How to Choose: Stainless VS Aluminum Apple Watch!

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Wonder what the differences really are between the stainless steel and aluminum Apple Watches? We go over all the details and help you decide which is better for you.
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Sep 25, 2018

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Comments 705
A S G 7 days ago
Guys which watch color fit most colors bands? Black or silver?
mark morris
mark morris 7 days ago
Great video Helped me out a lot
Ted ward
Ted ward 8 days ago
“More akin to having fingerprints” makes no sense.
JAM64 17 days ago
Buy the aluminum watch and then pick up a stainless steel Ringke bezel ruvid.net/video/video-SqtgQCjfj3Y.html
Jay Montie
Jay Montie 17 days ago
Mines the stainless steel, with cellular. I absolutely hate my Apple watch series 4... I bought it because my insurance plan and employer reduce my premium and reimburses me up to $400 to buy one. Its like a step back by 10 years to the days of synching a first generation ipod to your computer.... The only problem is you don't have a large computer screen to navigate synching, you have to do it on a small phone screen. The purchase of apps and setting them up is non-intuitive... The bluetooth signal won't hold your headphones.. (I have three sets of bluetooth headphones, none of them work) ... And may God help you if you're trying to sych your watch to a health website, and an app... Its not intuitive, and its not easy to learn. .... I might as well excercise using my huge "plus" sized apple phone... And why does the phone call come in proprietarily to the watch instead of my phone when I have them both with me? You feel like Maxwell Smart taking off your "shoe" to take a phone call... You're talking to your wrist while you navigate your grocery cart?? And trying to get music on your Nike Plus app when it starts running... Nothing is intuitive about this device. Mine is the expensive red-gold stainless steel Apple Watch 4, with the cellular card.. The damn thing is a gimmick. Its so slow trying to do anything its like going back 15 or 20 years to the first LG cell phone I bought. Waste of money..
ØwØ 26 days ago
The thing that sucks is that the stainless steel is only available with cellular.. and in Belgium we don’t even have cellular Apple watches.. big bummer
Dennis Brill
Dennis Brill 26 days ago
I like the stainless steel I have both but I love this Dennis Joh gold had a lunar gold I gave it to my grandson take to college
Eric Ransom
Eric Ransom 28 days ago
So if one is using a case and a screen protector, does it even matter?
Brian Robles
Brian Robles 28 days ago
What was that silver box? 👀😳
Hamm3r264416 Films
Well I’ll just get a screen protector for my aluminum
Roni Ni
Roni Ni Month ago
I have a an aluminum Apple Watch, and a stainless steel iPhone. I ABSOLUTELY HATE STAINLESS STEEL, IT SCRATCHES ALL THE TIME
elliot Month ago
i like aluminium more than ss
Dylan Dayak
Dylan Dayak Month ago
forreal i would be wondering what to get, 40m or 44m rather Stainless steel or aluminum
Dylan Dayak
Dylan Dayak Month ago
imma take aluminum cus of the price and bruh its just the same thing i could spend that $300 on other thing
Maurice Cooper
Maurice Cooper Month ago
Stainless Gold 44 for my first Apple watch to match my XS Max!
e k
e k Month ago
The display is the same on both aluminum and SS on model 4 - both crystal.
J P 17 days ago
e k 3:40
Syed Tayyab
Syed Tayyab Month ago
What is the difference in gps and cellular version In easy words
Syed Tayyab
Syed Tayyab Month ago
Stephanie Kirby oh ok Thank you 😊
Stephanie Kirby
Stephanie Kirby Month ago
Syed Tayyab i believe the cellular allows to you to not have your iPhone on you. You can leave your iPhone at home and still be able to answer calls/texts etc on your watch.
Sierra Alpha Romeo
Sierra Alpha Romeo 2 months ago
Thanks andrew! Great work
Marc Lois Mendoza
Marc Lois Mendoza 2 months ago
should I get the 4 or wait for the new one? coming from series 0
Marc Lois Mendoza
Marc Lois Mendoza 14 days ago
@Lol uhmmm that's why we have phones or tablets?
J P 17 days ago
Lol why would you want to strain your neck looking at a watch?
Lol 2 months ago
Marc Lois Mendoza wait. I'm not convinced about a new watch until I can stream Netflix or watch RUvid videos on it
Jo Hendrix
Jo Hendrix 3 months ago
Does the stainless steel battery charger end up scratching the stainless steel watch??
