How to (Almost) Never Have a Bike Stolen

Zach Gallardo
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Out of my 7 years of experience bike commuting, I've never had a bike stolen. That's pretty impressive (or lucky) considering that I've even had periods of time where I had to exclusively lock my bike outside (even overnight) in public. Here's my strategy that I've used to never have a bike stolen, and how you can avoid bike theft.

My bike lock setup:
1. Abus Granit X-Plus 54 Mini:
2. OnGuard Bulldog Mini:
3. Kryptonite Kryptoflex Cable Lock:
*note: I actually just use a generic cable lock, but this Kryptonite one is marginally better

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Mar 17, 2019

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Comments 1 442
Zach Gallardo
Zach Gallardo 4 months ago
What are some of your best tips for securing your bike from thieves?
Zachary Hein
Zachary Hein Day ago
I would either take the bike inside or I would remove the front wheel and chain it to the rear wheel and frame triangle. Worked well when I had an aluminum fork bike. Now I’m too paranoid about damaging the carbon fork to do this to my newer bikes lol.
Zachary Hein
Zachary Hein Day ago
Puvendran Pillay it’s all about saving those watts!
Zachary Hein
Zachary Hein Day ago
Vishrut Shah darn, my bike will never have a lock as expensive as it lmao
shred the gnar.
shred the gnar. 2 days ago
Lock back rim to inner seat post. They would have to cut the wheel or frame in half. Loop through seat rail. Then front wheel to down tube. I live in Newark Ohio. When the sun goes down, you can see the tweakers skitter by.
Lintassimilator 2 days ago
Smear poo all over your bike. Nobody wants to steal that.
Hong Wee Cheah
Hong Wee Cheah 9 hours ago
Hey man.... love your channel. You really sound like The Rock!
Lisa Griffiths
Lisa Griffiths 13 hours ago
Invest in a pedal wrench and remove the pedals because nobody will be able to pedal off on your bike if they happen to cut the locks off, so they would be less likely to choose your bike if their stealing mearly out of conveinence. And some pedals are very expensive and this would prevent them from being stolen and leaving you to carry your bike home.
BeyondWrittenWords 13 hours ago
People do pay attention to bike thieves, depends on the country I guess. People easily take footage of shady activities, something thiefs don't seem to like.
moihoo 15 hours ago
What about E Scooters?
roy borrill
roy borrill 22 hours ago
Invest in a GPS tracking device and hide it on, or inside, the frame. You won't prevent it from being stolen but at least you'll have the immense pleasure of visiting the scumbag who has your bike. Once tracked down using Google maps you can introduce the bike thieve knees to your homies and your baseball bat. Lol. Now that's what I call karma.
Zachary Hein
Zachary Hein Day ago
Insure your bike with velosurance or markell bike insurance. And yeah, I always take my bike inside work with me and leave it in the break room. I can never trust leaving it unattended for long outside even when locked up.
Christoph G.
Christoph G. Day ago
GPS trackers are light er than any lock and help reduce the amount of thieves in the world giving you the warm feeling of doing something for the society by putting them in jail. Maybe if GPS trackers become more stealth and ubiquitous bike thieves become a thing of the past. Most important when deciding for a GPS tracker. 1. Get a small one for stealth and light weight 2. Don't pay too much you get working GPS trackers for 30$ + 10$ Sim Card without monthly fees. You can call them they return the position 3. Make sure the battery is big enough, 14 days battery live is not enough 3 months seems ok. I had my last bike stolen just the day the battery of my tracker died so trust me when I say longer battery life is important. 4. always use an additional super light very long lock to prevent wheel steeling or drunken people just taking the bike. If the bike is locked that way the thief will not think about a GPS tracker normally no one has a working GPS tracker in the bike anyways. 5. If you can get a continuous tracking GPS tracker and not the one you need to call to return one location position. This is much better for finding the thieves exact location but battery life runs out quicker and cost for mobile internet might be higher. Also might not work in areas with bad internet coverage. If it only activates when bike is moved and you are not in the area it might work with sim cards which offer a free limited amount of internet and also saves battery I haven't found such a GPS tracker for a low price but I haven't looked for one either. It is technically definitely possible. 6. A good GPS receiver helps as well. 7. You could use an old smartphone but battery live is limited, also often the GPS receiver is not as good and maybe data transfer rates are higher if the software is not optimised for low data volume. But it is easier to program and there seems to be more good software out there for smartphone tracking
Ben Person
Ben Person Day ago
A GPS tracker works if you monitor it. But there has to be a cop available for the arrest which is rare. Always too busy. A demolition charge works if you're not smoking bud. You may blow yourself up. Plus you should be military trained. If your the sadistic type, leave your bike unlocked in a dark area and if a scumbag starts to steal your bike, beat his head in. The best is a baseball bat with spikes and rip the flesh off the scumbags face. Make sure you leave the area fast. 99% of the people watching you will be clapping, but just in case, leave.
