How to Install a COMPLETELY New Front Suspension in your Car or Truck

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Learn how to replace the ENTIRE front suspension of your car in this two episode series. Here I will show you how to install a brand new wheel bearing, ball joints, control arms, tie rod, strut, and axle.
The ball joint and wheel bearing has to be pressed into the knuckle and I have a bunch of tips and tricks to make that easy. I show how to properly install a tie rod (safely) and get an accurate measurement so you can get the car aligned. I also show you how to properly torque down bolts with bushings so you don't tear them. The rest of the suspension parts are pretty simple to install and then we go for a ride to see how much better the car handles!
First EPISODE: ruvid.net/video/video-mQ2fJ_aM_T0.html
How to Replace Sway Bar End Links: ruvid.net/video/video-VnrARhxhaSo.html
How to Replace Wheel Bearing: ruvid.net/video/video-fe_WtKIKlYA.html
Tools and Products:
Mevotech Suspension Parts: amzn.to/2VKrmfr
Rust Paint: amzn.to/2Dg5yAV
Impact gun: amzn.to/2It3KIo
Torque Wrench: amzn.to/2UO2yFY
Bearing Press: amzn.to/2Gh8tv3
Ball Joint Press: amzn.to/2UTxEvR
Silicone Paste: amzn.to/2DsSisN
Grease Gun: amzn.to/2Iy11hm
Chassis Grease: amzn.to/2IGc2g5
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Apr 20, 2019




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Comments 80
ChrisFix Year ago
I am pumped now that the suspension is all good and the surprise at the end of the video! We are gonna have some fun with this car! PS I will have a car meetup in Toronto Canada this Tuesday. Check my stories on RUvid, Instagram or Facebook page for more info!!!
J. F. Mendoza
J. F. Mendoza 8 days ago
Where's the turbo video bro?
Naila Khan
Naila Khan Month ago
@chrisfix, what is 80-foot pound? how do you know or measure the pressure, Advice me, please
Aries Zapanta
Aries Zapanta Month ago
Sir how to know the specific tightness ?
The Maker's Apprentice
Chris, if you get some dry ice and a small foam cooler, you get a lot better shrink on those parts. Dry ice is 39 degrees below zero. It's available at some supermarkets.
Delon Thomas
Delon Thomas Month ago
Hey what state of usa u reside am from.grenada Caribbean i enjoy your videos very informative i do mechanic not much like u got all the good tools up there yes haha gud
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro 58 minutes ago
How much would that bring me if I wanted to do the same for my mustang? I got it from my bro for a good price because he knew I wanted a stang and after seeing you work on your drift-stang, I feel really hyped on working on my own.
Eric dela cruz
Eric dela cruz 5 hours ago
That’s a nice looking del sol
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores 18 hours ago
I llike your Job is clear
franck tm
franck tm 20 hours ago
i like the way it is explained! really well done !
Jonah Triezenberg
my dad has a car that does not use TRANSMISSION fluid
Sumedha Manabarana
Amazing! Although the video is one year old by the time I make this comment, I enjoyed all the videos of the series and I find them highly useful. We don't have this model in our country. Anyway, a similar car would cost at least from $2000-$4000 as it is. Cars are very expensive here as the government levy about 300-400% or even more tax depending on the engine capacity. As a result, even to buy an old car, you need to an arm and leg to buy it! I own a Nissan Blubird U-11: 1984 model (Diesel: 2000cc) and it's already in a garage, and I'm going to have it repared (engine) shortly. It's an amaizing car, a near classic eye candy! ♦️♦️♦️🙏✍️
William Horsley
Where did u get your parts
James Padre Juan
James Padre Juan 2 days ago
Is this episode a part 2?
SirBilliam 2 days ago
Chris, is it okay to put anti-seize between the bearing and wheel hub so it is easier to remove in the future?
ice wolf
ice wolf 2 days ago
Youre the reason i want to be a mechanic
Leonardo Mendez
Leonardo Mendez 3 days ago
Amazing videos!!! When you installed the new cv axle is it as easy as it seems to just push? I’ve seen some try hammering it gently, yet you made it look easy. I’m replacing the cv axle on my car and although this wasn’t a video dedicated to that specifically. It sure helped a lot. Thank you.
