How this SENSATIONAL singer won The Voice | Winner's Journey #9

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Singer Judah Kelly won the sixth series of The Voice Australia in 2017. Check out his incredible journey from the 'Blind Auditions' till his victory in the 'Grand Final'!
Blind Audition: "Tennessee Whiskey" by Chris Stapleton
Knock Out: "When We Were Young" by Adele
Battle: "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus
Live: "Chains" by Tina Arena
Live: "I'm Not The Only One" by Sam Smith
Live "Count On Me" by Judah Kelly
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Nov 21, 2018




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Comments 4 583
The Voice Global
The Voice Global 9 months ago
Have you ever heard someone GRUNTING in The Voice? Check it out: ruvid.net/video/video-f-nnXmxP2xM.html
Mimi Lamm
Mimi Lamm 2 months ago
@rosa nieves I agree!! He is so handsome & he seems to have such a beautiful soul.
crab dab for life
crab dab for life 2 months ago
Only if can sing like that
Kevin Kendall
Kevin Kendall 6 months ago
@Phil Sandercock know a girl that did a lot of karoake that's roughly Jonah's size,had a lot of self esteem issues but when she grabbed the mic my God she came alive,anything from Nancy Wilson to Janis Joplin
Krea City
Krea City 6 months ago
The Voice Global 🎪
Chris 6 months ago
Danielle Kuiper
Danielle Kuiper 15 hours ago
13.409.817 views and I think at least 1000 are me :) Cannot get enough of this guy and Delta!!!
Amber 20 hours ago
the clips of him hugging delta and his awkward facial expressions took me tf out
lona Bennette
lona Bennette 22 hours ago
Their voice are amazing but the richness of that girl voice is ssoooo melodic I can hear her singing in the forest!
Arsen Belba
Arsen Belba Day ago
Strabunitz Day ago
why does he live in his car?
Wayne Wilson
Wayne Wilson 2 days ago
Is this guy real? !!!!!!!
Nikolai Bakklund
Nikolai Bakklund 3 days ago
who else is watching this at 3 AM
Nicah Gonzales
Nicah Gonzales 3 days ago
michael Haczynskyj
I mean delta is fine
suvransu bag
suvransu bag 4 days ago
This guy deserves huge huge respect
Se Se McDowell
Se Se McDowell 5 days ago
When he started crying when he met Jennifer Hudson I felt that cause I would literally start bawling😂😂
Slashley gibbins
Slashley gibbins 5 days ago
Amazeballs. He sounds a bit like Sam Smith.
Shannon Cavanagh
Shannon Cavanagh 5 days ago
He looks like Elvis towards the end. Hmmm some soul. Great job brotha.
Mack Cage
Mack Cage 5 days ago
Amazing.. on a side note he sorta looks like Elvis!
Michelle Varte
Michelle Varte 3 days ago
that's what i thought too...when he was singing...his eyes..his lips..his nose turned so much elvis..the look he gave when he had the mic singing..i was like woooo elvis the king..he is connecting 😃
Eric Hinkle
Eric Hinkle 6 days ago
I love raw talent and I really honestly don't care what you look like I am sick of this whole pop culture bullshit. I don't care what you look like it should just be about the music.
Kevin Jimenez
Kevin Jimenez 6 days ago
He was hinting to his looks when he said “not being good enough” he assumed that nobody wanted to hear him for that reason.
Carlos Augusto A. M. Martorell Ortiz
please, in the next videos do not interrupt the songs
Leslie Myszka
Leslie Myszka 7 days ago
He is one of the only singers on any voice worldwide that has given me goosebumps throughout an entire song. That second Adelle song he sang... Holy bajeezes! Love him!!!
Alana Parham
Alana Parham 8 days ago
Imagine him singing river.. omfg😂😫
guitar on sky
guitar on sky 9 days ago
Delta is a good coach for sure. That's one of the reasons why Judah won. Good job. Really2 good job.
N Stj
N Stj 10 days ago
I feel bad for the janitor that has to clean up his sweat wherever he goes
miguel vargas
miguel vargas 10 days ago
AMAZING MAN !!!!!!!! AMAZING VOICE!!!!! That’s real talent .
Patricia Fallis
Patricia Fallis 11 days ago
got some crazy goose bumps from this guy wow!!
Ronald Lloyd
Ronald Lloyd 11 days ago
Your good enough!
