How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

Matthias Wandel
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Experimenting with how small a home a mouse is able to fit through. But it didn't go as planned. I had a lazy mouse, and a hard working invading shrew.
Update: Two days later, the shrew squeezed itself through the 16.5 mm hole:

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Dec 8, 2017




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unknown 2 hours ago
Just me who wanted that 17mm hole filled with peanut butter so that the shrew wouldn't get back out?
Derek Mizumoto
Derek Mizumoto 2 hours ago
sound effects are cool, but the funniest part was when the mouse at the last of the peanut butter and took a few deuces before going out lmfao..
Sour Unicorn
Sour Unicorn 4 hours ago
To away mole
sakura heartfilia
sakura heartfilia 4 hours ago
But what are those black things it let's when it eats ??
sakura heartfilia
sakura heartfilia 4 hours ago
Oh my God, those sound effects though !! 😂😂❤💚💜
sakura heartfilia
sakura heartfilia 4 hours ago
Oooh, poor baby couldn't go un there, this lil mouse is soooo cuuute~~~ 😍😍😭😭💜💜
savas ADSRwave
savas ADSRwave 7 hours ago
Xaxaxzx funny.. gove them now as a rewarb,100 grams of this butter 😀😀🐁🐁🐁
DarkAgeDanny 14 hours ago
If their head fits so can their body.
Google User*
Google User* 17 hours ago
The sound effects are great👍
Moreno Solitario
Moreno Solitario 23 hours ago
Video mais besta q ja vi perda de tempo da porra
Mouse Reject TV
Very smart mouse
Dunk Master Darius
I literally had my stomach turn and I couldn’t finish the video once I heard that disgusting slurping noise.
Rincewind Day ago
Imperial, no thanks
Azadun 2 days ago
1:13 replaces food with shit lmao XD!
Azadun 2 days ago
0:31 whats wrong with the monitor? wasn't it 2017 when this video was uploaded
CrazyBirdyBird 2 days ago
I like these Mouse vs Shrew videos
Karl Diestro
Karl Diestro 2 days ago
What an awesome vid. and funny background sound.
Mr JP 3 days ago
Your lips must be dry after making all of those sound effects
KAL-EL Of Krypton
The man placed Peanut butter.. the mouse added chocolate chips💩😝
Станислав Телегин
A hungry one would show better results
Langnasenaffe 3 days ago
I watched this video several times. Its cute, especially because of the sounds. Thank you. :)
Gracie and Sarah show
Pop Pop the sound effects??
Gracie and Sarah show
Stop killing MICE
fortnite trash can
I love how the mouse ate so much so he just invited his friend over
King Steena
King Steena 4 days ago
You don’t find this video , this video finds you
Undisputed 4 days ago
I think it's time to call Peter Piper who agrees with me 😂
Serhat Polat
Serhat Polat 4 days ago
senin yapacağin fare kapanininda seninde ananin aminibsikem oropsunuj çocuğu
Nathan Fothergill
Pretty sure a mouse can get through a much smaller space, as long as there is greater width
Tomogara 4 days ago
broooo 😂😂 the last two holes had me dying
CLP 4 days ago
I think you don't feed your shrew enough.
Sean T
Sean T 5 days ago
He's getting fatter... that's why he cant do them later on
fernando frohnhofer
Good video and very funny sounds. €:-)= congratulations...Fernando,an Brasilian men from Argentina...
Vyn Cent
Vyn Cent 6 days ago
Suggestion... Try same experiment, but instead of round holes, try 'slots'....i.e. like cracks in a wall. Years ago, I had a mouse problem (thank the powers that be that it no longer an issue) and the mice kept getting into the dog and cat food that I had in the pantry. I thought they were getting at it by crawling under the door, or a hold in the floor, until the one day, I was getting ready to feed the dogs, and found a mouse about halfway through a crack in the wall. It was a very thin opening, only about a 1/4" or less. I had already gotten an aluminum mesh...something used by construction workers to allow 'plaster' for walls to stick and stay in place. It is something that you have to use gloves to handle because of all the sharp edges of the aluminum. Round holes are just one way for a mouse to get through, but 'cracks' in the wall are also another. The little bugger just flattened himself, and slipped through the crack... Needless to say, I ended up putting mesh over that crack real quick.
Matthias Wandel
Matthias Wandel 5 days ago
Suggestion... Watch my video of experimenting with a gap.
Froman Abe
Froman Abe 7 days ago
Maybe you could bevel the holes front and rear so they aren't quite as sharp for the rodent to get through.
i love the sound effects
mightbegenius 7 days ago
damn bro you got lots of traffic comin thru your home including what looked like a black or brown widow
DannyH 7 days ago
Can you take your Device outside and see what size of a hole a chipmunk can fit through?
Michael Conley
Michael Conley 8 days ago
Nawaz Waseem
Nawaz Waseem 8 days ago
Can I exterminate your vermin??
I am Groot
I am Groot 9 days ago
