HOW TO CONVINCE YOUR PARENTS TO LET YOU GET GTA 5! Not as bad of a game as they say it is!

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honestly, this is kinda odd that you are reading this…
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Jul 23, 2018




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Comments 80
eLeMeNT_Ace YT
eLeMeNT_Ace YT 4 hours ago
my dad put it right down
RandomGaming101 18 hours ago
My dad won’t even bother
Magma Bullet
Magma Bullet Day ago
I’m 11 and have it what I did was get some pocket money go to the shop buy a gift card and buy it online they will never no just switch it off when they come in and wear headphones
Tyler Muhle
Tyler Muhle 2 days ago
Been playing gta since 3 and vice city on the original xbox when I was 6 haha grew up playing gta and halo 😂
Icanbefood Plays
Icanbefood Plays 2 days ago
I’ll try to ask my ps it might work but thx dude
Warg1 2 days ago
I got the game in 2015 I said to my mom its a racing game that tells you what not to do in real life
jbray-_- 3 days ago
My mom said I could get it but my dad keeps saying no he says it still a bad game and I showed him the video
Typical apple
Typical apple 4 days ago
what about storymode?
Jason317 Day ago
story mode is an entire different world and phase of the game. Story mode has its true ups and downs, but it is as well very vulgar throughout. You would have a better chance of explaining online than story mode to parents.
JustAlexBoiii125 Gaming
I’m getting in 6 days boiiiii
Shadow Midas
Shadow Midas 6 days ago
Ima ask Update: yay she said yes it’s downloading
FredoriaGaming 6 days ago
23 May 2020 (Australia): Got it recently for free, had to play it because I wanted to anyway.
nick astill
nick astill 7 days ago
Bless you my parents said yes you haved gifted us thankyou
Shadow does random stuff
I’m gonna ask my mum now I’m gonna edit/update on what her answer is if she says yes you’ve got a sub edit: she Is thinking on it hopefully she says yes
Mr Sparkling
Mr Sparkling 7 days ago
My friend showed his parents this video and he can now get it
Y Yu
Y Yu 8 days ago
If it works Ile sub to you on 10 different acounts
Jason317 Day ago
I would not complain haha. How did it go?
Mari B
Mari B 8 days ago
The game isn't bad for kids unless they play it bad
RandomGaming101 8 days ago
Man I want the game so bad dude but my mum and dad won’t let me dude. I’m so done
JustWill 8 days ago
yo tysm bro she listened to the advice that u gave me and now i can play the game
im_ Sandy
im_ Sandy 11 days ago
if this works im subbing wish me luck They never even gave me me the chance to show them this vid They were all I don’t wanna hear what 1 guy has to say because these people go see the game for themselves dispite this being 6 years later meaning half the things aren’t there no more
Jason317 Day ago
Roboss 54
Roboss 54 11 days ago
Now it's free
rangoOn3ds 11 days ago
I convinced my parents to get cod next up is gta
vanillaFloor 12 days ago
It's fricking free on epic games right now
Quincy Lynch
Quincy Lynch 12 days ago
Thank u
jaden sala
jaden sala 13 days ago
My dad said no
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy 14 days ago
Thanks bro my mom said she will buy it for me at my b day WITH A XBOX ONE X
Ghost Ardi 82
Ghost Ardi 82 12 days ago
Jeffy Jeffy oh ok
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy 13 days ago
@Ghost Ardi 82 I don't have a pc and I have a bad one so it can't run on my pc
Ghost Ardi 82
Ghost Ardi 82 13 days ago
Jeffy Jeffy its free on PC rn til may 25
FaXe_Legend 15 days ago
Damn why did they have to add a strip club and hookers.
Simon Riley
Simon Riley 17 days ago
If this works, you're about to get a new subscriber. Great video!
Microsoft Cortana
Microsoft Cortana 19 days ago
18 million dollars in cash... Modded money lol.
Jason317 Day ago
not quite.
