How-to Eat Like a Marine in the Field

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Lieutenant Glenn-Roundtree shows us how to make his ideal MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat), which includes a beef ravioli taco and cherry blueberry cobbler.
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Jul 11, 2018

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Comments 3 633
Rence Fabian
Rence Fabian Hour ago
Wouldve saved some cheese for my meals. Would be good with the ravioli
lil_kennyyy 8 hours ago
If u r satisfied of watching mre vids watch the crazyrushianhacker
lil Egressive
lil Egressive 19 hours ago
Lol he really made this video awesome
Darkzz Lord
Darkzz Lord 19 hours ago
Can you guys do a video on how to eat like a Taliban on the field?Or how to chop off or cut off a marine's head?
Lucy Fur
Lucy Fur 23 hours ago
gone need a lot of tissue paper
Hex Mac
Hex Mac Day ago
Yup, that's basically how the field looks for officers lol And the staff nco are taking roll call
Vince V
Vince V Day ago
They look bad but I heard they’re good
Eric Day ago
You let a boot Lt that has never been in the field? Do a remake with a Salty LCpl
Harvey Lu
Harvey Lu Day ago
Philippine army MRE, "maluto" it has canned sardines, tuyo, asin ag bahog na sinaing. Ay don't blame, an AFP infantry man told me that so ✌
OtterGod Day ago
MRE's a great for campin n shit too, tbh.
Son Rwanson
Son Rwanson 2 days ago
Steve does it better
D.o.p.e 2 days ago
Ty youtube for recommendation. Now I can flex on my bros on lunch.
elisia francisco
elisia francisco 2 days ago
“because we like flavor in our lives” IM WEAKKK
William Baker
William Baker 2 days ago
....... is that jaleel white?
quiero DD214
quiero DD214 3 days ago
In AF basic training we sometimes didn’t get the candy we wanted in our MRE’s, so you can say we had it pretty rough.
The Sentinel
The Sentinel 3 days ago
Used to heat the MRE's on the Hmmwv manifold.
Toxic Skillz Tebow
Mres make you constipated af😂
AxillaryFox 3 days ago
This food is heaven compared to civil war food. Hardtack, which are hard biscuits that are pure salt, often had worms in it, and was so hard it could only be broken with a rifle butt. And " blue beef ", it was given that nickname because by the time it got to the front lines, it was rotting. But people were much tougher back then, they were use to eating more raw food, and use to bugs, and being in the snow without anything but thier uniform and thier arms to sleep on. They marched 20 miles a day, in entire wool, to battle for days, then March back again without any breaks. The chances of dying in the Vietnam war were 1 in 183, a 0.5% of being killed.. in the war of Rebellion, it was 1 in 7
lolprogZ 26
lolprogZ 26 3 days ago
00:03 looks like gfuel
A - Reey
A - Reey 3 days ago
Why didn’t you put some cheese in the taco
Assasinsplaylp 3 days ago
This food tastes like crap! America just lives from wars next country they gonna march in is Iran i swear just for destroy this countrys stability! And than isis will capture iran! Nobody needs america!
*Fernando Contreras*
We love our sand box. *NEXT*
lancelotb lancelotb
Played call of duty once, started to eat like that
Richard Channel
Richard Channel 4 days ago
Dear Munchies editor, please convince the US Army to promote this person to a "Chef Lieutenant".
Batman 4 days ago
Looks like I need to enlist in army.
stevebrownrocks 4 days ago
ALL the newer MRE's (from every country, from what I've seen), look like they'd be quite good! I'm dying to try some!
nhpivotlk 4 days ago
Chicken burrito bowl is the best mre
chando commando
chando commando 4 days ago
MREs are actually pretty good, most of the ones that I've had are better than what I normally eat on a daily basis
Drew Bair
Drew Bair 4 days ago
Steve1989MREInfo: Nice mmkay
Mr.Irish 4 days ago
Steve1989 does not get Chunks in his drinks
Coin collector max
Found one of these MREs on a beach shore
Pedophile killer of Muhammad Of Truth
If y’all cherry wanna be hard ass soldiers eat MRE’s with HEATERS!!! Y’all don’t know suck. Good try though.
