How to be Grunge // Aesthetic

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Hey Guys!
How to be Grunge // Aesthetic
Types of aesthetic Part 1:
Part 2:
In this video I said:
- Vintage Outfits
- Decor your room with...
-Vsco cam Filters
- Editing apps
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Jun 15, 2018




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Comments 173
Caffiene & Jellyfish
Some of y’all don’t listen to grunge and it shows
• Cinnxmxntyler •
0:37 that epic gamer moment when you see some of your favorite bands (sorry this is unrelated)
Morsal Hashimii
Morsal Hashimii Month ago
I hate u adds
bts fan
bts fan Month ago
I am grunge
Hyungkook gacha
Hyungkook gacha Month ago
i wanna be a grunge but i cant ;-; my mom doesnt want me too..
Maya Maya
Maya Maya 29 days ago
Let me explain gacha how old are you?
Hyungkook gacha
Hyungkook gacha Month ago
grungeitisdead mah mum doesnt want meh to be a grunge ;-;"
grungeitisdead Month ago
Let me explain gacha what?
Ranch Bottle
Ranch Bottle Month ago
I’m an emo grunge art kid
Chelleis crazy
Chelleis crazy 2 months ago
I was gonna do the baddie aesthetic for my last year of school but I took a quiz and now I’m here.
steven dirty
steven dirty 2 months ago
How i can remove the watermark of SLMMSK ?
Scqrletlqki 2 months ago
"Grunge is more like greasy hair and ripped clothes" shut up Linda no one wants your lice
thrashin kim
thrashin kim 2 months ago
this isn’t grunge & this is so stupid
itspadella 3 months ago
oddio ma sei italiana
aurora 4 months ago
Since you didn’t include Red Grunge.. please answer these questions: - what type of room decor? - what type/color of outfits? Please answer
Khan Sultana
Khan Sultana 4 months ago
From where i found this type of tumblrs.. plz reply me its urgent.. plz,😖🙌🤘🙌🤘🙌🤘🙌🤘🙌🤘🙌🤘🙌🙌🤘🙌🤘🙌🤘🙌🤘🙌🤘🙌🤘😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😉😄😙🤗😉🙂😉😄😊😍😁😍😆😄😉😃😉😋☺️😊😎😊😄😉😁😄😉😎😉☺️😋😊😊😁😀😄😆😍
Worst Username In the World
What even is this comment? 🤦‍♀️
Ebina_Mochii 5 months ago
My mom says I can be a grunge, and she’ll help me :D
Sue C.
Sue C. 5 months ago
they are not carpets they are tapestries :)
clicheclouds 6 months ago
where do you get the fonts ?
GioGenius 6 months ago
Sheep with CorpsePaint
Don't be a poser or I'll pet your cute little grunge head with an axe.
- pvssy bandit -
- pvssy bandit - 6 months ago
Imma mix of baddie and grunge ig 🤷🏽‍♀️
Laquita Wright
Laquita Wright 6 months ago
Came here to see what my friend was talking about when she said she loved the grunge aesthetic. ✌
Grey _Dream
Grey _Dream 7 months ago
i'm grunge, and a bit indie pale.
Nahuel Maldonado
Nahuel Maldonado 7 months ago
I find this so strupid.
luna rosè
luna rosè 7 months ago
korean grunge pls?
Stina Stette
Stina Stette 7 months ago
I just found out that.....that I’m a grunge.............What should I do?I’m broke and I don’t have alot of clothes,fml😕😆💕
Cherri Pop
Cherri Pop 8 months ago
i'm a mix of retro aesthetic and grunge
Listen To This
Listen To This 8 months ago
I am 1000% grunge at heart 😆 🤘
Gretchen Lam
Gretchen Lam Month ago
wait, is ur profile pic something from like roblox??
Hellboy951 8 months ago
Step one: don’t
KieranYates 8 months ago
You forgot flannels
Worst Username In the World
Well they also forgot that grunge is just a music-based subculture where you're supposed to enjoy the music and not give a shit.
Lūcifuēr 9 months ago
My aesthetic is a mix of anime & grunge with a bit of emo ;)
Kd 9 months ago
I try my best to be grunge lmao
Worst Username In the World
A "real" grunge person *doesn't try* to be one, not even one bit, real grunge people give zero fucks on trying to be something. All you have to do is enjoy grunge music and wear thrift store outfits and band merch (specifically ones from grunge bands).
