How to (Almost) Never Have a Bike Stolen

Zach Gallardo
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Out of my 7 years of experience bike commuting, I've never had a bike stolen. That's pretty impressive (or lucky) considering that I've even had periods of time where I had to exclusively lock my bike outside (even overnight) in public. Here's my strategy that I've used to never have a bike stolen, and how you can avoid bike theft.

My bike lock setup:
1. Abus Granit X-Plus 54 Mini:
2. OnGuard Bulldog Mini:
3. Kryptonite Kryptoflex Cable Lock:
*note: I actually just use a generic cable lock, but this Kryptonite one is marginally better

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Mar 17, 2019




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Comments 1 605
Zach Gallardo
Zach Gallardo 7 months ago
What are some of your best tips for securing your bike from thieves?
Cormac O'Brien
Cormac O'Brien Month ago
Great video - excellent point of view and pointers 🤙🏻
Hans Goldammer
Hans Goldammer Month ago
Make the lock very tight to the bike and the objekt, its harder do cut with powertools without destroy the bike or parts
James P
James P 2 months ago
Day time, Big, short length like 900mm long metal chain lock 10mm thick, padlock shackle no less than the chain or disc core padlock + U lock with disc core no less than 13mm. For overnight I would have small metal chain w/ padlock and small u lock of no less than 16mm shackles and decent core like Oxford Nemesis and Kryptonite 18mm u lock. Short and thick metal chain locks (no longer than 0.9meter) means you can employ more locking per pound of weight to carry, plus keeps it off the ground to stop leverage attack with bolt cutter
C Pulliam
C Pulliam 2 months ago
OLD SCHOOL NYC METHOD: Secure your seat with an old, shortened bike chain wrapped in tape.
Mark Mulder
Mark Mulder 2 months ago
Two words: Folding locks. They are a great balance of security and convenience. As always the "heavier is better" mantra applies, but it has some clear advantages over U-locks: it's got a much longer reach than any U-lock, it's not vulnerable to car-jack attacks or any other attack that takes advantage of a U-lock's rigid design (although those are becoming rare), and it's in my opinion more sleek and less clunky looking when folded up and stowed on the bike frame than a U-lock looks in its mount.
St8kout 5 hours ago
Well for one, forget cable locks. At the very least, get a decent U lock, making the thieves use an angle grinder. At least it will make noise and throw lots of sparks, attracting attention.
TigerAudioInc 13 hours ago
How to stop bike thefts. Shoot thieves in the face upon discovery. Everyone should be carrying a gun and using it to protect themselves and their property. A properly armed society is a polite society.
Brandon Hofmann
Brandon Hofmann 8 days ago
Thanks for the tips. (One more) Best way to not get a bike stolen , get a folding bike and take it with you everywhere! Tern makes the best folding bikes that feel like regular bikes and even come in 26 inch wheels.
Roger 9 days ago
If you live in Taipei, the best thing for you is let them steal your bike. I rode across the city once.
Liberty Roads
Liberty Roads 22 days ago
What do you think of the ABUS Bordo 6000 bike lock? That's the one I'm thinking about getting. I like that it comes with a way to mount it to the bike.
Katya Month ago
Interesting video, thanks. I have kids and our bikes were stolen 5 times! Shame on you thefts! I wish you all go to hell soon! Go find a job and STOP stealing bikes! Kids are getting their bikes on Christmas or Birthdays.
D M Month ago
some non-thieves might even steal a bike locked with a cable just for the stupidity of locking a bike with a cable.
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips Month ago
Nicely done. Very clear and concise. The same info that I have been hearing from others but much more organized and to the point. Thanks. I'm trying to figure out how to secure my new Ebikes to the bike rack on my truck hitch. I figure a beefy kryptonite chain and lock from the truck frame to the first bike and another chain/lock through both bikes (front & rear wheel and frame. This is just for transport and to protect them when we go into a restaurant or store. .... thoughts?
Gio Month ago
Left my bike locked uo overnight and have supreme anxiety right now
Gio Month ago
All good!!!
