How to Change EVERY FLUID in your Car or Truck (Oil, Transmission, Coolant, Brake, and More)

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Learn how to do an oil change, transmission fluid change, coolant flush, power steering fluid flush, brake fluid flush and bleed, differential fluid change, transfer case fluid change, grease the suspension, and finally add washer fluid properly!
-Supplemental In-Depth Videos-
Oil Change: ruvid.net/video/video-O1hF25Cowv8.html
Transmission Fluid Change: ruvid.net/video/video-yb_1wbiPz9g.html
Coolant Change: ruvid.net/video/video-s--5ft5YiHg.html
Power Steering Fluid Flush: ruvid.net/video/video-A0fiZCHz5ew.html
Brake Fluid Flush: ruvid.net/video/video-n1NvtUwfRJc.html
Differential Fluid Change: ruvid.net/video/video-KmqMUJb-E4M.html
Transfer Case Fluid Change: ruvid.net/video/video-4Mz3nZ85ihQ.html
Fluid Pump: bit.ly/fluidoilpump
Transmission Adapter: bit.ly/transmission-fluid-fill-adapter
Suction Pump: bit.ly/performance-tool-suction-gun
Spill Free Funnel: bit.ly/spill-free-funnel
Torque Wrench: amzn.to/3grdMbj
Oil Catch Pan: bit.ly/OilCatchCan
Grease Gun: bit.ly/Suspension1GreaseGun
Oil: bit.ly/valvoline-full-synthetic-high-mileage-oil
Transmission Fluid: bit.ly/valvoline-atf-for-mercon-v
Coolant: bit.ly/peak-oet-noth-american-gold-50-50-coolant
Power Steering Fluid: bit.ly/valvoline-dex-merc-atf-conventional-automatic-transmission-fluid
Brake Fluid: bit.ly/valvoline-brake-fluid
Differential Fluid: bit.ly/valvoline_synthetic_gear_oil
Transfer Case Fluid: bit.ly/valvoline-dex-merc-atf-conventional-automatic-transmission-fluid
Grease: bit.ly/SuspensionGrease
Washer Fluid: bit.ly/rain-x-windshield-washer-fluid
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May 28, 2020




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Comments 80
ChrisFix Month ago
I hope this video helps. I also spoke with Advance Auto Parts and got you guys 25% off your entire order using “ChrisFix25” at checkout. That way if you need to change fluids, you can save some money! bit.ly/shop-advance-auto-parts
Albert Au
Albert Au Day ago
It's really helpful,Thank you Chris!
Revolting Kittah
Revolting Kittah 3 days ago
Love it, ty.
ckvideo 5 days ago
Could you do more fix videos on classic cars/trucks, I have a 78 Ford and not alot of technology on it😁
Jet Rave
Jet Rave 10 days ago
What about blinker fluid lol
Kevin Doan
Kevin Doan 12 days ago
Clutch as always
Rajesh Dwivedi
Rajesh Dwivedi 6 minutes ago
Best explained
Stanley O
Stanley O 44 minutes ago
My dude you forgot about blinker fluid
Stanley O
Stanley O 45 minutes ago
My dude you forgot about blinker fluid
Casey Walker
Casey Walker 3 hours ago
How the hell do you have an extra part of each of these components? Haha. Did you buy and return all the parts at advanced auto?
ChrisFix 3 hours ago
Junkyards and parts from friends cars :p
Casey Walker
Casey Walker 3 hours ago
I like how you mark the size of the bolt on the car!! Easy peasy!
ChrisFix 3 hours ago
It makes it a lot easier!
Lalremruata Colney
Lalremruata Colney 4 hours ago
I was looking for blinker fluid comment..
landen Herteux
landen Herteux 7 hours ago
Thanks to you Chris I'm slowly getting my '95 Silverado up to drivable condition and saving a few grand while I'm at it
landen Herteux
@ChrisFix atm both rear drums are cracked my front left caliper is seized and a full set of tires. And a super flush wouldn't hurt
ChrisFix Hour ago
That's what I love to hear! What else needs to get done to it?
