How The Iran Conflict Could Affect 2020 l FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

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The team discusses the political implication's of President Trump's decision to kill Iran's Maj. Gen. Qassem Suleimani in a drone strike.
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Jan 6, 2020




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Comments 82
Brent Hollett
Brent Hollett 24 days ago
"Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate. He’s weak and he’s ineffective. So the only way he figures that he’s going to get re-elected, and as sure as you're sitting there, is to start a war with Iran." - Donald Trump on Donald Trump (future prediction)
Don Wilson
Don Wilson Month ago
I love how they all try to put the sole blame on Trump especially liberals and the brain washing media! Do some research taking that guy out was discussed and given the OK 7 months prior to the actual hit. They are using any event possible to make Trump look bad . Wake up end the 2 party system and hopefully Trump tears it all down!!!
Yuan Tronz
Yuan Tronz Month ago
@0:12, how many tribesmen are in my screen???
Ben C
Ben C Month ago
I really wanted to enjoy watching this but the audio mix is just terrible. I had it on speakers whilst cooking and it’s very quiet followed by very loud, so much so it actually made me jump on one occasion 😂 Please sort this out.
Ellen Greenlaw
Ellen Greenlaw Month ago
Hard to hear this broadcast.
Real Gs Dont Die
Micah is looking at porn! You can tell by the way he’s hiding his screen.
Anon Month ago
The small talk is cringeworthy
northstar10 Month ago
the country is a war machine and you say the american public is not focused on foreign policy ----are they brain dead
Adão Month ago
É sempre bom ouvir algumas coisas em inglês
Erald Hysaj
Erald Hysaj Month ago
Claire stop interrupting just to stutter. Get your thoughts together and get em out
high information noise
I'm glad Claire is there to call the assassination what it was...
Le Bon Voyage Cafe
Love the discussions! Trump will sadly accomplish something that hasn't been done since medieval times... unite most of the Middle East against America! Soon, some dictator (Saudi s, Syria or Iran leader backed by Russia) are licking their chops to take advantage over America's ineptness and misplaced arrogance! Unfortunately, we humans are forever doomed to watch history repeats itself over and over and over!
Chuck McLaughlin
What are the facts surrounding this strike? The White House has its narrative, the democrats their narrative, the republicans their narrative and independent journalists have their narrative! So how can the American public make an accurate appraisal of the whether the strike was justified or not? If one were to accept the independent journalists as citing the most believable and accurate facts, he or she would, without bias, say this was an unconstitutional act of war that violated international law resulting in the deaths of citizens of two sovereign nations.
oil9vinergar Month ago
President Trump is doing what that coward jimmy MALAISE carter didn't do 40 years a ago, exterminate all the ayatollah assahola bosses down to junior mid level...
Emmanuel Rios
Emmanuel Rios Month ago
Like the podcast but the audio to low.
A Id
A Id Month ago
If I were in the Iranian government I’d sit and wait quietly. But I would retaliate in such a way the US would feel desperately embarrassed and hurt. Killing Bush and Trump would do the trick.
Artemis G
Artemis G Month ago
If this act was indeed legal united nations would not enforce conducting an investigation We can't confuse US foreign policy with Israeli foreign policy America is not Israel Prior to 1979 Iran was US powerful and closest ally Let's not forget that
Iwantthetruth Month ago
4 lunatics. Omg!!! What war has Trump started? Biden has voted for the Iraq war, voted in many of operations that led distractions in the Middle East. Iran has thumped their fingers on US naval ships and such. The attack on he embassy in Iraq was orquestraded by Iraq’s and Iranians most likely. Trump didn’t started anything with Iran and Iran isn’t the poor little victim here either.
David B.
David B. Month ago
The Iranians are probably secretly happy that the US assassinated some of their people, now they have, in their eyes, a bigger argument and legitimate reasons to go after US forces and even US civil personnel and have got other countries on their side who could support them. Plus they can openly work on their Nuclear weapons thanks to Trump.