Wow Wow
Wow Wow 9 months ago
Grunge Is a music genre not a style (this is like tumblr grunge) if grunge was actually a style, it would be shit clothes w a band tee and hair is just waking up and going.
Mike Patton
Mike Patton 25 days ago
Franci Urbina NO IT IS NOT OH MY GOD
So_Many_Limits 2 months ago
I agree, I looked this up to watch a good karpizzle video and I got this bullshit. The music is not an style of aesthetic.
tabadam tss
tabadam tss 3 months ago
@Franci Urbina not at all.....i'm too lazy to explain what is the grunge movement but you have a lot of good videos on youtube about the grunge history and who explain what is grunge
Worst Username In the World
@Franci Urbina E-girls/boys try too hard to be "edgy", "cute" and "I'm so soft UwU". *Grunge is nothing like that.* The real definition of the term e-girl/e-boy is basically an internet thot or an internet fuckboy. Tiktok just ruined the fucking term by making it seem "eDgY aNd cUtE". The real grunge subculture are not like those idiots.
Corey Ault
Corey Ault 3 months ago
@Franci Urbina no it's not lol, it's a subculture originating from seattle in the 90s inspired by band like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc. "E boy and E girl" is an edgy style coming from today's internet culture. a lot of posers today consider anything slightly edgy "grunge," when they haven't even heard of any of the bands that inspired the movement. if you need to try hard to attain the grunge "aesthetic," then you're already doing something wrong. grunge is the opposite of trying
Marin Stephanie
Marin Stephanie 10 months ago
This is my problem: I love the grunge aesthetic, the makeup and music, but , in the same time, I am in love with dark music/orchestra. Can I still be grunge?
Worst Username In the World
As long as you don't give a big damn about your appearance and love grunge music, you can be a real grunge person! And you can still like other things too.
Taylor Grayson
Taylor Grayson 10 months ago
M grunge with baddie mixed in
Yeet my Meat
Yeet my Meat 10 months ago
Bruh grunge is about being your self not this bullshit da fucc
Makayla Rose
Makayla Rose 10 months ago
Y'all should listen to some actual Grunge music before watching these aesthetic videos. Sorry but some of you guys really make me cringe.
vampxiety 10 months ago
i feel like this is more soft-modern grunge than actual grunge
Worst Username In the World
That's because it it.
Psycho Bitch
Psycho Bitch 11 months ago
This isn‘t grunge 🙈 I‘m tired of these posers but do what u wanna do Still mad tho
Worst Username In the World
Sheep with CorpsePaint And they think that grunge is only Kurt Cobain... smh, and these are probably also the people who used to bully/make fun of others for being emo/grunge/alternative.
Sheep with CorpsePaint
Same, I mean...I don't listen to grunge music but I get very mad at people wearing random band shirts. Especially if it's Metallica. Fuck these posers.
Gummyio 11 months ago
Lol this is me
queenoftheanimals 11 months ago
Oof grunge is music oof
i cant find my aesthetic genre i guess im just my own aesthetic # oringinalqueen 🤠😗
Worst Username In the World
Aesthetic is trying to appreciate beauty, trying too hard to become something is NOT truly aesthetically pleasing. You CAN'T be an aesthetic, you're not a philosophy/study (as far as my opinions go).
Kurupt Seaz
Kurupt Seaz 4 months ago
avalon krom
avalon krom 5 months ago
i guess ur just not aesthetic at all
zoha 6 months ago
y'all in the replies are ugly ugly inside lolol
StonedApe 7 months ago
NZ Year ago
Ha,funny joke
Sindii Bb
Sindii Bb Year ago
Nobody needs to learn through a cheap youtube vid on what type to develop and love
Worst Username In the World
basic teenager To let others know that person's opinion. What's wrong with that?
i stan billie
i stan billie 4 months ago
Then why'd ya click?
lionaplatford x
Carpet on the walls? Bitch u mean tapestry?
trashiness Year ago
I'm grunge on a budget but my bedroom looks like it belongs to a 12 year old
SophieCollins 02
How to be grunge: listen to nirvana non stop for a few hours.... man it does something to you
Mike Patton
Mike Patton 25 days ago
Not just nirvana 😕
How to be pastel goth?💕
Worst Username In the World
Leeroy Jenkins V2.0 Pastel goths do exist, there are many kinds of goths. Look it up, white goths also exist and are more common than you think. But those who want to be pastel goths for the "aesthetic" are pretty much posers since there's a whole history behind goths that they don't even know about.