J P 17 days ago
Jo Hendrix no it doesn’t
DrOne zOne
DrOne zOne 3 months ago
Its space gray! Not silver and it’s black not space black. Get it right if your going to be doing tech reviews! LOL
technofitrd 3 months ago
Aluminum space gray
Chris Famia
Chris Famia 3 months ago
Personal opinion really. I'll take a slightly higher chance of dents than abrasions after a year. Those things just bother me, tbh
IceWhite3D 3 months ago
The stainless steel watch that you could try on in the Apple Store was full of scratches. That‘s why I got the aluminum version
Akuinajah 3 months ago
kai lu
kai lu 3 months ago
stainless steel has absolutely the worst resale value, i see folks trying to get rid of their series 3 ss for 250 on forum marketplaces with no success when they spend 600+ msrp
Hideika 3 months ago
I’m buying a Stainless steel 42mm series 3 to match my XS Max
NileshR12 3 months ago
I'm debating whether or I should get a silver or space grey Apple Watch Series 4 since I have an Space Grey iPhone X S Max. I wish I could get it in silver or space grey Stainless Steel without LTE. But since I'm a college student I have to basically settle with the aluminum version
Wait until the Series 5 comes out in September. Also, you can activate or deactivate LTE on the watches.
treeriders 3 months ago
NileshR12 I have the exact same problem. I’d absolutely get to gold stainless steel if it were cheaper, but the aluminium gold just looks bad and I can’t decide between the other two.
Zero8880 3 months ago
I use a case anyway, so for me, it doesn’t matter
Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia 3 months ago
Aluminum no doubt! I mean this is a pice of tech that is going to be obsolete in a few years. It not like this is going to be a family heirloom or something.
-Lily- 4 months ago
Not taking price into consideration, do I get series 4 Nike+ in silver aluminum(with cellular), stainless steel gold(to match my phone) or stainless steel silver (to match all the bands)
Guillermo Huapeo
Guillermo Huapeo 3 months ago
-Lily- I don’t own any Apple Watch (yet) but I think it all depends on your taste. I guess if you are more into fitness and want a bit more watch face options go with Nike+. If i comes to color bands, again it’s your own opinion. iJustin (youtuber) has a video of getting multiple color bands for her Series 4 Gold Stainless Steal. It’s up to you.
Michael M
Michael M 4 months ago
Just a matter of money for me.
Orderbob 4 months ago
i could afford both but i hate to buy a smartwatch for 1-2 years für 800 dollar which is heavyer
Rendy Aulia33
Rendy Aulia33 4 months ago
Rendy Aulia33
Rendy Aulia33 4 months ago
om om titanium lah ?
Jorrgii 4 months ago
I’m not a rich white kid so i got series 4 with aluminum
john fred
john fred 4 months ago
Thanks for the quick services you did to help me unlock my apple watch series 3 @hack_gould on Instagram or his WhatsApp no+1 862-621-9611
Always Finesse
Always Finesse 4 months ago
I owned a series 3 cellular and now series 4 Went space aluminum both ends around , kind of wish I went stainless silver . Every apple band looks so much classier and sleek with stainless then with aluminum . Giving the extra cash for stainless next time around.
Sri Ampojwalam
Sri Ampojwalam 4 months ago
wanna know the real difference? THE PRICE. you cant even tell the difference from afar. dont throw away your money fellas. get the cheaper one and invest your savings.
shathan123 4 months ago
Need to up the aperture. Those kinds of shots have their place. But not in a video like this. I couldn’t tell what the heck the watches looked like because all I’m seeing is ridiculous and unrealistic looking bokeh everywhere
S G 4 months ago
M.C. G.
M.C. G. 4 months ago
I enjoy S4 40mm SS Blk & SS silver. More of a premium feel. As other series I’ve only owned SS & full ceramic S3 grey. However I’d consider a S4 aluminum Nike for outdoors use w AirPods ...
M Dz
M Dz 5 months ago
I wore a S2 aluminium for three years and the aluminium casing was almost perfect with no visible marks. I have recently updated to a S4 aluminium as I prefer the silver grey tone and lightness of the aluminium model.
Tesla Op
Tesla Op 5 months ago
I regret buying the black stainless steel The stainless steel looks a lot better with my hermes bands
AR极乐世界 5 months ago
3:26 Stainleess Steel has better Glass. Less scratchable then Aluminium Glass. I am so regret that I bought Aluminium one. Extremely regret. So much wish listen to advice and buy Stainless Steel
AV8R Tom
AV8R Tom 5 months ago
Dude a jeweler can polish the stainless steel back to a mirror finish in about half an hour.
Noble Price
Noble Price 5 months ago
Is there a cover that’s a see through to avoid the micro abrasions?
Juan-Serbastian Valencia-Moreno
I thought that it was space gray
kurd net
kurd net 5 months ago
Can you put a simcard? Plz help
Natalie M
Natalie M 5 months ago
For an Apple Watch with cellular data do you have to pay an extra $100 AND $10 a month?
Andrew Keys
Andrew Keys 5 months ago
The apple watch comes in three finishes of aluminium but another three in stainless steel, doesn't that makes it 6?
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