How the NY Giants won two Super Bowls, then became a total mess | Collapse

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When the NY Giants beat the Patriots for their second Super Bowl in five years, it felt like they were in a position to win in any situation. They weren't the best, but they knew when to turn it on. But before we knew it, everything fell apart. Plagued by injuries and salary cap hell, the Giants did all they could to stay afloat. They brought in some shiny new toys like Odell Beckham Jr., David Wilson and Landon Collins, in hopes of rejuvenating what was left of their Super Bowl core.
When that didn't work, they jettisoned the last of the old and used free agency to bring in some fresh blood. It worked, but only for a season, and they soon returned to the decline that - at this moment - has no end in sight.
Written and produced by Will Buikema
Directed by Mike Imhoff
Motion graphics by Philip Pasternak and Mike Das
Shot and edited by Alex Hawley
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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 1 833
SB Nation
SB Nation 6 months ago
Hey hey hey hey thank you! We'll have another episode of Collapse next week, then more in April, so please keep your suggestions coming. They're awesome, y'all are awesome, hope you enjoy
David Evans
David Evans Month ago
The fumble
Alexander Mitchell
SB Nation do the New York Knicks please
Ronnie Burgandy
Ronnie Burgandy 2 months ago
Do a Kobe and Shaq beef please if yaw haven't. God bless.
Ronnie Burgandy
Ronnie Burgandy 2 months ago
Do a Kobe and Shaq beef please if yaw haven't yet.
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor 3 months ago
It may be too early, but do one on the post manning broncos.
Mihir Panchal
Mihir Panchal 21 hour ago
The crazy thing is the New England Patriots won't get one of these but should get one about how they never collapse lol
coolguy 123
coolguy 123 4 days ago
They could win another superbowl in 2020 against the patriots
vanvlietskies 6 days ago
Only thing better than a Collapse video is one about the Giants
Ronnie J Dio
Ronnie J Dio 6 days ago
As a falcons fan, were a toral mess today wo winning any superbowls
alex irizarry
alex irizarry 7 days ago
Bad drafting and personnel decisions are the reason why my beloved New York football giants are a mess
James Prumos
James Prumos 8 days ago
Do the New Jersey Devils post 2003. Lots to talk about there, like losing their two best defensemen, the trapezoid, terrible drafting, and how Lou didn't know how to build a team post-lockout.
Bobby Wood
Bobby Wood 8 days ago
and the patriots won 3 superbowls since
Parker Fox
Parker Fox 9 days ago
"They were perfect when they had to be"
Scott Opeka
Scott Opeka 9 days ago
Manuel DeAbreu
Manuel DeAbreu 10 days ago
These are very good videos but I noticed you are not consistent. In the San Francisco video you called out calls that went against the 49 ers and said it cost them the Super Bowl. In this one the holding call during the famous David Tyree should have been called out as a lucky break that kicked off the first title. I always felt Eli was Brett Favre light combined with a classic streaky power hitter in baseball. When he was on he was very good. Both Super Bowl runs he got into streaks. If Denver didn't carry his brother to a Super Bowl title Eli would have more rings than Peyton. If anyone told you before their careers going, that would happen, they would have laughed at you.
Charles Summers
Charles Summers 10 days ago
Well tom brady is the greatest ever!! Eli lived off of the defense of the giants and guess what great players all around eli... other then that he is just a goofy quiet wierd man lol .. peyton was the greatest of the manning's
Parker Beard
Parker Beard 11 days ago
The answer is pretty obvious on how the Giants collapsed after their 2nd Super Bowl. Jerry Reese was the problem. He let good players go, brought in terrible replacements. The Oline sucked and Reese ignored the biggest problems the team needed to address. He also wasn't spending much money to bring in big name free agents. 2017 was set for disaster and it was time for him to finally be let go. Reese brought in too many quitters like Ereck Flowers, Eli Apple and others who caused drama in the locker room
t Time
t Time 11 days ago
Best 2 years of my life... unbelievable run both times
I'm Eriod
I'm Eriod 12 days ago
15:27 Damn as a giants fan that’s too real, when we let go of JPP it was a moment of realization. Anyway I’m hyped for Danny Dimes
Ariel Ponce
Ariel Ponce 12 days ago
Can you guys do Collapsed of the KC Royals? 1985 World Series champs, 29 years of utter failure. Suddenly back to back World Series appearances, and now back to obscurity.