Well, good to know I guess that if the shrew can get through the holes (minus the one) so can the mouse if the mouse is motivated enough. LMAO, this was a great video experiment thanks to the amazing sound effects! Answered my question too.
RainFalls Sketches
RainFalls Sketches 10 days ago
Maybe try a smaller mouse
TheCheese30 11 days ago
Love the sound effects, never laughed so much 😂😂😂😂😂
Fun With Guns
Fun With Guns 11 days ago
With all the technology and potential for higher intelligence by using the internet, this is what I choose to watch.
Kevin Prima
Kevin Prima 9 days ago
Literally trillions of dollars spent to build the Internet since 1992 --- just to watch mouse and cat videos
Gacha_Connie UwU
Gacha_Connie UwU 11 days ago
Ehh.. I thought he said *moose*
Funny Mouse Trap
Funny Mouse Trap 12 days ago
haha joke with your mouse is very interesting
J. B.
J. B. 12 days ago
I started laughing at the shrew and the 'shrew sounds' that you added, and I COULDN'T STOP!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Amellouk
Adam Amellouk 14 days ago
never expected to watch this till the end. thankfully I did.
Nancy Eldridge
Nancy Eldridge 18 days ago
Maybe you shouldn't put the food on the outside of the hole next time. Why would the mouse even try when he doesnt have too ?
Hung Tran
Hung Tran 19 days ago
Bay nhu cc
Sumarto Sumarto
Sumarto Sumarto 23 days ago
Gk berguna
Ryan Weise
Ryan Weise 23 days ago
Rule of thumb if its head can fit it can pass through but love the sound effects
Tricia Charlton
Tricia Charlton 23 days ago
I didn't know how much rodents pooed💩💩💩
Survival Trapping
Survival Trapping 24 days ago
awesome video
Joross Esguerra
Joross Esguerra 24 days ago
What food you used bro?
lyes djbr
lyes djbr 24 days ago
Hahaha ..those sounds effect was hilarious xd
Zed Vee
Zed Vee 25 days ago
This was riveting viewing! I was worried for the shrew. Beats cat videos.
Mickey Zombish
Mickey Zombish 25 days ago
Micah Damn you
Micah Damn you 26 days ago
Cracking cheese Gromit.
Жека Леонов
Хуйня какая-то заведи кота
TheBestToast 27 days ago
Shits while eating to make room for more food
manjesh kumar manja
How much they eat.... Double they pee, and letrine... In place 😂😂
Sakura The Shadow Dancer
I related so much to the shrew. THE SOUND EFFECTS WERE PERFECT!
Yobani Arroyo
Yobani Arroyo 28 days ago
No entiendo ni madres de lo que dice jijiji
احمد يونس
احمد يونس 29 days ago
Fauk yuo
FuzzyHippocampus Mr
You need some lubricant on the orifice. Also try a Gerbil
Robi Kar
Robi Kar Month ago
That was a rat Not a mouse
FOXY GACHA Month ago
The shrew getting all stuck and stuff tho. Lol
kill barry
kill barry Month ago
best job ever
the Sauce
the Sauce Month ago
Legit the sound effects are annoying
Frederic C
Frederic C Month ago
Funny sound buddy 👌
Diamoñd Month ago
5:23 😂
invincibles 04
invincibles 04 Month ago
The mouse cpuldnt get tnrougj the others cos it got too bloody fat eating..lol
cliffordshit Month ago
im uneasy
Shiv Sahay
Shiv Sahay Month ago
Med YK
Med YK Month ago
*My asshole felt uncomfortable watching this*
GMG Global
GMG Global Month ago
GMG Global
Андрей Морозов
я не нашел русских комментариев можешь не листать дальше 😁
Loulou Roberto
Loulou Roberto Month ago
These sounds!
herve glandu
herve glandu Month ago
sound effects are funny :D
syazmerhaaa WDW
syazmerhaaa WDW Month ago
I really love the sound when the rat get into the hole😂
Why did u need to put those sound effects? lol no hate
Abdou cuisine
Abdou cuisine Month ago
No no no
l'histoire d'une poule sans histoire
Panda Faminto
Panda Faminto Month ago
Entra come faz 3 cocozin e sai
Solid Criminal
Solid Criminal Month ago
I love how people came here from recommendations but I deliberately looked it up 😂
Alhaj Jaadari
Alhaj Jaadari Month ago
Its funny how the mouse shits and later goes back to taste the shit
Zhonguoria Month ago
😄 Hahaha! Your sound effects just KILL me!
Gaming with X-Bow
Who does those sounds
Husnain Bashir
Husnain Bashir Month ago
In sub-continent, mouse can pass through the bottom of a door when door is closed.
Jai Goswami
Jai Goswami Month ago
I think it poops and shrinks its size
Annamals animates
Thank you
Annamals animates
I'm going to do this for my fifth grade science controlled experiment with my hamsters! I will get another, thanks to you and the science project!! I want a mouse though ahhh 💕💕
XxJulianPlayzxX wana sprite cranberry
shuhaib marukara
Eating and shitting.....
Every time they squeeze themselves into a hole the faecal pellets just can't remain in their rectum .
Gacha_Wolfie Month ago
4:46 - 4:47 there is a spidet on the right hand side 😱
tru.Gamer 4 days ago
It returns at 5:01!😱 🙀
nanova77 nanova77
Well not every mouse have the same BMI...but I like the effort of the mouse to get through the hole
Victor Mayo
Victor Mayo Month ago
Thats a dumb idea because it will just keep coming to your house
theunknown pilot
Like MRS. Jingles :(
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