HOW TO GET A FREE PROMO FROM JAKE PAUL! Ft. Cody ko | Jeff’s barbershop

Jeff Wittek
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In this episode we give Cody Ko a haircut!
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People in this vid:
Cody ko
toddy smith
Jason Nash
camera man


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May 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Jeff Wittek
Jeff Wittek Year ago
Everyone calm down. I’m just a guy trying to promote his haircut video here. The whole concept of Jeff’s barbershop is to keep the guest on edge while getting a haircut from a new barber that is slightly psychotic. Yes some bits are scripted and some are designed to get a genuine reaction. I’ve made that clear before. But the whole point is to create an entertaining talk show. Cody was never in any danger, me and my crew were all prepared to stop any violence from happening. And Jake was supposed to come in showing that he can take a joke and he agreed to not be aggressive. That is why I asked him to redo his intro and “come in nicer” The only person I owe an apology to is Cody which I already have made and we’re obviously still friends and have both benefited from the situation as I had planned the entire time. So any negativity after this will just be blocked because you don’t understand the humor of the show. Thanks for washing and thank you for your support.
Beto Gee
Beto Gee Day ago
Jeff Wittek - love your guys work bro stay You don’t worry bout these soft ass people ;) 🙏👊🏼👌😜 ...
Beto Gee
Beto Gee Day ago
Kendra Johnson - your IQ hurts my head - 😂
Liz 8 days ago
@William Bell This is literally what he does, just don't watch his videos if you don't like it. Jeff literally even said if anyone tries anything he'll fuck them up, Jake just used this opportunity that was supposed to be funny for attention and for his vlog. It's not Jeff's fault that Jake lied to him my guy.
William Bell
William Bell 8 days ago
Nah Jeff I get the humor but it's not funny, and the fact that you have to hide the negativity makes you no better than Jake Paul himself, not sure if you Jeff can take a joke either
Miles C.A.
Miles C.A. 12 days ago
Someone actually gives a fuck about this non issue Mickey Mouse crap? And who wakes up thinking they have to suffer Jake Paul's fluffy ass to be promoted by him?! What's not to get about your mock comedy? Were you born ten minutes ago?!?!
Naomi Moss
Naomi Moss Day ago
Strafe_ scandal
Jeff man i love ya but i feel like you could actually play joe in You
Eric Zaragosa
Eric Zaragosa 2 days ago
😂 Love the concept of this show. I’ve been on a binge. Secure the 💰
Antonio Berrino
Antonio Berrino 2 days ago
Why does the barber look like Klay Thompson?
zyon 3 days ago
Disappointed you brought the pussy jake
poopy head
poopy head 3 days ago
jake paul you stupid fuck you underestimated the power of the cody ko fanbase
Ravi Roy
Ravi Roy 4 days ago
Look at that confidence level of jake while speaking to cody. That was some ten year old body language there. Stop bullying me booo hoooo. Im gonna cry mamma. Please make him stop.
maddy crow
maddy crow 4 days ago
i WISH Noel woulda been there. Jake would have his feelings HURT
Lorenzo’s art
Lorenzo’s art 4 days ago
poopy head
poopy head 3 days ago
idk why but i fuckin died when i read this wtf this was so funny lmao
Ben Casteel
Ben Casteel 5 days ago
Ok be Cody doesn’t rly talk shit, he makes jokes and that’s it, talking shit is intentionally being mean, he don’t do that
Manuel Romero
Manuel Romero 6 days ago
Bro Jake got baited hard
sean özer
sean özer 6 days ago
13:20 "nothing bads gonna happen. I'll kill this kid if he tried anything" like dude how much more safe can you feel next to someone AHAHHA
frosty4289 6 days ago
I agree with whoever said Jake speaks like he’s learning how to read
Sabrina C
Sabrina C 7 days ago
I need Noel on that Chair. Now!!!
jenna meg
jenna meg 8 days ago
jeff was even saying “yr a grown adult come in nicer”
XAwe Official
XAwe Official 8 days ago
ur an idiot u think ur so slick
Zthewolf 3.o
Zthewolf 3.o 8 days ago
Jake Paul acted like that one stupid popular jok in high school movies
jess 1Love
jess 1Love 8 days ago
Im still pissed that jeff did this
johnnywhiteshoe 9 days ago
13:21 he ain't playin lol
eesa durrani
eesa durrani 9 days ago
The video was great until Jake Paul walked in
Avocados Revenge
Avocados Revenge 9 days ago
Honestly jake Paul is a dumbass
Zuko Here
Zuko Here 10 days ago
Jeff was just fucking with Jake it was hilarious
Jared Benton
Jared Benton 10 days ago
I want Noel on this show so bad but knowing how ornery he is about his hair I know it’s not meant to be
Devoney Taylor
Devoney Taylor 11 days ago
Cody don’t even talk shit tho 😂 he just speaks the truth
Hernán 11 days ago
what a scummy thing to do
Gohan Bardock
Gohan Bardock 11 days ago
Luis Linos
Luis Linos 13 days ago
Wth are Jason’s shoes????
strawberry ///
strawberry /// 13 days ago
Oh come on Cody ko humor isn't even mean
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 11 days ago
It seems it is to some grown up kids..😂😂
Jael Alvarez
Jael Alvarez 13 days ago
8:27 Cody’s laugh 💀💀
poopy head
poopy head 3 days ago
lmfao ikr
Sean Booc
Sean Booc 14 days ago
Cut Logans hair😂
Jamie Kavanagh
Jamie Kavanagh 14 days ago
It’d be funny if this got him cancelled not his criminal record
luuuke_exe 15 days ago
Jake Paul is the one that made a diss track on teachers what a douche
lisa karson
lisa karson 15 days ago
I immediately thought Jake Paul too lol🔥
Ayaan Abbas
Ayaan Abbas 15 days ago
😂 🤣
the wizard
the wizard 15 days ago
i swear if this was noel instead of cody...things would have been very different
Rad guy Man
Rad guy Man 15 days ago
Cody should be a detective
ale_cruz 06
ale_cruz 06 15 days ago
Ahahah they cut out the part where Jake says Cody can go to the party cuz he Apologized and Jeff says "No u have to say he can't go say it again" u can see that in Jake's video
Mariah Davis
Mariah Davis 16 days ago
It looked like Kody was scared he was gonna get punched
Joe’s strain reviews
jason is like 65 and still trys to get attention like a 9 year old...