Scar1273 2 days ago
5:13 well my bike costs $6000 so dose that mean I have to pay $600 on a lock???
Wat Day ago
Yes, a bike that expensive is a prime example, keep it safe.
Yes We Can
Yes We Can 2 days ago
I live in the countryside and I've always left my 1000 dollar bike without any lock in a closed garden shed. You know what? Thieves broke into it and they stole my bike! Since then I always keep my bike locked up in my garage next to my car.
VlaDuTz 2 days ago
You soud like The Rock 😆😄
AJHD 2 days ago
Not overkill... invest even more... People will never stop a bike thief... unless you had a bike stolen...
b0negang 2 days ago
and yet... if no-one bought second hand bikes, they'd be no market for them and thieves would stop...? It doesn't sound like many here even bought a used bike... who's buying ''em?
Kristjan Tiido
Kristjan Tiido 2 days ago
Why does this video only has 300k views i can't understand
Rico Suave
Rico Suave 2 days ago
Most people will not steel a $50 bike, You look like a Korean bike thug!
caibonesjones jones
What if you put loads of bike locks then they will have trouble stealing it?
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith 3 days ago
God i can imagine the people just looking at a bike being pulled by a rack as thieves shove it in the back of the van. "Don't mind us, we are just city workers carrying this big object."
Mike Libby
Mike Libby 4 days ago
My bike was stolen from a secure storage locker that was only accessible with a key code, it was locked with 3 locks and secured to a bike rack. So when you say if a thief wants your bike, they will really have your bike
Douglas Mawer
Douglas Mawer 4 days ago
Man i just got a new haro midway chrome 21' with 2.4 wheels. Now i'm scared it's gonna get stolen
Abraham The Bad Badger
Whenever I lock my bike, I sometimes put a small lock on my chain. I know it sounds insane to do so, but it works to stop anyone from riding the bike away without removing the lock from the chain first
Paulius Kanoverskis
Omg, U locks are way more secure than chain locks, it's much harder to cut them. They are most secured locks. You missleading people by saying oposite.
Loro sono umano
Loro sono umano 3 days ago
Not true. Harder to cut with an angle grinder because the chain will move upon contact. Maybe cheap regular chains, but legit ones like a Kryptonite lock will demotivate most theives
Ed Gufler
Ed Gufler 5 days ago
Awesome Video !! Thank you very much for producing and uploading it
James Stanovic
James Stanovic 5 days ago
I have an ebike. When I am visiting a city festival, etc where I won't be keeping my eye on the bike, I use a quality U lock on the frame, a thicker cable lock through the frame and back wheel and a $15 hidden bike alarm I bought on amazon. If someone bumps the bike, it gives a 1 sec warning blast...additional movement sets off the alarm. I pick a sold bike rack in a high traffic area. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!
CogniNaut 5 days ago
Your security to weight graph is plainly wrong. An 1 kilo small U lock is pretty good while an 1 kilo 1 meter chain is crap (all other things being equal)
Swiit Lime
Swiit Lime 7 days ago
WHAT about GPS tracking?
Jose Manuel A.M.
Jose Manuel A.M. 8 days ago
Pacific Beach, Old Town, O. Beach, UCSD... San Diego, Calif: Full, full, full of bike thieves... Anywhere and everywhere.
Thomas Jervis
Thomas Jervis 8 days ago
Zach*ive never had a bike stolen so here how to not get your bike stolen* Me*follows zachs instructions and gets bike stolen* Zach*just dont own a bike and it wont get stolen* Me*doesnt own a bike still gets bike stolen* Zach*tf waittt hol up*
Swiit Lime
Swiit Lime 7 days ago
you high
RIDE w/ PRIDE 8 days ago
Your lips look dry...chap stick bro
Swiit Lime
Swiit Lime 7 days ago
gay pride lol
Furn427 9 days ago
What you are saying more or less is cross your fingers
mogbaba 10 days ago
Higher technology helps theives. Now, almost all cutting machines comes in cordless version, so cutting anything, no problems.
Wisconsin Rails to trails cycler
Put a GPS Tracking Chip on the bicycle frame, along with some sort of "Lo Jack" type device, if it is out there.
Swiit Lime
Swiit Lime 7 days ago
thieves can carry a GPS tracking device BLOCKER...
Intergalactic Gamer
why not just spray paint on a fake rust paint onto a bike, nothing says worthless like rust on a bike and why spend more money and increase the risk for your wallet. Work the thief not the odds.
Dara Corr
Dara Corr 10 days ago
how do you bring 2 U-locks with you while you're cycling though?
Swiit Lime
Swiit Lime 7 days ago
one under each arm
Sviatoslav Melnychenko
Buy cheap used bike on eBay and stop worrying.