TLB In MD Month ago
Lose the hat we can't see your face
Walter Burton
Walter Burton Month ago
@45:29: Arright. Wrap it up, guys. Galen's gotta pee.
John Valley
John Valley Month ago
Sorry to pile on, but the audio is pretty low. Specifically on mobile devices. I feel like this issue is on a lot of episodes.
Keelia Silvis
Keelia Silvis Month ago
I've been anxious and alarmed by the Iran developments, so I appreciate your calm, comprehensive coverage.
Tommy Sanders
Tommy Sanders Month ago
Ok the United States has taken out a leader of a terrorist organization that is responsible for placing ieds along Iraqi roads to kill our troops and is the mastermind behind the benghazi attacks and the attacks on military bases around the world as well as the recent attack on the American embassy in Baghdad! For people to say that the removal of this monster that has the blood of thousands of people, military as well as civilians on his hands as an assassination is wrong on so many levels! The President isn't starting a war he is standing at the line that will no longer be crossed by those that seek to do harm to America and it's people! Iran has been acting anyway that it's wanted with no fear of reprisal and now Iran is being shown that it will no longer be tolerated any harmful actions taken towards the United States will be returned with overwhelming force!
A Id
A Id Month ago
Tommy Sanders Sure. Then they will miauw and sit on their hands. You are probably born under a rock
Francisco cantu
Francisco cantu Month ago
Uh- oh liberals.
l l
l l Month ago
Bunch of triggered pu55ies trying to explain why a terminated "declared terrorist" responsible for the deaths of @ 600 US troops and behind the attack on our embassy in their liberal zombie safe spaces is an illegal act of war.. all these zombies should be drafted and shipped out to the middle east, save our patriot troops and send in these anti-america zombies, let them come back without limbs or worse, then they wont hold terrorists in such high esteem.. 🖕 You have a real president now Punks, who's not taking shit like O Bummer did. 5 more years ! Trump is not just the man of the year, he's the Man of the Century!
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Month ago
l l Gotta love when a whiny little brainwashed bootlicker calls other people “triggered”. Did these opinions hurt your wittle fee fees? And of course you want others to fight for pointless wars that are only justified in your twisted cult logic, you’re a coward who will do anything to protect your delicate fantasy that you’ve built up to make yourself feel special, and having the courage of your convictions means being confronted with their facade. Go circlejerk on r/Donald with the rest of your cult, maybe swap around pictures of Dear Leader, and when you’re feeling particularly low about being a loser, stoke your conspiracy lunacy so you can keep telling yourself you’re “in on what’s really going on”.
unsereGeduld istzuEnde
Trump was just obeying orders. From his Zionist handlers.
unsereGeduld istzuEnde
Israel is the "axis of evil"
Artemis G
Artemis G Month ago
Julia Gale
Julia Gale Month ago
Why do men, or should I say little boys, think that it is cool to look like scruffy shits? Women make the effort to groom themselves, why can’t men? Unshaven badly dressed men and hats on indoors is a big disappointment and tells me to stay well away because they have Low attitudes, and so on..... unprofessional
Buck Melanoma
Buck Melanoma Month ago
It wont. 2020 os off to a great start!!! F' IRAN! AND THE DNC!
Tiffany Powers
Tiffany Powers Month ago
Now trumpeters want a war cuz master told them they do. MAGAt's front of line! Remember you are fighting for your president not the country.
Martin Moyes
Martin Moyes Month ago
A wonderful example of how technology can get in the way of the message. I gave up trying to grasp the words of a group of people wrapped in massive headphones, behind big microphones, staring at laptops, little eye-contact with viewers or each other. Shutting my eyes didn't work to all those distractions didn't work as the sound is so poor. "Unengaging" sums it up.
Kris Kris
Kris Kris Month ago
US attacked Iran illegally and brutally. This attack is an act of war.
