How To Build A Sleeper [Feature Length]

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The MCM boys embark on an ambitious project to build an epic sleeper with a 1000% increase in power... #10M #CHOPPED
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Music from this episode is by Moog and available from iTunes and the MCM website.
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/moog/id40856842
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SONG LIST (All songs by Moog):
1:16 Jimmy Rabbit (feat. Mammals)
7:05 Collide (White City Light Remix)
10:03 Transformer
19:37 Zombie Apocalypse Theme
22:40 Collide (White City Light Remix)
24:59 High Speed Run
29:25 Smoke & Fire (White City Light Remix)
32:56 Overdrive
32:58 Game On (feat. Jon Elms)
36:28 See You At The End
43:35 Game On (feat. Jon Elms) itunes.apple.com/au/album/game-on-feat.-jon-elms-single/id584842042

Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Sep 29, 2015




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Comments 100
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 months ago
10M views. Thanks everyone!
WillOf TheWisp
WillOf TheWisp 14 days ago
For how long ago this video came out this is the most inspiration for people like and like everyone who watches Mighty Car Mods to build their dream car whether its a drift car or drag car and this proves that any car can be a fast car.
Lenny F
Lenny F 17 days ago
The "background" music is just loud enough that I can barely make out what you're saying. Here's a suggestion, why not make the background music a little bit louder so it drowns out your voice completely.
David Frau
David Frau 18 days ago
trash! If the drag race was real, it would be a nice project/video, but that completely ruined all the rest! Shame on you, you ruined it!
George Thayer
George Thayer 25 days ago
What was the top speed of VW
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers Month ago
ghahandi 2 hours ago
One more question -What was the best 1/4 E.T.? 12's Would love to see 10's My street driven Everett-Morrison 427SC ran 10.22- street tires- 3.7Ford 9 inch w/ top=loader four speed. Built 429 big block Ford- Love that car- Everett-Morrison (Tampa,Fla) built an incredibly strong 4" diameter mandrel bent tube ladder frame. The fiberglass body was incredibly resistant to usual environment hazrds- Even when a 380 lb. Samoan bounced off the bonnet once. Love this sleeper VW- Well done lads~
ghahandi 2 hours ago
I would have jet-coated those gnarly junkyard headers- The engine is so pretty! Ceramic silver coating adds that WOW! factor~
ghahandi 3 hours ago
Shee-ite! A;; custom machined parts-! Doing it down & Dirty! Good stuff! ~California fan~
ghahandi 3 hours ago
Agreed- Fookin Ads`
ghahandi 3 hours ago
I want that bug~ When I win the Lottery- I will ship a car over Aussie & have this crew build me a sleeper bug & sleeper Vanagon-
Themis Krinos
Themis Krinos 7 hours ago
How much is the weight of the bettle
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen 14 hours ago
Honestly, sad to see it dismantled after this ride. Would’ve been nice to see that 350 and a 9 9.9sec q mile
Wannabe Racecar Driver
Damn that music still goes hard as hell in 2020
James Whiteman
James Whiteman 3 days ago
Fukin ads
Wannabe Racecar Driver
Benjamin Ericksen
Wow, once that thing squats, it's gone.
Benjamin Ericksen
45 minutes? My dad and I dropped my 1600 twin port in like 15 minutes on a tire. Overall the entire thing in less then two hours and have it back in within 45 minutes, with all the correct torque specifications and everything Lol!!!
Jim Jakosh
Jim Jakosh 4 days ago
What did it do in the quarter??
Jim Jakosh
Jim Jakosh 4 days ago
Great! Was that with a standard beetle transmission?
Benjamin Ericksen
Could have been, I know a guy in SA who put a V8 in his and used the standard 4 speed. Thing made crazy amounts of power, struggled to get any sort of traction, Lol! Those standard transmissions are very, very strong.
enlightendbel 4 days ago
That lil car truly deserves an offwhite Paintjob with the number 53 on the hood and sides.
Chris 5 days ago
is he too busy looking in the next lane and talking rather than driving the shit out of the porsche?
Chris 5 days ago
stop the crappy music, keep the cars
Abram Kidane
Abram Kidane 4 days ago
Why u hating bro. This vid is sick and honestly I had no complaints. Even with how he was driving the Porsche either. Focus on a race can't beat a beetle with an STI ENGINE!!!
h5mind 6 days ago
My brother was racing his Kawasaki 1100 with nitrous at New England Dragway (north of Boston), pitted against a v-8 powered bug which lost steering control at 130MPH when his car lifted its nose like yours. The bug driver suddenly swerved all the way into my brother's lane, missing him by inches. The bug pilot was sent home and my brother received a nice nitrous boost of adrenaline.
