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Here's how to maintain your eyebrows at home and get them perfectly shaped whether they're in need of some tweezing, grooming or filling in. I hope you enjoy this video. Please don't forget to like/share & subscribe. Lots of love ~Smitha
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May 14, 2020




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Ampi Tage
Ampi Tage 2 days ago
Sis I think you should do a tutorial on eyebrow threading and shaping/arching for beginners.
Shailin Mawiong
Shailin Mawiong 2 days ago
Nice i wone too
Gemma Ferrinda
Gemma Ferrinda 4 days ago
In my 29 years I've only ever tweezed my eyebrows. Since I have a lot of excess time at the moment due to lockdown I figured there's no time like the present to learn how to fully groom them! 😂 Thanks for the video, very informative!
Tab Tab
Tab Tab 4 days ago
Question, why pluck when you have a razor? Couldn’t the razor take all the hair away before plucking?
midget 5 days ago
I have weird eyebrows. I have black eyebrow hair but they look like half of them fell out and I have a weird dent 🥺
Skiper & Akira
Skiper & Akira 6 days ago
Wow nice.... So pretty 😊
Ryan Bugg
Ryan Bugg 7 days ago
"Self help is the best help." So simple, yet deeply profound in meaning. Also, yes I'm voluntarily watching this video =)
Arpita Karmakar
Arpita Karmakar 8 days ago
If u think you have wild brow ,u should have seen mine🙃
S.J. Bora
S.J. Bora 8 days ago
I am not a very handsome man, but i have perfect natural eyebrows that can make most women jealous😉😊
Kanan Karmakar
Kanan Karmakar 8 days ago
plz give some tips for grow eyebrow
Vaishnavi Agarwal
Vaishnavi Agarwal 11 days ago
How to know the actual shape of brows if never did before😅
Ashley Griese
Ashley Griese 12 days ago
Thank you so much on showing people how to do this. Im just learning on how to do this its so helpful.
Johanna Arenaza
Johanna Arenaza 12 days ago
Very nice!
ρεαcɦყ ρεαcɦ
My face be like: ^--. - O L. O . · -. •
why 13 days ago
My freaking eyebrows grows on my eyelids 💀💀
Meghna Rathore
Meghna Rathore 14 days ago
Meghna Rathore
Meghna Rathore 14 days ago
Very nice, thanks 🙋‍♀️
Denise Davies
Denise Davies 14 days ago
You have lovely long eyelashes. Please advise me if you can, my eye sight is not great I wear glasses. I'm having trouble seeing to be able to pluck my eyebrows. What do you advise? Are there any lighted tweezers or light up mirrors I can use? Or should I just go for threading?
Beau Cheval
Beau Cheval 14 days ago
I’m here because the shape of my eyebrows atm makes me look constantly pissed off 😂
The ShivaaHolic soul
I just love love laaavvvvv.. Ur vdos💓💓💓💓💕💕💕💕💕💕
Fatema Ezzy
Fatema Ezzy 15 days ago
Its seems easy but the pain of doing it by myself horrifies me I guess iam the only one
Penelope 15 days ago
Gabbie Life of gaming
7:07 is my fave part
Neelam Tosum
Neelam Tosum 16 days ago
It is so satisfying looking u plucking the brows
RealHerMakeUp 16 days ago
Beautiful brow transformation 🙌🏼
Noor Ul Ain
Noor Ul Ain 20 days ago
Is parfecte
Fode27 Fode
Fode27 Fode 21 day ago
Women is mysterious being!😅..This is why they're never on time for appointment😆😆😆😆
Noor Seen911
Noor Seen911 21 day ago
Thank u so much u helped me alot ❤️😘😘😘
Anu Kundra Mehra
Anu Kundra Mehra 23 days ago
Hi Smitha My Eyebrows are very thin. do you think I need to follow all the steps as told by you in the video or I might need to do something differently
OfficialDonut 23 days ago
My mom is being very mean about my eyebrows and I don’t want her to do them so now I’m here😭
Madhuri Mishra
Madhuri Mishra 23 days ago
U r the best maam
Denise M
Denise M 26 days ago
I just arched my eyebrows and for the first time, they look amazing. Thank you for this informative video.
TIGER DIGA 26 days ago
I’m new !! Yay happy I found you 😉
Melany 28 days ago
I really wanna do my eyebrows but I don’t trust myself💀
axoriiixx 28 days ago
My eyebrows are so uneven n I have a scar on one of my eyebrow so it ruins it a lot but ima try to do my eyebrows today or tomorrow morning😁💕
Nitignya Waghela
Nitignya Waghela 28 days ago
Hi I really want to know. How to Make arch and conical eyebrows
Hiweth Alex
Hiweth Alex 28 days ago
Thanks daer😍😍❤❤
Crystal N
Crystal N Month ago
wow well done😍😍😍!!!
Tracey Frati
Tracey Frati Month ago
Your brows look great, nice and thick.
Sunil Ruhil
Sunil Ruhil Month ago
dimple rohara
dimple rohara Month ago
How to get bushy brow look?
Vinita Sajwan
Vinita Sajwan Month ago
U done it very nicely
Caropa Paulab
Caropa Paulab Month ago
Wow looking great
Nowkanya Wangsanya
Maritza Lee
Maritza Lee Month ago
Nice natural eyebrow. Thank you.
Aisha Taqi
Aisha Taqi Month ago
its too much painfull i think
Rai Ghosh
Rai Ghosh Month ago
Video concept so good
Lynette La Roche-Cervantes
Wow! Gorgeous💕
kavya shetty
kavya shetty Month ago
Rayees Husein
Rayees Husein Month ago
This is self grooming!😊 well maintained eyebrows!
