How To Kill The Ender Dragon: The Notable Way

Luke TheNotable
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In this video I will show you how to kill the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. With the right tools it can be easy!
Finding The Dragon - 0:29
Ender Pearl - 0:32
Blaze Rod - 0:46
Eye of Ender - 0:49
Finding The End Portal - 0:55
Activating The End Portal - 1:04
Gear and Loadout - 1:10
Sword - 1:33
Pickaxe - 1:40
Bow - 1:58
Armor - 2:09
Feather Falling Boots - 2:41
Totem of Undying - 2:48
Food - 3:20
Potions - 3:30
Carved Pumpkin - 4:17
Blocks - 4:30
Fight - 4:41
Making End Portal in Creative - 4:49
Starting The Fight - 5:30
Fireball - 6:15
Idle Ender Dragon - 7:04
Phase 1 End Crystals - 7:18
Phase 1 Iron Cage Crystals - 7:26
Phase 1 Open End Crystals - 8:14
Phase 2 Killing The Dragon - 8:41
Ender Dragon Egg - 9:31
Stay Notable - 10:00
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 2 months ago
I'm still surviving 1000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft Check my progress on my Twitter Page! twitter.com/LukeTheNotable Stay Notable!
RJ O'Brien
RJ O'Brien 13 days ago
I don't need this but its ltn
Matthia6 Ma6ola
Matthia6 Ma6ola 18 days ago
Good video
That one Commenter
No spoilers
Epic gamer 45671
Pixel - Fortnite
BTW rn he is on 880 days!!
Spiderandy 09
Spiderandy 09 14 hours ago
1 things you never knew about the ender dragon If you stand under the dragon when it’s porched it won’t be able to attack you plus where it’s porched is in the middle and free sword hits
Jake Shadow
Jake Shadow 20 hours ago
You forgot the water
Patryk S
Patryk S Day ago
Her,the ender dragon is a female.
Thomas Hubbard
How do you get to the world of endearment and ender dragon
Jordy Mertens
I never killed the ender dragon before, but I never played minecraft with killing it as a goal. But now I wanted to complete the game and tried what you said about practicing in creative but i have a problem: when i am running around i suddenly get 4/5 quick ticks of damage of 1.5 hearts. I really don't now what that is. I play at PS4, Bedrock Edition. Does someone know why this keeps happening?
Pyronex 2 days ago
How'd you know it was gonna be my 17th time
Michał Jużecki
Michał Jużecki 2 days ago
Very helpful thanks!!
King Felidae
King Felidae 2 days ago
Never beaten the Ender Dragon because I rarely play survival but I've never seen the potion of slow falling strat before. It's always water buckets and that is too hard to perfect.
Jordanfighter87 2 days ago
lol once i use full iron armor and kill dragon
Offline 2 days ago
I remember once when I fought the Ender Dragon I had my best gear on and my best equipment and started to pillar up on of the towers only to be immediately knocked into to the void... Went back in with a few arrows and a sword and killed it that way.
FantasticParrot 3 days ago
this boi not bringing the most important thing. a water bucket.
PuzzlePuddles 3 days ago
I can also tell you my way of killing the wither: GEAR more than 20 golden apples of course diamond gear and a bow. STEPS (before wither regen) shot arrows at the wither and keep track of your health bar and gapple effects (after wither regen) the wither will start to fall down. at this point, a good diamond sword such as Sharpness II will do the trick
michbruv712 3 days ago
Try beds
LD 4 days ago
Tutorial for 6 year olds: Comments: 12 year old liars
LD 4 days ago
99,99% are worst than my grandma and u sir, wtf is wrong with u, making a Minecraft tutorial video in 2020 just to get views
LD 4 days ago
Killing the enderdragon is easy that's why only 9 year olds play it, they think beating the enderdragon is a big achievement when its way way easier than getting a victory royale
Inducted Basil
Inducted Basil 4 days ago
Enchantments don’t work on the dragon
IAlbinoI 4 days ago
after playig for over 10 years (with some breaks of course) i finally killed the ender dragon today, because of corona quarantine and the encouragement through your video, thank you so much! it was a magic moment!
MBlade 5 days ago
Great video
Wiell Nyan
Wiell Nyan 5 days ago
Where are beds? All I am saying that is the best and most efficient way to kill the ender dragon. Edit: Where is the water bucket, instead of the stupid slow fall potions, or cob web?
Sybren Tanis
Sybren Tanis 6 days ago
Why did u bring so many pumpkins? Do they break?
N.L. FILMS 6 days ago
Thank you !
Johnyplays 6 days ago
Luke the notable with 127million subs Who realized that | |
SakkeFB 6 days ago
Ive played minecraft for like 5 years and i havent killed the ender dragon... idk why...
Alex 6 days ago
Great video!! But..it’s a she!
Alfredo Eguren
Alfredo Eguren 8 days ago
This is cute
X. Long
X. Long 9 days ago
ender dragon easy to deafeat
X. Long
X. Long 9 days ago
there is a youtuber named wadzee who deafeated the ender dragon in hard core without walking
X. Long
X. Long 9 days ago
also i deafeated the ender dragon with out potions when i was speedruning to beat the game
X. Long
X. Long 9 days ago
you should really post 400 days in hardcore
Mango Wolf
Mango Wolf 9 days ago
17th time more like 50th
Just a commenting coconut :3
I beat The enderdragon whitout golden apples it was easy...