Nikk Carroll
Nikk Carroll 13 days ago
Tom coughlin is a hall of famer
wa2k99 13 days ago
No athlete is more overrated than Brady
ItsDraag 14 days ago
I’m just waiting for the bills collapse, or the Sabres both had 3-6 years of elite level play and no championships, now they had long playoff droughts
monaso9 14 days ago
That second Superbowl of the 2011 season, was luck and Manning playing out of his mind out of nowhere but it was mostly freakish luck. The 2011 Giants team was not good at all, they had 9-7 season and were a tackle away from Cromatie and Kyle Wilson to lose to the 8-8 Jets
ReturnoftheBrotha 14 days ago
It's sad that they keep holding onto Eli. He get's way too much credit. He played his part, but the team did not win BECAUSE of him, they won because the defense was strong and was determined to stop Brady.
Nintendo Fan700
Nintendo Fan700 14 days ago
0:54 Do you ever get that feeling of deja vu? 🦅
SM Music Plus
SM Music Plus 7 days ago
As a Giants fan that Eagles win was one of the best and most satisfying Superbowls I ever witnessed.
Jess Cornelius
Jess Cornelius 14 days ago
Eli should have been gone 5 years ago
Clarke A
Clarke A 14 days ago
I mean tbh these two Giants teams overachieved winning the SBs. They got hot at the right time, and with a little luck, they won. Sometimes that’s all you need.
Jared Hutchins
Jared Hutchins 14 days ago
So in short, da 07 team was dominant on da low, 2011 team was a fluke & dere true colors showed fm dere on. It's not complicated, superbowl 46 was one of da worst I've eva seen & dat team wasn't even special. No surprise dey can hardly reach da playoffs since den
Scarletbull 15 days ago
Ball Hawk Corey Webster?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Reese wasn’t responsible building the 2007 squad. That squad was already completed with key veterans compliments of EA. Matter of fact... Reese’s only draft class was the 2007 before bum ass Marc Ross took over the draft. But they both suck @ what they do. FYI, Eli wasn’t benched by McApoop. Eli benched himself because McApoop had told Eli that he was gonna start him but later in the game will want to see what the other bum ass QB’s can bring forth. Eli declined the ultimatum & benched himself to allow the scrubs behind him shine (to no avail). Gino Smith was Reese idea since that racist organization were the only team in the NFL never to start an African American QB ANNND, Reese originally wanted to draft Gino Smith in 2013. Reese made the list as Worst Draft GM’s lin the NFL. Facts! I been said this organization has been poorly run even during the 2011 SB run. Mediocrity roster structured by a mediocre front office. TC was the escape goat when he was forced to resigned which explains TC refusing to shake pink ass John Mara’s Hans at TC’s final team press conference. Now the organization is rubbed by a lying Yes Man joo Gettleman with a inept coaching staff & a mediocre roster. The finger pointing starts with the front office. It always does.
acorn sucks
acorn sucks 15 days ago
Losing a receiver to a night club gun altercation caused a big problem way back.
Terok Nor
Terok Nor 15 days ago
This was an okay summary, but you missed out on some key elements. The first being that Hakeem Nicks turned to a garbage player after returning from injuries. The second being David Wilson's injuries and retirement, and the team clinging to Brandon Jacons who played horribly. The third would be more reality regarding Reese who had picked a couple stars but also a ton of bad players who couldn't stick it out on the team over the next several seasons. I think he had the lowest retention of draft picks of any team GM in most of the years past 2011.
Jack 15 days ago
This hit me right in the gut, as a 13 year old who just started watching the Giants halfway through the 2010/2011 season, I've been absolutely stunned at some of the moves we made and I've watched this team get dismantled piece by piece. Sad thing is it'll be at least another five before we're competitive again
Jimmy  Durham
Jimmy Durham 15 days ago
They won two against arguably the greatest dynasty ever. It's hard to win one let alone two. This team did well
Brandon Giordano
Brandon Giordano 20 days ago
So basically injuries and everyone getting old...
