How to get a Bigger Butt in a Week

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How to get a Bigger Butt in a Week. In this video I will give you 7 tips on how to make your butt bigger in 7 days. Did you like the booty band? Click here to get your today direct-link.net/33372/bootyband
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Comment Below: What do you want to change about your butt? Do you want to make it bigger, rounder, perkier, and to achieve the look you want do you need to gain or lose weight?
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Comments 80
PrettyKeli 2 years ago
💙💜Hey my Pretties, I'm going to have a Giveaway Monthly! This months giveaway is an awesome Fitness tracker All you have to do to win is TEXT "Pretties" to 77948 and you will be entered to win. Be on the lookout for a text from me, if you receive one? You've won. All you have to do is enter 1 time and you'll be entered into ALL giveaways for 2018 LOVE YOU ALL
Loganlee Taylor
Loganlee Taylor 4 days ago
I want a big but flat tum small waist i need to gain butt weight
Naomi love_xxxs
Naomi love_xxxs 2 months ago
I want to gain weight and get a bigger bum help
Sad_ Brunette
Sad_ Brunette 2 months ago
Need to gain bootay fat and loose belly fat. How in da world do I do that
Ann Doyle
Ann Doyle 3 months ago
Want to loose some weight around stomach and hips and get a bigger bum
Danelle Boss
Danelle Boss 4 months ago
I need to gain
Chasity Sexton
Chasity Sexton 4 hours ago
Smaller waist, and bigger butt
lilee marie
lilee marie Day ago
i needa gain weight
Dior Trinity
Dior Trinity 2 days ago
I needa gain weight in my thigh and my butt and I’m small as a 4th grader and I’m 14 cause I’m 4’3
green ferns
green ferns 3 days ago
gaining in the right places plzzz
cristal hernandez
Jessica Astill
Jessica Astill 3 days ago
Da hell
Abigail Blount
Abigail Blount 4 days ago
I need to gain weight...
Loganlee Taylor
Loganlee Taylor 4 days ago
Yes i want that small waist vedio yes i do
Henriette Sandsmark
Hey, a girl in need here. I want my butt to get fatter and my hips wider but lose some weight on my lower stomach. Thank you for replying
talia laster
talia laster 4 days ago
I am 18 and I’m under weight I weight about 93 pounds 😬😬 I need more tips on how to gain
Victoria Parks
Victoria Parks 5 days ago
let’s all be real we out here to get thicc
Everybody says that I’m flat
coco sky
coco sky 7 days ago
Flatter stomach get rid of hip dips and a rounder and bigger bum
Jade Stalker
Jade Stalker 7 days ago
So if want to make my hips and but bigger but keep my stomach
Jade Stalker
Jade Stalker 7 days ago
Hi I am Jade I think I need to gain weight but I still want my thin stomach 🤔
Sabrina Heon
Sabrina Heon 7 days ago
Okay I want to loose weight in my tummy area and get a bigger butt!!!!!any tips?
Hey I’m wanting to gain!!
Sofia Yerolemis
Sofia Yerolemis 8 days ago
I wanna bigger bum and flat stomach
Hope Morgan
Hope Morgan 9 days ago
I need to gain wait in my thighs
Taehyungs Gucci bag
Dude I’m watching this foe nun cus my dumbass got held back foe a couple years nd 5th graders make fun of u foe bein thick smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
nani òwó
nani òwó 9 days ago
Her: you feel that? U feel that? Let it burn Me:laying down on the bed eating chips while knowing that i could neva do one of this
Feona Browne
Feona Browne 11 days ago
i need to gain weight
Xeaneth 11 days ago
Just gotta send this to my gf rq
Ella Younge
Ella Younge 13 days ago
1:26 - 1:37 sums up the video. 😂
Yanitza Juarez
Yanitza Juarez 14 days ago
Stomach on flat & and booty on fat
Meron Griffith
Meron Griffith 14 days ago
Bigger but thicker legs
Meron Griffith
Meron Griffith 14 days ago
I think I need both
Flora Gustin
Flora Gustin 15 days ago
I need to loose from my stomach and gain it my bum
Gacha Lilly
Gacha Lilly 15 days ago
We can't get a damn summer body THE DAMN CORONA VIRUS IS STOOPID DUD
Hannah Kingston
Hannah Kingston 15 days ago
Yeahhh so I have anorexia
marisol Rodriguez
marisol Rodriguez 15 days ago
Your so funny I luv ur channels
Nefeli Mesologgiti
Nefeli Mesologgiti 16 days ago
God I can't feel my HIPSS
Sara Koumi
Sara Koumi 16 days ago
Did this work for anybody ?
Alyssa Whiting
Alyssa Whiting 17 days ago
I want bigger butt and hips .
speedy Mendez
speedy Mendez 17 days ago
I caught my girlfriend watching this
Rachel Mandy
Rachel Mandy 17 days ago
Ooooo YAS GURL!! Any chance u got tips for big boobs?