Leonardo Mendez
Leonardo Mendez 2 days ago
ChrisFix Thank you!!!
ChrisFix 3 days ago
Thanks a lot! It should be able to go in by just lining it up and pushing it in!
Martin Vazquez
Martin Vazquez 3 days ago
When you say "hand tight" i keep hearing "hentai"
mr potato man
mr potato man 3 days ago
im from austraila and i was thinking during the video why are american ice cubes different then the land down under
Jay McLane
Jay McLane 3 days ago
Great video! Looking forward to the Turbo charger install.
allen aala
allen aala 4 days ago
Wow.. awesome..did a great job..move like a pro...
ChrisFix 4 days ago
Thanks a lot!
Zane Corbin
Zane Corbin 4 days ago
This vid is a year old and Chris is liking and responding to fans. Genuine great guy I love the videos I've been looking at cars for myself and you make great videos that will help me out. Keep up the great work.
ChrisFix 4 days ago
Awesome! Thanks a lot!
Makes me want to go out and buy a shit box just to do this stuff!
Eli Fire
Eli Fire 6 days ago
HOLY CARP Chris, I gotta say, I didn't see the vision but once you finished it was like revelation time lol!
Silly Beshir
Silly Beshir 6 days ago
If a car is missing a spring and a shock absorber on one leg will it break if I put it down on the wheels? I got a replacement but the sold me the wrong one, I'm considering driving slowly to the junkyard to change it which is 17 kilodmeters away, do you think my car will become junk if I do that?
Ryan Grimes
Ryan Grimes 6 days ago
Man I drive 1999 Pontiac Grand am SE 3.4l. I like your videos. Very helpful but you wanna replace all the suspension on my car? Lol
Ryan Grimes
Ryan Grimes 6 days ago
@ChrisFix shouldnt be too much of a difference from you video correct? I know it was the same car
ChrisFix 6 days ago
Thanks a lot! And that's why I make my videos! Now you know how to replace the front suspension in your Grand Am!
Aziz HACHIMI 6 days ago
What an amazing job!
ChrisFix 6 days ago
Thanks a lot!
Dayton Babcook
Dayton Babcook 6 days ago
Who's watching this video in 2020
goonzwagi 6 days ago
I am also waiting Chris to put the turbo kit
ChrisFix 6 days ago
Me too
Im Done
Im Done 6 days ago
This guys is seriously amazing, I’ve watched so many videos from him. Honestly so easy to follow and understand. I’m glad he has such a great channel.
ChrisFix 6 days ago
Thanks a lot!
Cardhouse productions
Am I the only one that thinks that he doesn’t actually talk while filming but adds the audio after wards and just does the hand signals?
Nikita Milten
Nikita Milten 7 days ago
thets what i call home ofice xD
wait what
wait what 8 days ago
Just picked up a 05 ranger. Already watched a fuckton of your vids over the last few years. Stoked I get to rewatch more.
ChrisFix 7 days ago
I'm glad you're watching the videos! Now you know exactly what to do if something goes wrong with your truck!
Romeu Ernesto
Romeu Ernesto 8 days ago
ChrisFix 7 days ago
I'm glad you liked the video!
Jonathan miguel
Jonathan miguel 8 days ago
this coment has medium treadlock
ChrisFix 7 days ago
Binod Pradhan
Binod Pradhan 8 days ago
Can you make a video for steering phase a circuit signal is not sensed
ChrisFix 7 days ago
Thanks for the video idea! Is your code a C1441?
Jan Baby
Jan Baby 8 days ago
I will try too change mines nice video it will help
Andile Maponya
Andile Maponya 8 days ago
Hi, at 10:36 into the video, how do you measure that torque, I'm new to this, is there a special torque wrench you use as those seem like normal wrenches/spanners without any indicators or measurements, thanks for sharing your knowledge.
jd Ramsawack
jd Ramsawack 8 days ago
Hello. I have a Toyota Corolla S 03 and the tie rod broke where would u get the part from.? Thank u
Zantrop64 9 days ago
Ok this is nice, but from the clip at the end it seems to squat a lot upon steering. Turbo is fun and all, but maybe some stronger sway bars could be nice
Hugo Parker
Hugo Parker 9 days ago
I’m getting ready to do this on my 02’. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s helpful to see the concept of how all the components go together. Well done.
