How-to Eat Like a Marine in the Field

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Lieutenant Glenn-Roundtree shows us how to make his ideal MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat), which includes a beef ravioli taco and cherry blueberry cobbler.
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Jul 11, 2018




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Comments 4 164
KeplersConjecture 2 hours ago
Listen to that hiss. Nice!
I love mre’s
EatDatShopLifter445 11 hours ago
1:05 i hear that alot 😏
Vod Kanokers
Vod Kanokers 11 hours ago
I found some 1970 mre a few years ago on a flea market. Tasted good 👍
Andrew King
Andrew King 18 hours ago
I served in the US Marines 1989-1993 Artillery 0811. I would love to receive a current MRE. Mr Andrew King, 20152 Russell, Detroit Michigan 48203
Daulton 21 hour ago
You eat a lot of MREs and you can't shit for a week. Army constipation is something they don't tell you about haha gotta love it
that one guy in class
damn that looks better than school lunch
SmaCk You d1cK
American MRE need considering rice meal. rice and hot pack.
Skeptical Whale
We should make a gofundme for liberia and north africa to have these
Orion Sparks
Orion Sparks Day ago
beef r a v i o l I
Supong Kichu
Supong Kichu Day ago
This guy doesn't sound like black American at all!!!
Marcus Garvey
Yo watch too much TV, you really think 40 million people spread out over a massive country all sound the same?
Sriraman Muralidharan
how did he heat the beef ravioli?
Robin 4 hours ago
It's a chemical where you add water to a bag and heats up anything inside
Gummy Bears
Gummy Bears Day ago
*I should be called Chef lieutenant or something*
gibbz780 Day ago
That cherry blueberry cobbler is the shit
Yeet Day ago
Do everything you can to get a cheese spread
spike Day ago
Why don't they put a few joints in a mre... these people are putting there life on the line...
Robin 4 hours ago
What about a soldier who doesn't smoke? Then it'd be a waste
undeadboy22 2
nice hiss
Karl Swaggy
Karl Swaggy Day ago
We did this in ROTC Orientation 🙃. The food taste great😀
Big Boss
Big Boss 2 days ago
You have used the bevarage bag. By order of the Order of Stevus Niceus,you are under arrest.
The Chicken Ninja
I remebering having to eat mre's after a typhoon and people keep hating on it but its actually not that bad
twotailedavenger 2 days ago
look at this amateur. He never put it in a tray, never said "nice", never made a jingle with the cup...
Herrera Missions
Herrera Missions 2 days ago
Hes...quietly yelling at us..
Andrew Ang
Andrew Ang 2 days ago
*CrazyRussianHacker has left the chat*
joshua nguyen
joshua nguyen 2 days ago
Desperation leads to innovation and hunger but I’ll eat just about anything
Christian Trout
Christian Trout 3 days ago
Caleb Pautz
Caleb Pautz 3 days ago
No crayons?
Edgy Child
Edgy Child 3 days ago
When do they brush teeth?
YooForik 3 days ago
The last the time i had a MRE was 8 years ago in basic training. And yes I'm in the Airforce lmao
Memic 3 days ago
I agree that he should open a cooking show for Marines
P. Burns
P. Burns 3 days ago
This video has far less crayons than I anticipated.
Rev Zeldris
Rev Zeldris 4 days ago
He looks like my grade counselor
thicc_is_ my_name
Too wtf I got hungry
"Semper Smoke"
"Semper Smoke" 4 days ago
STFU Boot Ass Butter Bar!!, Only POG's use the heater!!
God 4 days ago
The cookies are fucking fire
Clunk Nugget
Clunk Nugget 4 days ago
Someone gonna go hungry in the field today
KindredMcb 5 days ago
Ahh....good memories !
Sebastian Seneca
Sebastian Seneca 5 days ago
That pornstache
Bit Finesse
Bit Finesse 5 days ago
This is how the gov’t ensures retired soldiers can’t turn around and fight the gov’t - with nutrition like that, no wonder so many vets crippled and in dire need of healthcare. Pathetic man. Insane. All fun n games until all that sulphur dissolves your discs 👍👍 Need to make Dr Greger the top brass.
user name
user name 5 days ago
reminds me of a manlier version of carlton from the fresh prince
Jerica Tf
Jerica Tf 5 days ago
Them MRES be so persevered 😭
1973Washu 6 days ago
Ration cheese is eternal. I had some Korean war era canned cheese about a year ago and it was eatable and very mature flavoured.
Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston 6 days ago
Damn, the MRE’s we had, (right after the c rations got used up) could plug up a horse. We didn’t have heaters, (we had engine blocks for that), and the dry crispy potato patties were a treat to me. You also learned to never eat the gum if you didn’t eat the meal it came in because some where exlax.....lol (at least that was the common belief)...
AwesomePossom 6 days ago
They always have the fuckin officers doing this stuff.
Alex Postma
Alex Postma 6 days ago
What? No Ranger pudding? WTF? LOL!
Gordon Lai
Gordon Lai 6 days ago
man said cracker 5 times in 20 seconds
Kiran Khope
Kiran Khope 6 days ago
Hay bro am Indian but I proud your army
MR.X 6 days ago
This officer seems cool as hell.
MR.X 6 days ago
You guys ever watch Lockdown23and1? This is like the military version of that ?
Lost13 6 days ago
Now I'm hungry
Dis bitch empty ŸËËT
Chef Lt. 😂
TalkiestNewt6 6 days ago
This video literally solves racism
Rick Jones
Rick Jones 7 days ago
Great video loved it. And thanks for your service.
Nick Latino
Nick Latino 7 days ago
Eww, that's disgusting! I'd rather eat canned fish! Our Marines deserve better than this! If I were a marine, I'd bring some canned fish, canned beans, fruit cake or even pop tarts; and throw away my MREs
Venison Mogambi
Venison Mogambi 7 days ago
I just drink water
Outdoor Adventure
A MRE ist just a Meal this means a US Soldier becomes 3 singel MRE at one Day ?why is there no Breakfast MRE?Like in WW2 Rations or Cold Weather MRE?
Ryan Angkasa
Ryan Angkasa 7 days ago
*CrazyRussianHacker* wants to know your location
Alexander McLucas
Im going to move to america when i get enough money and live there any place i should stay thats good?
madasylum1 7 days ago
Don't eat the cheese spread. The thing is like plastic, and you won't shit for days.
Major LeMaster
Major LeMaster 7 days ago
You guys should go subscribe to Steve1989MREInfo
Brian Mo
Brian Mo 7 days ago
Inaccurate where tf are the crayons
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