How To Be A Ride Or Die w/ @VH1 Love & Hip Hop & Basketball Wives | #AloneTogether

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Some people are loyal till the end. Here’s how these cast members from Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives have proven their friendships through the years.
#VH1 #BBW #LHH #AloneTogether
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Mar 28, 2020




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Comments 80
Ashlie Becerra
Ashlie Becerra 7 hours ago
I fucking love apple
Symone Rae
Symone Rae 11 hours ago
I still think Oprah Winfrey was doing too much by going upside Kimbella’s head. When Evelyn didn’t say anything about sleeping w Tami’s husband it was a problem.
T S 12 hours ago
Chrissy more mad than Emily....didn’t nobody even know about an Emily before she came on the show. How can a grown woman have another grown woman speaking and fighting for her
T S 12 hours ago
Malaysia is a beast and Brandi is a punk.... what she look like calling her and saying “malaysia hearing everything being said”. What did she really say to her for her to pull up saying her bestie was outnumbered yet she’s only arguing with one person and she has Buffy with her.
MyMy 23 hours ago
Like Rasheeda said I don't condone violence but Treasure had it coming.. Tammy just told her they wasn't about to go there and she kept on talking.
Kimbella definitely earned that punch because that wasn’t the time to do that, you could’ve pulled her aside & done that.. & I love Dime💞💞 & Waka funny af!
Aleeyah Bussell
Jennifer looks like paris hilton in a way
Keavia Kerr
Keavia Kerr 2 days ago
The advice is great,no cap but the way these ladies bring it out is just wack boo boo😌💯
Whitney Hutchison
Brandi was so jealous of both of the Angels. She's so insecure & lame
jnie swartz
jnie swartz 2 days ago
That assistant Nia looks cheap
Alba Gonzalez
Alba Gonzalez 3 days ago
“I’m getting ready to do The Chrissy on that bitch” 😭
Gwen Henry
Gwen Henry 4 days ago
Everytime I see that ass whooping Chrissy gave Kim, I get chills.
Apple Fluffs
Apple Fluffs 4 days ago
Sams mom tho. Love it!
Kandice Quest
Kandice Quest 4 days ago
Don't 4get apple was smashing a1 that's why she playing friendly now cuz she knows wassup. She's more mad then his wife
lesliewallace73 5 days ago
Why you gotta call back up?! Smh
Angel Butler
Angel Butler 5 days ago
Evelyn's colorist azz shoulda been done n off the show when she threatened to kill jennifer! Periodt!💯👏👏👏
Angel Butler
Angel Butler 5 days ago
I was confused af for a sec... Did anyone else think it was jennifer talkin but it was actually Nia? Thought my mind was playin tricks on me n she had a twin fr
Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones 5 days ago
Duffy dragged it she did not say all of that
Push Mak B
Push Mak B 5 days ago
That Apple situation was so confusing and funny!!!
Rubyox g
Rubyox g 5 days ago
Whos the girl at 7:15 ??
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
Emily did that whole speech just to still stay with Fab... Even after he knocked both of her front tooth out of her mouth... smh... It was no reason for Chrissy to fight Kimbella when Jim cheats on her too!!!
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
Dime and I have the same Zodiac sign! We dont play when it comes to those we love.
Aziza 5 days ago
Jason lee in the back gossiping 🤣
My Love
My Love 5 days ago
My God..the plastic surgery among the love & hip hop casts is ridiculous. As a woman I feel the pressure to look a certain way but when is enough really ENOUGH?
Amshyll Sekhmet
Amshyll Sekhmet 6 days ago
I have no idea what's going on I dont watch these shows but imma Apple fan. I'm with her my whole wig will come off to and I'll snatch it myself. What I have to be ashamed of my hair for?
Dulcelina Cabral
Dulcelina Cabral 6 days ago
Malaysia is cracking me up pulls up with her wig off, but made sure her lashes was still on...🤣🤣🤣🤣
Katara Dixon
Katara Dixon 6 days ago
girrrrllll Malaysia made all that noise with her car and jumped out like she was gone do somethin baaaby I wish I could be on them talk shows cause some of these women need to be called out
Katara Dixon
Katara Dixon 6 days ago
Malaysia sit yo tired ass back you are not about this life I dont know why Brandi even called her.
Kerry kk
Kerry kk 6 days ago
Kimbella ain't no fighter, chrissy whooped that A. Love Dime, she is real
JMjle M
JMjle M 6 days ago
Tammi looked so much more healthy, happy, & GORGEOUS bk then (the clip where Jen got slapped). Wow
Sid H
Sid H 7 days ago
Meanwhile Emily & Fab back together 🙄
Sid H
Sid H 7 days ago
Malaysia did not come from home 😭 she had to be around the corner. LA traffic ain’t that easy
Gabreana Winbush
Gabreana Winbush 7 days ago
Summer Bunni got famous off of Cardi B & Offset, she need to go sit down!