Yasmine Lylia
Yasmine Lylia 18 days ago
Todd : Jeff has a bunch of David's semen.. As you can tell from his numbers. Cody : nice 😂😂😂😂😂😂 he was proud of Todd
Mindless Videos
Mindless Videos 18 days ago
Dude when the comedian (forgot his name) came on and said Cody is going to make fun of a 12 year old child with down syndrome it made me laugh so god damn hard since my sister was 12 when this came out and she has down syndrome. Best joke I have ever heard that was some how ironically connected to my life XD
Nathan Monte
Nathan Monte 19 days ago
If u say sum shit like and 3 quarters u short af and u know it
Sam Rademaker
Sam Rademaker 20 days ago
Jake literally looks like he has built up the courage for 3 years to talk to his crush and he finally did it and then shit his pants
Sam Rademaker
Sam Rademaker 20 days ago
There is so much controversy in this video it is unbelievable. I’ve watched about 10 videos on this event and I haven’t seen a single comment in support of Jake Paul including his own comment section. Truly a fucking idiot.
Sam Rademaker
Sam Rademaker 20 days ago
Jake Paul: “wanna be comedian Cody Ko” Also Jake Paul: “Ur HiLaRiOuS dUdE”
G P 21 day ago
Having Jake walk in is like having Micheal Jordan show up for a Cameo.
Owen Traina
Owen Traina 21 day ago
The joke about kids went right over jakes head
jacqueline janicki
yeah, just cut out the part where you tell jake to say that cody can’t come to his next party
Rüleve Nimok
Rüleve Nimok 22 days ago
Fuck u jake
Ryan Ahani
Ryan Ahani 22 days ago
Hi hi
Squishy Bean
Squishy Bean 22 days ago
Pleas ehave noel miller on this and bring jake, he would have a field day
Sam Klaassen
Sam Klaassen 23 days ago
He didn’t link Jake Paul’s Chanel in the description. Haha
abigail Dehn
abigail Dehn 24 days ago
Jakes only upset because his hair will never be as good Cody’s
Untitled T
Untitled T 24 days ago
Jake thought Jeff was on his side during this. That's funnier than what actually happened
FLEX_Dark 24 days ago
Jake looked like the biggest pussy
Lily Fragola
Lily Fragola 25 days ago
this is the most awkward video ive ever watched
EZ 25 days ago
People seem to like guys who talk shit behind a camera and are pussies in real life. That’s Cody Ko’s fanbase
Oscar Rowley
Oscar Rowley 22 days ago
he said from behind a screen
EZ 22 days ago
Kai Jameson I hate both tbh
Kai Jameson
Kai Jameson 22 days ago
Ur fav youtubers in jail
Chaotic Queen
Chaotic Queen 25 days ago
teddycuthbert 26 days ago
GTGaming 27 days ago
Jake looks like that one kid who confronts the bully in grade one like “you a cyber buwwy” with that physique at 13:35
Bailey Cavallaro
Bailey Cavallaro 28 days ago
need noel to come in and roast yall
Iron Errow
Iron Errow 28 days ago
Jeff is adorably terrifying.
Sparrow 28 days ago
Sometimes I think damn Jeff is an asshole, then I remember he is acting
laurreline 28 days ago
bruh if noel was sitting in that chair instead of cody IT WOULD BE GOLD
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez 28 days ago
It's kinda great watching this knowing that Jake Paul got arrested for looting, looks like someone needs to take a look in the mirror and figure out who's actually in the wrong, what an idiot.
Isabel Moon
Isabel Moon 28 days ago
There’s some tension between Cody and Jeff in this video
Hani Fallouh
Hani Fallouh 29 days ago
Jake Paul says Cody cyber bullies kids, even though he bullied kids in high school. I think real bullying is worse than cyber bullying obviously
Hani Fallouh
Hani Fallouh 24 days ago
No Sanctuary exactly
No Sanctuary
No Sanctuary 24 days ago
Cyber Bullying is bad, but you can always turn off the computer. Real bullying is much more worse.
gloria 29 days ago
jake was lucky noel wasn’t there 😂
Maddy Moran
Maddy Moran 29 days ago
Bestie does has anyone bought ur merch?
angelina zhou
angelina zhou Month ago
forever orchid
forever orchid Month ago
Jeff's acting skills 99% accurate
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Month ago
wade still doesn't burn
Celeste Arellano
when jake told Cody he bullies kids....lol like u?
Celeste Arellano
they r all being passive and seem to attempt giving Cody a taste of his own medicine but tbh they r rude and not funny at all. Cody is taking all of it well and in the end they all look like the clowns rather than cody
Mighty Tigah
Mighty Tigah Month ago
How do people not tell this was staged jesus christ lmfao
Jeremiah Saunders
bro what is his outro music tho
PEEN Memer
PEEN Memer Month ago
Jake Paul complains about cyber bullying . Jake Paul gets arrested for robbing vodka.gg mon
Janosss Month ago
He in Prison now. LMFAO
game review
game review Month ago
he bullies kids what!
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