How to Choose: Stainless VS Aluminum Apple Watch!

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Wonder what the differences really are between the stainless steel and aluminum Apple Watches? We go over all the details and help you decide which is better for you.
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Sep 25, 2018




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Comments 646
Jo Hendrix
Jo Hendrix 3 days ago
Does the stainless steel battery charger end up scratching the stainless steel watch??
DrOne zOne
DrOne zOne 5 days ago
Its space gray! Not silver and it’s black not space black. Get it right if your going to be doing tech reviews! LOL
technofitrd 9 days ago
Aluminum space gray
Chris Famia
Chris Famia 11 days ago
Personal opinion really. I'll take a slightly higher chance of dents than abrasions after a year. Those things just bother me, tbh
IceWhite3D 13 days ago
The stainless steel watch that you could try on in the Apple Store was full of scratches. That‘s why I got the aluminum version
Aku In Ajah
Aku In Ajah 16 days ago
kai lu
kai lu 17 days ago
stainless steel has absolutely the worst resale value, i see folks trying to get rid of their series 3 ss for 250 on forum marketplaces with no success when they spend 600+ msrp
Hideika 22 days ago
I’m buying a Stainless steel 42mm series 3 to match my XS Max
NileshR12 23 days ago
I'm debating whether or I should get a silver or space grey Apple Watch Series 4 since I have an Space Grey iPhone X S Max. I wish I could get it in silver or space grey Stainless Steel without LTE. But since I'm a college student I have to basically settle with the aluminum version
treeriders 23 days ago
NileshR12 I have the exact same problem. I’d absolutely get to gold stainless steel if it were cheaper, but the aluminium gold just looks bad and I can’t decide between the other two.
Zero8880 26 days ago
I use a case anyway, so for me, it doesn’t matter
Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia Month ago
Aluminum no doubt! I mean this is a pice of tech that is going to be obsolete in a few years. It not like this is going to be a family heirloom or something.
-Lily- Month ago
Not taking price into consideration, do I get series 4 Nike+ in silver aluminum(with cellular), stainless steel gold(to match my phone) or stainless steel silver (to match all the bands)
Guillermo Huapeo
Guillermo Huapeo 5 days ago
-Lily- I don’t own any Apple Watch (yet) but I think it all depends on your taste. I guess if you are more into fitness and want a bit more watch face options go with Nike+. If i comes to color bands, again it’s your own opinion. iJustin (youtuber) has a video of getting multiple color bands for her Series 4 Gold Stainless Steal. It’s up to you.
Michael M
Michael M Month ago
Just a matter of money for me.
Orderbob Month ago
i could afford both but i hate to buy a smartwatch for 1-2 years für 800 dollar which is heavyer
Rendy Aulia33
Rendy Aulia33 Month ago
Rendy Aulia33
Rendy Aulia33 Month ago
om om titanium lah ?
Zero 2
Zero 2 Month ago
I’m not a rich white kid so i got series 4 with aluminum
john fred
john fred Month ago
Thanks for the quick services you did to help me unlock my apple watch series 3 @hack_gould on Instagram or his WhatsApp no+1 862-621-9611
Always Finesse
Always Finesse Month ago
I owned a series 3 cellular and now series 4 Went space aluminum both ends around , kind of wish I went stainless silver . Every apple band looks so much classier and sleek with stainless then with aluminum . Giving the extra cash for stainless next time around.
Sri Ampojwalam
Sri Ampojwalam Month ago
wanna know the real difference? THE PRICE. you cant even tell the difference from afar. dont throw away your money fellas. get the cheaper one and invest your savings.
shathan123 Month ago
Need to up the aperture. Those kinds of shots have their place. But not in a video like this. I couldn’t tell what the heck the watches looked like because all I’m seeing is ridiculous and unrealistic looking bokeh everywhere
S G Month ago
M.C. G.
M.C. G. Month ago
I enjoy S4 40mm SS Blk & SS silver. More of a premium feel. As other series I’ve only owned SS & full ceramic S3 grey. However I’d consider a S4 aluminum Nike for outdoors use w AirPods ...