Octavia Johnson
Octavia Johnson 8 days ago
God I pray Apple stay calm she really is a good person
Theteyjbae 8 days ago
tricia just wants to be on camera shut uppppppp that mouse voice
Young Queen Cole
Young Queen Cole 8 days ago
Somaya got up after Kim dropped that bomb I screamed laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
aGwEENapple 9 days ago
I hope she said she dated Fab out of nervousness because there was no point to even bring that up
aGwEENapple 9 days ago
It's so hard watching this show! I love watching T.I. & Tiny's show because it shows people in entertainment that are respectful to each other. Like there's so much good they can be showing. When I first heard of it I thought it would be women showing if they help their husbands with their brands or what businesses they have for their own selves. Or even other things. I thought it would show them working together. This is so draining. And why is it called Basketball Wives when a lot of the women never married players? It's so predictable. Kids see this stupid crap.
lexiloo to you
lexiloo to you 9 days ago
That's Jim Jones wife period 💯 👊
⛧ worship satan ⛧
'i'm letting you know as a woman, heart to heart' - wtf is that supposed to mean, empty words
Nicole 's Right
Nicole 's Right 9 days ago
20:13 she got her ma/dad.
quaqua ellington
quaqua ellington 9 days ago
All Jessica dime did was pull her hair. And they think she did something
Mindful Baddie
Mindful Baddie 9 days ago
waka just sitting there eating his food like if that aint me😂
Gisela Bahena
Gisela Bahena 10 days ago
They get mad of a bitch dont say something right off it's bad but if she do it's still bad...who understands
RealEm Nation
RealEm Nation 10 days ago
I miss Duffy on basketball wives .
0fficial.Alyris 10 days ago
Tammy and waka was really tryna save treasure 😂😂😂😂😂
freddie zuleta
freddie zuleta 10 days ago
I know no one wants to admit it... But Malaysia slash laquisha looks soooooooooooooooooo stupid.
Jessica Curbeam
Jessica Curbeam 10 days ago
Waka 2 funny
Jessica Curbeam
Jessica Curbeam 10 days ago
Ok if it was about the kids why didn't she bring her kids to the childs party
Rishainy POULINO
Rishainy POULINO 10 days ago
I’m a Appel wats and I’m a Jessica dime
Lystra Pereira
Lystra Pereira 10 days ago
I love mimi. She just minds her business. Lol
Corey Adams
Corey Adams 10 days ago
Was Malaysia parked around the corner frfr ?!?
Tia Dove
Tia Dove 12 days ago
Karlie was slowly turning in Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction for Joc 😳😳
Treasure was right tho 😬😬
Looking back at that. Chrissy is extra asf
Nettie Zarzuela
Nettie Zarzuela 13 days ago
Kimbella was wrong to show up to the party she knew she was there to fight because she didn't have her kids with her no gifts and dress to fight WTF THAT WAS WRONG TO DO AT A KIDS PARTY ESPECIALLY A CHILD YOU CALL YOUR NEPHEW🤦🤦🤦
Lekeshia Harris
Lekeshia Harris 13 days ago
the only 2 i fucks with is Dime ans Apple
M reacts
M reacts 13 days ago
Look at Waka in the corner pulling a Mimi Faust, eating his food over there at the end 😭
C Mare V
C Mare V 14 days ago
Chrissy a bully and it was none of her business.
Michaela Marie
Michaela Marie 14 days ago
Summer got that work, Diamond wrecked her.
M K 15 days ago
'I was the best at what I done, I aint heard of you' 👏👏
Shany Boo
Shany Boo 15 days ago
Diiiiiiiiiiime 🤩🤩🤩😍 whr u been !? Trésor what UP whit them wigs
Crissie beat that be ass lol..that's my bitch fr
I loveeeeee Malaysia..she wasn't haven't that
Therealtierraaa 15 days ago
This girl talking about women empowerment while playing a role in a affair with Married men😂😂😂😂🥴🥴🥴lord these new day women
Julia Lopez
Julia Lopez 15 days ago
And sad part Emily is still with him ☹️
j money
j money 16 days ago
i need a friend like malaysia (only basing it off her pulling up for her friend - idk anything else about her)
Mya Featchurs
Mya Featchurs 16 days ago
How Emily going to be mad that kimbella told her instead of being in her face and Emily finding out from somebody else I mean I know it would still hurt but it’s fabulous fault honestly and u was getting over him at the time and she didn’t even fight kimbella the other girl did which was wrong honestly
Hyacinth Alcaraz Villanueva
Yuck Malaysia and brandi
Jay Aquacia
Jay Aquacia 17 days ago
I love Angel Brinks but damn sis the bags and wrinkles under your eyes are something serious lol😬
Cheesy Muchachas
Cheesy Muchachas 17 days ago
A1 didn’t want Lyrica to go outside because he is obviously messing with Summer Bunni again. Duh!
iamking truth
iamking truth 17 days ago
Treasure don't know wen to take heed. Tammy politely dismissed the subject and she ran her mouth. Smh 🤦 silly rabbit.
Marjo Deep
Marjo Deep 17 days ago
Like I said The issue with summer Bunny and April is that One Look Like Blac Chyna and the other look like Tokyo Toni ..😂😂😂 The devil aint forget nobody even the Look Alikes 😂😊
Eugene Godley
Eugene Godley 17 days ago
Miss Betty Booo
Miss Betty Booo 17 days ago
I don't do ride and die ever since I was whooped to the wall like a mat. Never again ! 😂
Eugene Godley
Eugene Godley 17 days ago
Well damn lol 😂😂😂
Life As Mariama
Life As Mariama 18 days ago
Look at Jason Lee in the back collecting all the tea to buy in his podcast😂😂
jonjon 18 days ago
Malaysia is wife material, damn i need my woman to risk it all like that
Jachebed 18 days ago
23:09 dat gal should have shout her mouth wen flocka coughs she didnt know he was trying to save her ass😂😂
Jachebed 18 days ago
23:09 dat gal should have shout her mouth wen flocka coughs, she didnt know he was trying to save her ass
Tamara Dalomba
Tamara Dalomba 18 days ago
We all make mistakes but y are u guys gonna come at summer for doing that u guys really have no life
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