How to identify gas station card skimmers

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Dec 3, 2013




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Andrew Toombs
Andrew Toombs Year ago
So what now when the cashier is sold out into the scheme and has compromised the computer bank account database? How can one ID that? I happened to notice today in my city of residence a young person walk in with a computer laptop obviously on, partially open, the laptop holder glances at the cashier, the cashier walks into the office briefly, and back out, the laptop holder behind me walks out, goes to his car, turns to look at me gets in the passenger seat,. I return to my car where it is parked aside the business by the wall that is opposing to the database computer ... the laptop holder in the car, the driver gets out, I don't see the purchase of gas (not saying they did it by credit card) watches around really hard. How would other consumers not become victims? My conclusion is ... Carry no more than $50 cash for these transactions. and pay attention to "smooth operators."
Original YouTube Creator
Newit Thomas well put.
William Keith
William Keith Year ago
This video Does Not tell how to "identify" credit card skimmers!
SamsungLG 2 years ago
They disclosed their faces here.
Andy Christ
Andy Christ 2 years ago
Dude pops out from around the sign...even hiding.
Judgment Proof
Judgment Proof 2 years ago
I don't use movie rental kiosks
ComocosonoEWL 3 years ago
this isn't the only problem. the big problem is they don't even take your money so you will know. Instead they use this info to get your other info and sell your identity on the deep web. Then suddenly there are 5 or 6 people trying to destroy your credit.
Marsha Anis
Marsha Anis 3 years ago
total violation!! makes me so damn angry😠😠 . why?
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