How To: Easy Subtle Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill
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For todays video, I wanted to do something trendy & also wearable! There are so many different ways how to achieve "foxy eyes" or "cat eyes" so I wanted to play around in this makeup tutorial & have fun with it! I hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with me & playing with makeup! XO
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May 24, 2020




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Comments 80
Hanya Jon
Hanya Jon 8 hours ago
I miss your make up vids.. It's lock down but unfortunately make up gurus are still fighting since 2017
True Skin Essentials
Thank you for this doing this type of video again! I did my makeup today (using your vault collection - can we see some more videos using this?) and I used your tip about holding the brush handles down a little lower and I'll be gobsmacked, it worked! My eyeshadow blended better and applied softer! I love the way my eyes look today! Continue to be well! :)
Impossibly Kay
This is the content I needed. Girl, you shine when you teach and we love it when you do. Love it 😃
Joanne Bryant
I'm LOVING the new Jaclyn❤Come back is on 🔥🔥🔥😍
Mirza Muskan
Mirza Muskan Day ago
Hey jecklin i want to buy your jecklin hill morphi pellet but those pallet r very expensive why ?
Sarah Chartrand
Sarah Chartrand 2 days ago
I love your face. 😊
Sarah Chartrand
Sarah Chartrand 2 days ago
I cannot believe you STILL use that Hourglass foundation 😅
kaylyn Cruickshank
Love it❤️ btw if you think it’s a good idea to comment on someone’s video with negative comments DON’T! Jaclyn you are amazing and beautiful, love the video.
Susy 2 days ago
How much weight have you put on in quarantine?
Kerri Nunes
Kerri Nunes 2 days ago
My dog is named Georgie too. Georgie Porgie or Georgie pig
The Life of Kaye
The Life of Kaye 3 days ago
Truly in love with this look with these beach waves in your hair 😍 matches the backdrop too!
Alyssa Dauria
Alyssa Dauria 3 days ago
How is this an easy subtle cat eye
angelluvsyou07 4 days ago
You ain’t gonna stop me from highlighting my beak lol
Brooka 4 days ago
She looks amaze but this is too much make up right
Melissa Nicole
Melissa Nicole 5 days ago
What did you do to your face...?!
Terin Rose
Terin Rose 5 days ago
Running to get this pallet!
SUNBXDDY 5 days ago
Pixie Ninja
Pixie Ninja 5 days ago
Jaclyn always has that in her background. Can someone tell me what it is?? 💜 You Jaclyn!!
Ward Lake
Ward Lake 5 days ago
for someone like me who has oily skin pigmentation acne scares i really loved your skin and i hope you make a video about your skin regiment, i went to doctors ,toke drugs they gave me ,exfoliating plasma ejections, it just drained my pocket with no good result at all
CAROL ROE 6 days ago
Take a shot every time she says "structure".😉😁
zeba obaidi
zeba obaidi 6 days ago
video on your current skincare routine plseeee
Carmen Lopez
Carmen Lopez 6 days ago
Wow jaclyn , you were already loosing weight, and seems like quarantine took it back from you , not just your face is big, your shoulder and chest is looking so wide 🤨
Brittzell K
Brittzell K 6 days ago
You look amazing Jac! I'm truly sorry there are still shallow people making unnecessary comments about your appearance 🤦‍♀️ It serves No purpose other than to tear down, make fun of or hurt said person. People need to grow up and stop being so small minded, it's gross and doesn't make you look cool or funny rather a cruel and little person. If you have nothing nice to say it's really ok to just be quiet. Please keep doing more videos like this🤗 Those that appreciate you as you are really love these videos and tips!!!!!
Haley Patterson
Haley Patterson 6 days ago
this brings me back to the reason I adore you so much. I missed this.
Verena Chu
Verena Chu 6 days ago
Finding the reason why I loved Jaclyn to start. You’re just such a natural at teaching make up application xxx
Gabriel Moro
Gabriel Moro 7 days ago
This is just so refreshing to watch :) thanks for being so fun!
Gabriel Moro
Gabriel Moro 7 days ago
This is just so refreshing to watch :) thanks for being so fun!
Andrea Figueroa
Andrea Figueroa 7 days ago
What...what happened to her face?
Katelyn 7 days ago
loveo0 7 days ago
حررررام ايش مسويه 😭😭😭💔
Carrie Cat
Carrie Cat 7 days ago
I love the wing shape so much! Can't wait to try it.
CRYED 7 days ago
are you pregnant or botched? omg what happened to you?! you look horrible. pobresita
Aida Portillo
Aida Portillo 7 days ago
HI Jaclyn ! I am subscriber ,BUT I did,t see you for few months AND NOW YOU look different BEAUTIFULL but something happen with you !!! SORRY for asking you that !!
Kasey 7 days ago
Jacs can you do more looks/videos with you volume 2 pallete? 🙏💜
Gina Grasso
Gina Grasso 8 days ago
Jaclyn, when are the lipsticks coming back? I loved mine. Please tell us they are coming!
Emu Toy
Emu Toy 8 days ago
Why u look so disgusting? Ur previous natural face was way more beautiful
A magical Willo
A magical Willo 8 days ago
Idk who you are but I just got your pallet
Arlette Vera ayala
Me encanta maquillar el problema es q no tengo los materiales o la economía suficiente eres realmente linda incluso sin maquillaje soy gran fan tuya
Halee Briggs
Halee Briggs 9 days ago
I would love to see an updated video for your fav drugstore products (skincare, beauty, hair, etc.) It’s been a minute since you posted one, and I think that would be awesome right now especially with the pandemic
Jasmine Cotto
Jasmine Cotto 10 days ago
This must be the tenth times this week i watched this video i'm obsessed with this look on her and her bubbly personality
Hunter Dougherty
Hunter Dougherty 10 days ago
My favorite look you’ve done in a long time! So stunning! Loved without the highlight 😍
Indigo Girl
Indigo Girl 11 days ago
Whoah. Her face looks so weird
Krunchy kari
Krunchy kari 11 days ago
First makeup tutorial l watch from JH and frankly, l'm in awe! She explains EVERYTHING!