Swiit Lime
Swiit Lime 7 days ago
I bought a cheap 3k$ one
D Allen
D Allen 11 days ago
Nowadays I don't leave my bike where I can't keep my eyes on it. That's how keep my bike from being stolen 🙂
Anything Fixer
Anything Fixer 11 days ago
I once helped a guy retrieve a $5000 dh bike and we got the thief arrested- have a video of it on my channel. That's great advice man.. I'm somewhat paranoid about my $2500 bike disappearing so I have no problem spending the money on locks and taking time to use them.
The Reslers
The Reslers 11 days ago
They will even steal a Walmart bike 🙁😬- even a $50 kids one. Happened to us.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider 12 days ago
Now I feel paranoid locking up my 2015 Kona Fire Mountain
bindare dundat
bindare dundat 12 days ago
Swiit Lime
Swiit Lime 7 days ago
wtf you and your kuntry
King f
King f 12 days ago
how i dont get my my bike stolen, i live in a flat so i just put it in my balconi and when i go to the shops i get my friend to look after the bikes outisde then when im done buying my shit i look after the bikes while hes in the shop. when i go to my friends house i just ask "can i put this in your house or garden?"
Harald Karugaba
Harald Karugaba 13 days ago
thanks for the tips especially the glue part on the bolt but what kind glue do you recommend
oasisbeyond 13 days ago
Don't live in bad neighborhoods... there you go... Always use at least 2 locks, and the best bet is not to ride an expensive bike, just need one that does the job. You can use another bike for when you go out and don't need to lock it. Bring it inside your house at all times.
Myrmid0n_ 13 days ago
I never got a bike stolen either... that's because i never owned a bike mine arrives tomorrow tho
Jake Stansberry
Jake Stansberry 13 days ago
Just don't live in Elwood, Indiana lmao
David Wallace
David Wallace 14 days ago
"You should treat having a bike stolen like an inevitability." True!
Jimiel Joseph
Jimiel Joseph 14 days ago
I NEVER leave my bike anywhere and I NEVER have to lock it anywhere either. I park it in my bedroom every night. I truly still have nightmares related to my losses.
Jimiel Joseph
Jimiel Joseph 14 days ago
I NEVER leave my bike anywhere and I NEVER have to lock it anywhere either. I park it in my bedroom every night. I truly still have nightmares related to my losses.
Sir Nicholas
Sir Nicholas 14 days ago
With the small hydraulic car jack being so common place now theres almost nothing you can do if someone wants it. Always bring it inside or keep it in eyesight.
Avenged84 15 days ago
Heavier does not equal securer. Sure, lightweight ain't gonna be very secure but a 10 pound chain isn't neccesarily gonna be more secure than a 2 pound u-lock. Chains usually are easier to break than a decent u-lock, no matter how heavy the chain is. Also, if you take a 10 pound chain and cut it in half that 5 pound chain is still gonna be as strong as the 10 pound version. Also no matter how strong your chain is, if the lock itself is weak your bike's still gonna get stolen in a jiffy. Imho it all comes down to a combination of good lock and good technique. Position the u-lock so that it's gonna be difficult to put pressure on it by getting the lock away from the ground so a thief can't use the ground to help him put pressure on the cutter (only works if you don't have a cheap ass lock which can't withstand shit). Also good is to place the lock so that it's gonna be hard (or best even impossible) to not damage the bike (not talking about the paint obviously) in the process (who wants a broken bike? And makes getaway harder. Of course kinda depends on the kind of thief but ruling out some random idiots is better than nothing). More locks are good too of course but if it's the right lock one will be enough (plus a cable for saddle and/or wheels. Maybe it depends on where you live but here in Germany, while you can get away with quickly cutting a cheap cable lock (even out in the open) you will absolutely not get the chance to use a heavy tool to cut a lock while out on the open with many people around. Especially if the lock is decent enough to not be cut in literally an instant with the tool being concealed. Even if the thief poses as a city worker it can be very risky because 1. there are rules attached, bikes can't be taken by the city without notice so chances are high at least a few people will question you. Also, city workers don't go around the city taking bikes away in the middle of the day so depending on when and where your bike should be quite save because posers stick out like a sore thumb. Also they drive special city vehicles and they're allowed to drive everywhere so if a city worker takes bikes without a city vehicle right next to him he'll absolutely stick out. I guess that's probably why nobody ever even attempts it. Risks are way to high because people will get suspicious but also it's a felony to pose as a city worker so you don't just risk getting caught stealing a bike but you also risk getting in more trouble than just stealing a bike. That being said, of course it doesn't mean it can't happen, it just means chances are minimal for that to happen. Anyway, I use a good u-lock (Kryptonite KryptoLok) that cost me about 40€ (50ish $) and in these past 3 years it hasn't been stolen. I even let my bike out in public overnight. Now, it ain't a 1000$ bike but it did cost me about 500 so it isn't a cheap one either. My guess is that thieves see my lock and the way I lovked it and know they'll be better off stealing another bike. And we certainly have a bike thief problem here in Germany too so it's not like bikes don't get stolen here anyway. With that all being said, you can't be too careful. Better have to much security than not enough and please don't blame me for your bike getting stolen because of anything I wrote here ;).
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