M Dz
M Dz 2 months ago
I wore a S2 aluminium for three years and the aluminium casing was almost perfect with no visible marks. I have recently updated to a S4 aluminium as I prefer the silver grey tone and lightness of the aluminium model.
pablo escandon
pablo escandon 2 months ago
I regret buying the black stainless steel The stainless steel looks a lot better with my hermes bands
AR极乐世界 2 months ago
3:26 Stainleess Steel has better Glass. Less scratchable then Aluminium Glass. I am so regret that I bought Aluminium one. Extremely regret. So much wish listen to advice and buy Stainless Steel
AV8R Tom
AV8R Tom 2 months ago
Dude a jeweler can polish the stainless steel back to a mirror finish in about half an hour.
Francisco Valenzuela
Is there a cover that’s a see through to avoid the micro abrasions?
Juan-Serbastian Valencia-Moreno
I thought that it was space gray
kurd net
kurd net 2 months ago
Can you put a simcard? Plz help
Rebecca K
Rebecca K 2 months ago
For an Apple Watch with cellular data do you have to pay an extra $100 AND $10 a month?
Andrew Keys
Andrew Keys 2 months ago
The apple watch comes in three finishes of aluminium but another three in stainless steel, doesn't that makes it 6?
City Wok
City Wok 3 months ago
I thought it was aluminium not aluminum
Melvin John
Melvin John Month ago
don nivo Aluminum (American spelling), Aluminium (British spelling).
iTaito 3 months ago
only apple can make people pay a higher price for a material that is cheap = stainless steel genius :(
J T 3 months ago
I wanna get the SS because I really want to WOW people with it but considering that I like to upgrade often the aluminum is better choice
r56mini 3 months ago
If they were all the same price, I would have still gone with an aluminum AW. I like the lighter weight and scratch resistance. I am always careful with my watches so I never get a ding anyway. The extra cost and unneeded cellular option of SS will never get my pick.
wayne moran
wayne moran 3 months ago
I’ve got the series 2 gold aluminum and am considering upgrading to the series 4. I went to an Apple store just to see and feel the different models. I was very disappointed with the gold aluminum. Where my series 2 is a true gold the series 4 aluminum gold has a definite pink hue to it. I’ve got a couple of extra bands that won’t pair well with the pink hue. The series 4 ss gold is a true gold but I won’t pay an extra $320 just to get the right color. Don’t understand why Apple would change the aluminum gold. I’ll wait for the next series and hopefully they’ll bring back the gold aluminum.
Paul Stein
Paul Stein 3 months ago
My wife and I each have stainless steel and aluminum Apple watches. If you want cellular, then SS makes sense. That price difference is then $ 200, not $ 300. Consider this. My wife just got the SS series 4. With the Sapphire glass, we passed on Applecare. Applecare is more necessary on the aluminum. That adds $ 79. That makes the difference $ 121. The cost of fixing a damaged ion glass crystal with the deductible adds up. The real cost increment of the SS isn’t that much extra. If you don’t want cellular, then I would get aluminum.
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 3 months ago
I had a ss 2 and have a aluminum 4. Go with aluminum just for the weight. The steel is heavy.
Dragon Blake
Dragon Blake 3 months ago
I would choose aluminum instead of stainless steel
Squeaky Cheese
Squeaky Cheese 2 months ago
Dragon Blake if you don’t mind me asking, why?
Leo Mark
Leo Mark 3 months ago
Stainless steel
George Butcher
George Butcher 3 months ago
High speed raw aluminum finish is nice 👍🏻.
Brian Lampright
Brian Lampright 3 months ago
SS is wasting your money! My S1 is a gorgeous SS with sapphire glass and yes it’s indestructible BUT after 3 years Apple has stopped updating software on it which is highly disappointing. It’s also painfully slow to use. I just purchased an S4 knowing in 3 years it will be time to upgrade again. Don’t waste your money on the more expensive watch’s.
michael sorokin
michael sorokin 4 months ago
you mentioned that the black stainless hides minor scratches better than the stainless silver. What is your opinion on the new stainless gold? Do you think the gold would hide scratches equally as well as the stainless black, worse, or better?
Rahkwan Khaldun
Rahkwan Khaldun 4 months ago
How to decide?... choose Galaxy watch 😊
apple cider Vinegar
apple cider Vinegar 2 months ago
Rahkwan Khaldun what if you don’t have a samsung?