Chknugget Mutant
Chknugget Mutant 10 hours ago
So we are just going to ignore the fact he didn’t teach us how to change blinker fluid.
ChrisFix 19 minutes ago
Watch the video again ;)
Alex Taveras
Alex Taveras 10 hours ago
When arw you going to show your face because we can't wait
Dale Burlison
Dale Burlison 11 hours ago
Don't forget about the blinker fluid
Husky spirit fishing HSF
I love your videos Chris keep it up I enjoy watching them
nassrkarammi 13 hours ago
I am watching your videos from libya and thank you very much i can say you are one if not the best of all the you tuber mechanics on the you tube keep up the nice job u doing ... sound one
Jose Huerta
Jose Huerta 15 hours ago
Quick questoin. What interval of changing is preferred, the one in the owner's manual or inthe bottle of the fluid? My '04 jeep wants me to change the oil every 3K miles, but the oil I use is some fancy synthetic "can last up to 15K miles" oil. I check it periodically and have been changing it every 10K. Good enoough? Bad?
VeganerHippie 15 hours ago
A crushwasher??? The hell😂 In germany they have a more reasonable name. Dichtring (sealing ring)
Brock Wilson
Brock Wilson 17 hours ago
Every video this guy makes is excellent!! Once again, very valuable information!! Excellent work, ChrisFix ! ! ! !
sTyLe_ TEX
sTyLe_ TEX 17 hours ago
I only watch this for entertainment. :D
SoYouWannaPlay 18 hours ago
In a single video that saves hundred thousands $ from all over the world. Thank you Chris.
Russianmafia10 19 hours ago
An engine doesn't run dry when you don't fill the oil filter, there is plenty of residual oil left on all the contact surfaces
Nichex 21 hour ago
0:10 an SUV....
Daniel Egan
Daniel Egan 22 hours ago
Gasoline is a fluid. How do you change that?
NNNice not NNNice
NNNice not NNNice 22 hours ago
Chris you are the best channel on RUvid
Leo Lara
Leo Lara 22 hours ago
You forgot blinker Fluid 🙁
huluminus Day ago
Very excessive on the power steering oil
ruessin Day ago
Lol I work at advance auto
WarriorOfMetal RoadOfKings
Very good.
Pegasus 898
Pegasus 898 Day ago
In Canada you require at least a 60/40 If not a 70/30 mixture due to the cold weather
Pegasus 898
Pegasus 898 Day ago
Since they started the carbon tax in cAnada we all just throw our oil in the garbage . Carbon tax solves that right
This Guy
This Guy Day ago
I need this so bad! I have 2010 Nissan Navara and last fluid change, exept engine oil, was...never🤣
tunedskillsz Day ago
7:30 I think the "running dry" thing without pre filling the oil filter is a myth. I used to do it all the time but not anymore. The car has plenty of oil left to turn over a few times before the new oil pumps thro the filter.
tunedskillsz Day ago
i just wanna say, i got that same jack
Tyresha Bailey-Davis
Yeshe Rabsal
Yeshe Rabsal Day ago
Awesome! Thanks so much so all your videos Chris.
Wav-Scorn259 Day ago
Transmission oil is basically the gearbox oil?
joku jonne
joku jonne Day ago
Me when i hear word grease gun hmm m3 grease gun
Casper Haltsonen
Kinda late but how about clutch fluid?
Peter Tran
Peter Tran Day ago
Hey @chrisfix , I have a 2016 Explorer, but it looks like oil has been leaking or transmission fluid. I'm sure it isn't the AC. Help?
Clemm Day ago
Where’s the blinker fluid?