Grnbaracuda 6 days ago
Info for newcomers: engine was stripped from the beetle. Not a sleeper anymore. Watch other episodes, this watched enough.
Bill Dougan
Bill Dougan 7 days ago
So what was the quarter mile time??? 10's?
Sebis527 7 days ago
watch the whole video
Fishing Compilations
How can someone sound so Australian and so Canadian at the same time
simon lloyd
simon lloyd 7 days ago
Awesome build..I think it was worth closing or semi closing the deck though if you're going to the trouble of using forged parts, other wise keep it stock because stock rods, crank, pistons and open deck block (which is non JDM) is still good for about 300hp. Using forged internals on an open deck isnt strictly necessary.
Christopher Joseph Barnes
Seriously, guys, you have to install a bullet-proof windscreen for safety and a water ballast tank in the front to stop your beetle from flipping. I hope you also added some frame strengthening. Have you ever seen a beetle roll head of heels sixteen times on the freeway? Not much fun! Good work!!
Leslie Gray
Leslie Gray 8 days ago
How many thousands of dollars is this costing
Ready Teddy
Ready Teddy 8 days ago
You just put a very thin layer of oil or grease where the hubcap and the wheel make their interference fit, on both surfaces, and then you get a nice satisfying snap when you do your "hammer-hand" on the cap. And once it snaps into place it ain't goin anywhere - not until 5 years later when you pry it off with a small prybar - at which time it will come off with a similar satisfying snap.
Warren Jacobus
Warren Jacobus 8 days ago
Well done guys... The world now knows u don't need a 1mill car to do the job...
Adam Othman
Adam Othman 8 days ago
16:08 metal shaving going through your block guys😵
John Wick
John Wick 8 days ago
Wow! What an awesome build. Do you keep track of all the parts and expenses ? i use a program on my laptop www.automotivewolf.com to track everything so when i sell my project car I at least have an idea of what the asking price will be.On my RX-7 build I just gave it to my son, but I invested about $8000 in the build.
Marty Smarty
Marty Smarty 5 days ago
I'm another happy user of the Automotive Wolf software. I track the maintenance on 4 vehicles with it. Love the reports it creates too.
Mack Trucker
Mack Trucker 7 days ago
Sweet! That software is perfect, Thanks!
Richard L
Richard L 8 days ago
50hp vw engine with 50 hp transmission... how will that survive at 250hp with 50hp transmission
oashr6 6 days ago
@h5mind yeah not even two seconds the car would start up and when they would try to put it in gear it would have a stroke
h5mind 6 days ago
They upgraded all the tranny internals to handle the powerful. The stock trans would have lasted about 2 seconds.
King 391
King 391 7 days ago
With mighr lf ze german engineering
oashr6 8 days ago
Ready Teddy
Ready Teddy 8 days ago
I would have preferedr to keep the original engine. With a subaru engine, all someone has to do is look in the engine compartment and see the it doesn't have a VW engine, and then the car is no longer a "sleeper" to anyone who has a look. The 1600 cc VW engine is rated at about 42 kw when new. If properly adjusted it would not lose horsepower. It would actually gain a bit as the internal friction would be reduced by wearing-in of bearing surfaces. I would not be able to get 239 kw out of the VW engine, but I should be able to get 75, which is way more than enough.That's right, it would go from 55 HP to 100 HP. It would get me to 60 mph in about 8 seconds instead of 20. How would I wring out 75 kw? Just coil on plug electronic ignition would bring in a few more kw. Slightly bigger cylinders and pistons would bring in more. Then I'd make some changes to the camshaft and valve timing. Computer controlled port fuel injection could be more precise than the original port fuel injection. Larger diameter, stronger studs would be to hold the higher compression, slightly larger cylinders in place. Steel inserts in the aluminum magnesium engine block for the studs to screw into, to prevent the studs from pulling out the threads in the block.. Reshaping the inside of the cylinder heads and piston tops to improve combustion efficiency and flow of gasses. Larger valves and valve seats. Stronger connecting rods. I'd add an oil filter and re-arrange the position of the oil cooler. Better cooling fan. We would only have 1700 cc but we would have higher compression. Changes to the muffler to improve flow of exhaust gasses, reduce restriction. I won't be able to add variable valve timing but we would still make some valve timing improvements simply by touching up the cam shaft lobes Instead of vacuum-controlled or centrifugal controlled ignition timing advance, we would have computer-controlled ignition advance. I'd have an electric fuel pump for the computer controlled fuel injection. We could also lighten the car up just a little bit. Replace steel fenders with fiberglass or some other kind of composite. Same thing for the steel running boards, the front luggage compartment hood, the rear engine compartment hood. The wheels could be replaced with light alloy wheels that look much like the original steel wheels. That is a significant amount of weight we could remove.
