How the Nets wasted a prime championship opportunity, then fell apart and left the state | Collapse

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In the mid-2000s, the NBA's Western Conference faltered a bit, allowing for the Eastern Conference to swoop in and win a couple championships. Heading into that mini era, anyone would have picked the New Jersey Nets to snatch at least one of those trophies. But instead of seizing the throne, the Nets followed back-to-back Finals visits with disaster: heartbreaking playoff defeats, payroll cuts, injuries, bad luck, and an eventual departure for Brooklyn.
This is how the New Jersey Nets collapsed.
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Directed by Mike Imhoff
Motion graphics by Philip Pasternak and Mike Das
Shot and edited by Alex Hawley
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Mar 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Riley Holden
Riley Holden 5 days ago
Mobile Gamer Dude
the fact Kidd took the Nets to back-to-back Finals and still didn't win league MVP will always be a mystery for me.
Issa Kami
Issa Kami 9 days ago
12:29 is that Ben Simmons😂😂😂😂
perry young
perry young 11 days ago
didnt watch the video. nets aint beating the spurs, lakers pistons or 06 heat. they aint got no opportunity
My name is Yoda
My name is Yoda 13 days ago
Shoulda drafted Kobe instead of Kittles, thats what happened
Whereyahidin 17 days ago
5:50 garbage ass Atlantic division 😂
Nas Pi
Nas Pi 20 days ago
The white guy is by far the best narrator on SB.
SeekYourTruth 888
Let’s put this into perspective Jason Kidd a pass first point guard who was never much of a scoring threat lead a team of average and two good players (Martin, Jefferson) to back to back finals and was a powerhouse in the east for years. The suns team he was on before he got traded already made playoffs and fell off once he got traded. Nets were a joke until he got there. Then he helped mavs get their first championship and also was on the knicks team with Melo that had best record in the east one year. Kidd is the most underrated superstar and leader in nba history. Only difference between Kidd and magic was height difference and hall of fame teammates ...
Arttu Rajatalo
Arttu Rajatalo 21 day ago
Do they have a series About mavs championship or rebuild?
Jay Tang
Jay Tang 24 days ago
Duncan/Parker & Kobe/Shaq enough said !
Rufus Firefly
Rufus Firefly 25 days ago
Spencer Elliott
Spencer Elliott Month ago
Nets starting five: Todd MacColluch - center Kenyon Martin - power forward Keith Van Horn - small forward Kerry Kittles - shooting guard Jason Kidd - point guard Richard Jefferson - 6th man small forward
Spencer Elliott
Spencer Elliott Month ago
Kerry Kittles earned a C- for playing with an exceptional career
Spencer Elliott
Spencer Elliott Month ago
Nets Big 3: Kidd, K-Mart, Jefferson - KMart left New Jersey on a sign-and-trade deal in 2004 to join the Denver Nuggets.
Spencer Elliott
Spencer Elliott Month ago
Jason Kidd re-signed with the Nets for a seven-year, $99M deal as an unrestricted free agent before FINALLY leaving New Jersey to rejoin the Mavericks for a second stint and achieve his ultimate goal before calling it a career in 2012.
Alex Mathew Mendoza
The west dominated most of the 2000s. Only 3 east teams won the chip, other than that it was all Lakers and Spurs.
Superstar JYP
Superstar JYP Month ago
this is about the time I started watching NBA. I'm a massive spurs fan. but when you talk about the east, the nets were the east
Diskubre Channel
I still love the old Nets @ New Jersey. Technically, its now NY's franchise after moving to Brooklyn.
Sarc4sm Month ago
One word for the Nets Mediocre
Dan Newman
Dan Newman Month ago
Plz make a video on jordan w the wizards
Ulises Luna
Ulises Luna Month ago
I swear everytime i watch a documentary about a 2000’s team, Mutombo is in that team 🤣
ripdeth Month ago
Lol they did not come close to beating peak Duncan.
Kevin Hayes
Kevin Hayes Month ago
Kidd made the best decision for Tony Parker
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor Month ago
The Nets never came close to beating the Spurs ...stop lying for your own story .