K M 4 days ago
Hum your right sir, you may not always have time,, to pull a try out, your a marine you did it the right way, you no how they would do it in the field. Other people are dum,🤔 they don't no you may not always have a tray handy, get your arse shot wasting time looking for the tray.
Your Trash
Your Trash 5 days ago
Were tf was the brownie
Clayton Pakowski
Clayton Pakowski 5 days ago
*Gordon Ramsay Black Theme*
Eesh SinGer
Eesh SinGer 5 days ago
this guy is an improv chef master i mean everyone in the military should know how to do improv in their food
can we get 5000 subs with no videos?
Lets get this out on a tray
Derp 360
Derp 360 5 days ago
Mom: No food can be good in a package Me: MRE's are here Mom: impossible
Esteban Grijalva
Esteban Grijalva 5 days ago
The head MRE chef Lt. Glenn Roundtree
TheBatugan77 5 days ago
That MRE cheese...can put your broken driveway back together.
19df 92zz
19df 92zz 5 days ago
Not in the military, but I’ve had MREs and I gotta say this guy is a genius!
Alejandro B
Alejandro B 5 days ago
Master Chef: Military Edition. It actually looks yummy
Randy Candelario
Randy Candelario 5 days ago
Sir, Stop lying. Respectfully, Someone who hates MRE’s
K M 4 days ago
Sir how is he lying he's in the field he no's. This guy has good vid.
Randy Candelario
Randy Candelario 5 days ago
That’s disgusting
ME7O Maraon
ME7O Maraon 5 days ago
Just don't get shot when you're eating
Ojuan Duncan
Ojuan Duncan 5 days ago
“That tastes like freedom” Never heard such an American thing in my life
1milion J
1milion J 5 days ago
BreakerSneaker official
*_he protecc_* *_he attack_* *_ᵇᵘᵗ ᵐᵒˢᵗ ⁱᵐᵖᵒʳᵗᵃⁿᵗˡʸ_* *_ʜᴇ ᴇᴀᴛ ᴀ ꜱɴᴀᴄᴄ_*
BreakerSneaker official
@André Linoge well. Thats becouse people dont say it right...
André Linoge
André Linoge 2 days ago
boring unoriginal repetition
123 456
123 456 6 days ago
Nah man fuck this, you need the Royal Marines officer ration packs now that’s how a true soldier eats. There’s a reason we conquered so much of the world. (Go and search for the video of them opening the Officers pack before you comment and you’ll actually get the joke)
Papa Burd
Papa Burd 6 days ago
Had these a year or two ago. Actually fucking delicious
Higgs Prime
Higgs Prime 6 days ago
Cmon every other comment is give this man a cooking show, he is the next gordon Ramsay Cmon guys a black guy and cooking show not possible !
André Linoge
André Linoge 2 days ago
Ainsley Harriot
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby 6 days ago
No crayons? Not legit.
pierce sherry
pierce sherry 6 days ago
I promos you everyone you won’t shit properly for ages after hahaha that’s from experience
Ethan Paul
Ethan Paul 6 days ago
My dad owns a wild land fire fighting business and the MREs he gets come with hot sauce that is actually in a Tabasco bottle
TipsBlueBalls 6 days ago
Thank you for letting me enjoy my nyc steak
Chris Putnam
Chris Putnam 6 days ago
This is better than homemade dinner
DS GAMING 6 days ago
After a long day of killing Terrorist there nothing like eating some nice MRE
max rubin
max rubin 6 days ago
*Gordon Ramsey has left the kitchen*
WackoLovesYou 6 days ago
yay now all the cringe airsofters and watch and learn
Ronin 84
Ronin 84 6 days ago
Looks like vegan food. Just a bunch of sludge and processed crap.
Russian Milk Truck Mafia
No crayon remarks in the comments? None? Really?
Ken 1138
Ken 1138 6 days ago
I don't remeber ever having the time to do most of that in my exercises. I just inhaled anything and dumped my drink mix in to my canteen only to regret it 10 minutes later drinking warm ass orange drink.
