How the NY Giants won two Super Bowls, then became a total mess | Collapse

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When the NY Giants beat the Patriots for their second Super Bowl in five years, it felt like they were in a position to win in any situation. They weren't the best, but they knew when to turn it on. But before we knew it, everything fell apart. Plagued by injuries and salary cap hell, the Giants did all they could to stay afloat. They brought in some shiny new toys like Odell Beckham Jr., David Wilson and Landon Collins, in hopes of rejuvenating what was left of their Super Bowl core.
When that didn't work, they jettisoned the last of the old and used free agency to bring in some fresh blood. It worked, but only for a season, and they soon returned to the decline that - at this moment - has no end in sight.
Written and produced by Will Buikema
Directed by Mike Imhoff
Motion graphics by Philip Pasternak and Mike Das
Shot and edited by Alex Hawley
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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 80
SB Nation
SB Nation Year ago
Hey hey hey hey thank you! We'll have another episode of Collapse next week, then more in April, so please keep your suggestions coming. They're awesome, y'all are awesome, hope you enjoy
Henry Wood
Henry Wood Month ago
SB Nation Jaguars
RIP XFL 2 months ago
Do. Da. Bears.
Zuippy 2 months ago
Do a collapse of SB Nation
TheDubVee 3 months ago
How have you not done one about the Pittsburgh Pirates yet? I would very much like for you to totally eviscerate Nutting.
Raymond Arroyo
Raymond Arroyo 5 months ago
How have you not done the 07 Mets lol
Wordxxi Hour ago
Lol stupid ass video, Giants are is one of the top franchises in the NFL. Imagine being a Browns fan, or a Titans fan, or a Bengals fan haha
James Kreisler
Coughlin should've been allowed to coach the Giants until he died, he would've been perfect for the 2016 team.
Bram Aho
Bram Aho 3 days ago
makes me feel just the tiniest bit better about 18-1
joesakic91 7 days ago
It's a cycle for Big Blue: make the most of their few opportunities to win it all and then struggle before adding some more NFL titles.
FSE 11 days ago
Goodbye Eli. I honestly am gonna miss him.
Secular Stones
Secular Stones 15 days ago
Giants were an problem for the Patriots, yes. Broncos too. I believe Brady had a losing record against the Broncos for his career. His only losing record.
Ty Rec
Ty Rec 15 days ago
There needs to be one of these for Sacksonville
Todd Haley
Todd Haley 15 days ago
Lmfao I like the content in these videos but they make it sound like New York failed... any fan base should be content with 2 championships in 4 years, especially something as hard to get as a super bowl
Antwan Fields
Antwan Fields 17 days ago
I'll never forgive the Giants for keeping the 72 Dolphins relevant.
Gary Davis
Gary Davis 20 days ago
As a Cowboys fan, I have the utmost respect for Eli and the Giants. You all knocked off the Patriots twice which made the world a better place.....
Brian Mcminn
Brian Mcminn 23 days ago
I still remember my 15-1 Packers getting smoked in Green Bay vs this Giants team
hawkeye 2124
hawkeye 2124 26 days ago
Yall really let a cowboys fan do this one...it was solid tho.
Galaxad 29 days ago
Patrick Kilduff
Patrick Kilduff Month ago
It was all because of our O-line...once that went downhill we just couldn't protect Eli anymore and it was all over
Futurestar Month ago
Ravens should’ve went bck to bck In 2011 & 2012 but Billy Cundiff Fck us over w/that 32 yard field goal but I appreciate the goat Justin Tucker & Lamar Jackson
Daniel Cardona
Daniel Cardona Month ago
Make the giants great again
Michael Mitchell
This GM actually made ok moves
Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver Month ago
Eli: *retires*
Bryan Chadwick
Bryan Chadwick 2 months ago
Odell is the reason for the playoff loss. As his punishment, he gets sent to Cleveland.
Caleb Ellis
Caleb Ellis 2 months ago
Do one on the Redskins in why they not won a super bowl since 91
Zuippy 2 months ago
Do a collapse of SB Nation
Extinguisher10 2 months ago
Correction: Patriots weakness is the NFC East. At least we assume so being the Cowboys and Redskins haven't been to the SB since the early 90s
Nick Jurkovic
Nick Jurkovic 2 months ago
Giants suck
Snakefate 2 months ago
9:06 I was at that game, I’m not a giants or a jags fan but that game was depressing
John Maring
John Maring 2 months ago
TB12 Says “Good-Bye” To The New England Patriots After 20 Years In Foxboro! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🇨🇮🍀🧡🤍💚
Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia 2 months ago
He’s never beat Brady in the regular season.
Jay NYCE 2 months ago
As a Giants fan this video angers me 😩😤😤😤
gluserty 2 months ago
I don't think Eli Manning should've been benched in 2017; he was made a scapegoat, and he deserved better than that (beginning with the 2007 postseason, and excluding the 2013 season, his play was reliable and sometimes spectacular).
gluserty 2 months ago
I thought the 2007 Giants were pretty good (if Eli Manning's play had stabilized in the regular season, they may have been better than 10-6), but I thought the 2011 Giants were pretty shaky, and the weakest Super bowl champion ever.