Mohammed Baron
Mohammed Baron 20 days ago
Yo, I'm like 11 and I just want to join the green alien gang man, like bruh
Darth 3402
Darth 3402 20 days ago
I told my parents and said everything you did but she said I was to young, and I'm 12 years old
Octaxy ϟ
Octaxy ϟ 10 days ago
@Darth 3402 that's good that you respect them 👍
Darth 3402
Darth 3402 10 days ago
@Octaxy ϟ Yeah the more I think abt it i realized why they said it i know why and I respect it
Octaxy ϟ
Octaxy ϟ 10 days ago
Maybe there is a reason they dont want you to play this game
Camden Gerchar
Camden Gerchar 13 days ago
Exactly bruh your 12
I EXPOSE 23 21 day ago
Still can’t get it 😔
Ryanhurd_videos Hurd
They took my game away because I played when they didn’t know I had it I grinded so much now my stupid ass brother gets to have it and enjoy my stuff all he fucking does is kill and grief and makes a big deal when he griefed a night club with my fucking tank I’m so fucking done my parents won’t let me play
this is not trip
this is not trip 22 days ago
My mom said no even though I kept saying that it’s only the single player campaign which is literally the only reason why GTA is bad :(
munstermy 27
munstermy 27 22 days ago
Hah cute selling drugs 😂😂😂 i mean seriously your parents would love to see you doing it
codename: gassy snake
My dad has played the game so this is going to be hard.
Mileidys Fuentes
Mileidys Fuentes 23 days ago
me after watching this me goes to my mom I tell her about the video she starts chasing me
notgnirraH ghdaT
notgnirraH ghdaT 23 days ago
she would've said yes until you started talking about drugs
hcaayrdteenr 2006
hcaayrdteenr 2006 24 days ago
Scrimmy 25 days ago
i have gta 5 but they didn't let me play gta 5 till was 12 now im 15 but i knew some 9 year olds were already playing it
Overated 25 days ago
She said maybe but insta subscribe
Overated 25 days ago
It’s morning I got 4 hours of sleep ima go up and say mom can I show you a video that might change how you see gta
Overated 25 days ago
Wish me luck it’s 1 in the morning and my hearts beating fast ima get some sleep already practiced the speech and lets hope I can get it
Arieno 11 days ago
Overated big oofs, I hope it works it out later
Overated 11 days ago
She got my hopes up
Overated 11 days ago
She said no
Arieno 11 days ago
rangoOn3ds hope it goes well, I’m doing this ln the weekend
rangoOn3ds 11 days ago
Same for me overated
CastShadows YT
CastShadows YT 26 days ago
thanks dude she let me have it back thats a easy sub
Sindre Lian
Sindre Lian 26 days ago
Its impossible om 13 i cant get it!
Niized 27 days ago
Lol I’m here super late I’m going to send this to my dad and have my friends be in a party and all playing gta so they see what I’m missing out on
AdriftCircle85 3
AdriftCircle85 3 26 days ago
Niized I want to do that
Siniis 27 days ago
These comments are making me very nervous. I’m only 12 but all my friends have it so I’m shooting my shot! Edit: I got it!!!
Y Yu
Y Yu 8 days ago
Are you parents strict I’m the same age as you and I want it
Arieno 11 days ago
im_ Sandy why. Do. You. Need. To. Know
im_ Sandy
im_ Sandy 11 days ago
r u white or black? no racism here i just wanna know
Arieno 11 days ago
Cuts Lysic
Cuts Lysic 28 days ago
My mom still won’t let me have it all I want to do is play with my friends and like you said I won’t visit strip club or anything
VenUm Alpha
VenUm Alpha 28 days ago
My parents finally let me play cod, i'm 12. So im gonna take a shot, I'll update you guys on what she says. Update: She said she'll talk to my dad about it, which is a guaranteed yes.
