How To Do Politics

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The way you talk about politics may be perfectly justified, but does it help or hurt your cause?
*The end of this video includes a paid sponsored promotion. This company had no part in the writing, editing, or production of the rest of the video.
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r/CMV study and data from arxiv.org/pdf/1602.01103.pdf
Other major sources: www.nytimes.com/2015/11/15/opinion/sunday/the-key-to-political-persuasion.html , news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2015/06/the-art-of-political-persuasion/ , news.stanford.edu/2015/10/12/framing-persuasive-messages-101215/

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Feb 2, 2018




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PolyMatter 2 years ago
As someone who doesn’t use Facebook, I’m curious: Where is the worst for angry and unproductive politics? My guess is Facebook, but I also see a lot on Twitter, and I wonder if the character limit helps or hurts in this respect.
Donald Flourish
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William Maddux
William Maddux 5 days ago
Reddit and Twitter are the worst by far
Heather Toomey
Heather Toomey 13 days ago
I use FaceBook and avoid Twitter because I hear politicians are just mean to each other there.
John J Keaveney
John J Keaveney Month ago
Fuck both parties
JCK95 2 months ago
Syed Javed Ahmad
Syed Javed Ahmad 2 days ago
cannot, trust politicians, they lie, they promise, to get into the office soon after they do what they want. all politicians, put their party first not the country. they behave and act like bosses, in reality they are public servant.they forget that. it is a shame.
Khethisa Joel
Khethisa Joel 2 days ago
Nature of politics...”Stuff of thoughts “
Cubertral 3 days ago
I kind of want to get into politics, but the problem is, their are so many corrupted parties, people, and idiots in politics, I'd like to maybe run for mayor of a city.
Linux4win 3 days ago
When there's so much at *steak*
Anjali Pathak roll number 12
ruvid.net/video/video-dvngW6CPedA.html A must watch video
rf4life 6 days ago
The person who comes to power is the one who's been given the biggest megaphone by his donors.
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 7 days ago
Yongam M
Yongam M 14 days ago
Well, looking for an ingredient to propel independent political affairs ☺
Liz ZYYC65
Liz ZYYC65 24 days ago
Laugh out loud is this Chanel paying attention to trump and GoP
qwerty123 25 days ago
4:34 that statement was very illogical, wrong, and just plain stupid
Ayoosh Amir
Ayoosh Amir 26 days ago
My cousin pointed out my mistake now I will become a politician
BIIBRIS 28 days ago
The Somali flag🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴
1 day ago
1 day ago 29 days ago
Trump forever!
EntertainMINT Month ago
Cool video
Cecília Dornelles
Am I the only one who heard Moonlight Sonata in this video?
MintJamsLover Month ago
Well, even I disagree with my fellow Anarchists. After all, I find that even Republicans have good points: - Don’t try to scare people. - Try to appeal to those who are down on their luck. - Forgive people that were once opposed to you. - Give everyone a chance to participate in your party.
MintJamsLover Month ago
And WHAT ABOUT COPYRIGHT? If no one believes that copyright should be abolished, I will have no more faith in this world.
Greve Month ago
Hahah 5:23 - I'm danish
Anarchist Tech Support
Wait... I have a party?
Jack Emanuel
Jack Emanuel Month ago
Just joined the politburo, better study up
andres oyervides
So with the current climate if I wanted CHANGE, would it be agood idea to run now? At least to be a mayor or rep to get the ball rolling in my community.
Maddie Lakeland
Maddie Lakeland 2 months ago
im 14 and trying to educate myself on politics as schools are so weak at teaching them. does anyone have any tips (eg. things to watch or read) on being more familiar with British politics?
Kaido Q
Kaido Q 2 months ago
I learned so much more to this than school, where's the getting employed one 😅but no really sorry I'm new
K S 2 months ago
This is the most intelligent commentary on politics I’ve seen probably ever.
xxxYYZxxx 2 months ago
This hasn't persuaded me one bit.