Lucas Nogueira
Lucas Nogueira 7 days ago
He protecc He atacc But most importantly He make snacc
BIG MAN 7 days ago
BIG MAN 7 days ago
weird person with a weird profile pic
Woah guys is it me or a ghost is talking in this video and wtf why are the mre's floating also where's that guy explaining how to eat the mre? MIND BLOWN
TotheK I N G D O M
Lmao I knew this guy, when he was enlisted.
Mark Hanson
Mark Hanson 7 days ago
I'm reporting to captain Morgan
Bina Butta
Bina Butta 7 days ago
No body: Captain: *Walks in* liTeNaNt I wAnT 5O pUsH uPs
NPC 54327
NPC 54327 7 days ago
😂 a pog Lt. pretending he knows what it's like to be in the field for more than an hour. Edit: fuck that ravioli... Chili Mac is where it's at bitches.
TotheK I N G D O M
Hes actually not a POG, or wasn't when he was an enlisted...I know of this guy seen him around. You know what... I knew infantrymen that couldn't pull 250 pft while I never dropped below 280+ my entire time in, I trained a guy that was just like me, he went on to get into Marsoc becuase he didnt get out like I did, because that's what I would've tried for. Also, there's some infantry guys that would come down to our shop for working parties talking about how they wished they picked a POG MOS instead of infantry becuase of what they thought they seen at my shop compared to what they dealt with daily, this is facts...I told them I'd gladly trade places if I could...no jokes or shit talking, because I was serious. I wanted infantry, my recruiter told me some bullshit and I ran with it, i was a dumb ass 18 yo that was smart enough to get a high GT score to make the MOS I ended up going with, becuase "SOI would be full for 6 months" and my fucking parents were kicking me out of the house and wanted me gone, so I just said fuck it. Trust I hated my fucking job dude, every minute of it...I was with 1/2 so that made it worse in some ways being so close to the infantry...not in a POG battalion..but good becuase I'd of hated being at a POG battalion, but at least got infantry rate of deployments...Iraq and Afghanistan in my 4 years. And mind you, we had some pogs get fucked up in Afghanistan...just fyi, yall not the only ones that see the ugly truth, so watch your mouth...I've got "pog" buddies that are still suffering. There's people who were infantry but never seen the damn enemy ever and don't act like that isn't true...and POGs who been killed by them. Everybody has a part to play, and when you're gone the mission goes on without you. Marine Corps really got it bad with that pog shit...but when shit needs fixing, who do they call? When mfers need extra this and that and brand new bags etc who handles that? Hot chow in the field...yea ok. I wonder why MARSOC has so many pogs now? FUCK THAT CHILI MAC, chicken patty...2 slices of bread with jalapeno cheese...HEATED.
Megan Lockhart
Megan Lockhart 7 days ago
Looks better than anything I could get at McDonald's.
4orange 7 days ago
where are the crayons
Ali Morrar
Ali Morrar 7 days ago
4orange BUT SARGE
Capn Crumbs
Capn Crumbs 7 days ago
I aint never had cheese spread come that smooth
I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t
We operate in dirty environments But where no savages
Zander Mort
Zander Mort 7 days ago
Sleeves are folded up too high they look ridiculous
Marvin The Nerd
Marvin The Nerd 7 days ago
Crayons, lots of it
Grayson DuBose
Grayson DuBose 7 days ago
I gotta the the French more’s are way better
Thee Stallion
Thee Stallion 7 days ago
He's handsome 😍
Chopped And Bobbed
Coming from a marine who never goes to the field lol
Chopped And Bobbed
@NPC 54327 I had one spoon that I kept in my pack for two straight years. I always down packed by MREs, so I could save space, and weight in my pack.
