How Star Wars: Clone Wars’ Final Season Crosses Over with Revenge of the Sith

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The long wait for the seventh and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is almost over. Disney just dropped a brand new trailer for its revival of the animated series, one which offers a much closer look at Ahsoka Tano, Darth Maul, and the final battles leading up to the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.
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Jan 23, 2020




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CASE 23 days ago
"If you were ever wondering why we never saw Darth Maul or Ahsoka Tano in Revenge of the Sith...." Well, Maul was believed to be dead and gone.....And Ahsoka didn't exist.
Bert Hein
Bert Hein 25 days ago
Hookemhorns48 25 days ago
I actually wouldn't mind if after they released a clone wars adaptation of revenge of the sith, with minor twist from floni's perspective
TheBrickGuy7939 3 days ago
No, I want Revenge Of The Sith to still serve its own necessary purpose.
Anthony Mendez
Anthony Mendez 25 days ago
If you want the perfect connection into Episode 3, watch the final Episodes of 2003 Clone Wars and read Labyrinth of Evil. That's all you need, skip Dave Filoni's fanfiction.
FlyingPharoah 486
FlyingPharoah 486 26 days ago
Why are there more and more effeminate men nowadays?
G-ame Spot
G-ame Spot 27 days ago
Christian Vennemann
I think it would be cool if they actually showed more of the battle inside the Jedi Temple during Order 66. But I don't know if that would be considered too intense for the show, especially since it's owned by Disney now.
Planet Weeotaku
Planet Weeotaku 27 days ago
But Anakin doesn't have the hood yet in 1:06
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 27 days ago
Revenge of the Sith is the best Star Wars movie made
Anonymous Alliance
Anonymous Alliance 27 days ago
Steven Tomasi
Steven Tomasi 27 days ago
Would be cool if we get to see some of what happened in the temple during operation night fall
Jacob Koster
Jacob Koster 27 days ago
At 1:09 that scene is from the cancelled bad batch story line which is probably going to appear in the next season of the clone wars
pat egan
pat egan 27 days ago
Everything is going according to plan, as I have forseen. This is going to be awesome!
Zak Smith
Zak Smith 27 days ago
The bridge was crossed over in Genndy's 2003 clone wars animated series dont think Filoni's is going to beat that.
Fat_Al's Gaming
Fat_Al's Gaming 28 days ago
the first 8 episodes can be watched, but the animation was not complete
Jacob McPheron
Jacob McPheron 28 days ago
Why is no one talking about commander Bacara during the holo meeting
SerialTurd 28 days ago
Clone wars is way better than any of the new trilogy movies.
Christopher Satkowski
There is no chance that the events in this new season during the siege, reflect the flashbacks in the mandalorion. Not only has it been states it’s in a different timeline multiple times but it’s also said in the show “...after the fall of the empire” as in the thing that forms way after episode 3 events? Lmao??? How as a fan do you not piece that together??
Noah Shackelford
Noah Shackelford 28 days ago
Two masterpieces coming together!
Daniel Flynn
Daniel Flynn 28 days ago
It’s not a cross over they are just connected ign is brain dead nowadays
Shwaznut_ 28 days ago
I wonder if Gravity Falls will make a return on Disney plus
Clungemagnet 28 days ago
Tbh would love to see the fight in the temple against sydrellic ect.
Shivam 0118285
Shivam 0118285 28 days ago
Think about your title of your video for a second
Wiser Kingzz
Wiser Kingzz 28 days ago
What if we find out if mace windu is actually dead or alive ? That would be crazy
Gabe Guzman
Gabe Guzman 28 days ago
No it's telling before revenge of the sith not during. Where did u come up with that?
Saru Gaming
Saru Gaming 28 days ago
SW: Rebels is not canon right?
theTravB 28 days ago
Anakin bouta slaughter Admiral Trench... finally
Josh Parkers
Josh Parkers 28 days ago
Someone sum up all seasons leading up to this, so I don’t have to watch years worth.