Bêñb01903 ##
Bêñb01903 ## 4 months ago
I feel like the scratches on the silver stainless steel make the product look more vintage
dEvOUr mE
dEvOUr mE 4 months ago
I want stainless but We have to get a line to get it ? I don’t think so ! 😒
Kennii Kalonji
Kennii Kalonji 4 months ago
My biggest issue is the price of the Apple Watch stainless steel. Spending 800 for the stainless steel gold is kind of stupid when a better and faster version will be launched in a few months
Arturo Guillén Arechavaleta
I really like the look of the SS one, but it doesn't come with the full color Nike Faces. Unfortunately, the Nike watch does not come in SS. This is going to be a tough decision to make. If I had the money, I would get the Hermès one, because of the exclusive faces and because it is SS as well. I wish there was a way to get all of those faces in a SS watch without jailbreak. If anyone knows a way, please let me know before I make the purchase.
Luke 4 months ago
If he says micro abrasions one more time
Nigel Stevens
Nigel Stevens 4 months ago
Easy one costs almost double just coz it’s stainless
Fora Studio Pvt Ltd
Fora Studio Pvt Ltd 4 months ago
I really like the space gray aluminum watch BAND (black color BAND), can you send me a link where I can buy?
Mark Porter
Mark Porter 4 months ago
SS for those who care what other people think; aluminum for those who don't give a f*ck.
Mark Rodgers
Mark Rodgers 4 months ago
where did you get the black leather band for the SS model?
ditechi 4 months ago
I would consider the stainless steel, but in my country they sell only the aluminium one. And I won't go to Germany just to buy a more expensive watch :D
Britton Sloan
Britton Sloan 4 months ago
Aluminum dissipates heat much better than stainless steel. The Apple Watch shouldn't be effected by performance issues but the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max will. The stainless steel will hold the heat in throttling performance.
J Ray
J Ray 4 months ago
So can you polish the black and gold ss like you can the silver?
Darlene Panek
Darlene Panek 4 months ago
I just bought the stainless steel model, because I use my watch all the time. Yes, it's a lot more, but it really is all about what you want in a device. May daughter got the aluminum case, and she loves it. I opted for more durability, and took advantage of the Verizon Cyber Monday deal and got a $100 off. My thinking is that it's worth $5 more a month. But, as your reviewers comment, it will be outdated and/or cost you more in the long run because of the cellular feature. I agree that the stainless steel in no-cellular would be a great option.
Thejus 4 months ago
Camera sucks
Tom 4 months ago
Cellular such a pointless feature. I had series 3 in cellular and pretty much never used it so I didt bother wasting money on cellular for my series 4
iTechyounot 4 months ago
How to choose ? Price. That’s it. I went with aluminum.
El_Gran_Pitotote 4 months ago
All these poor people saying “aluminum” . Pffft. GTFOH.
Kitako FruitCups
Kitako FruitCups 5 months ago
You keep making mention of the Sapphire glass and how it holds up better than the Ion glass on the Aluminum. The Sapphire glass that Apple touts is not Sapphire. It's an odd hybrid and will scratch at the same level as the Ion glass. When I say odd hybrid I mean that there are traces of Sapphire in the glass, but it is not full Sapphire like you get on higher end watches.
Andrew Lucia
Andrew Lucia 5 months ago
Aluminum - my regular watch is not glossy, so I see no need to change now.
Erik Aleksander Moe
Erik Aleksander Moe 5 months ago
I just don’t think that stainless steel is premium for a watch. Previously I’ve paid extra to avoid the stainless steel in favor of titanium because of the weight. So when it comes to the Apple Watch I’ll go with aluminum because of the weight. To pay extra for stainless steel seem backwards to me.
Chad Ernst
Chad Ernst 5 months ago
I’ve had both in the first gen, I’d never get aluminum as I like the weight.
Freddy Jason
Freddy Jason 5 months ago
They make stainless steel covers for them so pay less for aluminum
david davidson
david davidson 5 months ago
You should be band from talking....
AppleInsider 5 months ago
You should be “banned” from spelling ;-)
Niya 5 months ago
Aluminum 🙅🏾‍♀️
Mario Sandoval
Mario Sandoval 5 months ago
Ive got a s1 so its time for an upgrade. Had it for about 2 1/2 yrs and looks brand new. Used a screen protector and a case most of the time tho. I really want to get the gold ss but im worried about the scratches. Thoughts??
Ravindra Modaragama
Ravindra Modaragama 5 months ago
your presentation is not organizzed ... confusing
Ma KShop
Ma KShop 5 months ago
Hi, could you share which brand is that tan leather strap? Thanks
gomgomboy 5 months ago
if ur gonna put a case on it like most people do, why bother getting the stainless steel one? the weight only?
