How this SENSATIONAL singer won The Voice | Winner's Journey #9

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Singer Judah Kelly won the sixth series of The Voice Australia in 2017. Check out his incredible journey from the 'Blind Auditions' till his victory in the 'Grand Final'!
Blind Audition: "Tennessee Whiskey" by Chris Stapleton
Knock Out: "When We Were Young" by Adele
Battle: "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus
Live: "Chains" by Tina Arena
Live: "I'm Not The Only One" by Sam Smith
Live "Count On Me" by Judah Kelly
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Nov 21, 2018

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Comments 3 823
The Voice Global
The Voice Global 6 months ago
Have you ever heard someone GRUNTING in The Voice? Check it out: ruvid.net/video/video-f-nnXmxP2xM.html
Kevin Kendall
Kevin Kendall 3 months ago
@Phil Sandercock know a girl that did a lot of karoake that's roughly Jonah's size,had a lot of self esteem issues but when she grabbed the mic my God she came alive,anything from Nancy Wilson to Janis Joplin
Krea City
Krea City 3 months ago
The Voice Global 🎪
Chris 3 months ago
Phil Sandercock
Phil Sandercock 4 months ago
This is where the voice blows other singing shows out of the water, I've been in his shoes where weight and looks plays a major factor when trying to get out in the world to be noticed and one look at the size and image comes before anything, he has Low self-esteem, because your valuable seen as the fat guy and to be excepted you have to be someone else and when that doesn't work you slowly revert into yourself. This is where the voice does it , looks are erelvent and pure talent and his amazing gift is there Juda is one amazing guy and I hope he comes to the UK for a tour
The Voice Global 3
Atrbulldog Hour ago
Who are these judges
Chrystal Monroe
Chrystal Monroe 3 hours ago
HEY!!! Big record companies......you better grab up this guy
je ff
je ff 3 hours ago
I love you baymax ❤
Laura Beldin
Laura Beldin 3 hours ago
I know exactly how he feels about not being good enough I struggle with that myself it's hard cause u almost sabotage yourself in life .. anyway I'm so happy for you..your incredible so much more then you know 💛💚💙💜♥️
Chrystal Monroe
Chrystal Monroe 3 hours ago
Sir you are good enough....i look forward to hearing you more
Michele jh
Michele jh 5 hours ago
Oh woww, I'm in love with his voice, what an amazing guy❤️
JCFNor 5 hours ago
What a voice and talent!!
Carmelo Santana
Carmelo Santana 7 hours ago
So where is Judas now, I guess probably chilling with Jesus
levi margera
levi margera 15 hours ago
All I have to say is wow this is great
Craig Jarjoura
Craig Jarjoura 16 hours ago
Looks like a good kid, happy for him and great voice.
MASS FourTwenty
MASS FourTwenty 20 hours ago
Took me 3 1/2 mins to realize he was wearing a New England Patriots hat
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller 8 hours ago
MASS FourTwenty took me until you said this
John Schaedel
Bruh her Nip slipped at 2:45
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller 8 hours ago
I looked and all I saw was your moms boob
John Schaedel
John Schaedel 8 hours ago
Ethan Miller my b bro lmao just tryna make some jokes
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller 8 hours ago
No it really didnt
John Schaedel
John Schaedel 8 hours ago
Ethan Miller it did tho literally you can’t see it?
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller 8 hours ago
John Schaedel no it didnt
new channel
new channel Day ago
Good enough!!!????? Good grief!!!! PS as cute as can be!!! Love the man on the stage...he is a winner!!
Najeeb Khan
Najeeb Khan Day ago
The judges r so cool they r so encouraging
Brecht Haerynck
Judah kelly needs to go to eurovision 2020😍 for Australia In the Netherlands From Belgium🇧🇪
Maria Basan
Maria Basan Day ago
Youre very humble Judah... God will bless you the more... Beautiful face, beautiful soul.
Kindred Spirit
Kindred Spirit 2 days ago
Juda’s so special. He protects his heart. He’s prolly been hurt.
corrosion x
corrosion x 2 days ago
I am a 100%.0 sure he fucked delta girls are not attracted to looks because girls will fuck with a bum if they are turned on
Paulo Braga
Paulo Braga 2 days ago
God this guy would be a great friend for me
golden slumber
golden slumber 2 days ago
I love Delta...
Bear Skywalker
Bear Skywalker 3 days ago
If this is The Voice Us/Uk he wouldnt win this but im glad The Voice Australia didnt care about how someone look as long they got voice #thumbsup
Lagertha Lagertha
His voice reminds me to Sting.
