circular pizza truck, it's a 1943 Zhivvy Baetelgorbb with glowing warp coils.
Stuart Slater
Stuart Slater 15 days ago
Maybe tha aliens were the friends we made along the way
Nanda Sarathy
Nanda Sarathy 15 days ago
Please upload your videos to Spotify. Would love to watch it there
Anne O'Nymous
Anne O'Nymous 15 days ago
It isn't. It's that simple. It is NOT, it will never be aliens. We know of ONE and only ONE planet with life - ours. This planet, in it's 4+ billion year history has gone through a LOT, including being smashed into by another planet, being completely frozen over for 300,000,000 years. At one point there was no oxygen, then there was too much oxygen that wiped out almost all life. In fact, there have been a number of extinction events that has nearly wiped all life off of this planet. It is very likely that, in order for life to occur and endure, a planet must go through every thing this planet has gone through. So it is very probably that there is no other life out there. Get used to the idea.
ArachnoCommunist 9 days ago
the fact that our planet has been through so many catastrophes and still has life is evidence that life is ludicrously resilient, the direct opposite of your point. our planet could be thrown out of our solar system and life would still persist around hotspots in the deep ocean beneath miles of ice. life seems to need, essentially, two things to persist, to start and liquid water, We do not know exactly how life got started and therefore do not know how likely or unlikely it is, and water is very common in some form or another which means basically the only thing we can say about how common life is is that it's somewhere between "Only exists here" and "all over the place". "It will never be aliens" is exactly as dumb as "It is definitely aliens"
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 10 days ago
To be fair, you can't exactly calculate the probability of the development of intelligent life based on a sample size of just one.
Shiyanj 16 days ago
Don't know how much you know about UAPs/UFOs, these heavy science leaning channels will never accept this reality. if you've been researching the UFO subject for a period of time, you KNOW its not US or any foreign country.
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 15 days ago
@Shiyanj I'd also ask the question: if these objects really are aliens, then what the heck are they doing? There are really only two credible reasons that an extraterrestrial intelligence would bother to come here would be either curiosity or survival. If survival, they wouldn't be playing games with us, but would just wipe us out and/or take our resources. If curiosity, then what do they hope to accomplish by basically spinning doughnuts in our sky? If they're only trying to observe us, then why is their stealth technology so terrible? Are you going to tell me that an alien race will travel billions of billions of miles across the cosmos, committing those kinds of resources necessary, taking whatever risks, and spending however long it takes (keep in mind, it takes decades or even centuries for light to reach us from most of the stars we can see), and yet they don't have technology sufficient to keep themselves hidden from us? And if they're not here to study us, then why don't they just land and say hello? Surely, any advanced technology they have to prevent us from annihilating them as soon as they show up. Unless the aliens are just drunk teenagers on a Saturday night with nothing better to do than screw with the humans. But then I don't think their parents would let them commit the kinds of resources such an undertaking would require. Bottom line: there are just things that don't make sense if some sort of alien intelligence is behind these phenomena.
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 15 days ago
@Shiyanj I don't know what happened to my previous reply, but as I said, I've already looked into these "phenomena," and there's nothing about any of them that convinces me that they're anything that can't be explained without appeal to aliens. You're just frustrated because intelligent people look at these things and aren't immediately convinced to give their hearts to Lord Xenu. And the fact you have to resort to language like "small minded" seems to show that you know your case is shaky.
Shiyanj 15 days ago
@Thomas Wright what are you on about? I haven't even sent you anything 😂 you just assumed it was blury. See this is what I mean. Just spend a little bit of time doing research on this subject and you'll soon see the reality of it. Again, I'd recommend you watch "the phenomenon" if you're actually interested. Or not if you're too small minded to think outside your accepted reality. Up to you
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 15 days ago
@Shiyanj You haven't presented me with any credible evidence, just a bunch of blurry videos. And no, it's not a scary idea; it's just that you haven't proven anything, and yet people like you keep pretending that you've proven things which you haven't. Because your own ideas are driven by emotion and sensationalism, you assume that the only reason that someone would reject them is out of emotions; it never occurs to you that your presentation isn't credible, or that your evidence doesn't really lead to the conclusions you push. You don't understand how science works: science works by observation and testing. You give us nothing to test, and expect us to jump on the same emotion-driven sensationalism that you buy into. Basically, you're an evangelist who doesn't understand why people haven't made Xenu their personal lord and savior yet. Come back when you have some actual SCIENCE, not this drivel.