Kris Kris
Kris Kris Month ago
US assassinated Soleimani Iran General, in violation of international laws.
Rachel Martinez
Rachel Martinez Month ago
We backed out of the iran nuclear deal first and didn't put a new deal in place this is trumps fault he should have had a new plan ready before he backed out.
Anne H
Anne H Month ago
P.S. The Iranians 🇮🇷 are too smart to retaliate BEFORE the damn election 🗳 They can deal with Trump when he is out of power.
fauxbro1983 Month ago
Wrong. Presidents get secret service protection post presidency. Keep dreaming bitch
Anne H
Anne H Month ago
How are we going to PAY for ANOTHER never ending war? Oh, we always have money for war but no money for American infrastructure or healthcare. What a sick 😷 country where people your age are actually considering believing anything Donald Trump says or does at this point. He’s a pathological liar 🤥 who is in debt up to his eyeballs to Russian Oligarchs. Good grief!
P Johnson
P Johnson Month ago
Anne H. Donald Trump recently tweeted "The United States just spent two trillion dollars ( yes, that is TRILLION) on military equipment. We are the biggest and by far the best in the world! If Iran attacks an American base we will be sending some of that brand new beautiful equipment their way...and without hesitation!" For any non-American in peace-time that seems an insane figure to spend on weaponry, but the real concern is that America also has an itchy trigger finger. And no-one outside the U.S is blaming Russia for that.
Anne H
Anne H Month ago
Trump is a mad man and has NO allies! Y’all are way too easy on a lawless moron who is Putin’s puppet. Ugh 😩
Jazen Valencia
Jazen Valencia Month ago
Democrats love war. Hillary almost started a hot shooting war with Russia over Syria, but the military wouldn't strike Russia first without an official declaration of war.
Rachel Martinez
Rachel Martinez Month ago
@A Id bush and trump are republicans.
A Id
A Id Month ago
Jazen Valencia Yeah. And Bill Clinton almost started a war and... hang on. Bush started a war. And now Trump. They are.... democrats?
Rachel Martinez
Rachel Martinez Month ago
So do republicans they vote for war to they are the same party they just pretend to disagree. John McCain has been voteing for war for 20 years.
Rey Avalos
Rey Avalos Month ago
Yeah, USA is doing a good job to control or minimize terrorist's attack in the ME...I pray for self control on both parties - stop doing evil things, and things will be okay.
Le Bon Voyage Cafe
I disagree! Too much money and oil are involved (vital interests). But once you blatantly start assassinating high-rank officials on someone's foreign soil, there is a real possibility you change the little public sentiment you took years to build. I really feel this is eerily similar to past middle east wars. Next, a very highly suspicious terrorist attack on American soil or troops will occur. Unfortunately, will manipulate America into a war with Iran (like Iraq). And Trump is the catalyst! I recommend you read Sun Tzu "Art of War" A fantastic book on understanding the profound principles of DECEPTION behind starting, fighting and hopefully winning a war!
Daniel Peters
Daniel Peters Month ago
I love how Nate's apple logo is lit up through the 538 sticker
Herb Young
Herb Young Month ago
Main Street Media news
Jim Hibert
Jim Hibert Month ago
Idiots spouting bullshit
snoflake Month ago
Hey Lady, you just interrupted [the boss] mid-sentence three times in a row in a moment, how dare you! 🔥 Ask your doctor if Ritalin is right for you 💊 (before you lose your job) Oh, there you go again before this comment is finished. 🔥
piter wolf
piter wolf Month ago
Who can explain what links Barack Obama, Pelosi, and others to Iran?? Obama on the last day of his administration sent to Iran half a billion dollars, a full special plane cesh. Pelosi wants to stop the right thing that president Trump dared to do. Iran has always been an enemy of the United States. And Suleimani is Bin Laden under the cover of the government of Iran.