Becnflavord 3 days ago
OMG the goosebumps during "When we were young" spot on Judah, spot on! I loved it.. congrats from US
Eileen Chambers
Eileen Chambers 4 days ago
Sleeps in his car, back up for singers, them guys must be so jealous now. His so bloody awesomeness
Daarta Wononuah
Daarta Wononuah 4 days ago
This guy sings like damn. I have goosebumps and just feel happy listening to his voice and Delta is such a darling
Thomas J Voss
Thomas J Voss 4 days ago
That guy is so amazing!
Sudarshan Singh Bisht
Chotu adnan shami. Lovely.. Love you brother
KLawson04 5 days ago
Melvin Peters
Melvin Peters 5 days ago
Looks and sounds like kungfu panda when he says deltas a babe haha
Jaquin Pappageorgio
He would have won in America as well.
Mike Ryan Fitness
his voice reminds me of lukas graham
Candy Santillo
Candy Santillo 6 days ago
Oh god I felt that!😥
bean 6 days ago
Why is no one talking about 7:17
Tanya DeHart
Tanya DeHart 6 days ago
Judah, I'm an older lady and boy oh boy your singing did it for me😊💜
JMB 6 days ago
He’s amazing ! Love his effortless beautiful voice!!
JMB 6 days ago
That first duet sounded quite beautiful!
Gary Raymo
Gary Raymo 7 days ago
Absolutely beautiful man amazing voice
Michael l Bryan
Michael l Bryan 7 days ago
I think you are in love with her detas and what ever you do just go with it it becomes you very much.
Michael l Bryan
Michael l Bryan 7 days ago
I just knows how you feel man I say the same thing I'm I good enough?when I go witnessing to others deep in my heart it really hurts to tells others that they are going to hell if they don't really repent
Donna Hogan
Donna Hogan 7 days ago
Really great voice, what a marvellous talent!
David Clarke
David Clarke 7 days ago
Delta is a Babe, too....
No Comment
No Comment 7 days ago
Bruh.. no more background for you. Come our front let us hear all of you.
Ethan Paki
Ethan Paki 7 days ago
Kiel Pink
Kiel Pink 7 days ago
Watching from Philippines! This is amazing!!!
hicham semmari
hicham semmari 7 days ago
I remember him,he audition for the xfactor,actually i download his audition,it was phenomenon
iya cruz
iya cruz 8 days ago
When the girl called his name that he was the winner, did he knew he wins coz his reaction ?😂 He seems so humble and so shy that he didn't know that he has a amazing voice ... Wish I have a voice which I can use to enter in a big singing competition like this 😢😢😢
John Willis
John Willis 8 days ago
These songs are have SO MUCH MEANING for this guy!!! They aren't just good but they are telling his story. Delta did a DAMN good job picking these songs for him!
B B 8 days ago
7:12 to 7:24 is one of my favourite bits tbh
Da St
Da St 8 days ago
I don't know who wrote the title in Spanish. Because the words isn't correctly. Anyways, thanks for sharing it. Besides, use English language because that's the National Language is "English".
Harbinder Singh Barry
I am clapping sitting here at home Mr. Judah , you are absolutely unbelievable brother and it’s not one in a million . More like one in a billion also forgive me but try Dan Hill’s sometimes when we touch .
Meek Meek
Meek Meek 9 days ago
Wowwwwwww!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
jeetendra kumar
jeetendra kumar 9 days ago
Dang this guy is a real jewel looking for a crown , pure talent, keep reaching higher , thank ms delta to understand him and push him higher, great job ma'am
Rob M
Rob M 11 days ago
Get rid of your car and start walking, you fat fuck! !
Craig Laycox
Craig Laycox 12 days ago
Ok this guy is decent, granted ..i have heard a minimum of 50( worldwide) voice contestants not win with clearly better voices ....strange .
Poetic Observation
Poetic Observation 12 days ago
Delta is incredibly gorgeous
Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo Rodriguez 12 days ago
Awesome performance on chains
Anxo Fernandez
Anxo Fernandez 12 days ago
This guy is amazing. He can sing anything and blow everybody's mind every single time. Give him soul, gospel, blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll or traditional folk music and he's gonna nail it. That's pure talent.
jones2720 13 days ago
This guy
baz thompson
baz thompson 14 days ago
Tennessee whiskey,can't imagine it sung better
James Mawk
James Mawk 14 days ago
Should have sung Take Me To Church! I thought the girl who was against him in The Climb, had an amazing voice.
omar 3m4
omar 3m4 15 days ago
16:01 he did it he said i love you too 16:38 i love this improvement
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens 15 days ago
Lose weight dude wow
Lonna Ankon
Lonna Ankon 17 days ago
Sweat for the reason..... #Championship
Gregory Mihok
Gregory Mihok 17 days ago
@ 8:12 you can literally see her heart ripped in two. Sucks too because that battle was a draw
Dennis Warren
Dennis Warren 17 days ago
I am a fan but Delta's handling of this artist and her increased exposure has made me a big fan of hers as well. She is not only a great artist but a stellar person as well!!!!!