Lola Bunny
Lola Bunny 5 months ago
What brand are you using on the aluminum black?
Stephen Buckley
Stephen Buckley 5 months ago
What’s the make of the black leather watch strap on the aluminium Space grey model?
Bitmap Frogs
Bitmap Frogs 5 months ago
The cost difference between the aluminium and steel cases is probably under 10 bucks lol. Actually bulk prices, the difference between a kilogram of aluminium and a kilogram of steel is about 2 dollars. Assuming there's like 100g worth of metal in the case, we're talking 20 cents in raw material costs between steel and aluminium apple watches.
Sky-view 5 months ago
So pointless this video...
Drew Coleman
Drew Coleman 6 months ago
I’ve loved my SS Series 1 watch and was thinking of upgrading (as 2 and 3 didn’t seem like much of an upgrade) but as someone who travels for work getting a cellular watch where I’m tied to it working in only 1 country is pointless but I don’t think I could go from SS to Aluminium aesthetically. Hope they bring out some more options further down the line as this is a nice watch.
whatatoddler 6 months ago
How to choose is easy: You're rich? Get the aluminum watch. You're filthy rich? Get the steel watch.
XXX TENTACION 6 months ago
I prefer the stainless steel in terms of looks because it looks classier and the aluminum looks way out dated or old like the previous Apple Watch series, but in terms of money I think the stainless steel is way more expensive and pricing quite absurd
Steven 6 months ago
email with esim not working yet 🙈
Ben Dunn
Ben Dunn 6 months ago
I had a ss series 2 but decided to get the aluminum one for the series 4. I liked the weight of the series 2 but if I’m upgrading these every 2-4 years I rather save the money and get the cheaper ones m. Plus at the gym the less weight is a big plus
Rai Pad
Rai Pad 6 months ago
Great vid, just please use smaller sensor cameras or stop down a bit to avoid focusing issues when showing close up objects. The focusing issues are really causing me headaches. Otherwise I really appreciate your style!
Salman Kamal
Salman Kamal 6 months ago
Does the malinese stainless steel loop work with the aluminum case? Anyone plz tell
Jogindar Singh
Jogindar Singh 6 months ago
Nice watch
JinJin 6 months ago
I didn’t choose, the price did
Kika Es
Kika Es 6 months ago
Thank you for doing this review, it’s hard to find any videos on how the Apple watch wears out. Most videos sound like the reviewer is just reading of the consumer website every one sounds the same. You sir actually sound like you know what your talking about!
Stephen Inoc
Stephen Inoc 6 months ago
I have only one option in my country. Aluminium for any series.
Antonis Makestas
Antonis Makestas 6 months ago
It is easy or how have a lot of money or you have 1 Trillion dollars
Gil Nakonechny
Gil Nakonechny 6 months ago
What band do you have on the Series 3 Space Black? It looks really good with the Space Black S3 you have. I have the Leather Loop (Stone) that I periodically used on my 42mm Space Grey S3 and now 44mm Space Black S4 but I want something that will math the case a little more. Could you let me know what band it is and where (or if) I could get it for the Series 4?
Samuel Zhao
Samuel Zhao 6 months ago
SS looks very good but I choose the aluminum one because it is much lighter
dominionn09 6 months ago
Went to buy my wife one today and the SS is like $230 more or some shit. F that!!!
Karim Salloum
Karim Salloum 6 months ago
I really want the SS but can't justify the price no matter how I look at it. Might end up not getting any watch lol
joarez pj
joarez pj 6 months ago
My god focus that camera!
Missy 6 months ago
one big difference besides the weight, finish etc is the price☺️
Evan Ristau
Evan Ristau 6 months ago
Choose stainless.
Chris Li
Chris Li 6 months ago
I’m happy with my $7 Walmart watch with 10 year battery life
David C.
David C. 6 months ago
First world problems
Ravi 6 months ago
Thanks for drawing attention to the weights! I want the lightest possible for my small wrists and so I have to necessarily stick to 40 mm aluminium; Found that to be already 4 grams heavier than the 38 mm I have. So no stainless steel for me :(
x o
x o 6 months ago
no matter the casing, it’s still an ugly looking pill box.
John Stone
John Stone 6 months ago
I’ve had two Stainless steel Apple watches. They are quite durable in comparison to the Aluminum
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