Queen Pixi
Queen Pixi 19 days ago
I need to lose stomach fat and gain fat behide
Rachel B
Rachel B 19 days ago
I'm thin, but I have some pudge so need to tone my stomach. The only weight I need to gain is muscle. My booty is my main priority though cause I have a pancake booty
Monica Rodriguez
Monica Rodriguez 19 days ago
Definetly gain weight 💯
xbby girlx
xbby girlx 20 days ago
I wanna make my butt bigger n waist smaller
xbby girlx
xbby girlx 20 days ago
3:23 “you feel that?, you just did a squat” 😂😂
Minella Krogh
Minella Krogh 20 days ago
Chest barely nothing, stomach flat but my waist could be smaller, I had a nice butt but lost weight, so I need to gain weight to get that butt
TheVelvetCactus 21 day ago
Bigger hips, bigger butt, bigger boobs
Jake Ragon
Jake Ragon 21 day ago
Smaller stomach fatter butt wider hips😜
Katie Rivers
Katie Rivers 21 day ago
Yah I want a thin tummy and nice hips and bottom
Donald Fred
Donald Fred 21 day ago
Smaller waist and flat stomach.
Oreoluwa Soneye
Oreoluwa Soneye 22 days ago
I need to gain waight
shawline Delahaye
shawline Delahaye 24 days ago
RedRobinsEww •50 years ago
Having not booty in middle school IS THE WORST
Caitlin Koelsch
Caitlin Koelsch 25 days ago
I have a dance in nine days plz help 😭
IESHA HOLLIN 26 days ago
I need to gain 5-10 pounds. I lost to much weight 😭
Delighted 26 days ago
¨ look in the mirror and decide on what you want to look like.¨ me: *thinks hard for 5.8 seconds* me: pretty.
jasiell 26 days ago
my body: chest: flat stomach: round butt: non-existence jk flat legs: TWIGS
Lexi Passauer
Lexi Passauer 27 days ago
No matter what I try, when I squat I only feel it in my thighs and knees
Alisha Khan
Alisha Khan 28 days ago
I have lose some arm fat and belly fat and gain some but 😁
Lynn’s Space
Lynn’s Space 28 days ago
This is my body: Chest: bigger boobs Waist: flat stomach, small waist Hips: good, hip dips but tiny ones Butt: and a tiny round butt 😫
whitexdøve Month ago
Losing :/
Me Me
Me Me Month ago
I never feel it in my butt when I squat only my legs. I did what u said but still don't feel it HELP!
Nadia shah
Nadia shah Month ago
I have a question, when I’m doing these I don’t feel it in my booty I feel it in my legs Am I doing it correctly?
three girls plus boy Brooks
I need a flat belly and a bigger bit and smaller thighs
kenadie wall
kenadie wall Month ago
I need to lose weight
your local cuh
your local cuh Month ago
stomach: flat booty: flat chest: flat thighs:small MY GOAL •medium thighs •medium butt •same stomach •bigger hips
Kaira Perez
Kaira Perez Month ago
I like you a lot first this
Kaira Perez
Kaira Perez Month ago
Flatter stomach, bigger butt, and thinner waist
Kimberly Raysor
Kimberly Raysor Month ago
Yes I would love for you to do a video on getting rid of belly fat and trimming my waist. Got to much my sistah. Stay blessed and beautiful.
kimron Hung
kimron Hung Month ago
Chest - flat waste -skinny as hell hips - fat and hips don’t like butt - little fat but Bony 😂
Hey guys let's kill me 1 like = 1 squat Help a girl out!!
Alysha gard
Alysha gard Month ago
I need to gain weight but also lose weight in my belly and sides. Please help!!
Lakita Whitaker
Lakita Whitaker Month ago
Smaller stomach and bigger butt
Priscilla Garcia
Yes we do kelly the waist video
Yasmyn Pitcher
Yasmyn Pitcher Month ago
I'm trying to get my thighs bigger and my butt bigger.
Isaac Woods
Isaac Woods Month ago
I need to gain weight, I want to get a bit more curvy. However I don't want to be fat. I want to be fit.
stfu i already liked bc of your awesome attitude
☇Jovi Blue☇
☇Jovi Blue☇ Month ago
Chest? Meh Waist? My mid section be built like a rectangle Hips? I got hip DIPS Butt? Smaaalll I'm gonna have to work hard😂
Megan Brooke
Megan Brooke Month ago
me: hips? wide stomach? flat butt? not flat not huge chest? size 38a 😐
Karen Nunez
Karen Nunez Month ago
does anyone have to tips to gain weight even im tho you have a fast metabolism
Lavorne Hunte
Lavorne Hunte Month ago
Kayden Lemons
Kayden Lemons Month ago
Chest: big for my age Stomach: normal I guess Hips: eh Butt: lol what’s a but
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