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 15 days ago
Because it's nothing. Most of those "UFOs" can be much more easily explained by mundane phenomena than by aliens. It's just sensationalism - that is, driven by heavy emotion - that leads people to jump to conclusions about aliens. Scientists aren't supposed to operate in the realm of sensationalism and emotion; if you want them to believe in aliens, you first have to produce an actual alien spacecraft for them to examine. And if you can't do that, then you shut up and quit pushing your sensationalism.
Matt Herriot
Matt Herriot 16 days ago
Be sure to remind NASA of scientific principles. The Director has gotten excited about "UFO" press releases from the Pentagon. Apparently the Director of NASA doesn't actually understand science and started dancing to an old media circus tune. Send him a high school physics book since he apparently missed out on all that.
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 16 days ago
It's like I keep trying to warn people: the government people commenting on all this are politicians, not scientists. They only understand public opinion, spin, and sensationalism, not science. And yet, it's to the politicians these people are listening to.
0xc1d3 17 days ago
It's definitely aliens. I know *\0/*
Alan Rangel
Alan Rangel 17 days ago
Maybe these aren't aliens, but the Pentagon videos are
Alan Rangel
Alan Rangel 14 days ago
@Thomas Wright Yes, these videos aren't good at all. Elizondo has told in a recent interview that the Pentagon has videos in HD at distances of about 30 feet, but these are still considered confidential. It's military stuff, we can't expect to have everything released now. If Elizondo, who worked at Pentagon think it's aliens, I think he had access to far more info then we have available in the media. Same to the retired fighter jet pilot who gave some interviews about the Tic Tac event. In my opinion they are here since the Foo Fighters in the 1940s (at least), probably were learning about us before showing themselves; now it's clear that they want to be seen by the warships, they swarmed and stood there for 12 hours, maybe to test our tolerance, who knows, I don't know their intentions. This technology is far ahead of what we have, they can go from stationary to hyperspeed almost instantaneously, they can drop from hight in the sky to underwater, no human aircraft can do that, and I believe that if any nation had this technology since 2004 (or maybe before) we would already know. Also, they have camouflage, the Chilean UFO, released by the navy, was only visible on IR.
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 15 days ago
@Alan Rangel I'd also ask the question: if these objects really are aliens, then what the heck are they doing? There are really only two credible reasons that an extraterrestrial intelligence would bother to come here, and those would be either curiosity or survival. If survival, they wouldn't be playing games with us, but would just wipe us out and/or take our resources. If curiosity, then what do they hope to accomplish by basically spinning doughnuts in our sky? If they're only trying to observe us, then why is their stealth technology so terrible? Are you going to tell me that an alien race will travel billions of billions of miles across the cosmos, committing those kinds of resources necessary, taking whatever risks, and spending however long it takes (keep in mind, it takes decades or even centuries for light to reach us from most of the stars we can see), and yet they don't have technology sufficient to keep themselves hidden from us? And if they're not here to study us, then why don't they just land and say hello? Surely, any advanced technology they have to prevent us from annihilating them as soon as they show up. Unless the aliens are just drunk teenagers on a Saturday night with nothing better to do than screw with the humans. But then I don't think their parents would let them commit the kinds of resources such an undertaking would require. Bottom line: there are things about these phenomena that just plain don't make any sense if there is some sort of intelligence behind them. My thought: they are probably mundane phenomena that just haven't been completely identified yet. There are a few things to consider too: First, quite a lot of those videos are in IR. Objects don't look the same in IR as they do in visible light. If you look at a jet plane in IR, for example, you're not going to see wings; you'll mostly see the thruster, as that's the part of the jet that generates the most heat. If you see birds, you're not going to see wings because most of the heat will be generated by the bird's body. Second, some of these camera angles are extremely narrow, and the cameras are focused on objects that are moving at angles to the aircraft. This means that the background will make the objects appear to be moving much faster than they actually are due to the rapid shift in perspective. I've actually seen one video where someone demonstrated this, and concluded that the "UAPs" in the video could probably be best identified as ducks or some other type of waterfowl.