h5mind 6 days ago
Or do like I did with my 914 and go with a fuel injected 2.0. VERY fast car.
Kenaz Wilder
Kenaz Wilder 7 days ago
sloopkogel22 I would rather have the original torque & hp specs. Otherwise all anyone would have to do is drive behind me and they’d know it isn’t a sleeper
sloopkogel22 8 days ago
@Ready Teddy It was meant as a jest. Since I don't think looking under the hood disqualifies a sleeper, just leave it shut? I appreciate the informative awnser though.
Ready Teddy
Ready Teddy 8 days ago
@sloopkogel22 74 vw beetles do not have an industry standard obd port as original equipment. They had a VW speciality connector for a vw specialty computer diagnostic device at the vw dealership. Any engine in the car is right in your face; any OBD port you add is easily placed out of view. And the port you replace the vw original port with does not necessarily have to be the industry standard port. The computer does not have to be the industry standard computer. You can also design digital computer systems that don't use the standard OBD2 port. You might need a special obd2 connector, or adapter, or special scanner, to see what's going on with the car's digital electronics. Or you might not be able to read the info at all without special software. In fact, you can design a computerized ignition and computerized fuel injection system that does not have an on-board computer, but instead requires that you carry your laptop into the car and make a bluetooth, wifi, or usb connection to the car, and have all the computer software you need to run the ignition and the fuel injection on your laptop, or even on your "smart phone." Anyone looking at the car would not see an ECU anywhere. Yup, the whole thing can fit on an andorid smartphone. This has the advantage of your being able to copy the entire operating system for the ignition and fuel injection onto as many smart phones as you like. So if an ecu problem crops up, you just transfer control to your backup copy - easy as entering a password.
sloopkogel22 8 days ago
I would rather have the original ECU. All people have to do is hook up an OBD reader and it's no longer a "sleeper" to anyone who looks.
Davide Fazzino
Davide Fazzino 9 days ago
What have you done with that beetle? Asking from 2020
Debbie Debra
Debbie Debra 8 days ago
They've hidden it, because its fake. The beetle is fast, but notice the how fast the Porsche is between the two races? The other cars weren't driven at full speed.
Rick Evans
Rick Evans 9 days ago
Needs a dual disk clutch and nitro
Rick Evans
Rick Evans 9 days ago
My super bee used to eat carreras for a quick snack it would break the tires loose at 100 going into high gear
Viliam Salga
Viliam Salga 9 days ago
Well VW was designed by Hungarian inginer Bela Barenyi. Porshe lost 4 patent trials with Barenyi. It was on Wikipedia.
Arnold Shoezenegger
4:20 , our good mate Mr. Clean
Daniel Larson
Daniel Larson 10 days ago
What a good video! 200 kW => 268 HP Beetle of that time frame was rated about 60 HP when new. I didn't realize it was Australian until a few minutes into the video and then when he talked about the Australian Red Black Widow like spiders,...yah. You know - I am in Northern US. It's easier to follow your English than US folks in deep South.
Pablo Serazio
It is a red back spider (no widow) quite small with a red stripe on black body.
Debbie Debra
Debbie Debra 8 days ago
But did you notice how fast the Porsche was on the second run? I don't think the other cars had been pushed far enough, maybe because they wanted the beetle to look faster than it really is. Anyway, hi from South Africa, hope you're doing well during this time of mayhem and crisis.
