How to dust for fingerprints

Liverpool John Moores University
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LJMU Forensic Science Lecturer Phil Gilhooley demonstrates how to find and extract fingerprints from the scene of a crime.

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Sep 21, 2011




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MovingPixTV 17 days ago
So many armchair experts here. This man worked in a forensics department throughout the 80s/90. What have you ever done, watch a few episodes of CSI?
TSY Two side youtubers
No color powder
Bart Cottenie
Bart Cottenie 20 days ago
Is it possible to take fingerprints from a keyboard? I am now using talcum powder, but it is not working...
Anu's Pet House
Anu's Pet House 26 days ago
5mnz7fg 2 months ago
0:11 - 0:23 : Are those things on the table in the background corpses?
vegas knox
vegas knox 4 months ago
this guy wants no excess
ifell3 4 months ago
four paws......... dog????
Nagarajan Sethumadhavan
Gloves is important
Aden Pflughaupt
Aden Pflughaupt 5 months ago
learned lots
Matthew Keisling
Matthew Keisling 9 months ago
A few issues. First, ALWAYS wear gloves when processing for latent fingerprints. Second, way too much powder being used at the start. Over-processing can destroy the evidence by contaminating the surface to the degree that the developed print can not be distinguished from the remaining area. Also, I want to stress the importance of writing on the acetate IMMEDIATELY after placing the tape, to assure the orientation is viewed correctly by the fingerprint examiner. Opaque cards are commonly used in the USA instead of a transparent sheet for this reason.
Roger Learning
Roger Learning 9 months ago
I left my fingerprints inside ma toilet bowl, would you do the honour sir?
Puja Chakroborty
Puja Chakroborty 10 months ago
can I use graphite(pencil lead)
Puja Chakroborty
Puja Chakroborty 10 months ago
powder occurs
rocksena VLOG
rocksena VLOG 10 months ago
Forensic india ruvid.net/video/video-vw4_wq7_EVg.html
bathroom Carr
bathroom Carr Year ago
We start at the top to remove the excess. NO, you put too much powder on the brush you dipped in the pot. Shake the pot and use the very small amount on he lid to use for dusting, and spin the brush to remove excess.
Akhsarbek Getoev
Thanks very much for video
Jahidul Islam
Jahidul Islam Year ago
Thanks for detailed information.
Autumn Smimth
Autumn Smimth Year ago
I only have makup brush do that work
Mascaro101 2 years ago
Spam Cannon
Spam Cannon 2 years ago
Christ on a bike, that brush was overloaded! Looks like the first time he's ever powdered for a mark.
prakash narayan
prakash narayan 2 years ago
Nisha Hussain
Nisha Hussain 2 years ago
nice video, but its really monotone makes it hard to watch without falling asleep
Chris Smotherman
Chris Smotherman 3 years ago
My God this video should be 1 minute long not 7! shut the hell up already!
AN4X Year ago
he is tryig to show it clear and comprehendable thank him for that no negativity he explains every little detail very well
kye 2 years ago
its actually a good video if you ask me, it is quite detailed and precise
PatWizard 3 years ago
Am I the only one here because of Phoenix wright
Scarlet458 2 months ago
I am here because of Ema Skye
kye 2 years ago
Shadi Salman
Shadi Salman 2 years ago
...Ha!... me too.
Denny Hadi
Denny Hadi 2 years ago
PatWizard me too! Thanks Edgeworth!
Christina Maxwell
Christina Maxwell 3 years ago
Can we use blush Or baby powder I am a bit curious
lamar jubran
lamar jubran Year ago
Christina Maxwell yes
asim khawaja
asim khawaja 3 years ago
can any1 tell after 1 month of a crime can we take offender 's fingerprints for forensic test?is it helpful ?
Matthew Keisling
Matthew Keisling 9 months ago
asim khawaja the "freshness" of fingerprints can not be determined once they are on a surface. It is true that on a non-porous surface, the residues are mostly water and will evaporate to some degree, but the remaining residues may often be re-hydrated as part of the processing.