Bill M
Bill M 2 months ago
Jerry Reese didn’t build the SB teams. And his many draft busts doomed the team.
FLY EAGLES FLY 2 months ago
that's because even the years they won the Super Bowl they were an average team that over achieved and put together a truly impressive playoff run but they were wild card teams. even though Eli will end up being a hall-of-famer over the totality of his career he was an above average quarterback
Jason Young
Jason Young 23 days ago
FLY EAGLES FLY no those giants teams were much better than their records. They were really 12/13 win teams but they underachieved in the regular season
hooligan 47
hooligan 47 3 months ago
under jon bois will is my second favorite member at sbnation
shotyshot _
shotyshot _ 3 months ago
Yay 3 months ago
Not even a giants fan but that low key hurt me... wow
Dirty Bread
Dirty Bread 3 months ago
and now manning has retired
런미커넘전 3 months ago
eli manning left the giants in 2020
Michael Polite
Michael Polite 3 months ago
Yacht dum ass
Bromley Media
Bromley Media 3 months ago
Giants/Patriots rivalry will go down in NFL history. Bill belicheck winning sbs with them in the 80s to them stealing two sbs from their former DC. I hope the next NFL 100 years brings more memories of the rivalry. P.s Eli should have considered down by lack of forward progress. Rodney Harrison made all type of hard hits in practice and watch the helmet catch happen and didn't even go after the ball.
Diligence Integrity
Diligence Integrity 3 months ago
The Giants never were good. The Pats were asked twice to throw the game, I suspect. The giants started both seasons poorly. Only Bribes and payoffs could have beaten the Pats. Don't believe everything you see and hear. The NFL is rigged in my opinion.
Jason Young
Jason Young 23 days ago
Diligence Integrity found the Dumbass
Aby Santy
Aby Santy 3 months ago
This video break my heart! Go Giants we'll definitely be back!
Richard Pilhofer
Richard Pilhofer 3 months ago
This video leaves off right at the hiring of Dave Gettleman & the beginning of the complete rebuild for the Giants, this video will be great to look back on one day after we're a fully rebuilt team
Farley 925
Farley 925 3 months ago
And here we sit.. its 2020 and everyone is now saying Eli isnt HOF worthy because of his .500 record. As a 49ers fan for over 25 years.. I can tell you The Giants were that 1st team for me . Before Seattle became that thorn in there sides...it was eli. Didnt matter how well stacked my niners were.. Eli had a playoff switch and Eli is on his way to the SB. They only remember when you fail.. and none of this sounds like failing to me 👇👇👇👇 2... 2 superbowl mvps. 2 superbowl trophies. A better playoff record than his, more elite , older brother. And has a perfect 2-0 superbowl appearance record against arguably the greatest QB the game has ever seen. David Slade Goliath. It was so damn good that we still bring it up. Think about that. We all remember that game like it was yesterday.. it was yeaaaarrssss ago. How is all of that not worth the HOF?
Me Cube
Me Cube 3 months ago
Me and some coworkers were discussing this. Argument was basically this...Eli was a good QB but the playoffs put him into the HOF. Payton was so elite in regular season it puts him in HOF despite poor playoff play
WeylandYutani 3 months ago
I'd say this was less a collapse than it was mortgaging our future to try and win a couple of championships. And it worked!
Patriot Pat
Patriot Pat 3 months ago
Slayers? Lol
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 3 months ago
Giants fans stand up, we now have a bright future with youngins
Kenny Fiorisi
Kenny Fiorisi 3 months ago
The 2016 playoff team was a complete fluke in my opinion, the defense was decent but the offense struggled to score points all season, Eli and Beckham were playing by themselves out there. I don’t blame their playoff loss on the Bieber thing. That team just wasn’t very good.
Vinnie Murk
Vinnie Murk 3 months ago
Take a sip. What a dork
White Lives Matter
White Lives Matter 3 months ago
Because ernie Acorsi drafted most of the players from the 2007 and 2011 superbowl. When Acorsi retired Jerry Resse took over. As Acorsi's players started to age, leave for FA or retire Resse started replace them with busts and FA disaster contracts. I dont even think there is one Player left from the time Jerry Resse was GM, you cant possibly think you can have a successful team with zero good players.
Michael DePinto
Michael DePinto 3 months ago
I Love the Gmen
Willam Munny
Willam Munny 3 months ago
Let the O-line fall apart and still, to this day, ignore it. The front office screwed Coach Coughlin, Eli and the fans.
Chris Carbajal
Chris Carbajal 3 months ago
Dang that last super bowl team isn’t there anymore, Eli just retired :c sad
olofpalme63 3 months ago
I enjoyed how you made a poignant statement, and then emphasize it by casually sipping your coffee...priceless
Mason Cole
Mason Cole 3 months ago
And Eli is gone. The last domino has fallen.
