How To FIX YOUR PHONE In SECONDS! (Reacting To Life Hacks)

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Oct 9, 2019




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Comments 3 410
boiet Macalindong
boiet Macalindong 9 hours ago
8:55 jelly like a weirdo
boiet Macalindong
boiet Macalindong 9 hours ago
5:40 vegetarian? What the
Jaxson Bialczyk
Jaxson Bialczyk 23 hours ago
Yeah they're active but the video say over one and two years ago
Alberta Adu- Sarkodie
Jelly is a pro
AYMAN toys
AYMAN toys Day ago
hi jelly ♥️♥️♥️♥️ i love you so much 😘♥️♥️
Samantha Bevan
Jelly can I be in one of your videos I hit the like button
Steve Bucci
Steve Bucci Day ago
Yyyyyyyyyÿyyyÿyyyyyyygjbhgbv bÿy is the time of a way you feel about me right
daniell gaming
I love your vidios jely
Valeria Ruiz
Valeria Ruiz Day ago
Julie-anne Carr
I love them
Prince Isaac 78
Prince Isaac 78
Hak gas gAA gaung A-Z as iis
Jenny Liow
Jenny Liow Day ago
jelly:1st slogo:2nd crainer:3rd Kwejejueuduwhsjsjusnsmxn:he stink
Jenny Liow
Jenny Liow Day ago
Jelly,Slogo,Crainer and Kwoeeiejjedjhwhendmnebxmenshwun2nwhs2i2ndui2ksndnx
Travis Daniel
Travis Daniel 2 days ago
I watch that
almarda mada_desi
Jelly whay you not doing tik tok experiments??
Zeeshan Haruf
Zeeshan Haruf 2 days ago
cup of cola
19leki77 2 days ago
Please make a video on try not to laugh or you have to be in a box jelly please
Alliz Xunder Oracion
You already have three friends crainer josh and jordi
Zoe Hicks
Zoe Hicks 2 days ago
I like medium rare 🥩
sammyloublue 3 days ago
ME:I bake stake
John Killian
John Killian 3 days ago
You have a secret brother jelly
Alexis Yoko [Alexander]
I thought women in prison use sausages for other things 😏
CoffeeMugOfTruth 3 days ago
i am vegeterian as well. i made you a car in roblox vehicle simulator
Click bait Catcher
O C 3 days ago
Summer Williams
Summer Williams 3 days ago
Jelly the best
Lilly-Anne Conole
Your lid is not a eyebrow
Lilly-Anne Conole
Eye lid
Aya Ardines
Aya Ardines 4 days ago
And go to my house it's on Philippines
Aya Ardines
Aya Ardines 4 days ago
I know your name it's jelly I I'm your big fan and I I'm a youtuber I know your sister's name it's iamsana
syndi nguyen le
syndi nguyen le 4 days ago
My head exploded lol
syndi nguyen le
syndi nguyen le 4 days ago
Don’t worry I was messing around
Flynn Augustine
Flynn Augustine 4 days ago
GO meat
Sebastian Sell
Sebastian Sell 4 days ago
jelly im also vegetarian XD
Chip Plays
Chip Plays 5 days ago
Jelly: I'm a vegetarian Also Jelly: "eats a hamburger in disstrack
John Killian
John Killian 3 days ago
Jelly has a secret brother
John Killian
John Killian 3 days ago
Jelly has a secret brother bro
mitchell griffiths
Līga Skadiņa
Līga Skadiņa 5 days ago
My frind open safe in school
David Killoran
David Killoran 5 days ago
Do the Nutella one.
Tuyen Nguyen
Tuyen Nguyen 5 days ago
And love you Hello I love
Arean Zhou
Arean Zhou 6 days ago
2:41 she is so weird
Emma 6 days ago
He called a eye a eye brow and called the eye brow also a eye brow
Jason Pena
Jason Pena 6 days ago
It’s a rabbit
Preston Cool
Preston Cool 7 days ago
Jelly!keep up the grand theft auto every one loves it!
boiet Macalindong
boiet Macalindong 10 hours ago
郑金 7 days ago
Oh yeah that’s the best channel but it not better than jelly’s I wish he had 100000008375682748363837387497 subscribers
Shawn Tardif
Shawn Tardif 7 days ago
Paola Velazque
Paola Velazque 8 days ago
Robby. Did. That. Befor. You. Jelly
asking karma
asking karma 8 days ago
it's a eye lash jelly
MrRonMeyers 8 days ago
Jelly that's foundation
Lucy Huntly
Lucy Huntly 8 days ago
Jelly its your uncles chanel
Prasiddhi Dhital
Prasiddhi Dhital 8 days ago
Prasiddhi Dhital
Prasiddhi Dhital 8 days ago
Ppp bro
Neil Taylor
Neil Taylor 8 days ago
How do you know 5 minute craft is catching up with piewdepia 🤣🤣
Yahya Meshref
Yahya Meshref 8 days ago
Rolex Gamer 57
Rolex Gamer 57 8 days ago
July 5, 2018
Austin Ohrt
Austin Ohrt 8 days ago
Jelly you need to do crazer 👍 challenges.
Jelly: First i need friends though Me: You have Slogo and Kweeplekop bruh
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements 9 days ago
Roxanne Roxanne Roxanne Roxanne Roxanne Roxanne
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements 9 days ago
Cua con
Cua con 9 days ago
I did subscribe for you 248k
Olivia Meek
Olivia Meek 9 days ago
Jelly doesn’t know what anything is called. He keeps saying, “whatever that thing is. “
RogiStylle Gaming
RogiStylle Gaming 10 days ago
Did he tried them tho?
Jaylen Young
Jaylen Young 10 days ago
What is wrong with that turkey
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