Sma Ysif
Sma Ysif Month ago
لعن الله انامصه والمتنمصه
Maira Choudry
Maira Choudry Month ago
5:54 no😮
B BHAVYA SRI Month ago
Are these tweezer not available in india?
glory mahapatra. chishi
Such beautiful brows!! ❤️ Thank you!!
Change Eye Color
Bhagyashree Yadav
Does the razor last longer
Wp Preethu
Wp Preethu Month ago
Andrea Adams
Andrea Adams Month ago
Thank you for telling me the names of the products you recommend and double thanks for linking them! I'm super new to brow maintenance and had now idea where to start!
My Secret Sketchbook
Steam your face for a few mins just before plucking it should not hurt then
Daniela Tessari
Daniela Tessari Month ago
Non mi piacciono per niente
Amber Rodriguez
Amber Rodriguez Month ago
I’ve never felt more prepared after watching a tutorial for eyebrow shaping. Love it! I tried this and it worked rather well. I’m still trying to figure out the best natural shape for my weird brows but they definitely look more groomed after using this reference video. Thank you!!
Monika Makulova
Monika Makulova Month ago
Woow you have very beautiful natural eyebrow ,love it , thanks very helpful
Sharmin Islam
Sharmin Islam Month ago
Nice tips
Carly Ran
Carly Ran Month ago
You are just amazing. I really don't have words to describe your skills and ideas for beauty regime. I'm just in shocked.
Vishali Mittu
Vishali Mittu Month ago
How to grow eyebrows can u do video on ds
Cherry Russell-Traffanstedt
I wish I had thick brows like you! Thank you for this!
Reena Chaglani
Reena Chaglani Month ago
Hey i tried this and it worked wonders on me.. I hav always wanted to give my brows a very edgy look but the salon girls were not giving satisfavtory results.. I got brows groomed from at least 10-11 salons.. Then i tried this in lockdown and now my brows are just so damn stunning.. All cuz of uh.. Thnqqq
Allah hu Akbar
Allah hu Akbar Month ago
Ye plucker kdr sy mlyga
Markella C
Markella C Month ago
forget those eyebrows, i want those eyes! good heavens, what a stunning colour
gaming with magic
It's very painfull
Maryam Thabassum
I finished up watching your video and i found my eyebrows done😊 Thanks for sharing
ItzBreanna! Month ago
I’m so glad this video exists!! I can pluck my eyebrows but I didn’t know how to and when I go to the salon they wax my brows which gave me really bad burns every time I’ve waxed
wutja -
wutja - Month ago
Lol how to get eyebrows?
Kamini Makeup Artist
Kimya S
Kimya S Month ago
You people really think that tweezing eyebrows is painful?! Lmao... rookies! Try an epilator, threading or electrolysis.
Parshavena Sujatha
Katey Omandam
Katey Omandam Month ago
A amazing, a a amazing.
Priti S
Priti S Month ago
Can we use an eyerow trimmer instead of tweezers 😭
Flippy Month ago
Quarantine is a good time to start growing your brows too and letting it fill out if you don't have thick brows 👍
Marianellyy Diaz
So beautiful 😍 I love this
Mrs.Nei_Nei Month ago
It’s easy to pluck because it has a shape already. I feel it’s harder to shape when the eyebrows are fully grown out of the shape.
EvanZ World
EvanZ World 20 days ago
It's True
Kookie Jeon
Kookie Jeon Month ago
Yeah just like mine
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Month ago
Yeah I feel the same - mine suck 🤣
Marissa Whetsell
Love your technique! Mine is strangely the same except I sure wish my brow hair would grow as well as yours.
Hashi Hassan
Hashi Hassan Month ago
I love this video
Rachel Just Rachel
Subscribed. Thanks for sharing this.
hashi Meanw
hashi Meanw Month ago
Omg i am so gonna do this
Nimaa Lhamu
Nimaa Lhamu Month ago
You have such a beautiful eyebrows...mine is very thin..😔😔😔 Where will i get that twizer??
Jodi-Ann Month ago
Great tutorial! I just did my brows and they turned out good considering I'm not good at stuff like this
Aware Paprika
Aware Paprika Month ago
This was so helpful okg
prakalya nagraj
prakalya nagraj Month ago
Tried it today.. Came out really well! Tnx lot Smitha. Very happy with the outcome
Allisonn King
Allisonn King Month ago
best tutorial I’ve found. Thanks sis!
Astird045 Month ago
My eyebrows are so thin and long and light if I mess up it's so noticable. I'm going to try these. I'm also gonna shave them down with a guard a tiny bit
sia sarasia
sia sarasia Month ago
I have never done my brows but today I felt that I just hate my brows there is hair everywhere even on my forehead so I tried doing them and now I am a zebra I have light stripes on my forehead 😂😂😂
Fancy vogue
Fancy vogue Month ago
Are you real.? You are Soo beautiful 😍
Elijah Month ago
the first time i tried plucking my eyebrows, my pores started bleeding, i don’t know if that’s normal? thank you for the help though, my brows are a meeeeeeess and i definitely needed this
Sarah Duke
Sarah Duke Month ago
This is so satisfying
Ananya Guha
Ananya Guha Month ago
Just now I am see this video and then I started this process and it's really work like a beauty parlour love you so much ma'am❤
Shrek is #1 anime fight me
Me who has shaky hands: 👁️👄👁️
zahra molavi
zahra molavi Month ago
That's very helpful...thank you for sharing it
Supriya S
Supriya S Month ago
I love your page, its so easy to follow your instructions and you are so pretty
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