DiscoBiscuits42 Flaherty
White Mamba!!
Barstool Blues
Barstool Blues Month ago
To be fair, the East was the weakest it had ever been when the Nets were making the finals. The Pistons and then Heat were much better teams.
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer Month ago
As a guy from Jersey, I'm mad that the Nets moved back to Brooklyn, should have just stayed in Jersey, you don't see the Knicks leaving NY because they suck. Now, the Brooklyn Nets are good, they got Kyrie Irving, and just got Kevin Durant.
RomelloSkuggs Month ago
Ask any real nets fan knows Kidd was the cancer and never could shot a three to save his life till 10 years played. I still remember this fall like yesterday
steven whiters
steven whiters Month ago
Lol they had a bum ass team
walterlv01 Month ago
I like these SB Nation videos but I am not sure about this title - I really don't think any of those Nets teams were good enough to win an NBA title.
Schlubop Beebop
Schlubop Beebop Month ago
Jason Collins is the most embarrassing starter I've ever witnessed in my 25 years watching the NBA. As a Nets fan, he was the bane of my existence. It is amazing how bad he was on offense.
N3rd Graphic Media
N3rd Graphic Media 2 months ago
Hey why don't you do more on Football (I mean soccer 🙄). I assure more views outside the US
Brian Mcminn
Brian Mcminn 2 months ago
Kidd in his prime with that Spurs team would've been insane
Noel De Chavez
Noel De Chavez 2 months ago
MR. SETH please feature the team of SACRAMENTO in COLLAPSE
Angelo Te
Angelo Te 2 months ago
My first nba team 😢 then kidd went to the mavs which was my 2nd fav team so i just easily became a full mavs fan 😅
megatom 2 months ago
You can sum this up in like 20 seconds. We never had a center and ran into Tim Duncan and Shaq. Case closed. Maybe if Jason Williams didn't commit murder that dude used to play D and grab boards. Jason Collins too busy grabbing butts.
deezy 10 strip 617
deezy 10 strip 617 2 months ago
Im Busting ass in 2k 20 with this team on god
Morty Smith
Morty Smith 2 months ago
glad kidd won a chip with my mavs
DMK Anthony 07
DMK Anthony 07 2 months ago
Just imagine Kidd signed with spurs. Jesus.. TD more than 5 chips and Kidd not a 1 time champ. Scary.
Splash'n'Skillz #37
Splash'n'Skillz #37 2 months ago
But *NOW* ... They have *Returned*
slapshot68 2 months ago
If they had a real center, the nets could hav beaten the spurs
Edwin Fu
Edwin Fu 2 months ago
the Rockets owner (Tilman) should watch and learn from the Nets' lesson.
Eli Kernaghan
Eli Kernaghan 2 months ago
The white mamba👏👏👏
Edward Ng
Edward Ng 2 months ago
Yeah, I watched the collapse year by year! In our peak, we were the "show time" of the East.
Fuck the Chinese Virus
They should have gotten Vince Carter earlier. Kenyon Martin just wasn't the player that would win them a title
terell davis
terell davis 2 months ago
Close to taking out the Spurs lmao. That team needed a lot of work to compete with San Antonio/LA Lakers. Making the finals was as far as they could go.
Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor 2 months ago
When they got rid of Kenyon Martin the Nets run was over.
Fuck the Chinese Virus
They didn't get rid off him. He signed as a free agent with Denver
Verce 919
Verce 919 2 months ago
Look at that roster bruh....that may be the most overachieving team ever
Chris Rivera
Chris Rivera 2 months ago
They now have KD & Kyire what a change
Mourning Star
Mourning Star 2 months ago
And it a began when they got rid of the greatest basketball player of all time: Keith Van Horn
Vincent E Stone
Vincent E Stone 3 months ago
Even at The NETS height, the Top 10 Teams in The Western Conference would STILL be the breaks off NEW JERSEY. The PISTONS broke up LA & SHAQ'S move to MIAMI helped The East.