New Age Mob
New Age Mob 3 months ago
Eli is still a borderline average/ok QB not too far from bad 🤷🏿‍♂️
Mohammed Khaleel
Mohammed Khaleel 3 months ago
Make a movie about how the Detroit Lions have been collapsing since 1957
Justin Wortham
Justin Wortham 3 months ago
To me, imo, when Cruz went Down, that was the beginning of the end. I was big fan
jc dova
jc dova 3 months ago
Eli teabagged Tom Brady. Might as well tattoo the bags on Brady’s forehead.
Naddador Verde
Naddador Verde 4 months ago
Impressionante que em uma época com tantos times fantásticos e quarterbacks fora da curva o Giants ter ganho 2 Super Bowl ainda mais em cima do patriots do Brady. O sobrenome nome Manning tem muita história na liga. Acho q por isso esse esporte é tão apaixonante...
Otto Zizak
Otto Zizak 4 months ago
It’s cool that the Giants were the only team that was ever really able to mess with the Pats. Lol
Theprfesssor 4 months ago
Eli was the key to all this, I wonder if he was a little more vocal on what he needed to succeed they never got him the pieces that he needed to consistently compete Giants never had a consistent run game his whole tenure except early with Tiki and now Barkley and he had to deal with the wide out curse from plaxico shooting himself to Cruz and Beckham getting the injury bug, and the last years had to carry a defense that was just going through the motions and a offensive line that didn't know how to offensive line I just think if you give Eli better management I think they would have done better they relied on him and he made them look good enough and they were to secure with that he worked magic twice he could do it again type mentality you put him on Big Ben's Steelers or another team with better management I think the NFL landscape would be different
George Vreeland Hill
Reese and horrible drafts made the Giants a joke. However, they may be coming back.
MofongoGringo 4 months ago
Thank you Eli! What else can we say? You will forever haunt their souls!
Tim Cole
Tim Cole 4 months ago
Here after Eli retired
Terry Kimball
Terry Kimball 4 months ago
And now Eil Manning will be retiring tomorrow
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez 4 months ago
So long farewell Eli Manning 2004-2019
Todd Taylor
Todd Taylor 4 months ago
What happened to the Giants? Jerry Reese is an idiot and he conned those fools Mara and Tisch into believing he wasn't.
Robb Stark
Robb Stark 4 months ago
I'm vikings fan thats all i'm saying
PotOfDuality 4 months ago
"But if they had an Achilles heel of any sort, it was the *NFC East" 🦅
Ben G
Ben G 4 months ago
Think of it like the patriots being the giants big brother. It’s not always our turn to play on the Xbox. We managed to rip the controller out of their hands twice, and the took it back 6 more times. Now that it’s 2020, means that big brother pat has to go to collage. Now, it’s the giants turn, to come back. Just wait. You’ll see...
Rosco P. Coltrane
Rosco P. Coltrane 4 months ago
Start counting the QB’s who have won more than 1 super bowl. Eli wasn’t the regular season QB his brother was, but the point is to win the big one. He did it twice and before Peyton did.
Eeds Ssxv
Eeds Ssxv 4 months ago
I think the 2019 season will be Eli Manning's final year as a member of the New York Giants, or even in the NFL.
Tom Knapp
Tom Knapp 4 months ago
News flash: They were pretty much a mess Eli's entire career. And from the games that I went back and rewatched in the 2007 playoffs (Cowboys and Patriots), Eli was a ghost for about 90% of the game, but was still in it because the other QB was have his worst game of the year, and Eli still needed a lucky play to pull it out.
Cole Jones
Cole Jones 4 months ago
Can't wait till they're able to make a Patriots version if this show
Maurice Nixon
Maurice Nixon 4 months ago
"Reese showed he knows how to put together a team" Years later it was determined that was a lie
Sam Gaudino
Sam Gaudino Month ago
Most of the main pieces we're their when he took over..and for their 1st sb 42 Reese drafted 1 player on the field..
thai lore
thai lore 4 months ago
A "July 4th accident"
Lewis Last
Lewis Last 4 months ago
As a giants fan, I'll tell you, we were a mess during those super bowl runs as well. I love those superbowls but we were rough both those seasons
Matthew Swenson
Matthew Swenson 4 months ago
Exactly. Getting hot in the playoffs means a team is that year's champions, but it doesn't mean they were the best team, or will be next year.
jBone4400 4 months ago
16 minute long video just to say: they couldn’t afford to keep all their talent and Manning got old.
Pete G
Pete G 4 months ago
Somebody didn't watch the video
Joey Kelly
Joey Kelly 4 months ago
The single biggest reason they fell off the map was their unwillingness to invest in an offensive line to keep the run game strong and protect Eli.
Angry Joker
Angry Joker 4 months ago
I was one of very few to cheer for patriots undefeated year. it felt awesome knowing me and my friend cheered for giants(yes I’m an eagles fan)
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