Dream Tanks
Dream Tanks 11 days ago
I love rewatching back catalogues
21jimmyo 11 days ago
Cool!, but terrible music. I'm sure the stock VW drum brakes are fine....s/
simoo1 7 days ago
@Scottrick LaRoque quit simping dude
simoo1 8 days ago
@Scottrick LaRoque spoken like a true simp, go smoke some more bongs you stoner fuckwit
Scottrick LaRoque
@simoo1 lol I'm actually a bit underweight at 6'6 190lbs. But that's because I was shot and paralyzed so I cant work out anymore the way I did when I worked for an international security firm. I've most likely seen more of the world than you have your little hick town. Explain to me how someone even SOUNDS overweight? I have heard 400lb people that sounded like Michael Jackson. But wait, you can't even hear me so you're judging my weight on what I type? You TRULY are, literally the most simple minded immature fool I've seen in these comments for a VERY long time. You need to grow up and get out from under mommy's skirt, or daddy's skirt, but I'm not here to judge your parents, other than their lack of parenting skills. Every comment you have made has contained NOTHING except name calling and started over a guy's OPINION of music. You REALLY need to get a life. Moron. Go ahead and cry your little comeback, I don't care because I won't be wasting another minute on a little asswipe like you.
simoo1 9 days ago
@Scottrick LaRoque you sound like an overweight stoner, time to get out of the basement man
Scottrick LaRoque
@simoo1 Maybe, but you ARE one.
Jaakko Oksa
Jaakko Oksa 11 days ago
How can the original gearbox handle the increased power?
Gilbert Clement
Gilbert Clement 11 days ago
you should have had professional drivers
Debbie Debra
Debbie Debra 8 days ago
Exactly, they made the beetle look much faster than it really is.
Redgolf2 12 days ago
5 years ago! Seems like yesterday, I still love this video, their best yet 😏
RICHARD Sink 12 days ago
great theatrics. I know the sub bug is fast but let a outside person line up against it lol. nice!
AbstraktCrimson 12 days ago
Fuckin' hell, I thought you fellas built a car, not a bloody aeroplane 😂 But seriously, still an absolutely quality video, and quite informative as well. I hope to see more great work like this in the future.
Dream Tanks
Dream Tanks 11 days ago
Fast forward 5 years and there working on a sera and nx coupe.. Awesome sause
David Perry
David Perry 12 days ago
Ha I used to pull VW Motors in less than 5 Minutes.. ALONE !!! And most of the music does not go with manly mechanical skill work. Stick with the Metalica kinda music.
LolimZane ?
LolimZane ? 12 days ago
Ngl alot of the songs in the video where weird, made the whole process just feel weird
Johnny Turbo
Johnny Turbo 12 days ago
Love the bug! Only problem is now the reliable VW engine is out and you put in a subaru engine that is SURE to blow up soon. Still interesting build.
Bass Jump Blues
Bass Jump Blues 13 days ago
Gooday from Smokey California. Loved watching this Epic build. I am a drag racer from way back. Fremont CA!
JoePilman69 13 days ago
3:44 i thought he just ripped the wheel off mid drive LMAO
Stevie Jo
Stevie Jo 14 days ago
Taking a classic car and mucking it up
J Will
J Will 14 days ago
Oh boy, I can't wait to try this at home, I'll get right on it. 🤡
WillOf TheWisp
WillOf TheWisp 14 days ago
Im gonna find a different slow car make and drift king and this is what inspired my dream
Nass Nass
Nass Nass 14 days ago
How many seconds down the 1/4? Great video, thanks 😊
I just want to know the 0-60 and the 1/4 mile time. Oh well. Loved the vid, funny I got this recommended a little more than 5 years later XD. Edit: wait i heard the 1/4 mile times at the end lol, still would love to hear the 0-60, or in their case 0-100 as they use kph not mph.
Dream Tanks
Dream Tanks 11 days ago
Im sure everbody does, was dissapointed when they said it wasnt about the times, great vid
Captain David Kusterer
I want it ,Really. I want it.
alexanderchapman1 15 days ago
Would have loved to see whitewalls painted on for that vintage, extra- sleepy look.
CR 2.9 X-bow Clash Royale low ladder X-bow
I have a 1972 beetle fully Cali style with a a surfboard on the roof rack that runs In the low 13s lmao
Talentless Cult
Talentless Cult 14 days ago
@CR 2.9 X-bow Clash Royale low ladder X-bow oh ok thank you
CR 2.9 X-bow Clash Royale low ladder X-bow
Talentless Cult yes low 13 1/4 mile
0f d00m
0f d00m 14 days ago
Talentless Cult i think it means 13 seconds at the drag strip.