Sam Leonard
Sam Leonard 28 days ago
What if the show ends setting up the obi wan show
Jv 28 days ago
Will it be on Blu-ray?
smar-10 28 days ago
"Scared aliens"
Tocoolforschool 28 days ago
It’s gonna be amazing can’t wait
James Vader9
James Vader9 29 days ago
If they don't have the high ground I will have a spaz attack for a week
Artemis Jones
Artemis Jones 29 days ago
We didn't see Ashoka in episode 3 because she didn't exist and we didn't see Darth Maul because he was presumed dead after episode 1.
Neo Faris
Neo Faris 29 days ago
The amount of prequels character in this comment is getting out of hands Not just anakin, the general grevious and obi-wan too
jordan 29 days ago
are they going to have ian mcdiarmid play sidious in this ???
Caleb Ruehs
Caleb Ruehs 29 days ago
Wow, I've been thinking bout this for 6 years
Cashmere Cassowary
Cashmere Cassowary 29 days ago
If someone intercuts the last episodes with RoTS, making it one big cohesive story, that would be incredible
Jaffaborn 29 days ago
Clone wars order 66 scene?
Ibrahim Sharrocks
Ibrahim Sharrocks 29 days ago
This is the final bit of George Lucas Star Wars we will ever see...
Dumbledore The Swaggy
Ashoka and Rex fleeing order 66 might be one of the best things ever
Joshua Jochems Napolitano
1:06 That’s admiral Trench The fact that you don’t know this shows that you haven’t watched he clone wars
Christian Newaye
Christian Newaye 29 days ago
1:11 That’s general Trench and Admiral Kalani the fact that this CONsoomer can’t see that is baffling
Justin Conforti
Justin Conforti 29 days ago
2 episodes of Ashoka on Corescant, 3 of the Bad Batch, 3 of Mandalore, and 1 of the aftermath of Order 66
SupremeLeader GNKdroid
*laughs in clone wars 2003*
jacob drolet
jacob drolet 29 days ago
Amazing can’t wait for all to end how they rap up all of the clone wars story ends.
Grayson Kemp
Grayson Kemp 29 days ago
But didn’t they make those two animated shorts before the clone wars was even on TV that lead into revenge of the Sith?
Oh Aww Geez
Oh Aww Geez 29 days ago
My hope is getting a hologram of Ki Adi Mundi saying “ what about the droid attack on the wookies”
Murloc Mage
Murloc Mage 26 days ago
Oh Aww Geez but reverse
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 29 days ago
imagine maul, ashoka and rex teaming up to against the clones
G.T.O. The Public Beta Test
Just because we can see the baby bump doesn’t mean Anakin can in a hologram.
G.T.O. The Public Beta Test
Anakin became Darth Vader in Palpatine’s office immediately after Mace went out the Windu. The clothes don’t make the man, the truth does. IGN fails yet again.
Antonio Carniero
Antonio Carniero 29 days ago
would the clones attack Ahsoka if she isn't formally a Jedi?
Miney Mine
Miney Mine 29 days ago
I'd love to see a Animated Revenge of the Sith Movie.
DEMONIC 29 days ago
I reckon ahsoka gets saved by rex and some other clones.
DEMONIC 29 days ago
@It'sJustCasey I haven't read the novel, it was just a guess.
It'sJustCasey 29 days ago
Just Rex , it all happened in Ahsoka novel
Commander Nametager
Its admiral Trench
AKPstudios 29 days ago
“The scared aliens” lol
JosephTheCastle 29 days ago
*Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Star Wars: Clone Wars was the 2003 show. Only a true fan notices that.
Azman azman
Azman azman Month ago
Admiral Trench. Not scary alien
Octo Pi
Octo Pi Month ago
My one wish is to see Order 66, it's all I want from s7
Perfectly Balanced
Please give us a scene of Anakin wiping out Masters please. Show us exactly what happened as the movie never really showed us properly.
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