How To Create A Website Using HTML And CSS Step By Step Website Tutorial

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How To Create A Website Using HTML And CSS Step By Step Website Tutorial.
In this videos you will learn to create a website using HTML and CSS in notepad or any text editor, You will learn to create the header part of the website, I will show you how to add background image in HTML website, Create navigation menu using html. This is a complete tutorial for beginner, who want to learn HTML & CSS website development.
Here are the steps in this HTML website tutorial:
1. Create HTML file and CSS file in a folder
2. Link CSS file with HTML
3. Add background image in HTML website
You must save your image in the same folder and write the complete path of the image in CSS file to add image in website
4. Create navigation menu in HTML website
5. Change the Image opacity in HTML website
6. Add hover effect using HTML and CSS
7. Add Logo in website using HTML & CSS
8. Add title text (welcome text) in Website
9. Create Button in HTML and CSS
Now the Header part of the website has been completed using HTML and CSS
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Regine Sandaga
Regine Sandaga 4 hours ago
i tried following this one, but the preview is not showing the codes i used. why is that?
Christian Espinosa
1 Million Dream Status
Thanks bro for the video
Muhammad Rashid
Muhammad Rashid 3 days ago
what next its not complete
Tinashe Chinyati
Tinashe Chinyati 3 days ago
This was one success story in my beginner journey to web development. Thanks a lot
JuPiT3R 3 days ago
how to make the navigation position fixed?
GAMERS TODAY 7 days ago
I know how to link another html page to the button but I don’t know how to link css mix with the button
Tnmy Pal
Tnmy Pal 8 days ago
hello bro i follow this tutorial an exactly completed but i want to know that how to link "watch videos" or videos this page .. plz tell it
Ram Playz
Ram Playz 8 days ago
there's something wrong with my picture, it wont show, wutdo i do?
I film dead bodies
Ram Playz jk, you probably don’t have your html, css and your images in one folder.
I film dead bodies
Ram Playz Thro your pc away
Beatbox WebZ
Beatbox WebZ 9 days ago
Bro can you help me insert background...i followed like you did in the video but still i couldnt get the image
I film dead bodies
Beatbox WebZ put the html file css and images in one folder.
Md. Harun-Or- Rashid
Really excellent bro
Joseph Featherstone
Any chance i can get the full code?
Aditya Apte
Aditya Apte 11 days ago
kreez_ 11 days ago
Not sure if it’s in english, but I understood everything and it was usefull. Thank You my friend.
Didrik Hansen
Didrik Hansen 11 days ago
What visual studio plugin do you use to get that color of you text code?
tick game
tick game 11 days ago
plz send the link so i can download
tick game
tick game 11 days ago
which text editor are you using
satender kumar
satender kumar 12 days ago
Bhai apki video bhot acchi hai Par bhai agar aap suru se css padaoge to or bhi accha hoga Jisne students ko sikne main aasani hogi
Ajay Parmar
Ajay Parmar 12 days ago
jay mataji
Ajay Parmar
Ajay Parmar 12 days ago
good morning
Rudraksh Sharma
Rudraksh Sharma 13 days ago
I am opening it in browser but it is not opening the blank page is ready
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan 13 days ago
Sir, I need source code plz.
Galactic Melody
Galactic Melody 14 days ago
That girl in the advtho...
Nathan Rampersaud
Nathan Rampersaud 14 days ago
Should you use a website builder or should you build one yourself with all the code and HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. Thanks in advance.
Dev Patel
Dev Patel 14 days ago
Ahmad Hassan
Ahmad Hassan 15 days ago
Awesome... where were you... TUSSI GREAT HO...SIR G
Clash With Pooh
Clash With Pooh 15 days ago
U are an amazing coder thanks for guideing so beautifully 🥰
Web dev
Web dev 15 days ago
Thanks for your appreciation keep supporting
Prakash Ram
Prakash Ram 15 days ago
Sir mai bhi coding karta hoo lekin mai css ki alag file nahi banata mai sari coding ek hi mai karta hoo kya ye sahi hai please reply
Web dev
Web dev 15 days ago
Sahi hai but long websites me external css hi use karni chahiye
Random Frenzy
Random Frenzy 16 days ago
Hi fellow ste from ANS
Aqantas Software
Aqantas Software 16 days ago
Hi, excellent work. Can u design websites for my customers. My customers are mostly from the Chemical/Pharma industry. Please do reply on info@aqantassoftware.net and let me know. Thanks.