Tristan P
Tristan P 20 days ago
I was at that Falcons game and it was amazing to witness
Tristan P
Tristan P 20 days ago
I was at that Falcons game and it was amazing to witness
Tristan P
Tristan P 20 days ago
I was at that Falcons game and it was amazing to witness
GMJ 21 day ago
Fire reece
Eightys Baby87
Eightys Baby87 21 day ago
Eli has more rings than the eagles whole franchise
Gucci Wheelchair
Gucci Wheelchair 21 day ago
Eli Manning is a soup sandwich as a QB. But god damn those 2 super bowl wins are incredible
Justin Oliveira
Justin Oliveira 22 days ago
You do realize that they won those Super Bowls because they were scripted? It’s the traditional Boston vs New York rivalry storyline. They also had to show that Eli could “lead his team” through the playoffs after barely making the wildcard and going on a tear through the playoffs. Do people still think that these games aren’t scripted?
Matthew Spurs
Matthew Spurs 22 days ago
Mohamed ElSanhouty
Mohamed ElSanhouty 22 days ago
I think i am crying rn
Naijababe Dagrin
Naijababe Dagrin 22 days ago
I stopped following the team after Osi Umenyiora left
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee 22 days ago
0:09 lol Manning and Manningham
michael jackson
michael jackson 22 days ago
Can't lie this day and age of commentary is..... Dull, to say the least.
Gary Marin
Gary Marin 23 days ago
Wow what a depressing video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
BigBossIsBack 24 days ago
The curse of Tyree: Eli becomes the human Flying Dutchman, doomed to wander the seas of 7-9 for all eternity
Chunon Bartfield
Chunon Bartfield 25 days ago
Didn't really explain why they collapsed just recapped the seasons after they won the super bowl. They collapsed because they neglected the O- line for years, they neglected their defense untill that one off-season, and had almost zero impact from the draft past the 1st round
mike russo
mike russo 27 days ago
It would’ve been nice to see you talk more about Hakeem Nicks and his injury’s in 2012 and 2013
dsourn 27 days ago
Was winning 2 big super bowls worth sucking in the long run? Umm HELL YES
Mark Brodhead
Mark Brodhead 28 days ago
The Manning Photo says it all. He was the luckiest Qb to win 2 SB blessed w/ 2 great defensive teams during each win. Manni g is absolutely, no hall of Famer. He is definitely the reason they havent reached the playoffs let alone another Superbowl. The QB is the key to any offense. Manning ain't it these days. Let's see how he does w/ out OBJ?
Dark Simmie
Dark Simmie 28 days ago
They got bad fast, cause Reese draft horrible as of late. That's what got him fired. The core group of guys were E.Accorsi guys and Reese benefited. When those players got old, reese couldn't draft suitable replacements. It just caught up to him.
Gee Garcia
Gee Garcia 29 days ago
As a Giants fan since I was 5 years old, I was too young to remember their 1st title(the year I was born) & their 2nd title(I was 4 years old) but I was & am eternally grateful to have witnessed them win two titles in the last decade. One made me happy, 2 brought me immense joy... as the truth is Many fanbases go decades and even basically lifetime's without getting to see their team win a Super Bowl.
FootballJunkie 29 days ago
Do the Titans collapse..... oh wait..... we have to win something first
FootballJunkie 29 days ago
I will tell ya how they won two Super Bowls and collapsed. With defense. Their defense was Championship worthy and they let those players go... twice. It wasn’t Eli for the good or the bad. Plaxico and Victor Cruz didn’t hurt either.
John Barker
John Barker Month ago
Jerry Reese is from my home town sad they fired him tho
Ultra instinct Grey
I still think Eli manning put Pam on his jersey to slip so many grabs/tackles and convert those miracle downs
Aaron Schafer
Aaron Schafer 27 days ago
That's funny cuz that sounds like something the pats would do 🤣
M K Month ago
Without those 2 super bowl years, Eli Manning would be Mark Brunell
SM Music Plus
SM Music Plus 7 days ago
Yeah, but...
dwray729 Month ago
Will is a great narrator. Did he go to Morgan Freeman 's school for narrating
Shazbot Month ago
All time great defense and freakish offensive luck.
CaseyJones718 Month ago
Jerry Reese bad personnel decisions, the drafts were almost browns and raiders bad
Terrence PERKINS
Gaints is some what like the knicks
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