Acyutananda das
Acyutananda das Month ago
I cover my Specialized label and logo on my bike with tape. Both my bikes are black, no bling. I donated to the Sheriffs Association and they sent me decals and stickers. I put them on my frame. I politely asked the police station to give me some stickers and put "Police Dept" stickers on as well. Under the saddle is a sticker w my name and address. So far no problems. I might also put some hidden identifying marks on the bike and copy the model and serial #s. But if it's stolen it's pretty much a goner. If I see someone riding my bike, that could lead to a felony (on my part) I ain't no Pee Wee Herman Can you say something about registering a bike. In USA I don't think police really bother to catch bike thieves or recover stolen bikes 'cause their priority is more w car thieves.
Trevor Schnedler
What do you think about tracking devices?
Timothy Wagner
Timothy Wagner Month ago
Is it worth putting a gps tracker in your bike frame?
I put 4 locks on my bike
Justinas Plays
Justinas Plays Month ago
The most toughest bike lock in existence if I had a business: •hardened steel wires • titanium alloy outside • tough three times heated steel • a thick layer of kevlar And a special key that needs to be scanned And a extremely hard lock.
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Sionnach1601 Month ago
What an incredibly long video with such little content. The vast majority of what this guy says is VERY self-evident, even if he presents it very well. It's like a well produced click bait video, but still a click bait video. Thumbs down sorry. You're wasting people's time.
reaaz Month ago
...or buy a folding bike - problem solved :)
yooo 2 months ago
Im going to university this fall and I have a bike. I obviously don't want it to get stolen, so can I have some advice??
Niki 9ine
Niki 9ine 2 months ago
just got my bike stolen, feeling kinda sad
Derrick Van
Derrick Van 2 months ago
I'm sad I have to worry about my bike being stolen, I wish I can live in a world where if I leave my bike unlocked people are going to respect my property, but that is the most stupid wish because I can't even trust to leave my food out in the open without getting it stolen. I've lost so many burritos :(
DE AD BE EF 2 months ago
A friend use tape to hide the brand so it doesn't get damaged if I want to sell it. Re-painting the bike would do but again, in case you want to sell it, an attractive bike is an asset. I personnaly disguise my bike with "faux rust finish" as I don't really care if it looks good as long as it's actually good. It's ugly, but the bike has quite the same quality and I can finish my tour with peace of mind.
mark ablett
mark ablett 2 months ago
Funny story about 20 years ago I got home from work and put my bike in my garden while I put my bag and helmet in the house.. I was gone for less than a minute Come out side to put my bike away and it had gone 😡 I contacted the police and they said contact my insurance The following day I was at work and told my friends about what happened A few hours later my friend said my bike was in the bike rack???? Really I said thinking he was messing with me (Not funny) But I looked in the rack and my bike was there????? I spoke to security and they contacted my manager, checking cctv A new lad had started work and come to work on my bike Police got called he was taken away I got my bike back True story
Michael Gogov
Michael Gogov 2 months ago
Get a car....
david pohl
david pohl 2 months ago
DON'T lock your bike to a handicapped ramp railing! Wheelchair users sometimes use rail to pull themselves up the ramp (low battery) and bike or handlebar can block them. Sight impaired can run into bike or handlebar when using rail. Those on foot can have similar problems. This includes the elderly, the weak, children, and pregnant women. Did I forget anyone?