Jyoti Arora
Jyoti Arora 16 days ago
html or css file phly hi bhi hue thi
Web dev
Web dev 16 days ago
Piyush Gupta
Piyush Gupta 18 days ago
So good.. 🤗 Informative... 😇 SUBSCRIBED 😍
Web dev
Web dev 16 days ago
Lisa Salyer
Lisa Salyer 18 days ago
You are correct, you can figure it out, but this is not a video to watch for beginners.
Web dev
Web dev 16 days ago
Evangelina Soto
Evangelina Soto 21 day ago
6:07 mein box ke side mein spacing nahi ban rahe hai..
Mustansir Pelob
Mustansir Pelob 22 days ago
Plz make this website next page.
Web dev
Web dev 16 days ago
WORLD OF FACTS 22 days ago
Thanku so much sir👩this video is great! This is my first website which I am making....Keep it up:)sir!
Web dev
Web dev 22 days ago
Thanks for your appreciation keep supporting
Jyoti Arora
Jyoti Arora 23 days ago
kya ye ek page pr ki hai sari coding
Hero 23 days ago
I did what u told but seems like my css is not working . I already insert the img but it doesnt show up on the webpage . Can anyone tell me how to solve this ?
Sudeepa roy
Sudeepa roy 24 days ago
Text editor konsi hai
Web dev
Web dev 24 days ago
Sublime text
Ratandeep Chaddha
Ratandeep Chaddha 26 days ago
Which text editor are u using
Web dev
Web dev 26 days ago
Sublime text
Sarth Initiative
Sarth Initiative 27 days ago
Bhai gajab bataye ho.. maja aagaya.. keep uploading such wonderful stuff.. Baki sab tutorials sale one by one chize batate hai but real world website nahi banake dikhate.. u did it bro..
Web dev
Web dev 25 days ago
Thanks for your appreciation keep supporting
Khushi Bc
Khushi Bc 27 days ago
Image show nai hori
Web dev
Web dev 27 days ago
Msg me on my fb page
Nfx 28 days ago
Web dev
Web dev 27 days ago
Kya karenge 😂😂
Skoz 28 days ago
my image wont show ?
Skoz 27 days ago
@Web dev i figure out yesterday that this was the problem, thank you !
Web dev
Web dev 27 days ago
Check your folder structure
Mer yem
Mer yem 29 days ago
that the best tutorial i've ever seen thank you so much
Web dev
Web dev 29 days ago
Thanks for your appreciation
Mer yem
Mer yem 29 days ago
that the best tutorial i've ever seen thank you so much
Qadeer ch
Qadeer ch 21 day ago
Cool Banana
Cool Banana Month ago
Why can't I add the background image??? Pls answer
Web dev
Web dev 27 days ago
Please check your folder structure
Very nice...
Tapan Mahata Batman
my background image is not displayed .what should i do?please reply sir
Web dev
Web dev 27 days ago
Check your folder structure
Cool Banana
Cool Banana Month ago
How can I do this in notepad?
Pavan Kalyan
Pavan Kalyan Month ago
Bro can I connect data base for this ? (SQL)
Ashish Karkera
Ashish Karkera Month ago
Yes. But before that you should add event handlers using a programming language.
stefan costea
stefan costea Month ago
if u are not speak english,why put the title in english??!!
Iram Satvilkar
Iram Satvilkar Month ago
The background image isn't showing :/
ayush prasad
ayush prasad Month ago
In which application he wrote all this codes ?
Ashish Karkera
Ashish Karkera Month ago
It's a text editor called sublime
Maxuo Month ago
Web dev
Web dev 27 days ago
peachieangee Month ago
I can't insert imageee😢 helppp
Web dev
Web dev 27 days ago
Please check your folder structure
Krishn Kant
Krishn Kant Month ago
How to apply this theme on blogger?....
E-Study Sphere
E-Study Sphere Month ago
Awesome,, your video insist me to subscribe........and done....:-)
Web dev
Web dev 27 days ago
bhai ap konsa text editor use kar rahe ho
Please website make link now
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