VenUm Alpha
VenUm Alpha 27 days ago
@Siniis I also showed them some jelly gta vids to help convince them that its not that bad
Siniis 27 days ago
Velocity Alpha any updates? I’m also twelve tryna convince my parents
Who Knows?
Who Knows? 28 days ago
My mom is obsessed with the fact that im just want it to go into strip clubs and do the other hooker stuff
Chopin Godfrey
Chopin Godfrey 29 days ago
Dude actually fuck my dad seems like I ALWAYS have to fight or convince him to do anything, even to hang out with my friends like actually fuck him.
Freddie Garstang
Freddie Garstang 29 days ago
Thanks I think I am able to get it
Frantic StormzZ
Frantic StormzZ Month ago
I would want you to say it to my dad because I’m scared to
Frantic StormzZ
Frantic StormzZ Month ago
James488 I will probably do the story yes but I also want free roam too but the way you just said that made it sound like it was two different ones gta and gta online so what do I buy if I do get it?
James488 Month ago
Frantic StormzZ look, are u gonna play story mode, it's the best part, but after u finish story mode u have nothing else except roaming around buying shit then and then, then u end up getting online, so are u gonna play story mode?
Frantic StormzZ
Frantic StormzZ Month ago
James488 no I was just saying if I were to I’d rather have someone else do it just I’ve been wanting it pretty much since it came out even though I was five when it did but still I watched a bunch of you tubers and I watch my sister play and it makes me want it even more I’m guessing he doesn’t want me to get it because of the strippers and hookers but like in the vid I don’t even care about that stuff
James488 Month ago
Frantic StormzZ, Yeah sure I'll do it, I mean if u wanna?
Aiden the god
Aiden the god Month ago
The worst mission is the sex tape in GTA five
Nice Lol
Nice Lol Month ago
My parents don’t care about the violence, it’s the strip club and the prostitution that they don’t like
Elijah Joshua
Elijah Joshua Month ago
Bruh my parents let me have gta v witch is R18 and she is going to let me get the gta 6 witch Is fucking R20 and gta 4 and gta 3 2 1
Rexx Month ago
My mom bought it for me not really knowing what it is about. When she found out what you can do in the game she immediately tried taking it away. I just told her it would be a waste of her money to take it away since she would have bought it for no reason. It worked :D
Cynical Month ago
Didnt need the vid i might get the game my stepdad is like "Hell no!' but he played it when he was like 8 and that might get me somewhere 😏
That 1 Kid
That 1 Kid Month ago
in_dm 😂 aight
Cynical Month ago
That 1 Kid no lol he played the original gta
That 1 Kid
That 1 Kid Month ago
in_dm so your stepdad is 14? wtf
William Schields
Less than a handful of times lol
Mr.Mythic Month ago
It’s 12am where i am once my mom wake up I’m going to show her this and she didn’t want me to get it because of drugs but I show her this and tell her that I don’t have to choose that hope she says yes I’ll edit it and tell her what she says
Foxer. Month ago
how did it go
Anfrantonio Month ago
I just want gta
VenUm Alpha
VenUm Alpha 28 days ago
one thing you should make sure to say is that you don't have to do the story if they talk about the missions and say thats why you cant get it make sure to tell them that
Anfrantonio Month ago
Should I try
𝟚𝕩𝔸𝕟𝕥𝕙𝕠 ?
Thank you so much
No problama M
No problama M Month ago
Thank you so much! My parents agreed to get it for me. It is AWESOME!
Chiquita Banana
Chiquita Banana Month ago
My parents said they might get it they said they’ll think about it
DarkWarrior Month ago
you are so good god bless you!!!!!!!
Project F.I.N
Project F.I.N 2 months ago
i had gta and my mum took it off me ,i sent her this video and she let me have it back!!!!! thank you that deserves a sub and a like. see you in all your other video
I feel like my dad wants me to get GTA so we can play but the only reason it’s getting held back is my mom
Arieno 11 days ago
T0X1C_TTV ICEDZOMBIE can you show the list
Zink ummmm i think they might be deciding
Zink Month ago
T0X1C_TTV ICEDZOMBIE well did you get the gake
Zxique yea FR I wrote a list that took an hour long about why I should get GTA
Loyarr Month ago
Bro I feel u man I’m in the exact same position
Qwertz 2 months ago
Bruh my mum let me get rdr2 but not this
theonewith hot sauce
But but the picture the bikini picture........