LannyCandy Videos
I don't think that's an SUV...
wut -_-
wut -_- 2 days ago
The hoodss at the top of the engine look
Kamran Kiarimov
Kamran Kiarimov 2 days ago
0:07 He had to drive, park, switch, park, drive again etc just to shoot a 5 second clip perfectly. And it’s A 38 MINUTE VIDEO. Hard work
Big fan Chris from 4 long years Can I PLEASE Get a heart and a reply from the legend (Chrisfix) It's my birthday and I cant even bye myself a photo frame for my family photo Plz Chris 😭😭 Your heart and reply will be a perfect birthday present😻
Austin Harding
Austin Harding 2 days ago
@Chris Fix is it important to use different pumps for each fluid? . . . Can i change out my steering fluid with a turkey baster too? . . . How can you tell the difference [symptom wise] whether you need new brake fluid, or need new pads? . . . & finally, do only 4x4 and AWD's have transfer cases, and thus only those need transfer case fluid changes? . . . Oh and if you have suspension in the back as you do in the front do they need greasing? what about front wheel drive (no need to worry bout drive train then+-?) and you don't remove the old grease? . . . I'm assuming you only did the front suspension cuz yr cars back susp. are leaf struts? . . . P.S. this was the straw that broke the camels back....SUBSCRIBING!
P L 2 days ago
Is it true that changing transmission fluid on CVT may endup with a non-working transmission? 2006 Lexus IS 350 ‎is said to have a 6-speed shiftable automatic transmission. Doest that mean it's traditional automatic transmission? For traditional transmissions, how often should the transmission fluid be changed?
José Gaming
José Gaming 2 days ago
It's not gonna damage you transmission
TheSixtyEighter 2 days ago
super entertaining
Yazzmine Zaccardi
you forgot headlight fluid :(
Anthony Martone
Anthony Martone 2 days ago
@ChrisFix As a mechanic myself I have to say I love your videos man. So detailed. You explain everything so even the people who never even changed oil can do anything. You deserve all the views, subs and likes man....keep doing what you do!!!
I DREWZY 2 days ago
Brake fluid ruined my headphones paint finish it ate away at it
Renee Galvan
Renee Galvan 2 days ago
What pants are you wearing?
282SL0 ___
282SL0 ___ 2 days ago
Chris My grandmother has a 2005 Lincoln LS V8 (apart of the Lincoln LS Jag S and Ford T) She has her thermostat what she calls hangs up and it also overheats please help!
Travis George
Travis George 2 days ago
What about my van....
José Gaming
José Gaming 2 days ago
Bigboy Games
Bigboy Games 2 days ago
How do you add that fluid that’s always leaking from the air conditioning
Vexxus Krow
Vexxus Krow 2 days ago
But but....blinker fluid?
Gryffin DarkBreed
Note: YOur owner's manual will ALSO tell you where your jacking points and jack stand points are.
Adrian Covaci
Adrian Covaci 2 days ago
Hey we're is the blinker fluid :))))))))
vikram Kulkarni
vikram Kulkarni 2 days ago
I bet the people who disliked this video own Teslas. 😂
ChazzerB 2 days ago
Where do you find how tight to make all of these bolts? You're always throwing out numbers, but I never see that stuff in the manuals
ChazzerB 2 days ago
@ChrisFix you're the man! If only you didn't have so many good videos to constantly be going through I would have found this eventually haha
ChrisFix 2 days ago
I explain where I get my torque specs in this video, check it out: ruvid.net/video/video-Bbi0kEaTgio.html
Emiliano Alcantar
My dad he uses the old oil for a fire
ChrisFix 2 days ago
Interesting, thanks for sharing!
Kishshey 3 days ago
You forgot to flush your blinker fluid
ChrisFix 2 days ago
Watch it again, it's in there :p
mike hawk
mike hawk 3 days ago
32:38- Ugh I should call her
Williamson Dorelien
Thank you forreal
ChrisFix 2 days ago
Of course!
Scoon 3 days ago
Please never stop making videos, Chris. You've saved me so much money not only in service fees but also in future repairs!
ChrisFix 2 days ago
I'm never planning on stopping! And I'm glad the videos have saved you a lot of money!