NZ Nebulous
NZ Nebulous 17 days ago
Who's better Jordan Smith or this dude?
JERNY TV 18 days ago
been watching and watching this all over again
Chris Darby
Chris Darby 18 days ago
Wow Judah has an amazing voice, so sweet to listen it just takes you to another place where there's so much peace.
Joana Anes
Joana Anes 19 days ago
He has so much musicality ! I love him !
charles kevin
charles kevin 19 days ago
Can we get his 'When we were young' song(without the judges voice) on Spotify pleeese?
TheBuckshot ML
TheBuckshot ML 19 days ago
Let's just set aside that his eye-brow game is real
Yelta Ramoshnini-Mosha
Wow, love it!!
Marcela mar
Marcela mar 20 days ago
Sounds like Journey
elke roothans
elke roothans 20 days ago
just found out, you are amazing! thanks for sharing ( i am from Belgium )
harold cooper jr
harold cooper jr 21 day ago
Dude is bad ass! That's all he needs to feel. Get it homie!
trick351 21 day ago
I could listen to him all day!!!! 💞💞💞💞
aljohn tabion
aljohn tabion 21 day ago
Whiskey needs to be pronounced Whiskay
Caden Brownyard
Caden Brownyard 22 days ago
Those people in the background @12:36 are so fake 😂
I Couldn’t Resist the Urge To Make This Comment
It’s clear he has been singing professionally for a long time, but most likely was kept as a backup singer, and safe to say was bullied, had to endure degrading looks, When people tell you are not good enough, enough times, you will not only start second guessing yourself but also, lose faith in humanity for them not being able to see past the way you look Producers can do wonders in studio with this type of unique and colorful voice It just makes me think how many good souls are being stepped on every day Parents, love your children, hug them and tell them they are beautiful inside and out, happiness starts within...
Denis Lubega
Denis Lubega 22 days ago
I've watched this clip like a hundred times... Just love this down to earth guy Judah one of the most talented musicians I've ever seen... Thank you Delta for embracing and bringing out Judah's personal side...
Deirdre Larson
Deirdre Larson 22 days ago
Carolyn Naumann
Carolyn Naumann 23 days ago
Wow, what a voice !!
dlastqueen 23 days ago
He looks like Elvis.
Mindy McNamara
Mindy McNamara 24 days ago
Even his speaking voice has a beautiful tone
wh foy
wh foy 24 days ago
What the voice is all about...and what a surprising voice. Dude had that Gomer Pyle-type of surprising voice.
Finn Jensen
Finn Jensen 24 days ago
Nice. Havent "seen him " since I watched that legendary John Legend All of me:)
patricksnow7 _
patricksnow7 _ 24 days ago
Hey Judah I just wanted to let u know u r an AMAZING singer! And I know I’m a little late well actually really late but still I enjoyed ur singing and it is amazing, don’t ever let anyone tell u that u aren’t good because u r better than good, Congratulations
Ellie Jakeman
Ellie Jakeman 26 days ago
You are a beautiful human and sooo unbelievably talented. 🥰
Laurel MacDonald
Laurel MacDonald 26 days ago
Desmond Allin
Desmond Allin 26 days ago
They are BOTH so good! But somebody has to win. And yes, he had the edge, voice & likability .... and his modesty with simply not knowing how good he is. That was the clincher in the end too.
Rene Hernandez
Rene Hernandez 26 days ago
This show is a sham
Rene Hernandez
Rene Hernandez 26 days ago
Really the singer are better than so called mentors . Period. What a sham.
Bruza16 26 days ago
Some voice buddy and your a very humble person. That is a quality in itself, never mind that velvet voice. Big thumbs up from Scotland 👍
Rasa Preiksaitiene
Rasa Preiksaitiene 26 days ago
I love the voice.its amazing💓
Levi Marincus
Levi Marincus 27 days ago
You can't tell me at the end when he goes to hug the other guy he doesn't look like Paul blart 🤭🧐
Haole Joe
Haole Joe 27 days ago
Dude is totally amazing
Linda Flippo
Linda Flippo 27 days ago
He's a singer!! 5/21/2019
Ben Lee
Ben Lee 27 days ago
I've watched this 3 times now. I need more Judah.
Pauline muchuru
Pauline muchuru 28 days ago
2:55 deltas a babe,,hehe goofy face
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