James P
James P 2 months ago
Best security is to graffiti the logos and entire bike, make it messy and sloppy. the pros is it puts the value to a thief down to zero (people dont want non-descript bike) cons obviously, makes it difficult for you to resell. So long as you don't plan on reselling then it's a not an issue. Plus you have ride around on something that looks terrible, but it still works and still yours Stripping the paint will cost time and money which is the opposite of thiefs objective
Michael A. Jantz
Michael A. Jantz 2 months ago
Just 3 days ago I walked out of a Costco in Phx,AZ with 20 pounds of groceries. My bike is a black 2008 Raleigh loaded with carbon parts (including a carbon Topeak saddle post rack. It's So sexy bling!) Campagnolo Carbon Record FD/RD and brifters, carbon TT bars, FSA SLK Light Triple cranks and a New set of Campy Scirocco RX wheels. I also pull a BOB YAK trailer. I use three locks ... most of the time. This past Saturday I walked out and ...It was Gone! Raleigh, BOB and locks. I Flipped out! Long story short, Security pulled it into their office that was 30 feet away. (ruined my rear hanger, due to my FAT cable lock wrapping and pulling the RD) The bike is scoffed at by "Real" roadies. It looks like a rat bike, (it is the best Bitchn' Rat bike you've ever seen) I don't clean it. But, Campagnolo and Carbon scream Steal Me! Even though it was dragged into the office, I feel it's time for new locks and perhaps digital technology for tracking. Thanks, Great Video! At the age of 52 I'm still learning how to keep my bike, My Bike!
Piglet OfGreed
Piglet OfGreed 2 months ago
Ride a recumbent..and/or a "junker" or a bike that looks like one
TundrazZ R
TundrazZ R 2 months ago
The front wheel lock doesn't work on all bikes
rob ten tije
rob ten tije 2 months ago
place switch on light next to it move light turns on why not keep uber mega lock at place you are gowing to ( like work place )
Ruth Walton
Ruth Walton 2 months ago
My racing bike looked like a like of beat up trash . I used to lock it to heavy railings with a couple of locks. Thieves dismantled the railings ,😂 I thought bad thoughts about them . I now have a new trike.... mobility issues. I am not going to leave it anywhere it is coming with me to bed 😂 thanks for smashing video 👍
Teapot-Dave 2 months ago
My hack-bike is a tatty-looking hybrid which I brush painted (badly) even getting some paint on the outer-cables. It is a really good quality bike though which I bought very cheaply off eBay in 2006 and still rides perfectly; but it looks such a rat that when it's parked anywhere, no bike-thief would even consider stealing it.
C Pulliam
C Pulliam 2 months ago
I remeber back in late 90s/early 200s when super expensive, Krytonite, round barrel key locks could be picked in 3 seconds with a cheap Bic pen. The white soft plastic body of pen was only ever so slightly larger than diameter of the key. Just remove the inner pen parts, jam it into the key hole as you twist and the malleable, soft pen body would form to the key hole slots. The lock would open in seconds! Im a rider, NOT a scumbag thief. So i never stole any bike. But i tried this method on MY heavy duty, $90 Kryptonite chain and lock (THE NYC standard back in the day...just wear it round your waist as you ride) as soon as i learned of the method and was PISSED when i tried it on my set up!
hi yall
hi yall 2 months ago
ulock your back wheel and frame together to a secure structure. heavy duty chain lock the frame of the bike to a secure structure. install quick release front wheel lever so you can take your wheel off and with you. use the quick release lever on your seat to take that as well. wedge a sharp stick into the hole that you just removed your seat from.
Mr. Teff
Mr. Teff 2 months ago
Lots of good information, thank you. But a little long and repetitious.
Ralph Pickering
Ralph Pickering 2 months ago
My #1 tip to not get your bike stolen is to not have one that is super fashionable, a common brand or otherwise desirable. Bike thieves want something they can flip quickly on Craigslist without it being easily identifiable. My bike is a custom built, lugged steel gravel bike with no obvious logos - it looks seriously old-school. It's disguised by tape, dirt and a super-ropey looking pannier bag. It doesn't look like a bike costing what it did. I don't know whether dirt and tape counts toward the 10% value but my Hiplok Gold lock was £85 and the Pitlock Skewers were £65, which is closer to 3%. It also has DataTag stickers (I bought the pack but never got round to fitting the kit or registering it but the stickers are a bit of a deterrent). It's my daily commuter and is coming up 13 years since I had it built and it spends a lot of its time locked up on streets around London's West End. To get a decent amount for it, they'd need to advertise it noting down some of the more distinctive components, which would make it easier to track down and identify. The bike that was in my possession the shortest was a carbon framed, carbon wheeled bike that I had for about a week. I stupidly left it locked outside my work with a couple of cable locks... the worst bit was that I had 18 months of loan left to pay. As it was a common brand and I'd not had the foresight to make a note of the serial numbers, there wasn't even any point in reporting the theft since I couldn't conclusively prove any recovered bike was mine. That hurt.
