How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

Matthias Wandel
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Experimenting with how small a home a mouse is able to fit through. But it didn't go as planned. I had a lazy mouse, and a hard working invading shrew.
Update: Two days later, the shrew squeezed itself through the 16.5 mm hole:

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Dec 8, 2017

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Comments 30 981
Moto Bike
Moto Bike 8 hours ago
Everyone wanted to know the answer!
TheMagnificentPower 15 hours ago
I felt like I was playing a video game. 🤣
Trini Lion
Trini Lion 18 hours ago
The sound effects are killing me
DeltroxTv 20 hours ago
should put a shitton of peanut butter on the inside that way they get too fat to leave LOL
hi hello
hi hello 2 days ago
The Le Epic Destroyer
I’m so happy he isn’t one of those trap making channels that MURDER rodents
Moebius Event
Moebius Event 2 days ago
i've never even seen a shrew before hehe
Jade Dragon
Jade Dragon 3 days ago
The sound affects... Ahahaha
BluePanther3000 4 days ago
There is a flaw in the experiment: As the mouse eats, it gets fatter. Therefore, results are based upon how fed or unfed the mouse is.
Luc van der Spek
Luc van der Spek 4 days ago
Umm...it depends on the size of the mouse?
Dyani Declet
Dyani Declet 4 days ago
I love how you say mouse 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Myst_Snowyy 4 days ago
Dude that rat is really fat. Obviously he ain’t gonna fit through smaller ones lol
John Kraus
John Kraus 5 days ago
Great video, the sound effects are so funny. Sounds like a balloon. Thanks for the time it took to make this.
Helsbels 3 days ago
Totally agree, most entertaining!!!!
Flip It Bacon
Flip It Bacon 5 days ago
I love how you sai mose instead of mouse😂
Gooby 6 days ago
you should NOT do that to mouse it's just horrible and rude!
M 7 days ago
So educated mouse... he used the toilet in the 3/4 room instead of the outside ... twice
francis cash
francis cash 8 days ago
dont use those damn sound efffects
Michael Chapman
Michael Chapman 8 days ago
You had me laughing and amazed. Cute sound effects and the music fit very well. Very nice
Dale Earnhardt
Dale Earnhardt 9 days ago
Great job on this video 🤓
Raven431 9 days ago
What am i doing here? o yeah watching a mouse go though a hole
kay ferguell
kay ferguell 10 days ago
2:36 Look at that spider's moves!
fizixx 10 days ago
I think you should have avoided putting peanut butter around the inside part of the holes.
Just because
Just because 10 days ago
Shitin all ova the place 😂
BEN TSAI 10 days ago
He is trying to win a science project competition with subject : Mouse vs Holes
DonutYT 11 days ago
Dis rat pooped alot
Awesome gamer dude
Awesome gamer dude 11 days ago
I didn’t know that mice did that many poos
D Taylor
D Taylor 11 days ago
Eww I hate those bastards
Creepy music followed by sounds of somebody squeezing a balloon and then my grandpa eating jello.
It looks like every time that mouse squeezes back out of the hole the poop is being LITERALLY squeezed out of him. Poor Mickey.
Kim King
Kim King 12 days ago
And octopus can make it through a smaller hole
adaptiveplexus 12 days ago
your mouse is a fat ass, no wonder he doesn't fit
Solar Dios
Solar Dios 12 days ago
This really helped thanks
ARCoventry 12 days ago
1:45 ghost mouse poops in room with largest hole. Ofc the hole size is nothing for ghost mouse
Jailjoy442 12 days ago
My best friend hamster it`s pooping constantly XD
VladislaV SKYNET
VladislaV SKYNET 12 days ago
Henrik 13 days ago
Nice experiment but dude, they can get through much smaller openings. Like 6-8mm, why didnt you try smaller holes? And ofc the mouse wont use the smaller hole if hes full from all the bigger holes
Zeus Longcayana
Zeus Longcayana 14 days ago
those sound effects made the video even more interesting to watch. hahaha. I've enjoyed watching it though. thanks for sharing buddy. new friend here. hope you can support me, if you don't mind. thanks a lot.
Retro Raccoon1972
Retro Raccoon1972 14 days ago
Mike Vanderhoff
Mike Vanderhoff 14 days ago
Came here after watching illuminati shit to cleanse my soul
I appreciate all the work you put into adding the sound effects!
Singer_ gamer 3
Singer_ gamer 3 15 days ago
At 5:02 what is that?
heaven sent
heaven sent 15 days ago
Poor mouse
McKenzie Loves you
McKenzie Loves you 15 days ago
Eww too much poop
Zerok 15 days ago
Its ASMR or no?
Seo Reo
Seo Reo 15 days ago
I assume that the mouse is pooping bcause it wants to empty the stomach
Snowball&Steven Adventures
That’s so crule poor mouse
Sandler23 16 days ago
Depth of the hole might be an important factor. Maybe the hole is too long. The mouse needs to get its shoulders through a tighter hole to pull itself in.
fact guru
fact guru 16 days ago
The chewing sound was so satisfying.
Pixel Games
Pixel Games 17 days ago
The squeezing noise and the eating noise from the mouse sounds amazing
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