Tammy Case
Tammy Case 12 days ago
Heartwarming!!!! ❤❤❤
Hodds .31832
Hodds .31832 12 days ago
Didn't realize they allowed swearing on the voice lol
Ad 12 days ago
The way he looks at delta!! boyyyy
ching fonillera
ching fonillera 12 days ago
i like this song so good
B0BBY D0UGLAS22 13 days ago
I was always bullied with being big and watching this made me happy
Neshan Nikogosyan
Neshan Nikogosyan 13 days ago
I like the voice Australia but I can’t stand it at the same time because of that one cocksucker coach.
Hugo Flores
Hugo Flores 13 days ago
He looks Delta in the eye every time he sings lol “this is for you bae”
Kathryn B
Kathryn B 13 days ago
Okay, take off the weight. Look at all this kid's facial features and expressions. He could be directly related to Elvis Presley... And the judge calls him King?! The King traveled all over the world. You gonna tell me he might not have an offspring or two?
D Berd
D Berd 15 days ago
Judah has pipes! What a great singer!!!!!
Crafty Crafter’s Place
When he sings the climb as a duet that’s should be a single
spudheadjohnny 16 days ago
What a great guy
Elwood P. Dowd
Elwood P. Dowd 16 days ago
The girl singing with Judah sounded amazing.
Teresa Mocinho
Teresa Mocinho 17 days ago
junmel jave baco
junmel jave baco 17 days ago
wow just wow :o
Mark Meyer
Mark Meyer 17 days ago
Just imagine if it were a girl and some guy was creeping on the hugs. Love the double standard in society.
Mathis Williams
Mathis Williams 18 days ago
At 9:12 is the song where he really looked and sounded so confident! Great song choice!
ariyoga 96
ariyoga 96 18 days ago
Why judah always wet ?
ariyoga 96
ariyoga 96 18 days ago
Why judah always wet ?
Just Saying
Just Saying 18 days ago
You think your not, "good enough." Well 13 million of us on social media think otherwise. Congratulations!
Dzairi 18 days ago
Best thing about this, is that there a lot of people watching that can relate to him.
timamyett 18 days ago
I like Juda's "I know I'm not the only one" better than the original.
Felipe muñoz
Felipe muñoz 19 days ago
He is good, but dont believe he is sensational
Juan Camilo Carlone
He looks so humble 💛
ladup Tamang
ladup Tamang 20 days ago
Nepal also please
Benjamin Conrad
Benjamin Conrad 21 day ago
From the Side he looked like Meat Loaf :D
Fab Funty
Fab Funty 22 days ago
some people would pay money to get a hug from Delta and he's ...uuuhm no thanks, please don't 😉😂
Unito1 23 days ago
Visit Judah`s chanel and help him become famous ruvid.net/show-UC4ErNlwSKvIceAu4Pog9xpQfeatured
Henry Grand
Henry Grand 23 days ago
Yes Judah, she IS a babe... moahaha :)
Zachary Mcrae
Zachary Mcrae 24 days ago
His dad did say he was the best annndddd he wasn’t lying 🤷‍♂️
Giulio DaVinci
Giulio DaVinci 24 days ago
Haha wonderful. At 16:20 they call his name as the winner. And he is not responding. Only when the runner up turns to him the realization came.
LadyGrace 24 days ago
Dang.. I don't watch T.V.. but WOW. This young man is so gifted.
Rachel 'RTNightmare'
Wow! That’s so awesome. Judah is incredible. I can empathize with his anxiety. Good job dude!
G Johnson
G Johnson 25 days ago
good lord kelly was right, his tone is amazing
Me 2
Me 2 25 days ago
Good for u Mate, so fking sad it has to come to The point of seeking confirmation or love from media or other coorps whos only doing it for The money. If thats ur goal/need - fair enough, but they're not doing it for The kind ess of their hearts.. They're looking down on u, only one ho est about shit is Simon Cowell tbh.. But even he had to change due to popular demand.. Not us Who have to change. Its The filthy system. Even IF its in many ways arre good - its in so many others The total opposite and vidden. Like dirt under The rug or ur unwashed hnderware or w/e.. But no point telling anyone here that.. All knows better than me anyway lol. Apparently im The dumbest cunt on utube:)
Katelyn Knapp
Katelyn Knapp 25 days ago
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