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Ri C
Ri C 7 months ago
can i not have it run the kitchen tap also? our water is bad and we use that the most , also are the pipe diameters capable of flow they seem a bit thin to supply a house like run a bath
BWT UK Limited
BWT UK Limited 5 months ago
In regards to your situation, we always advise to have a hard water drinking tap. - Potentially Fitting a separate hard water tap utilising an appropriate water filter could provide a sensible solution in meeting the need for a hard water tap for drinking water whilst improving the quality. The pipe size displayed in the video is 15mm and therefore we are seen using the standard installation kit in the video. However, if you have a direct water system with no storage tank in the loft, or your supporting pipework is larger than 15mm then fitting our 22mm high flow kit can be beneficial and help improve the flow rate. If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us: enquiries@bwt-uk.co.uk
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