NPC 54327
NPC 54327 7 days ago
Exactly... We're not savages use a spoon durrrrr... Definitely a pog
Peter Sparta
Peter Sparta 8 days ago
I’m in Army ROTC and I can say when I went of my first field training exercise these MREs made the New York public school system lunches taste like crap and these MREs actually kept me full
Peter Sparta
Peter Sparta 7 days ago
NPC 54327 I’m pretty sure they’ll know before I join the unit
NPC 54327
NPC 54327 7 days ago
Make sure to tell your drill instructors/sergeants that you were ROTC. 👍
Clyde Balcom
Clyde Balcom 8 days ago
Dessert!?! Tortillas!?! Fruit Punch!?! Beef Jerky!?! Ravioli!?! Damn, y'all Devil Dogs eat like Kings.
NPC 54327
NPC 54327 7 days ago
You've clearly never eaten an mre... There's maybe two good ones and a few good fillers.. when you're hungry as fuck, it does feel like a Michelin star meal.
InFamousS550 8 days ago
That cheese with the breadsticks was the BEST. But after 3-4 days of mre’s your stomach won’t be too happy
Mark Hanson
Mark Hanson 7 days ago
Try eating them for 3 months
Teufelhund 8 days ago
So they found a POG officer to show people how grunts eat?
NPC 54327
NPC 54327 7 days ago
That's what I said... Like some boot ass lt pog knows what it's like to be in the field for more than an hour... I thought he said something about being an 0311 at one point.. I'm guessing he couldn't pass Marine infantry officer's course so he got recycled into a comfy MOS.
Jamie Kennedy
Jamie Kennedy 8 days ago
there rations are lovely...i tried them when i was out in afghan with the scottish infantry.. and the american marines always shared there stuff with us.. gd guys was a pleasure serving with them in helmand provence fob delhi...2008'
Elite Stormer
Elite Stormer 9 days ago
I’m a cadet in the 20812 sea forth highlander and the more the give us for FTX and taste horrible but now I want one
Enes Kemal
Enes Kemal 9 days ago
Alright !! Lets get this out on a tray ! No hiss !! Nice !
Fadi YASSINE 9 days ago
Enes Kemal 😂😂😂😂. I watch that guy too.
Red Unicorn
Red Unicorn 10 days ago
I dont think the jalapeno "cheese" would be allowed to be called cheese where I come from😅😂
Yoyle 0340
Yoyle 0340 10 days ago
Atleast those MRE tastes like something compared to the school lunch in my school
Jaden Sanchez
Jaden Sanchez 10 days ago
“Tastes like freedom”!!
Hello World.
Hello World. 3 days ago
@RexV I mean any country against the US will have freedom soon
RexV 4 days ago
I mean Iraq got freedom but now ISIS has control of it
Francisco Frausto
Francisco Frausto 10 days ago
I've never seen someone be so sarcastic about food taste.
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 10 days ago
At 50 years old and a former Marine and Soldier, I still enjoy eating MREs and they are quite filling. Semper Fi, Lieutenant, Sir, and Thank You for Your Service to GOD Almighty and Country as a US Citizen and Marine. Ooh Rah United States Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🗽🔫
Troll Face
Troll Face 10 days ago
Someone send this to crazy Russian hacker
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie 10 days ago
Ronald Reagan friends go millions (billions) fm selling the MREs.....pure junk.....The old C-Rats were real food....But the Sheep (whites) are told that if you criticize 'em .....YOU ARE A SOCIALIST!!
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie 10 days ago
MREs......Meals Rejected by the Ethiopians!
Iron Cote
Iron Cote 10 days ago
Lmao he is like a white man
Eric Ortiz
Eric Ortiz 10 days ago
He should be a recruiter because he's full of shit.
V R 11 days ago
I’m so mad they fake this shit for RUvid lol I’ve eaten more MREs than I would have liked when I was in the Army lol
Arxces 11 days ago
Opertations Officer
Ethan Vue
Ethan Vue 11 days ago
I needa eat one a these
James Pecore
James Pecore 11 days ago
They forgot the crayons. Very essential for the Marine diet
Xliyah z
Xliyah z 12 days ago
I just had a meatball one with the sauce it was good but the mashed potatoes garlic was nasty and that beef stick was gooood 🤤
firman s
firman s 12 days ago
yes sir !
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