Tomi Fodor
Tomi Fodor 2 months ago
Hey PolyMatter! Wondering if you're still an affiliate of blinkist.com (doesn't look like it) and if not, why not? Do you have any advise on good deals wrt a service like this? I have a difficult time reading books due to the shear volume. Thanks
El hadj
El hadj 2 months ago
what an inspiring video, honestly it changed my mind about everything, so many political parties and organizations are making the same mistake
Storm ise Champ
Storm ise Champ 2 months ago
I'm no expert on politics, there are people who study the important topics in politics. How politics should be? I don't know. People who don't study politics can't review a government, we don't tend to think on politics. If you ask me about the history of the Democratic party and the Republican party, I would say I know almost nothing. There are political people who don't understand the people who like both the right wing and left wing because It seems to not make sense but actually is ignorance about politics (without knowing everything). I'm not the only person who can like both the right wing and left wing and disagree with the right wing and left wing at same time because I'm no expert on any political party of any country and I'm impartial. Jesus Christ is completely perfect. With the real Christian faith I can't know the private lives of all humans. The problem of Heaven and Hell is that there so many secrets about Heaven and Hell. Secrets about Heaven and Hell are a very long. Political people don't know the supernatural occult. I know so little about politics so I don't try to review them. I don't review movies because I don't know how to make movies. These days politics are people calling out each other in a obsessive way. What people get wrong about the western left wing parties is that they are not gods in any way so this means they are not completely perfect. The western right wing parties are not gods in any way so this means they are not completely perfect. All people in the planet are not completely perfect as gods.
遇藍 2 months ago
When you read more politics, you know how powerless you are (except you are really very rich or influential). Those politicians who overemphasize your rights only want your donations and votes. And you see people only support to the say of the politicans but not their action. However, being a good person doesn't mean being a good politician, vice versa.
Glitch boy12
Glitch boy12 2 months ago
And thats why I what condoms as the main protection for war
Millennial Patriot
Millennial Patriot 3 months ago
The Media needs to be regulated.
Tuke 3 months ago
Not going to lie. Im suprised there isnt a political shoutin... Debate* here in the comment section
SuperThunderGoodGuy 4 months ago
I wish our politics were more mature. And our system here in America are broken. We need to fix our democracy before it dies
bunungo 4 months ago
i’m planning on running for mayor of my city soon, this actually helped a lot!
Micheal Heart
Micheal Heart 2 months ago
Instead of that I no of a man who will help you win even a presidencial election if u doubt me just add him up on what app9044753534
Samyak 4 months ago
Can you make a video on how to write a RUvid script.
Sultan Karim
Sultan Karim 4 months ago
English audeo book with Subtitles Politics by Aristotle ruvid.net/video/video-_Cv6MmO7_Mk.html
bañDìT XaM4
bañDìT XaM4 4 months ago
I was here to know why politicians use my religion too frequently to get views?
Arccway 5 months ago
Woah, I learned something new today while in quarantine.
Marko Aleksovski
Marko Aleksovski 5 months ago
I just became a mayor of my town
Jacob Rivera
Jacob Rivera 5 months ago
Whats your town?
amiir Abdirihmaan
amiir Abdirihmaan 5 months ago
This blue flag is somali flag what is wrong with you
Thefirst DIMI
Thefirst DIMI 6 months ago
Why did you try to kill a mustaced guy from an archery club with a knife?
spacepimpkevin 7 months ago
The old tale of the Sun and the Moon: The sun and moon debated which was stronger, they chose to test this by trying to seperate a man and his blanket who was traveling. The moon went first and blew cold harsh winds in attempt to Blow the blanket off, but it just made the mad wrap around it tighter. When the sun had it's turn, it just heated the man and the man removed the blanket. Persuasion and logic are better than force and shame.
Alex Mazzarelli
Alex Mazzarelli 7 months ago
Donald Trump should watch this.
DirtIsCake 7 months ago
Your gist point is why basically everyone hates Trump now. He has done like 2 things considered bad, and now he is the most racist man living. Smh
Courageous Tom
Courageous Tom 7 months ago
So in other words.. Lie Just Lie a lot
Syed Iftikhar Ali
Syed Iftikhar Ali 8 months ago
Polymatter"aff" ?!!!!!!!!???