Alan Rangel
Alan Rangel 15 days ago
@Thomas Wright What are they then
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 16 days ago
No they're not.
c v
c v 17 days ago
what is an alien ? -.-
Children of Light
Children of Light 17 days ago
The guest from another channel said '' these demons need permission to invade your life '' this is incorrect. I had an actual close encounter in 1988 a large cigar shaped orange glowing craft hovered next to my car in Sydney Australia I was with a friend who also saw it. In 1993 I was abducted in my sleep, I had no control at all, first i suffered a form of total paralysis and fear and then was taken into the craft where I was treated well they showed me maps and other interesting things and then returned to my bed next to my wife. The deception is the media painting them as aliens when in fact they are demons from our world and this is too frightening to consider for most but it is all getting closer, my faith is firm in Christ who is Greater than demons and fallen angels
Mr. Rabbit
Mr. Rabbit 18 days ago
Isn't "every rule has an exception" beautifully paradoxical?
Ed Cliffe
Ed Cliffe 18 days ago
Nice add of Centauri of the two Dr Who episodes involving the planet Peladon.
Nicholas Nelson
Nicholas Nelson 18 days ago
Omuamua is aliens. Nitrogen icebergs are insanely improbable. You’d need 100 times the mass of the galaxy to have enough nitrogen icebergs for one to hit us. Or at least 100% worth trying to chase down
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 17 days ago
@Nicholas Nelson I think Loeb is stretching, just trying to garner support for his sensationalistic view, and thus reaching for anything that he feels might support his position. And I think he's wrong. What we saw was a piece of space junk, not a piece of alien technology. And by the way, it is nearly impossible to tell what the probability of anything is when you're working with a sample size of zero or only one, because you have to have multiple samples in order to determine what the likelihood of anything is. Again, I feel that Loeb is just making stuff up at this point because he doesn't want there to be any criticism of his proposed theory.
Nicholas Nelson
Nicholas Nelson 17 days ago
@Thomas Wright I did mean swing by and not impact the planet. I heard that bit of info on a recent interview with Avi Loeb. So there’s the source And what does it matter if it was tumbling? It’s space junk. Btw, it was tumbling at a regular rate. A nitrogen iceberg would be out gassing like crazy and tumbling all irregularly. Plus this thing could be millions and millions of years old. The light sail doesn’t have to be functioning for it to be a light sail. And guess what, we’ve only started transmitting radio 80 years ago! That means anything farther than 80 light years away *doesn’t* know we exist. As you may know, the galaxy is around 100,000 light years across. On a cosmological timescale, we showed up on scopes just last week There is tons of evidence that supports it being space junk from some alien civilization. In fact, it aligns with pretty much all the evidence available. We have to try and catch it to figure this out
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 17 days ago
Except that Oumuamua didn't hit us. Didn't even come close. So you don't need 100 times the mass of the galaxy to have an Oumuamua. Nitrogen ice hasn't been ruled out, and so still serves as a better explanation than "ALIENS!" Plus, Oumuamua is tumbling. If it is piloted by aliens, they had way too much bourbon and shouldn't be driving. It does make me wonder, though, why would aliens send an object like this to our solar system, but not attempt to make contact with the one planet that seems to be bathed in radio transmissions? To me, most of these "ALIENS!" theories break down if you just stop and ask, "Why would they do that?"
Gearhead2008Yeehaw 19 days ago
If you are a True Christian, you know there is no life on or from other planets, we know what they really are. If you believe the lies they are pushing, you will believe anything from anyone. Get right with God, the creator. Do not believe this hype.