M&L Vlogs
M&L Vlogs 2 months ago
Thank you so much it worked so well I’m not gonna be allowed to have the game
Arieno 9 days ago
Za warudo niceee
Za warudo
Za warudo 11 days ago
Arieno yep 😂😂
Arieno 11 days ago
Za warudo jojo reference?
Za warudo
Za warudo 2 months ago
Spoon tan
Spoon tan 2 months ago
I’m 17. Been trying for years. All of the stuff is in rdr2 so i think it’s ridiculous.
MeyeHolyTacoz 25 days ago
Don’t worry wait a bit more you won’t have to ask anymore lol
StealthAgent42 Month ago
Spoon tan don’t seek approval just get it.
Za warudo
Za warudo 2 months ago
17 damn hope u get it
Just found this tonight and a few months ago it took so much convincing to be allowed to play GTA games It worked and i have no regrets (my dad played 5 for a bit and had fun blowing up soldiers with a tank)
Captain Doggo
Captain Doggo 2 months ago
I'm scared I'm only 12 but I need to know what to say so can somebody tell me what to say I watched the vid I know what needs to be said but I don't know how to say it
Minecraft Gamer209
Minecraft Gamer209 29 days ago
Is It me or is there more mature 17 games than kids rated E games
Biscuiits 2 months ago
Same bro
Lil Rowe
Lil Rowe 2 months ago
I’m 12 and I have it, and my parents are very strict and still let me have it. What I say is, mom, dad, I want to have a very serious conversation. And I’m going to stay something that you may not like. Can I please have gta 5 and before you say no I want to explain to you why it’s not that bad. Then, explain your point of view.
A 2 months ago
I’m hoping this is working!
A 2 months ago
Captain Doggo I will say i have 2 options, live a good and hard working life in gta and a drug dealer, imma play the hard working life in gta :)
Captain Doggo
Captain Doggo 2 months ago
A 2 months ago
In the morning
A 2 months ago
Captain Doggo it’s 00:13 now
Captain Doggo
Captain Doggo 2 months ago
I'm scared so can you tell me what to say
nathandrifts hashiriya
sent the link to my mom right now, pray for me
Cynical Month ago
nathandrifts hashiriya how about now?
Cynical Month ago
nathandrifts hashiriya nice 👍
nathandrifts hashiriya
in_dm i’ll try that
Cynical Month ago
@nathandrifts hashiriya i made a deal with my mom she would get me it if i went to bed early
nathandrifts hashiriya
in_dm nope she didn’t let me
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 2 months ago
i have watch dogs2 so i asked my dad for gta qnd i showed him the video he said you were very much right for talking about the drugs part and he let me get it only rule though i cant do campaign
hcaayrdteenr 2006
hcaayrdteenr 2006 22 days ago
I'm not allowed it but if I was i would probably have 1 rule which would be that I wouldn't be allowed to go to the strip club😂
OklaJay 2 months ago
I'm 10 years old and I'm allowed to have watch dogs so do you think I can have GTA?. All of my friends have it and I really want it bad!!!. My parents think it is a horrible game
OklaJay 2 months ago
That's what I say*
OklaJay 2 months ago
@loafxy that's why i say
loafxy 2 months ago
If you have watch dogs then gta should be fine
Advore Gaming
Advore Gaming 2 months ago
I don't understand I am allowed cod and all them games if I wanted red dead they would let me get it this is the one game! The on game I really like hopefully this video will help
Collin Widener
Collin Widener 2 months ago
Thanks man I asked dad and now I can get it
Not_me 3 months ago
You had to mention yourself getting hookers didn’t u
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