Kyn Chan
Kyn Chan 8 months ago
Learn to lie very well.
Marshall Rojas
Marshall Rojas 9 months ago
1:30 what if I repel everyone and everything? Then what?
Dhruva Shah
Dhruva Shah 9 months ago
A very good non-political video about politics
lithuanian hammer
lithuanian hammer 10 months ago
Knowledge Is Key
Knowledge Is Key 10 months ago
*I always make it a point to research my positions. Sometimes it takes me a while, but eventually, I come to the most logical position.* Take De-regulation; This is a very simplified explanation of deregulation and it is far more complicated but in general: too much de-regulation causes asset bubbles which leads to boom-bust cycles and hurts the workers as well as the economy (wealth gap increases and likely causes monopolies), but just the right amount (paired with good regulation on how companies treat workers) can protect workers whilst increasing the GDP, can stabilize the economy, protect the environment, provide low cost goods and services for all, and stop businesses from taking advantage of the government and the consumer. Too much regulation costs the economy big time and hurts the economy/consumers in a completely different way, but the damage is much less than too much deregulation. All in all, In would prefer a government that regulated in some areas of the economy (healthcare, environment, workers protections, some social issues etc) while simultaneously de-regulating other areas of the economy. *Too many regulations undermine the entire goal of regulation; to benefit the social well being of the people. It's like the pacifist issue.* EDIT: _lol nobody is going to read this_
Knowledge Is Key
Knowledge Is Key 3 months ago
@Flare Blazer i have dyslexia so that was somewhat difficult to understand, but i think i get it, and pretty much completely agree. You got a good brain on your shoulder ;P
Flare Blazer
Flare Blazer 3 months ago
Knowledge Is Key so maintaining a balance of what can be regulated, and what should the people regulate by themselves? The method can easily be done, but you also need to understand that so far we have to deal with the internet and what laws can be considered constitutional and which violates. Due to most nations focusing on useless censorship in entertainment and media it brings to my attention on how we can fix the social issues, monopolies and workers by actually paying attention to how the nation is behaving. I noticed that either the politicians never actually sees what's happening and most of the time we are also dealing with foreign companies purchasing another nation's market which creates a precedent of more problems to deal with, unless we have people sacrificing their time and take the path to politics we cannot progress anymore until we start fixing the issues that are becoming a major factor in our cultures
Knowledge Is Key
Knowledge Is Key 10 months ago
*"A pacifist is someone who is committed to none violence, but a true believer is someone who accepts the violence that prevents greater atrocities."* Oof, That one is going to stick. I love it.
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper 10 months ago
Rules for rulers >
Kayse Ibrahim
Kayse Ibrahim 10 months ago
Why are you, using the Somali flag
EmperorCaesus 10 months ago
Ser jeg dansk?
New Runrocks26
New Runrocks26 9 months ago
EmperorCaesus ja. Ihvertfald lige nu
ghost king
ghost king 10 months ago
lol the tekst i denis and am from denmark
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan 10 months ago
Henry Sanders
Henry Sanders 11 months ago
This could essentially be an ad for Pete Buttigieg!
Christian Oliver
Christian Oliver 11 months ago
Step 1 focus individuals step 2 congrats you translated step 3 this is a hidden message step 4 you win nothing 5:20
B.O.J. 11 months ago
Moviebob shoul probably see this video
Akari no Yami
Akari no Yami 11 months ago
Where was the last time someone changed my mind by bla bla, well last week, shocking i know. Mob be mob tho
BurntToast7 11 months ago
You should take the Somali flag out of the thumbnail. It made me hesitant to click on this. Otherwise, great job!
DADWEYNAHA , 11 months ago
is that flag on the thumbnail is our Somalia flag?
Wolf 11 months ago
One day I hope I can behind that podium protecting Americas rights as a Congressman, Ambassador, Senator, and President. I personally have passion for the gov. and politics and I hope to get a degree in political science and put it to use.