Malcom Frink
Malcom Frink 9 days ago
it would work better if you put salt in it
RZA77 10 days ago
does the tie rod need to be preloaded when tightening the nut?
Enchong Go
Enchong Go 10 days ago
your car. No corona virus?
thanuja ranasinghe
thanuja ranasinghe 10 days ago
HaunterIori1 10 days ago
MASTER PHXRXH 10 days ago
Love how this guys makes everything simple and organized makes me want to build an repair cars for a living
ChrisFix 10 days ago
I'm glad you find the videos simple and organized!
Logan Mccool
Logan Mccool 10 days ago
hey chris i got a 93 del sol ( yes i have a del sol too!) that has non-rusted heat shields if u want them ill give em for free if u want em (incase u changed ur mind) i also ave parts for if u want the originality of the car i have OEM interior parts if you want them again they are for free if u want them. my instagram is loga_nmccool if u need any parts. Cheers!
Logan Mccool
Logan Mccool 10 days ago
@ChrisFix i will! also ill take the after market shifter knob for an original one i have on my car. ill shoot u a DM as soon as its done raining lol
ChrisFix 10 days ago
Thanks a lot ! Shoot me a DM with photos of the parts and I'll take a look!
Sebastian Ruizcortes
Make sure y’all replace all the self locking nuts and bolts when reinstalling upper control arm, lower control arm and pinch bolt on the fork.
ChrisFix 11 days ago
Thanks for the tip!
Glen Pointe
Glen Pointe 11 days ago
When you're done with experimenting with the car, can I buy this Honda from you as a present for my retirement?
Glen Pointe
Glen Pointe 11 days ago
@ChrisFix I know if I buy your car, I'll die before I need to do any preventive maintenance.
ChrisFix 11 days ago
Congrats on your retirement! I make my videos so now you can buy your own Del Sol and build it to how you want it!
polish hammer
polish hammer 11 days ago
wow your channel grew i remember couple years ago good job
ChrisFix 11 days ago
Thanks a lot!
Billy Kid
Billy Kid 11 days ago
Excelent work!
ChrisFix 11 days ago
Thanks a lot!
Evan Penny
Evan Penny 11 days ago
Great vid, but I always thought a cotter pin was essentially a bolt with a tapered shank. This was typically used to fasten a shaft connection - say a bicycle pedal shank onto its axle. Could be wrong though. The device that is being talked of at about 21.00 is a split pin.
ChrisFix 11 days ago
It's called both things!
Govind Raj Purohit
Govind Raj Purohit 13 days ago
We use wood and hammer for baring it works 100% so i saved the money in this time taken less than 30sec
Dumitru Hinculov
Dumitru Hinculov 13 days ago
Chris this is my opinion you don’t have to do this but you should make a series of buying a car the car has to have no parts and u have find parts or buy parts and your goal is to make the car drive and your done :).
pred ater
pred ater 13 days ago
what happened to the turbo kit video?
K M 13 days ago
Wow Good job!!!! Very well put video. 👍👍👍
Mihai Radovicescu
Mihai Radovicescu 14 days ago
how to "ventilate" the brakes in order to not have air in the brake circuits after changing the bake caliper? :))
Jose Luqueño
Jose Luqueño 14 days ago
Question…should anti seize work just as well as the silicone paste, or do you recommend strictly silicone paste be used for lubricating the bushings for the control arms, bolts, etc? Does one work better or would you say each works better with different parts?
Jose Luqueño
Jose Luqueño 14 days ago
ChrisFix cool, thanks! I had my driver side axle swapped during a rebuild recently, and I’m planning to do my passenger as well, so I decided to do a bit extra and replace the ball joints and bushings while I’m at it. Can’t afford the entire suspension setup like you did, but hopefully it gets my car closer to feeling newer lol honestly I’ve watched both pull-apart and put-together parts of the suspension vids and I love how thorough you are with details, I think I should be ready as soon as I gather the last few supplies🙌🏽
ChrisFix 14 days ago
I recommend silicone paste for bushings like you said! You would use antiseize on bolts that will likely rust or corrode!
G Delg
G Delg 14 days ago
Amazing. Thank you for existing lol A+ for everything
ChrisFix 14 days ago
lol thanks a lot!