Allison Hendricks
Allison Hendricks 11 days ago
Your face just looks flawless. I know I can watch you do your makeup step by step but like seriously your face looks perfect. You have the prettiest eyes and just I can't get over how pretty your face is.
Dehlila Cazarez
Dehlila Cazarez 11 days ago
Her checks are gonna explode
Dehlila Cazarez
Dehlila Cazarez 9 days ago
Dummy’s rjehshenavefegrgdyey
Humaira Ahmed
Humaira Ahmed 12 days ago
Is it just me or does her face look different from the videos a feww month ago?
Emma Beck
Emma Beck 12 days ago
Could you do more of these vids 🥰
Sana Siddique
Sana Siddique 12 days ago
One thing I ve loved about your tutorials is how detailed they are and how you explain. Ive watchd so many RUvidrs to learn how to do makeup professionally but I now i realise that the technique that I apply is actually waht ive learned from you. Thats because you make the best teacher 💗
Jordae Denis
Jordae Denis 12 days ago
I love the before and after slide babe 🥰
Amanda C
Amanda C 12 days ago
i love jaclyn so much and how she goes so in depth of how to achieve the look. it’s not chaotic, it’s too the point, yet soo interesting and fun to watch
Tasnim Eva
Tasnim Eva 13 days ago
She so gorgeous
Silvia Savioli
Silvia Savioli 13 days ago
I think she's a really great teacher, maybe the best on RUvid. It's a shame she got involved in all that drama, but I hope that from now on she rediscovers she has a great talent for makeup and for teaching it, and these two things not always go hand in hand!
rox rr
rox rr 14 days ago
You killed the 🦊👁 lewk , Jigsaw Hill 🙌
Kerri Simonsen
Kerri Simonsen 14 days ago
I really want all her brushes and her highlighters and her newest palette. 😩😩😂 I also really want her skin. 😍
Megan Ostrowidzki
Megan Ostrowidzki 14 days ago
Megan fox vibes 😍😍 you're soooo gorgeous jaclyn!!!
shanda mccash
shanda mccash 14 days ago
Jaclyn, I loved this video! 🤩🤩
Milagros Cabrera
Milagros Cabrera 14 days ago
wooooww she's so nice omg
Laurel Willis
Laurel Willis 14 days ago
Proud of you Jaclyn!
Laurel Willis
Laurel Willis 14 days ago
You know she has probably got very bad advice from people who are used to just the whole greed of the business. Her being severely driven, wanting success and young made her decisions in that content. She’s so young. Honestly I’m proud of her for her accomplishments and ability to stand up strong with all the persecution.
Vanessa Young Mendez
Carmen Wilfinger
Carmen Wilfinger 15 days ago
I hate all the comments about your body. I guess now you have more space to play with makeup.
Alexandra Medina
Alexandra Medina 15 days ago
What did you used on your brows? Or does anyone know?
Astroweed 16 days ago
is this good ol jaclyn??? she looks diff
Genesis Espinoza
Genesis Espinoza 16 days ago
Hi everyone, I have just created a channel about all things beauty. Please check out my content and subscribe! 💛 xoxo
Linked To Auri
Linked To Auri 17 days ago
I’ve Been Subbed To You For Years! But It’s Also Been A Minute Since I’ve Seen One Of Your Videos & Amaaaaaaaziiiiiiinnnnnnng As Alwaaaaays
I feel like that she was just going to tear up throughout this video ☹️
trini 17 days ago
wow she gained weight .. i wonder what happened 😞
Gigi D
Gigi D 18 days ago
Great video ...your skin looks great. Why cover up the great looking skin with sooo much stuff? I'd like to see a video showing how to highlight the skin your in.
Conrad Fisher
Conrad Fisher 18 days ago
Please take care of your health. You are not looking healthy
Lois James
Lois James 18 days ago
whats happened to your face?
Chloe Earley
Chloe Earley 18 days ago
There’s something about this video that feels just like some of the first ones you put out. This makes me so happy💜
diva viva
diva viva 18 days ago
What hair did you use to dye your hair? Love you
cracyrace 18 days ago
It would be nice, if we can get your eyeshadows as a single on. I do not want to buy the whole palette just bc one eyeshadow is empty.
Eneida Gervais
Eneida Gervais 18 days ago
Ur cheeks omg I’m obsessed 😘🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Eneida Gervais
Eneida Gervais 18 days ago
I can wait 🥰🥰🥰
Sloth Eat World49
Sloth Eat World49 19 days ago
I never get tried of her eyes. They're stunning, with or without makeup.
Victoria Panossian
Victoria Panossian 13 days ago
Me neither. She has very beautiful eyes
Kerri Simonsen
Kerri Simonsen 14 days ago
Sloth Eat World49 yes! She’s always so beautiful. 😍❤️
Ina Ilc
Ina Ilc 19 days ago
you’re so pretty💕
jimjoi1 19 days ago
For real Jac keep making these type of videos (the original Jaclyn we fell in love with) plus a Jac snack series..you'll be back to be America's RUvid Beauty guru....just drop some Morphe already..use more indie makeup...support Made in the USA!!!!!!!!
PhenoOmaZz 19 days ago
Is it you Mrs. Poppy Puff?
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