Rodney Brown
Rodney Brown 3 months ago
The Nets were a good team. They were a fun team. They wasn't great, though.
Leron Flames2
Leron Flames2 3 months ago
They needed a go to scorer and got it too late vince should have been there earliee
Alwayne Golding
Alwayne Golding 3 months ago
10:57 💀🤣
Mayhem Studios
Mayhem Studios 3 months ago
People love to bring up Zo’s kidney injury. I was once waiting in line for an autograph. I guess it was time for him to leave so he left with a lot of fans going without an autograph despite waiting hours in line. As he was leaving one fan yelled “you don’t just need a new kidney, you also need a new heart!”
monblanc noland
monblanc noland 3 months ago
When Kyle korver got traded for a copy machine I felt that
Peter Chen
Peter Chen 3 months ago
Kyle Korver referred to as Future All Star but Jason Kidd not referred to as Future Hall of Famer?
xiaomaodamao 3 months ago
No way they could beat Spurs in 03
elliswilkinson Month ago
Went to 7 games with them, so Nets were not too far of from beating them.
Cris Alexander
Cris Alexander 3 months ago
These guys were a show.Chemistry was ridiculous. . Should've won a chip..
Velli 3 months ago
Jason Colins is the worst part about this entire story... he started for years, doing nothing but averaging 3 ppg. Nets fans would boo him before home games coming out for warmups because he was so trash... if that position was filled correctly, we could have made somewhat more of a playoff push.
osanilevich 3 months ago
Velli yup, he was just a brick. Both in his shot and his stature
Josimite 313
Josimite 313 3 months ago
Mid 00's ...it was early 00's too
NormMacdonald Clips
NormMacdonald Clips 3 months ago
This was my favorite team
Outtellect Anomaly
Outtellect Anomaly 3 months ago
The Curse of Dr. J lives on...
che olds jr
che olds jr 3 months ago
I'm so glad Jason kidd won a ring in 2011
JK number5
JK number5 3 months ago
Why Mutombo couldn't get hurt vs Seattle Sonics in the 90s. That makes me mad. It's like Nets never stood a chance vs any of those teams
Gage M.
Gage M. 3 months ago
I’m surprised that the Yankees wasn’t mentioned as a big reason why. Given that they originally bought the team as a tool to start their own sports network (YES Network) and financially abandoned them when they got it.
Justin Reid
Justin Reid 3 months ago
Sounds like Mourning ruined the nets
Antonio Collie
Antonio Collie 3 months ago
Wow the nets truly rebranded
watz09 3 months ago
They had no closer RJ wasnt that Guy They had a good chance 2 win in 04 so they loss u the Pistons after being up 3-2 so as a fan we could the writing on the wall and when Lebron and Dwade enter their primes it was over
Roland taylor
Roland taylor 3 months ago
How does Jason kidd not have an MVP
UKWizdakey2lyfe 3 months ago
Still better than the knicks
hiphopesq 3 months ago
Everyone and every team can improve, but the Nets were extremely good. From 2000-2006, there are very few teams you would rather be other than the few that won a championship. They had a great run.
Bo Tek
Bo Tek 3 months ago
They played above the rim
Trunks 3 months ago
The Nets have really turned it around though good to see
Steve Kyle
Steve Kyle 3 months ago
How about a "why David Robinson couldn't win a title until duncan came on board"
S.K. Tavakoli
S.K. Tavakoli 3 months ago
These are some really great videos. Kudos to you. Unfortunately, early entry and an overall immature NBA has turned me off to it and most of its media.
JJ's Athletics
JJ's Athletics 3 months ago
HOW DARE YOU CALL THE WHITE MAMBA A "BENCH WARMER"? I just needed to add another one.
Mektek19 3 months ago
The Nets were privileged to be in an extremely weak Eastern conference. From 2000 to 2008 the east was horrendous. It was great after that but that time period was an all time low.
Robert Montes
Robert Montes 3 months ago
Nets had a bad timing they are mostly defeated by rising team and eventual champions
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