Piggy 9 days ago
You dont really need pots of slow falling just have a water bucket
CuppaJoe1 9 days ago
When *CLAP* Is *CLAP* 1000 *CLAP* Days? *CLAP*
RLSEI 9 days ago
"you're going to need some scaffolding, so bring dirt" or.... maybe.... scaffolding?
XtremeGhosty 10 days ago
Just yesterday, I beat the dragon! Only died once! Shout-out to Spilt Tea!
Pearly Baechong
Pearly Baechong 10 days ago
Full set of prot4 in bedrock will still kill you inside dragons breath within 2 sec
PowerGod BG Gamer
PowerGod BG Gamer 11 days ago
Sturmwind05 9 days ago
PowerGod BG Gamer get yourself some new friends. They sound like they suck tbh
Moose - Tutorials and More!
9:51 his head is on the skeleton
I see my problem. I use prot 2 and 1 diamond armour and I instantly die every time.
ASimplifiedUsername 23 hours ago
@Ryan dedl Good news, I already did and I beat the dragon
Ryan dedl
Ryan dedl Day ago
Wtf get prot 3 at least, get level 30 enfhantments
JC Love
JC Love 12 days ago
9:50 Skeleton
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert 13 days ago
But I think it's important that means you doing well at a bit more time and their time than the other person can get in a relationship and their feelings for someone you don't know 4about you are not 4a 4and 2or is not good enough to have the United states
maki & duda fun
maki & duda fun 13 days ago
The ender dragon is a girl not a boy😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
ShrexyLexy 13 days ago
Nobody: Luke: *brings hoe to fight the ender dragon*
Matt K
Matt K 13 days ago
I bring a diamond sword with iron armor (protects a bit, but just avoid purple cloud stuff) and water buckets with food. Also a pic (iron or diamond) and a bow/snowballs, pearls and a f u c k t o n of beds
Cameron Hudson
Cameron Hudson 13 days ago
Yeetasourous Hamburger
Yeetasourous Hamburger
The Danks
The Danks 14 days ago
127 Million Subs Alright
ZapPiCo - canal inchis
Lol noob i am the only one who get iron armor diamond pickaxe and diamond sword ,a bow and 32 arrow 2 stack of block 2 bukets of water and that it not golden apple or ender pear or friking potions
Ryan dedl
Ryan dedl Day ago
Many people can do that, especially on peaceful mode.
Mult 15 days ago
You can also put a bed at the portal so once you die, you can go back instantly Edit: don’t put the bed in the end or you’ll have a explosive surprise
helpmebro 15 days ago
You Can Shoot The Crystals (Caged) From The Bottom Of The Pillars By Shooting Through The Cracks
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 15 days ago
This video is wasting my time since.... I’m unreachable
Colorsplash996 16 days ago
I am getting ready to beat it now and this is helping me. I got mending for everything now and all I need is more protection and I’m good. I may update this later to see if I succeeded. Edit: it has been done. It is dead. And I used no totems too
I like train
I like train 17 days ago
You also should have added flame to the bow and fire aspect to the sword
andybuscus383 17 days ago
I know that unenchanted iron armor, no healing but food, and an unenchanted diamond sword, and an unenchanted bow are a bit underprepared for the ender dragon, but half of the damage it gets on me is bullshit.
poonam kumari
poonam kumari 17 days ago
If the pumpkins vision decrease is to distractive you can also press f1
Seth Hine
Seth Hine 17 days ago
Anyone have minecraft ps4? I need help beating the ender dragon.
But why?
But why? 17 days ago
9:48 BRUH that skellyluke
1234waterbeast Playz
I dont know if this is cheating or not but I just copy my survival server and om the copy I go in creative get a ender Pearl and then I just look for it copy the cords and boom your ready
Ryan dedl
Ryan dedl Day ago
Yeah that's cheating
Matthia6 Ma6ola
Matthia6 Ma6ola 18 days ago
Good video
- cobblestoneBoom -
My best friend and i killed the dragon and the wither earlier today in one go. Good times, being in quarantine
overlegen oscillation
I have protection four on all my gear and I die to the fire in like half a second, why???
overlegen oscillation
I have protection four on all my gear and I die to the fire in like half a second, why???
devilisdutch 20 days ago
I tried facing the dragon last night. Didn't really know what to do. I watched this video today...I have now beaten the dragon in 1 attempt with actually knowing what to do. Thank you very much luke. Got yourself a new sub.
Nightmare Foul
Nightmare Foul 21 day ago
Bring plenty of blocks of iron, because Iron Golems should distract the Endermen while you fight the dragon.
Arthur Soares Rodrigues
I did it on my tablet in The Overworld in the village
יואב כהן
יואב כהן 24 days ago
Thanks that was really helpful
TheFlyingFetus 25 days ago
I've never used the carved pumpkin. I can't stand it.
Taylor Mikos
Taylor Mikos 25 days ago
I don't do all of this
Mary Koger
Mary Koger 26 days ago
Can you live at the Edward energy Agnes yes
Mary Koger
Mary Koger 26 days ago
Can you live at the end
SpringyLine 26 days ago
You need to do the whither battle too
Dark 148
Dark 148 27 days ago
Or use the command that 1hit kills everything.
Bree_For _Lee
Bree_For _Lee 27 days ago
He?...HE?.... ITS A SHEEEE -_-
Deltabetes Plyz
Deltabetes Plyz 28 days ago
Isn’t the fire ball the ended ball
Noah Lum
Noah Lum 28 days ago
0:03 bottom right corner - 127 million subs lol
Limited 28 days ago
The most useful part was to practice on your backup world also dont forget to bottle the dragon breath
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