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 17 days ago
Also, I would suggest you read Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis. Truthfully, there is no reason to presuppose that a Creator God wouldn't also create life elsewhere in the universe, or that, if he did, they would be fallen, sinful creatures as humans are according to Christian theology.
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 18 days ago
You didn't bother to watch the video, did you?
you are soul
you are soul 19 days ago
Aliens of the gap.
Bradley Taniguchi
Bradley Taniguchi 19 days ago
If Proxima Centari has Aliens its probably the worst news ever. Why? Read the "three body problem" series, and you'll find out ;p
JiveDadson 19 days ago
That's exactly what an alien would say. 👽🦎
Joel Michalowitz
Joel Michalowitz 19 days ago
What do you think of the UFO sightings from the US Military? It seems we will learn that there are actual goverment scientists which do not know what is going on there. Do you think a warp drive would explain the flying capability from this "tiktaks"?
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 16 days ago
@MrSummitville My point exactly. "ALIENS! (* hair *)" is basically just the cry of wishful thinking. Only when we have an actual object to examine, or an actual alien that we can talk to and/or examine, then and only then can we say with any certainty that it's aliens. Until then, there's no way to be certain of anything. But the mundane explanations - like ducks - are far more likely and, more importantly, less sensationalistic (that is, not driven by emotion).
MrSummitville 17 days ago
@Thomas Wright Dots on a computer screen are proof of WHAT exactly? The same goes of out-of-focus blobs on video? There are 5 BILLION cell phones, most have a camera, and yet we do not have one clear image of an alien craft.
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 17 days ago
@Joel Michalowitz "Maybe the best we got so far." See, that's the part where you're wrong. It's not even a good explanation, much less the best we've got. You mean to tell me that extraterrestrial creatures are going to cross billions of miles of the cosmos, expending whatever resources and taking whatever risks that entails- not to mention the time requred - and the only thing they're going to do is spin doughnuts in our atmosphere? That's the problem I have: that people seem to latch onto what amounts to a terrible explanation and treat it as if it's the only one. You at least downgraded it from "only" to "best," but that's still not good enough.
Joel Michalowitz
Joel Michalowitz 18 days ago
@Thomas Wright like i said i dont say it's aliens for sure. I say i dont know but also that alien is a theory and maybe the best we got so far. Can you acknowledge that?
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 19 days ago
@Joel Michalowitz "The fact you don't know what it is is not evidence that you know what it is." - Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
Mark Furst
Mark Furst 19 days ago
Till we get fingerprints and mug shots it's going to continue to be like this.
This is not just a phone It's my phone
ruvid.net/video/video-zAmiIZmeFdE.html An alien
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 19 days ago
Soo... is this supposed to mean that German Mustache Man was right?
Manuel Prenza
Manuel Prenza 20 days ago
Such a boomer lol
Ray S
Ray S 20 days ago
this video brought to you by aliens and viewers like you
Adam B
Adam B 20 days ago
If aliens do exist, logically one species has to be the first. So that could just as easily be us. Maybe WE are the first sentient species, whose ruins will be the stuff of myth and legend for other species millenia from now.
KatonRyu 21 day ago
With every new episode, I like this channel more and more.
Behnam Zadeh
Behnam Zadeh 21 day ago
Lieing to get view is satannic against the God this days all the channels keep lieing to get view he'll with you all satannic people
Behnam Zadeh
Behnam Zadeh 21 day ago
Omaoovo coming from ourt clouds no brainier stupid people should not tolking lie about it and turned to something else
Henry Schwaiger
Henry Schwaiger 21 day ago
Yes, it's aliens.
Scottish Super Guys
Scientists do not believe in aliens so they will never accept any result that contradicts this result in case they are ridiculed by colleagues.
iamsheel 21 day ago
There's a theory that UFOS that was witnessed are from deep sea civilization, and well we don't know much about the deep sea.
Jason Schwarzman
Jason Schwarzman 21 day ago
He didn't talk about the UAP'S!
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 21 day ago
Nope! In a more recent video, he says he'll comment on them if he decides they're important enough. Speaking of, wasn't today the day that the Pentagon was supposed to present their report? Those crickets are sounding awfully loud (and no, I don't mean Will Smith's gun).