Ditmar Müller
Ditmar Müller Month ago
It is not even factually true. Obama did sent them 150 million dollars of their own money after unfreezing it as reward. In contrast to trump, he could do diplomacy and wouldn't blast his own insecurities at other people like a small child
Francisco cantu
Francisco cantu Month ago
@Anne H Try OAN dude.
Anne H
Anne H Month ago
Peter Boss 🌳 Complete right wing propaganda! What is this, FOX 🦊 “News”?
piter wolf
piter wolf Month ago
Who can explain what links Barack Obama, Pelosi, and others to Iran?? Obama on the last day of his administration sent to Iran half a billion dollars, a full special plane cesh. Pelosi wants to stop the right thing that president Trump dared to do. Iran has always been an enemy of the United States. And Suleimani is Bin Laden under the cover of the government of Iran.
AldousC Month ago
Buzz Circle Bear Jr
THIS is what MSM should look and sound like! The dinosaurs need to be put out to pasture! Bit more diversity is critical tho...but bravo.
unsereGeduld istzuEnde
Less Jews please.
Aaron Altamura
Aaron Altamura Month ago
Volume is super low.
Shawn Duhamel
Shawn Duhamel Month ago
Feel better, Claire!
Erin Dunlevy
Erin Dunlevy Month ago
We can't alleviate our entanglements in the Middle East until there is some abatement of all the various terrorist cells. Mostly, we've just been paying them off and switching our allegiances. Trump has some things to offer, lifting the sanctions on Iran and withdraw from the region, but he can't even sit down to negotiations until he gains respect thru strength.
Heide Merecki
Heide Merecki Month ago
Ditto to the last person on volume.
Von Chubbz
Von Chubbz Month ago
Bernie Sanders...said that Trump ”broke his promise” 🤔 the same Bernie Sanders that bent the knee to Hillary Clinton after she straight up dogged him out? STFU old dude. I used to be a Democrat I almost voted for Hillary Clinton, then I did some research: Benghazi Black men are ”SUPER PREDATORS & SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO HEEL” and to make a long story short, and I found out that b!tch is wicked. Then I was going to vote for Bernie Sanders, But when Hillary Clinton threw him under the bus...and then he ”bent the knee” like an old geezer & didn't say anything about the incident. I was over him. I won't make this much longer of a comment Then a bunch of other things happened and I saw things differently, I voted for Trump and am no longer a Democrat. I am an independent voter. But I think that Trump did the right thing. This guy was WAAAAAY more dangerous than Osama bin Laden. People are too divided. I think that America should separate. Let there be: The Republic of the States United and The Liberal Land of....whatever, I can't think like a Liberal anymore. Land of Unicorns? L😆L
Israa Nour
Israa Nour Month ago
Great podcast. Just subscribed, but the sound could be louder. Had trouble hearing.
Goku Black
Goku Black Month ago
You're a gem...
nicebluejay Month ago
fyi, your sound engineer should normalize the audio levels in these videos. it is very quiet.
nicebluejay Month ago
feel better claire! you sound sniffly.
Your Dear Cult Leader
Jaeckex Month ago
Someone hasn't grasped the concept of democracy
unsereGeduld istzuEnde
Wot? Can't vote against Jared Kushner.....???
Jason Waller
Jason Waller Month ago
do what the fuck i want bitch its the USA
Liane Month ago
THe fuck you say!
Steve McFarland
Steve McFarland Month ago
Chopper Talk about TRE45ON! Unless he’s a giant three-toed sloth.
JaiNel Month ago
For future uploads sake, I think the audio on this is a little low. Had to turn it up to full volume to hear you guys!
Matt Russillo
Matt Russillo Month ago
It's also a little premature for any predictions since we don't have the full story yet and anything could emerge between now and then strictly when you're talking about Trump!
Greg Fussell
Greg Fussell Month ago
Yes, too quiet compared to podcast
poochyena Month ago
It is a little quiet
chrisschn1794 Month ago
Props for getting this video up so quickly! Love the show!
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