Coco康納 11 months ago
Me lives in China Our Leader is correct Me: wishing i could say what i want
Chad CJ
Chad CJ 6 months ago
Why not rise up compatriot
Hank Yarbo
Hank Yarbo 11 months ago
wait a minute.... this is the most important video of our time
Nicky h225
Nicky h225 11 months ago
Show this video to Kim jong un
its lit
its lit 11 months ago
i tell people this and they tell me that im just ignorant and to shut up. that’s why im going to major in political science to continue to learn ab politics and be less and less close minded.
Conservative Awakeners
Thanks a lot! Great video quality
Aphro 11 months ago
Haha I clicked cuz I saw my county’s flag and thought it might be mentioned 😂 kind of glad it wasn’t, politics isn’t looking so good right now :(
KeoneArt Year ago
... isn’t *PRIDE* a sin ?!
Alex Year ago
If you disagree with someone, you are basically Hitler.
Bruno56 Year ago
Two things I totally distrust: politics & religions. All full of hypocrite assholes. And media doesn't help. Also full of assholes.
Daniel B C Fernandes
This video rocks 👏🏻 thanks a lot and congratulations 👏🏻
Z Z Year ago
How to do politics- kiss Israel’s ass and lie
MS3300 Year ago
Why is there a flag of Somalia in the thumbnail? (;
MS3300 Year ago
@ِ are you somali too?
MS3300 Year ago
@ِ yes of course!!!
Brandon Stennett
Can you explain why Sweden has no bail ? Would help us understand ASAP.
CGI Future
CGI Future Year ago
That Somalian flag tho I am Somali
iszalac Tm
iszalac Tm Year ago
i was thinking about helping my country somalia and suddenly i find this video and surprisingly i find that my flag is on the thumbnail.. ✌️
Ethan Shjandemaar
been thinking about getting into politics for years. sadly libertarians are the black sheep of political parties -.-
Akshay B Tachaparambil
1.Learn how to lie. 2.Tell lies 3.Become a politician
D Smith
D Smith Year ago
I have always thought to be politically correct would be morally wrong is why they sell it to you as politically correct because they can’t sell you something that is morally wrong.
Mahad Omar
Mahad Omar Year ago
Why the somali and Vietnam flags
Jimy Piha
Jimy Piha Year ago
Right wingers are way more comfortable approaching through arguments.
Manka Year ago
That's our flag 🇸🇴
Dichotomy & Balance
If you like Pinker I highly HIGHLY recommend reading The Coddling of the American Mine by Jonathan Haidt. It's amazing and seeks to explain the polarity we see today and shines a light on the exclusionary practices of those that practice intersectionality, and victim culture.
Humphtfu Dumpfjty
came from LEMMINO 🥰
Natural Resourcess
The blue flag is Somalia's One Proud to be Somali !!
placeholder Year ago
5:23 im danish lol
Evan Silversun
You are very good at your core methodology. Great video.
Majorohminus Year ago
The universe moves forward, conservatives always lose in the long run. So just keep telling them they are retarded and eventually they will go insane and you will win.
laxit shah
laxit shah Year ago
Join BJP
Akalaider XD
Akalaider XD Year ago
Jeg viste ikke du kunne dansk
Dylan Year ago
Basically the flaws in democracy and why we should switch system to... (Idk AnarcoCommunism seems like the best alternative system)
Márton Kardos
5:20 why the hell is this in Danish xD
Abdullah Rifat Muntasir
3:11 They do. Without enough information a person should not even hope to become a politician. The idea of being a politician solely involves that you know how to solve others' problems.
BlueSunset Year ago
I’m doing heritage fair and its due tomorrow!! I chose Rosemary Brown..and she’s a politician BUT I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT A POLITICIAN IS!! PLEASE ANSER REALLY FAST!! I WANNA DIEEE
s s
s s Year ago
a chinese communist channel talking hahaha
Hanus á Tjaldrafløtti
Am I the only one seeing a hidden message in my native language at 5:19? Do you guys see one as well, just with your native language?
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