Leeroy Jenkins V2.0
Leeroy Jenkins V2.0 10 months ago
Pastel goth is not a goth. A goth does not know what colours are.
Mrrs mrrs
Mrrs mrrs Year ago
Ma sei italiano/a?
2005svevetta 2005svevetta
Anche iooo
GioGenius Year ago
Mrrs mrrs si italiana 🇮🇹
justtrash2015 Year ago
How to be indie
Iam Notarobot
Iam Notarobot Year ago
Grunge is a genre of music not a fashion statement.
Lavender Audio
Lavender Audio 8 months ago
Im Trash, Like my Username Suggests Well yeah i mean the grunge aesthetic that is a style
Worst Username In the World
Nathalie Spellman I don't wanna offend anyone or even start a fight but no, grunge is not a "style". It sort of is something related to emo, because both of them are more like a subculture, or a "lifestyle" which originated from people who listen to the grunge music genre. Real grunge "style" isn't necessarily "dark colours, black and grey" and dark makeup, what you're referring to as a "style" is more like the "modern grunge aesthetic", which is different from the real grunge genre. (Yeah, I know this explanation was a bit too long, sorry for that)
Lavender Audio
Lavender Audio 10 months ago
Iam Notarobot It’s also a style
deadly kidder
deadly kidder Year ago
90% of people with this aesthetic don't even listen to grunge music. lmao "I'm so grungeee" try again sweaty🐸☕
›› french toast ‹‹
oml its a jokeee
Worst Username In the World
Hermione Malfoy You can't even understand a little joke.
Worst Username In the World
@and eye oop- And most of the people in this so-called "aesthetic" do not know how to take in a little joke.
Sheep with CorpsePaint
Sheep with CorpsePaint
Lol I agree.
Kaylin Melissa
This is sorta my aesthetic but I have more colors so maybe 90s grunge is more fitting for me??¿¿
Worst Username In the World
@Kaylin Melissa 90's grunge is not giving a damn about your appearance. The grunge genre is heavily influences with punk, so basically you shouldn't be using a video or outfit advice to be a "real grunge person". Its basically just thrift shopping and band merch and messy makeup, nothing more. And you also have to be into grunge music because the subculture is heavily influenced by music, not "fashion".
Iachicus _
Iachicus _ 6 months ago
I've clicked on a few of these videos and I cant fucking understand why these people call themselves "Grunge" Grunge is a music genre that started in the late 80s and has punk/metal roots. The "grunge" style is just get some cheap thrift store clothes that you like and a band t shirt. Most of the people here probably dont know shit about Grunge
Aggressive Doug
Actually an insult to the grunge genre and subculture. Wow.
Worst Username In the World
@strawberrygore Simple, if you don't spend most of your time enjoying grunge music AND you even bother to TRY looking like a "grunge aesthetic", then you're not grunge. Grunge is a music based subculture where we don't give a fuck about how we look.
Isabella 5 months ago
strawberrygore grunge style is messy and dirty looking. Most people that grungy are into grunge bands. You can dress like this all you want but you aren’t grunge.
ryebreadwheat 8 months ago
strawberrygore This is Tumblr grunge, real grunge is waaaay too different from this.
queenoftheanimals 11 months ago
Zylla Films
Zylla Films Year ago
xFreakez Year ago
hey! amazing video! can you still wear grunge clothing but you don't listen to band music? if that makes sense, and does it still make you a grunge aesthetic?
Worst Username In the World
Um, no offense but the "grunge aesthetic" as most people would call it, originated and revolves around the grunge music genre so it would be better to know a few songs so others wouldn't assume you're a poser. But its fine if you don't like the music all that much, just make sure to have knowledge about it
xFreakez Year ago
thank you!!
xFreakez Year ago
ok thank you so much!
badabing badaboom
I'd say do it. If you like the fashion, and it makes you feel good, do it. Don't limit yourself. Make an aesthetic that's you :')
xFreakez Year ago
oh ok.
Karla Cortez :3
Iove This canal :')
Lauren Elloise
GrimDaddy Year ago
what's your VSCO account?
Archy E
Archy E 8 months ago
GrimDaddy hi
Formula Corn
Formula Corn Year ago
Ettore Maccà
Ettore Maccà Year ago
Listen to grunge music? You are so selfish
enderlady beats2
Next can you do the retro aesthetic PLEASE!!!
Iz Eyqa
Iz Eyqa Year ago
Can you do for baddie aesthetic
manna Year ago
I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!! can you do soft/pastel grunge after?
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