Canis Amator
Canis Amator 3 years ago
can this work for paw prints? I want to know if a coyote came into my yard in the middle of the night. I found paw prints bigger than my Lab and I have 2 smaller dogs and just want to figure out which animal they were left by.
Roger Learning
Roger Learning 9 months ago
SJW4BLM obviously
SJW4BLM 2 years ago
Learn Pranks
Learn Pranks 4 years ago
Im in the CIA
David B
David B Year ago
Learn Pranks sure buddy
Mitch Flackett
Mitch Flackett 4 years ago
izanizam salleh
izanizam salleh 4 years ago
Hi. Am I allowed to share your presentation with fellow officers? Tq in advance pliz.
YYolloit2 5 years ago
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 5 years ago
Over powdered. How much Aluminium powder do you need to take fingerprints? Not that much! :-O I'm actually shocked, those fingerprints were over powdered! Load your brush by a slight spin on the rim of the container! You could probably do a better job with baby powder :-O
RatRod Jr
RatRod Jr 4 years ago
+Sezla L He was just giving a quick demonstration to show us how is works. If that was a real murder investigation though, the evidence could have been ruined.
Sebastian Martul
Sebastian Martul 5 years ago
This is in very little detail and many contamination and mistakes may occur. There is so much more to be done while doing this technique. Feels like 4 years gap had influenced the way fingerprints are being taken. But still it reminded me well of what I have actually done :D.
PenDragon 24601
PenDragon 24601 5 years ago
2:28 is he saying sizzle powder?
Spurs 25
Spurs 25 Year ago
Surplus powder
Anon Y
Anon Y 5 years ago
"surface powder"
Gary Currie
Gary Currie 5 years ago
How much powder? Obviously not an operational CSI!
Matthew Keisling
Matthew Keisling 9 months ago
Gary Currie this video shows WAY too much powder. If the presenter hadn't already known the location of the impressions, and they were actually at the top of the window, all that excess powder would have eliminated any contrast between the developed print and the surrounding surface. Start with a tiny amount. You can always add more. Cleaning away excess powder isn't always possible, especially on a dirty or contaminated surface.
robert bishop
robert bishop 5 years ago
Good basics, but a bit gash. The main reason for the mask is to stop breathing in the aluminium powder. If DNA is required from a subject, this should be carefully swabbed first, no powder should go anywhere near it, as this can 'kill off' any DNA! A diagram needs to go on the acetate or Foil as he called it. Finally, each end of the tape should be cut with a scalpel and over signed by a CSI or CSI and witness, in Scotland. Still a pretty good video, though.
Damien Duenas
Damien Duenas 6 years ago
Can u use baby powder??
Eniola Niranoluwa
Eniola Niranoluwa 5 months ago
yes you can
lynareit Year ago
fuhmepls nope he isn’t
Omar Muhmmad
Omar Muhmmad 6 years ago
Can you use any powder
Tom Frances
Tom Frances 6 years ago
Cool stuff
Shreeya Shakya
Shreeya Shakya 6 years ago
can aluminum ammonium powder be used instead of aluminum powder ? plez reply ...
DansuPotat 2 months ago
6 years and no one came
Snowman374th 6 years ago
Can you get finger prints off of lug nuts that do not have the chrome cover on them anymore and do not appear rusted just break dusted or road dirt?
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake 2 years ago
You look like murderer
mie 2 years ago
ma name jeff
Marcus Sciolti
Marcus Sciolti 6 years ago
Dexter all the way!
Cobrapython day
Cobrapython day 7 years ago
Ayush Upadhyaya
Ayush Upadhyaya 7 years ago
that is just so fuckin cool
rōnin57 9 months ago
@AN4X stfu snowflake
AN4X Year ago
wow you just had to swear this is beneficial for you but do no t swear please and thank you
Smarties Maan
Smarties Maan 7 years ago
thank you so much for the video , it really did help :D
Bobons Kshsvla
Bobons Kshsvla 6 months ago
@Ganda Ko hahahah
Ganda Ko
Ganda Ko 7 months ago
Is wrong
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