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 21 day ago
Today's the day that the Pentagon is going to admit that Space Aliens Are Totally For Reelz Yo! PENTAGON: "cricket! cricket! cricket!"
BJ M 21 day ago
True! It is never aliens until it is. Visual displays alone are not proof. It has to be confirmed physically. There is nor physical proof of aliens.
BJ M 21 day ago
@Thomas Wright Unfortunately, UFO's are neither from humans nor aliens, even if aliens existed. They are from something else.
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 21 day ago
And what these people don't seem to understand is that the people talking the loudest about these UAPs are POLITICIANS. Politicians aren't scientists. They're professional con artists. And so many of these UFO nuts are gullible enough to fall for their routines. But it is telling that, even though today is the day the DOD is supposed to reveal the truth, I haven't heard anything but * cricket! cricket! cricket! * so far.
Daaaaad, is it aliens yeeeet?
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 21 day ago
DOD: * Cricket! Cricket! Cricket! *
DVAFP 22 days ago
Who made that rule?
noahmrks 22 days ago
With the near unlimited universes around that we and the fact we exist means its more than likely there is complex life out there, the odds are more in the favor of complex life due to the fact we exist around the stars we can see
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 21 day ago
Not really. When you're working with a sample size of one, you can't really determine what the odds are. It could be 1/1,000, which might mean we could be near other intelligent beings. Or it could be 1/1,000,000,000, in which case, we're likely not to see any anywhere near us. If the odds are greater for, then we'd likely have seen evidence of it by now, say, radio transmissions, similar to how those tentacle aliens in Galaxy Quest found us (though it's not likely such signals would go beyond about 50 lightyears - they'd dissipate too much and blend in with background noise at that point). Frankly, it seems to me that the chances are that there is intelligent life out there somewhere, but it's probably so far away from us that we'd never be able to meaningfully interact.
TheGreenPastures 22 days ago
The problem is that Alien leave under the sea not space
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 21 day ago
FHTAGN! IA FHTAGN! (Stupid RUvid, quit deleting my comments!)
Fredrik Wassberg
Fredrik Wassberg 22 days ago
Thank you for this video. Would be interesting to hear your take on the ticktac videos. What phenomenon could be the surce of that?
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 21 day ago
Ducks. Seriously, there's a video where a guy basically demonstrates that they are likely ducks. For one thing, the videos are actually IR, not visible light, and objects look radically different in IR than visible light (for example, if you view a jet in IR, you don't see the wings nearly as prominently as you see the thruster). And the angle that the camera was in relation to the plane itself seems to suggest that the "speed" of the objects was just the background shifting angle very quickly. And keep in mind, the camera is zoomed in on a very narrow angle, about the equivalent if you held a dime out at arm's length.
marty sender
marty sender 22 days ago
jay j
jay j 22 days ago
Every planet has some form of life how can a planet not have any form of form my minds eye knows this♥️♥️
Niamh Dempsey
Niamh Dempsey 22 days ago
They are demons or #fallenangels not aliens. #beginningofsorrows #youmustbebornagain Read the bible. Acts 4:12 There is salva.tion in no one else; for there is no other name under hea.ven that has been given among men by which we must be saved. Isaiah 43:11 I am the Lo.rd &besides me there is no savior.#john316 #eternityisforever.
Europa Europa
Europa Europa 22 days ago
Intelligence as we know it, is not diverse in the universe. This statement cannot be disproved.
Keith Smith
Keith Smith 22 days ago
With some of the multi-layered data streams of unidentified aerial phenomenon coming in from military sources this constant drumbeat of “it’s not aliens” is starting to sound like the technologists saying “advances in technology will continue to create jobs that will keep people in the drivers seat and necessary to the continued existence of society.” Sure that made sense 20 years ago but I think we’re starting to see a brighter future coming down the pipeline! EDIT: Typo correction!
combatcello 22 days ago
Thank you for the video 👽
Gordon T. Beemer
Gordon T. Beemer 22 days ago
Matt for Space President.
Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson 23 days ago
The idea of "hiding" the evidence starts to make more sense in the fact of them just not publishing it because they just don't have an answer yet. Wouldn't sound reassuring if world leaders were like "Look at this extremely odd object that we have no way of understanding nor are sure if it's friendly"
Alpha Bravo
Alpha Bravo 23 days ago
No gofast, Tictac, or Gimbal?
Songjune John Lee
Songjune John Lee 23 days ago
Look forward to hearing Matt’s take on next months report on UAPs
Tristan Band
Tristan Band 23 days ago
My opinion is: it's never aliens, even if it is aliens. Only if it's literally the only way to explain something should the hypothesis be entertained, and even then efforts to falsify it should be vigorously pursued. Effectively, to conclude as an admission of defeat. If it turns out to be the case, we shouldn't be in a hurry to reach them. Not because I fear what they may do to us, i fear what we may do to them. We are equal part bonobo and chimp, and too often the chimp wins out. Pessimistic skepticism is the way to go, not optimistic skepticism. Peter Ward is probably correct IMO: there is intelligent life, but it is so far away and radio signals lost in interstellar noise, and any practical form of travel and communication impossible, that we'd probably never no. Rare still translates into countless civilizations, but too far away to be meaningfully detected.
Oz Ramos
Oz Ramos 23 days ago
Did he just summon the mighty Anton Petrov!?
Flint Graham
Flint Graham 23 days ago
Antov petrov all around the place, when he covers stuff i like, its quality, others i do not watch.
Guillermo Zalles
Guillermo Zalles 23 days ago
But ... commercial airliners penetrate air space ...9/11. Real threats are too boring to look into, Politicians and billionair societies.
CnJ Z 23 days ago
We got the grand announcement when the US Dept of Defense acknowledged UFOs, they dont fly themselves.
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 22 days ago
Except that no one at the DOD has said that they are aliens, only that they are unidentified. Frankly, I think that when all is said and done, this will turn out to be one big joke: that the "UAPs" will just be explainable phenomena and not aliens at all.
Mr 5G can talk
Mr 5G can talk 23 days ago
How hard do you think it is for deep sea fish to prove that humans exist
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 22 days ago
I expect they'd have to come out of the deep sea first.
Fly Harvey
Fly Harvey 24 days ago
Do one about the flying saucers. Also stop stealing everyone's girlfriends. Damn Australians
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 22 days ago
It's all that wrestling crocodiles and picking up venomous snakes by the tail. Gets them every time!
Jonathan Snow
Jonathan Snow 24 days ago
There's definitely life in the universe other than on earth. There's billions of galaxies with billions of planets out there so to say they're all lifeless is ridiculous. There's probably worlds out there where life is simple, advanced, and everything in between. There could be worlds with human like beings living in there own versions of the middle ages, or with similar technology to ours thinking the same things we think but because of the distance between us, we'll only ever be hypothetical thoughts to eachother. What about all the recent UFO/UAP videos being released by the military. I'm very interested to see what comes from that report. But to be honest, it's hard to believe we're being visited by aliens who fly around in super advanced ships but don't reveal themselves. They'd clearly be able to detect that we're aware of their presence so them playing hide and seek doesn't make alot of sense
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 24 days ago
3:49 "I did NOT have relations with that meteorite." 🤥
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 24 days ago
Giorgio Tsoukalos: "It's ALWAYS aliens." 🎩👽🌂
Magpie Lark
Magpie Lark 24 days ago
ET denial is the argument black swans can't exist as they live in snow and would be eaten if another colour then white. Then they found Australia. Bummer 😂
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 22 days ago
It's a dumb argument. It amounts to, "If you can't disprove it, then you have to assume it's true." And that's not how science works. There may be loads of mysterious things about the universe, but unless we can study them and see what they really are, then it's pointless to argue in their favor. Bring us an actual alien, or STFU.
Lee rV.
Lee rV. 25 days ago
"Is it aliens yet?" No "Is it aliens yet?" No "Is it aliens yet?" Look, if you keep asking I'm going to turn this universe around!
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