Talentless Cult
Talentless Cult 15 days ago
I hate to sound dumb but what do you mean by low 13's
Just Sam
Just Sam 16 days ago
OMG that grub hub commercial of the family eating spaghetti was so disgusting and very very unhealthy. Knowing advertises healthy foods like whole wheat etc. Too many americans eat shit!! I do but I also know how to balance it out.
arturalexma 12 days ago
Davison Fuller
Davison Fuller 13 days ago
Big Boi
Big Boi 13 days ago
Jaden Auer
Jaden Auer 14 days ago
TheCaptainMI 15 days ago
skotatnite 17 days ago
What ever happened too it.
White Night Demon
White Night Demon 17 days ago
How much did it cost and how long exactly? Those questions weren't answered in the video....
White Night Demon
Davison Fuller
Davison Fuller 13 days ago
more than i could afford :(
V LM 17 days ago
Love you guys and your awesome videos. What transmission and clutch are you guys running?
Azide Azidoazide
Azide Azidoazide 18 days ago
Beetle powered by Subaru
Deathisking192 18 days ago
I wonder if you can make a sleeper out of a old muscle car
Azide Azidoazide
Azide Azidoazide 18 days ago
40 years later. Car so clean.
Sean Leahy
Sean Leahy 18 days ago
Philip Gerritsen
Philip Gerritsen 19 days ago
NICE!!! But don't forget the mods on the brakes and shocks.
Reploidx9 19 days ago
19:56 WHY is there a hand in the engine?
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 15 days ago
You’re right wtf is that??
Hudson Tran
Hudson Tran 20 days ago
I panicked when he was bagging the steering wheel cuz I'm a right driving simp from the US
Nick van Wijk
Nick van Wijk 20 days ago
Just a question: why didn't you use a Porsche flat 6? I know some Germans have done that.
Slide Ways
Slide Ways 16 days ago
probably money
contentioushackery 19 days ago
I'm just guessing, but I reckon it is much harder to get Porsche parts and expertise in Australia.
Namath 802
Namath 802 20 days ago
Here for the second time around on this one :)
FrostyAsparagus 20 days ago
really hope we get to see the future changes with this, especially if it got a transmission rebuild to handle all that power
White Night Demon
White Night Demon 17 days ago
What?! Dangerous how///
DistrictFilms 19 days ago
Richard Vidler ah well that makes sense
Richard Vidler
Richard Vidler 19 days ago
@DistrictFilms the car was parted out due to being very dangerous
DistrictFilms 20 days ago
Mmmmm 5years ago.... probably not
Justin Parks
Justin Parks 20 days ago
Now they need to compete with American sleeper Beatles
Themis Krinos
Themis Krinos 21 day ago
New engine with the gearbox 4speed
NanoTelerEphone 21 day ago
now do this with a bugatti.
Ginger 21 day ago
That dragrace at the end was completely botched, the s14 didnt even try to get off the line in the beginnning. 39:45
Joe 19 days ago
didn't seem like any of the competitors were trying..
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Now that's what you call a mad bug.
Kenneth Wood
Kenneth Wood 22 days ago
So you just stuck a Subaru motor in it, click bait
Reploidx9 19 days ago
Do you even know what 'click bait' means? Apparently not. The title lists a sleeper, they built a sleeper. That's not click bait you idiot.
opeboi 22 days ago
i’m going to build one very similar to this
Martin Adelaide
Martin Adelaide 22 days ago
Well, I just had to learn about wrist pins in flat engines.
John Prentice III
John Prentice III 23 days ago
My first car was a beautiful 66 beetle. 3rd car was a 72 super beetle! My favorite vehicle!!!!
ziad daily
ziad daily 23 days ago
Great job ... keep going and do more same as this transformers 1000000000 like.
Matt Cerbone
Matt Cerbone 23 days ago
Dudes.......that little Bug transmission is going to hold up to that motor? I think you’re going to smoke it.
David Simmons
David Simmons 23 days ago
I gave you a thumbs up, in spite of the mind numbing background music.
David Scalise
David Scalise 23 days ago
Kilowatts? Speak english, mate!
Joe 19 days ago
@Reploidx9 that too..
Joe 19 days ago
Kw x 1.341 = HP. not that hard to look it up and do the math yourself
Reploidx9 19 days ago
Maybe stop living in the past and learn units beyond the Imperial system? Besides, kW makes more sense than HP
Derrick Fox
Derrick Fox 19 days ago
Lol I'm thinking the same
Joe R
Joe R 24 days ago
You live in Australia, if it's not trying to kill you it's running from something that is.
Ben Hansen
Ben Hansen 25 days ago
Would have to be one of your best builds
templar_knight33 25 days ago
Should have done it with a '63 then it would be Herbie
deuteriumjones 25 days ago
That car was sick. I wish they still had it.