Mushu Porkie-pie
Mushu Porkie-pie 2 months ago
I put a simple rechargeable tracker that will light up if it's jostled under my seat with a simple snap. Most people won't check under the seat before trying to steal it. Someone touches my bike, I get an alert, and then come running about to put someone in the ground.
Ant 2 months ago
Also park up near cctv as a deterrent
Owl Knickerknots
Owl Knickerknots 2 months ago
A douche move would be is stick your cheap bike next to an extremely expensive one ! The thief will take the expensive one !
Chromecannon 2 months ago
12:00 #mcduffyskajukenbo #saludos de #inglewood
Chris Naude
Chris Naude 2 months ago
Now you just need to set your saddle angle correctly :D :D :D
TMoD7007 2 months ago
I had my bikes stolen from my garage. Two times. Never in public!
z1nyc 2 months ago
So much bad and incomplete information. Better and more concise video is Hal from Bike Habitat.
The Soloosh
The Soloosh 2 months ago
Dude I'm sure I could build a bike to rival any bicycles components for five hundred bucks or less.
Toma Nicodin
Toma Nicodin 2 months ago
I think your tips work well but you forgot to mention the area you are living. Where I live I can leave my bike outside (1k Trek gravel bike) for a few nights with just a cable for components and a U lock for the frame. I can even leave my cargobike for months (with 3 heavy locks). Also 2 very important tips: 1. Never leave your bike in the same place for days in row. Thieves might patrol and realize that the bike is left unsupervised for the se amount of time everyday. 2. If thieves have angle grinders... they can cut the bike rack, so if you can anchor your bike into 2 different poles or racks, better. In general the golden rule is that your bike should lool harder to steal than the bikes near her. Thxxx for the video and cheers!!!
IBE BANGIN 2 months ago
Whoever pays $1300 for a bicycle deserves to have it stolen.
Vivien LAROCHE 2 months ago
you realise pro bikes goes for 10k?
Adam Meek
Adam Meek 2 months ago
if he sez 'ay' and not 'a' I'm turning.
paul Wills
paul Wills 2 months ago
Not bad but why the hard cuts in editing ...horrible
Cantemir A.
Cantemir A. 2 months ago
@Zach Gallardo >>>> You forgot of the GPS live tracking method :) Just 200g instead of 5 kg of locks !
RHCPsTv 2 months ago
bla bla bla nonsense. Just put your saddle at a steep angle like at 7:35 and no normal human being will EVER steal your bike.
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 2 months ago
i think you are well spoken, very clear and very knowledgable, however you repeated yourself about 4 times. your video could have been 4 minutes. Very good job nonetheless!
Dancing through canyons
You ride crappy bikes bro. Nobody wants your bike.
Sky Tower
Sky Tower 2 months ago
:/ my sister got my bike stolen, she left it on the side of the house and didn't answer the door when the theif was scouting, she hadn't even asked me to borrow the bike.
James Clark
James Clark 2 months ago
What are you thoughts on the Abus Bordo locks?
roy hart
roy hart 2 months ago
Never take your bike if you have to lock it up the best lock is a German shepherd
MrCyclist68 2 months ago
During the day a great place is right outside Starbucks/Costa. Nothing puts scum off mooching a bike than being watched from 15 ft away by people with cameras in their hands
MrCyclist68 2 months ago
Check out "don't steal bikes bro" on YT. It'll put a smile on your face.
Jose Ricardo Perez
Jose Ricardo Perez 2 months ago
I usually lock my bike around area's souronded by cameras also, all my bikes are registered. ☺️ Bike theft is crazy here in the Bay Area were I live.
Snooze5000 2 months ago
this gentleman Zack is a undercover pro bike thief
John Ewald
John Ewald 2 months ago
Crap video
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