Knava 14 days ago
you should give it back to the dude you bought it from
Dougas Bailey
Dougas Bailey 15 days ago
Are not wheel bearings suppose to have greese?
David Tsai
David Tsai 15 days ago
Someone needs to give you a classic Japanese car to build and modify. You will do an amazing job and get amazing sponsorship.
Dwight Baker
Dwight Baker 15 days ago
How mush was the complete job?
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall 15 days ago
dude what a legend
POSITIVE SOUL 16 days ago
Thank you Chrisfix, this helps me with alot of information and a lot of saving
Egon1982 16 days ago
Superb videos :) enjoyed it :) Just one silly question - 24:10 where are your brake disc fixings ? Should be 2 tiny screws (torx usually)
Aleksandar Gorgiev
Aleksandar Gorgiev 17 days ago
You must this car get new paint.
ChrisFix 17 days ago
I'm planning on doing that soon! Stay tuneeeed!
Jim Farrell
Jim Farrell 18 days ago
"Ice WA'Dur" must be from NJ as I am LOL
ChrisFix 17 days ago
Yonnie Carrizo
Yonnie Carrizo 19 days ago
you forgot to adjust the shift stick
ChrisFix 18 days ago
Ryan Horsley
Ryan Horsley 19 days ago
It's been over a year and I haven't seen anything else about this car. I'd be curious as to how the turbo kit worked out.
Ryan Horsley
Ryan Horsley 18 days ago
@ChrisFix Thanks for the reply! This kind of responsiveness is probably how you earned 6.31 Million subscribers - and I am now one of them.
ChrisFix 18 days ago
My 2 latest videos were about the Del Sol: ruvid.net/video/video-jgQCrCzKCdo.html and ruvid.net/video/video-C0M5tUQSaps.html
blurrppee 05
blurrppee 05 19 days ago
It's 3 am I don't own a car what am I doing with my life.
ChrisFix 18 days ago
Being educated of course!
Irelia Stop Ks
Irelia Stop Ks 19 days ago
Why turbo on a Honda LOOOL
Harry Powder
Harry Powder 19 days ago
Does every car have the bolts torqued to the same lbs. As this one?
Harry Powder
Harry Powder 19 days ago
Where would I find out the specs??
ChrisFix 19 days ago
No, every make and model is different!
Shaun Shields
Shaun Shields 19 days ago
Awesome video Chris, you are a great teacher. Your videos are easy to follow and understand. Question.....I have a 2011 KIA Sportage and I would like to keep it for a long time, that being said what can I do to help prolong the life of my boots and bushings. Clean or Lube or nothing. Thanks
Alex Pitre
Alex Pitre 20 days ago
No coilovers?
Alexis Duarte
Alexis Duarte 20 days ago
when does the turbo vid come out tho??
tiiraouf 20 days ago
What a satisfying rebuild!
Tecknical 21 day ago
I would be sweet if you worked on more international cars eg. Holden (Australia) Fellow Aussie viewer 🇦🇺
ChrisFix 21 day ago
If a get a Holden car I can definitely work on it!
Olgert Sejdini
Olgert Sejdini 21 day ago
ChrisFix 21 day ago
No problem!
Brian Barranco
Brian Barranco 21 day ago
great video. very descriptive n detailed A+ lol so many youtube videos cant understand what person is saying or unclear camera angels u did a great job keep up the good work n thanks
Brian Barranco
Brian Barranco 21 day ago
@ChrisFix thanku. watching ur videos lets me know there is still hope for my little 2001 jeep wrangler lol
ChrisFix 21 day ago
Thanks a lot!
Kenichi Mizushima
Kenichi Mizushima 22 days ago
Hey dude can you do a video on how to change the front suspension on a Volkswagon Passat R36?
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf 23 days ago
P-I-M-P!!!! You da man! How much have you put into the car? $ and time? Makes me want to buy a junker and fix it up! Love this channel!
Gloriana Catherine
Gloriana Catherine 24 days ago
Why didn't you replace anything in the back? I would think once you replace the front with all new parts, the back would start to really go!
Mugacha Gichamba
Mugacha Gichamba 24 days ago
hey Chris which type Honda is that
ChrisFix 24 days ago
It's a 1993 Honda Del Sol!
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