Wrstew 25 days ago
Sooooooooo, What was the E.T.???? Retuned- with better clutch, if you forged forward?
The bug ran a 11 sec in the 1/4 mile....
Bigleague 25 days ago
Track runs against peddling competition! You can tell because you can't hear the engine of the "slower" car. Total waste of my time for you to try and "impress" with the peddle technique anyone with a car mindset will pick up on in the first .000000001 seconds of launch. Shame on you assholes!
Joe 19 days ago
George Thayer
George Thayer 25 days ago
What was the top speed of VW
Kingtoneable 26 days ago
Because it’s standard with a boxer style engine most people fit a wrx engine straight in with some modifications and I’ve also seen one with a Porsche engine out of a 911 gt
Marcus Wernersson
Marcus Wernersson 26 days ago
Did u guys just do 10X the power through the original gearbox? Haha
Marcus Wernersson
@Gareth Miller otherwise I think those gears ⚙️ will be pretty flat pretty soon 😂
Danny McCarty
Danny McCarty 6 days ago
@White Night Demon why does it matter, anyway? It's just a fucking stupid utube video, dude.
White Night Demon
i dont even know how much it costs to do all of that up exactly as to how they did it....
Danny McCarty
Danny McCarty 8 days ago
@White Night Demon hey, go for it then. It's your money...
White Night Demon
Well they somehow made it work without upgrading....just like in the games...you can upgrade everything else except leave one thing stock and the car races just as fine....
CN M 26 days ago
It is amazing guys 👍👍👍
dramoth64 26 days ago
Did you get an ET for it?
Lary Mayotte
Lary Mayotte 27 days ago
Trebor Blobs
Trebor Blobs 27 days ago
Called ah ToySuki
Trebor Blobs
Trebor Blobs 27 days ago
Wow a real sleeper I am doing a vitara 2007 model with A 3SGE beams 6 forward now cannot wait
Forza Enthusiast
Forza Enthusiast 28 days ago
they call it "VW Beetle: trim level sleeper)
Bryan Leslie
Bryan Leslie 28 days ago
Put a chevy corsair motor in the back of will go faster, my brother and dad it a long time ago but you had to have the insides flipped over 180degre.
Boosted Big Inch
Boosted Big Inch 26 days ago
Ah no
CygnusPrime 28 days ago
You guys spoilt what could have become a truly great build, had you done a little research, I'm neither a Bug or Scooby fanboy, but I appreciate the work that goes into making any build a reality, as so many builds of this nature never get finished as intended. While the Scooby engine swap idea is not particularly new for a Bug, it is a good idea for a sleeper car. However the result that they achieved here would have been a great result for a weekend warrior working out of his backyard, but for a dedicated RUvid car channel that has not one or even two but three professional shops helping them with the build, the execution of the project is very poor, it shows a lack of research and understanding of what has already been achieved with the Bug and Scooby motor combination, which is a common motor swap for many years. When I look at the performance, I can say for a fact that in 1989 a guy in Cape Town South Africa did a Bug in the same color with the original 1600 VW motor pushing just over 210kw (it was featured in the local CAR magazine of the time). Fast forward 2015 guys putting WRX motors with forged internals and purpose build turbos into Bugs are pushing far higher levels than 270kw or even 300kw, and they also find a way of getting the full power onto the track. You did a 1000% power upgrade, what about brake, suspension and tranny upgrade to handle the 1000% increase no wonder you had clutch problems and had to dial back to 200kw, which brings me to the biggest insult of our intelligence from Mighty Car Mods. It would have been enough of an accomplishment to just race the Bug against the clock starting at the christmas tree with the timer running for all to see its true performance then everyone appreciate the work of all three professional shops, but no, you guys had to go cheat in the stage races. If anyone here does not believe me the races are staged, then look from 42:20 if this was a real race when the VW Bug stalls at 42:24 by that stage in a real race the Porsche would be some way down the track and not still waiting for the VW to take off first. Even by your own stats, if you were running the Bug at 200kw, it will not manage to beat the almost 290kw 911, so how does your Bug manages to run away from the 911 like it did in your staged race. What a disgrace to all good honest car channels and tuners out there. Besides so many viewers are calling you out on the staged races, yet 5 years on, no reply for the staged race but you can thank everyone for 10M views, disgusting poor sportsman-ship.
Kyle 27 days ago
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