NEON STUDIO 3 days ago
ChrisFix 2 days ago
Watch the video again, it's in there :p
kevin barrera
kevin barrera 3 days ago
The amount of detail you put into these videos is incredible I not only learn how to change/repair/maintain car parts or fluids I also learn about the way all these components work & their functionality & that is more than I could ask for so far all the maintenance & repairs I’ve done on my vehicle & my girlfriend’s have been watching your videos props to you Chris thank you
ChrisFix 2 days ago
That's what I love to hear! Thanks a lot Kevin!
Ice Cream Sandwich
Change your Blinker fluid Soapy Wooder
Necro666Mole 3 days ago
Chris: Break it loose Also Chris: be careful, you don't want to break it..... Me: 0_0
Drywall 3 days ago
Came here for every fluid, still questioning how to top off the gas...
Owen O'Reilly
Owen O'Reilly 2 days ago
ChrisFix you also forgot how to change my blinker fluid!
ChrisFix 2 days ago
How could I forget :o
Eric S.
Eric S. 3 days ago
I feel like he changes all his cars’ oil like 3 times a week
ChrisFix 2 days ago
I wait a while before doing them haha
Skyler MacDonald
Skyler MacDonald 3 days ago
8:40 bro get gas like oof
ChrisFix 2 days ago
I did after I filmed!
Kohl Warren
Kohl Warren 3 days ago
@chrisfix you forgot the blinker fluid your mom's car is gonna be like those BMWs that don't have working blinkers
ChrisFix 2 days ago
Watch the video again, it's in there :p
Master Productions
It still amazes me people don’t check what fluids their owners manual recommends it can be super important in some cases
Dumpster_Lish 3 days ago
i no NOTHING about cars,im always anxious doing anything to my cars! which ive gone thru a view id love to be able to do stuff myself,you make it seem like i can! were are you at ,i need a good mechanic lol
HM 3 days ago
You forgot blinker fluid. Disappointed.
Jake Horvath
Jake Horvath 3 days ago
Excellent video mate
Rodney_rechy 3 days ago
What happened to the van ?
Mike Honda Boy
Mike Honda Boy 3 days ago
Save you tons of money if you do this on your own!
Thamer Aldyhoor
Thamer Aldyhoor 3 days ago
I love all of your videos and I have a little problem with my Honda Accord 2014 2.4 that has loud crack sound when turn up the ignition about 20 seconds then the sound goes away and the engine back normally. This problem happens usually when the engine is cold or first start in the morning? Do you have any suggestions?
Ryan Wicksteed
Ryan Wicksteed 3 days ago
Where's the blinker fluid?😂
Ferry Van Muijlwijk
Bmw guys belike: what about the blinker fluid?
Andrew Covert
Andrew Covert 3 days ago
One note would be to make a video on how to jack a FWD unibody car if you haven't already. If it were any of my old cars I'd title it "How to Crush Your Rotted Pinch Welds Without Crushing Your Brake Lines." I like prefilling the oil filter, I was a lube tech for 2 years and nobody ever tought me that, good idea. Good idea to feel oil and trans fluid for metal shavings. If you have to take the trans pan off check the magnet to see if you should sell the car immediately lol. Coolant change reminded me of the time I took the lower radiator hose off a F250 without depressurizing the system. Coolant tastes bitter, lol. I learned that day. One very minor note is to always use distilled water not tap water when mixing concentrate but that's on the instructions. Also torque your lugs again when it's on the ground. On your hummer video you used teflon tape on the drain and fill bolts in the diffs and transfer case, never did it myself but doesn't seem like a bad idea. I just learned U joints have grease (facepalm) only 4x4/RWD I ever owned was my $175 '89 ramcharger so I didn't change anything (except the oil every 3 weeks... because it blew by fuel into the crankcase.. and then leaked onto the manifold... and I had to use 20w50 to get decent compression, lol). Your vids are great man, and now that Scotty's done you got free reign. As soon as I move out of NYC and get a car again (insurance is ridiculous here and parking is worse so no need with the trains), I'm after a CRX (fingers crossed SI but I'll be lucky to find anything), Del Sol, or Prelude (also will be lucky to find one repairable). Used to work at Honda. Gonna head south and hopefully find one that still has a floor. Good shit man, I just subscribed.
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